Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Buyer Beware - CGJ VIP Asian Foot & Cast Fetish and Clips4Sale

I just got a long angry email from a reader, with some forwarded emails from Clips4Sale customer support, so it looks legit. He wanted me to post this because of a really bad experience he had buying fetish material, and he knows I HATE that...

He saw one of the Haicaster youtube videos advertising a decent looking pretender fetish video - he even sent me the link:

The clip is called Miwako Pretender and features a pretty Asian girl pretending to be an arm amputee, leg amputee, and para. Looks nice, actually - I've seen it before but oddly enough I never saw it listed in the clips store for purchase.

So if you look at the clip, it clearly sends you to http://clips4sale.com/studio/5411 to buy a longer clip. Now at the top of THAT page you get a video called 'Miwako Disabled Pretender' that is for sale, and there are a few similar scenes from the youtube video. However, according to my reader, these videos are TOTALLY different.

According to the email I got, the purchased video contains more than 60% cast fetish material (LLC and LAC) and very little 'pretender' material - in fact, there is NO arm amputee and only a few brief scenes of the leg amputee, plus a little bit more para footage.

Needless to say he contacted Clips4Sale customer support (I have these emails, he forwarded them to me) and while they weren't rude or anything, they simply didn't care. As far as they were concerned he got what he paid for. Definitely not a 'customer is always right' situation here. Basically they said they were not responsible for any misrepresentation from videos posted to youtube, which might be technically correct, but doesn't it raise a few ethical questions?

He said he contacted the stuido as well and never heard back from them - I don't have any emails or anything related to that but he seems straight up, I have no reason to doubt him, and they ARE a Japanese studio, so maybe they can't even understand what he's asking...

In any case - though I've had some decent luck with Clips4Sale personally, specifically buying brace pretender stuff, this sounds like false advertising, either intentional or accidental. To link from a movie trailer to a site where you can buy a movie with the same (or similar) name that is NOT the same movie and doesn't contain the same scenes or content just seems sleazy.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE that studios are starting to make more and more of our particular fetish related material available, but they can't keep trying to scam us or pass of crappy material as premium content. It just annoys me to no end!

So in short, I guess I'll just say buyer definitely needs to beware when purchasing anything from Clips4Sale or CGJ and triple-check you're getting the movie you actually think you're buying, because if you don't they apparently do not care.

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