Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey video producers - want a script??

So I've seen a few of the new 'Para fantasy' videos out there, like ParaDays from, or Paraplegic Jackie and Lucy Paraplegic Story from MedicBrace. Some are decent, some are way off base, but I feel like none of them really 'Get It' as far as true wheelchair fetish material goes.

All of them seem to have the women recovering at the end, which is a pet peeve of mine, and none of them really go into a lot of the things that para and wheelchair fetish fans want, like talking about the accident, a scene where they are examined, the great 'can you feel this' scene, maybe some interactions with other people, etc... the best so far is 'Lucy' from MedicBrace - it's got a GREAT opening scene where Lucy gets hit by a car and winds up in the hospital, nice cervical collar, and then a little exam scene and the diagnosis. Even subtitled, it's a hot scene to para fans and fetishists, I promise. We want more!

And of course anyone who is a fan of my blog also knows I want to see erotica - what about the first time she's alone and touches herself? Such a potentially hot scene!! Discuss diapers, try a vibrator, play with her nipples and realize they are more sensitive...

There is a LOT of potential and some companies are starting to do more para and wheelchair fetish material, so here's what I want to do. I have THREE script outlines for para/wheelchair fetish videos. One standard 'girl gets hurt, winds up in a hospital paralyzed' type, one 'highly erotic' script, and a 'wannabe gets her wish' script. If any video production company wants to talk to me about producing one or more of my scripts, email me (paracathy at hotmail) and we can talk details. I won't charge much, I promise. And you HAVE to be a real producer, not some guy who wants a Paragirl script to act out with his girlfriend... I can and will check.

Think about it - you can produce a video officially scripted by THE paragirl... And I'll promote the hell out of it too. Seems a win-win to me :)

Finally, to anyone who wants me to just post the scripts - nope. I'm only going to share them with whoever wants to produce the videos, and if they want to post them to drum up sales, they're welcome to. BUT if people post positive comments here or forward this post to their favorite video production company to show it has community support, it might make this more likely to happen, right??

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

MARCH?? My last post was March????

Wow do I suck at this. Sorry all, here's the deal - I had a falling out with a web-friend who I was really fond of, she was wonderful and fun and sexy and I fucked it up and was a bitch and I and took things too far and I think I hurt her pretty bad, and I felt like shit about it and so I haven't been doing much lately.
Today, however, I got a GREAT email from another female dev-related writer, Ruth Madison, and talking to her really got my writer's juices flowing again, so to speak (totally metaphorically, she's hetero, but a great writer) and so I decided to brush off the old blog... I had no idea it had been so long though... sorry!!

Anyway, by way of apology, I'll tell you about my date this weekend - I think you'll like it...

Cathy's Date

So Heather had worked really long hours last week, we had barely seen each other all week, which makes us both kind of cranky. We're in love, what can I say? Well, I wanted to do something nice for her, something I knew she'd like, so I made a plan....

I worked Friday night and she always lets me sleep in On Saturdays, so when I finally woke up around 10:30am I could hear her in the living room watching HGTV. I put on an outfit I knew she would love, then instead of getting in my wheelchair I put on my eye patches and dark glasses and grabbed my white cane. I was barefoot, and wearing a mismatched outfit of maroon skirt and a patterned blue and silver top. Visually they clash terribly, but to the touch they're very similar, so it made sense that I got dressed by touch.

I heard her pop off the couch as she heard the first tap tap tap of my cane down the hall, and she was kissing me before she even said anything. When I'm blind, a sudden sensory impact like that - my lover grabbing me and forcing her tongue down my throat - is really disorienting, and I stumbled a little, Heather grabbing me and helping me stay up. She asked what the occasion was, and I told her I knew she had a bad week, and I wanted to make her feel better. I reached out with one bare foor to where I thought she was standing, and met her calf with my toes - I heard her breathe in a little and then her hand was between my legs, rubbing my panties. I think I giggled and said she was going to knock me over if she kept distracting me like that, and we ended up heading to the kitchen, me tapping my way there, her loving every minute of it. She made me waffles for breakfast and we played footsie under the table as she helped me eat. I got my foot between her legs (something I never get to do as a para) and under her skirt, and she was moaning in orgasm before we finished our orange juice. I could feel her wet sex all over my toes, and it really turned me on too. After breakfast we ended up making out ont he couch for a bit while watching - well, me listening to - the TV.

A few hours later, and I was pretty well acclimated to my blindness (I told her I'd go all day for her if she wanted) and Heather asked if I wanted to go out. I was a little hesitant, because we've only done it a handful of times and I'll admit, it's intimidating walking around in unfamiliar territory unable to see anything. I told her sure, though, and ased what she wanted to do. She said the movies - now this is a weird kink of Heather's that goes along with her blindness fascination, to go to the movies with me and then ask me about what I 'saw' in my minds' eye based on what I heard. It kind of gets her off in a somewhat inexplicable way. I guess similar to my fantasies of seeing my sex penetrated and having no sensation - can't explain it, but it turns me on a LOT...

So as we're getting ready to go and Heather is dresing me (in mostly matching clothes, or so she told me, I never did see myself) she tells me to sit on the bed so she can put my stockings on. Instead of smooth silky stockings though, I feel the familiar sensation of an ACE bandage being applied, and my toes and arch being manipulted, in a pseudo foot-binding position. This is something we found by experimentation and it's very hard to describe, but it binds my feet in such a way that it's pressty comfortable, but impossible to stand or walk. Heather bandages me well, taking care to ask how it feels, and then I feel her pull knee socks over my bandaged feet, then some sort of slippers - definitely not shoes.

She helps me into my wheelchair, and I'm squirming I'm so turned on. She wheels me out to the garage and helps me into the car, and we drive to a theater about 45 minutes away, give or take. Far enough where we won't bump into anyone we know, anyway. The whole ride, I'm telling Heather about how it feels to be blind, how I'm interpreting the sounds and feelings and movement, and she's telling me how sexy my crippled feet look at the same time. By the time we got to the theater I was soaked and glad I was wearing a diaper, and Heather actually she said she wished she was wearing one too - I felt her up and her panties were soaked through, literally. I wish we could have fucked right there in the parking lot, we were both so turned on...
So we went to see Pirates of the Carribbean 4, but it was sold out, both shows. We ended up seeing 'Priest' instead, which sounded cool. It was easy to follow the story, anyway, and I think because I was completely focused on the dialog and not the eye candy, I figured out the 'big secret' way before Heather did.

It is a very different and weird sensation, sitting in a movie theater listenign to the dialog of a movie without seeing it, and even weirder wearing a diaper and sitting in a wheelchair with bound, crippled feet. I wonder what I looked like to anyone who saw me. I know Heather loved it, and I kept whispering little things like 'what does she look like, she sounds hot' and such.
We got home and ordered pizza, and Heather helped me eat again, this time actualyl feeding me while I kept my hands in my lap. It was unspoken, but we were kind of playing me as a quad, at least in my mind. Well, not totally, because I kept touching myself as she fed me.

We didn't even bother with TV, instead going right to bed for some amazing sex, and I got a nice buzzy vibe in my ass, which sent me right off the deep end of orgasm, and I ate her out for I don't know how long, the vibrating butt plug in the whole time - got it was amazing. Let me tell you - Lesbian sex is AWESOME - don't let anyone tell you different.
After we finished, I 'de-crippled' myself and we got cleaned up and then cuddled for a while, then fell asleep...

The End

Hope you liked it :)