Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cathy's Christmas Miracle

The Christmas Wish

“What do you want for Christmas Cathy?”  asked Heather as she poured another glass of Merlot.

“Same as always, dear.” Cathy said, sipping wine while half-watching the TV.

“So complete paralysis then?  I’m not sure Santa is going to bring that honey.” said Heather with a smirk.

“As opposed to your wish for me, you mean - milky white eyes and permanent blindness?” Cathy replied playfully.

“And a pair of Stuart Weitzman originals for each of us - priorities dear.”  Heather said, sitting next to Cathy and playing footise, toes stroking up and down Cathy’s smooth skin.

“Of course - how could I have forgotten.  Well, I guess we’ll just have to settle for whatever Santa brings tonight then - I’m sure whatever I have under the tree will be spectacular.” Cathy said contentedly.  She leaned over and kissed her wife deeply.  They lay against each other and sipped wine until well after midnight, and finally headed to bed.

“Hmmm, to Heather…”  Heather read of the card on the small silver-wrapped package.

“Wait, what?” Cathy asked, looking at the package.  “That’s not from me.”

“Really?  There are a couple more presents under here I don’t recognize too.  Are you pranking me?”

“Nope - not me.  Well what it is?” Cathy said, scooting closer as Heather tore open the wrapping.

“Looks like… weird.  It’s a pair of great sunglasses, but it says ‘For Cathy’ on a little card inside the box.  These are for blindsimming aren’t they?  They’re the perfect ‘blind girl’ glasses - can’t wait to see you wearing them love.”

Friday, August 8, 2014

I had a Blind Fetish / Foot Fetish video made for Heather!!

So I found a new studio on Clips4Sale that does amputee and disability fetish videos, and loves to take requests... The site is 'Amateur Clips by Sexy Fantasies' by Brittany, a VERY sexy, very sweet blonde who is really open to lots of great fetish fun.  Her amputee videos (linked above) are nice (though she really needs crutches and a wheelchair - she's working on that) and she's got tons of other fetish videos in her store as well.

I contacted her about a para video idea I had, but then had another idea... I'd gotten a few different fetish videos made for myself, but I had never seen one that was specific to Heather's fetishes, so I got an idea for a 'special 'request'.  Brittany was happy to do it and REALLY came through, making a very convincing, very sexy 'blind girl' fetish video with lots of hot foot action too!  Heather lost her MIND when she saw it (and I got SO laid - it really turned her on a LOT!). Brittany really nailed the 'blind stare' and her movements and discussion were spot on - anyone would think she was legitimately newly blind, really!

And her feet - well, I'm not even a foot fetish, and usually I prefer floppy, limp paralyzed feet, but Brittany's feet are so sexy, with nice long toes... really hot stuff!  I'm getting wet just thinking about it!

The blind video is not on Clips4Sale, it's linked here on a new service (I Want Clips), and it's VERY reasonably priced for a custom fetish video ($6 US!!!!) so if you're interested, or just want to support a great, lovely fetish site owner who is VERY devotee friendly and encourage her to do more videos for our community, then I encourage you to buy her vids - on C4S or I Want Clips - and let her know how much you enjoy her work.  Oh, and tell her Cathy sent you :)

Link to the blind fetish video:

You can buy it as a free member (free membership with cool perks like 5% off the first purchase and letting you stream vids before/after you download and more) or as a guest (just like with C4S). If you decide to do the free membership, please put "Sexy Fantasies" in the referral box so Brittany gets credit for that, which means she'll be able to do more and upload more. 

Please support the studios who are making this great, sexy devotee-friendly work, because the more we support them and promote them, the more they'll do for us!!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Video Review - Beality presents Francesca

OK, so I know I said I retired, but this kind of doesn't count, and Heather said it was OK, so here's something new.  I was contacted by a new para/devotee video production called 'Beality' and they have a new video called 'Francesca' that they asked me to review and get the word out on.  Full disclosure -they gave me the video for free, but I promise, if it sucked, I would tell you it sucked.  It doesn't.

This is a 48 minute, high-definition para girl 'art film' - and that's not a bad thing.  The production values are very high, the filming and lighting are stunning, the framing is wonderful; this is just a very high quality para devotee film, completely focused on a very beautiful woman in a wheelchair, but it doesn't beat you over the head with 'devotee'.  It's definitely higher quality than the 'ParaBabes' and 'ParaBeauties' videos, which I previously held as the 'gold standard' for quality.  I imagine you could play this in some fringe art house theaters and get people to come and see it and talk about how it reflects deeper philosophical meanings of life or something - especially the final scene.
I do not know if the model is paraplegic - I assume she is pretender, but at no time in the film do you suspect that; if she is a pretender she's very good at it, very convincing.   Overall there is no 'story', just five different scenes showcasing Francesca in different clothes and a different situation.  There is no dialog at all, so there is no language barrier - I like that, because I'm an American and we don't like learning new languages.  It's a flaw.  I wish I understood German - some of the best devotee material is in German...

As far as the details, the movie starts out in a nice wooded area - this has beautiful lighting.  She's wearing nice looking jeans and low heels, and she wheels around a bit.  She wheels through the park, it looks like it's dusk - very attractive.
Next there is a longer indoor scene where she's working, then getting ready, possibly for a date.  There's one change of clothing, from slacks and a blouse to a nice short dress shat shows off her legs well.  She puts on a very sexy pair of shoes.  There's a nice extended sequence of putting on makeup - again, the lighting is really nice here.
Another scene change, this time she's wearing a sexy short black dress with nice black heels and nice looking stockings.  She wheels over to a table, has some wine, and smokes a cigarette while looking at some paperwork.
Another scene change -  She's in an amazing white dress, very sexy, with nice shoes.  She's in a living room wiht a nice leather sofa, watching a projection TV.  There's a nice leg cross and my favorite transfer - framed from her breasts down, a nice slow transfer onto the couch.  She spends some time positioning her legs on the couch, and she moves them and positions them to maximize how dead they look - it's probably my favorite scene overall.  The camera work is really top notch here - they just know what to focus on to maximize the 'devotee' factor.
The final scene is the most 'art film' scene I've ever watched in a devotee film.  She's in a stunning long silver dress, sitting in a room with the red lether sofa, but the floor is covered with leaves and branches, like it's also outdoors.  She's sitting on the floor, no wheelchair, and she does some nice, slow manipulation of her legs, then reads a book.

Should you buy it?  If you like beautiful women doing things in wheelchairs, this is a really nice video, very enjoyable, with some very sexy sequences.  I think the biggest plus here is the incredibly cinematic quality - this is a producer we want to encourage, because they can only improve the devotee material we have now. I'm very exited to see what they do next!

So if you've got the money, please give this video a chance, and tell the producer, Beality, that we want more like this!  You can let me know how you liked it, too...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cathy's Getting Married

You read that right - Heather popped the question over the weekend and I very quickly said yes.  My hands are still shaking - especially when I look at my ring! It's modest, but it's so beautiful! I still can't believe this is all happening - I mean, honestly - a lesbian with rather extreme sexual fetishes and my lifestyle, I never imagined I was the 'marrying' type...

So what does it all mean? Well, obviously, it means we have to pick out wedding dresses - yes we're both into dresses, Heather isn't into wearing a tux or anything. It also means I will wheel down the aisle - we've already decided. It's how I feel the most 'me' and means a lot to me, and it's how Heather met me, so that's what we're gonna do, family and friends be damned. (My mom already said she wouldn't attend the 'sinful display' so screw her) 

It means something else, too...  A somewhat harder part. You see, I made a promise, when I said yes. I made a promise to put all this 'ParaCathy' stuff behind us. Not my chair or my desires, but my online persona. The website, the chats, the stories, all that. 'ParaCathy' will exist no more. For her, and for our marriage. 

It makes sense, of course - the biggest fights we've had, the closest we've ever come to breaking up, were all over my online crap.  The 'New Mobility' fiasco, 'chat-gate', etc... All spurred on by my website, me looking for attention, trying to be a 'spokesperson', or me just wanting to 'get lucky' online with some random fetish friend. 

So that's it. This is officially my final post as 'ParaCathy'. I am happy that I made so many friends and met so many interesting people, but all good things - or bad things, or kinky things- must come to an end. I made a promise, to my future wife, and I'm going to keep that promise...  And don't worry - I get something I've been wanting out of this deal, too - let's just say she's got her own pair of forearm crutches so far, and might be wiling to add more.  

So long, and thanks for all the support and love...


PS - did anyone know my real name isn't Catherine? It's Patricia, actually.... And that's all you're getting on that.  

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I worked on another new Para Pretender video - This one is my favorite!!

So I like surfing the Clips4Sale website, which is a wonderful porn portal that actually has categories for amputee, cast fetish, orthopedic braces, and yes, wheelchairs.  The cast fetish categories usually had the most activity, which awesome studios like Broken Devilz making really hot, sexy cast fetish clips.  Recently, however, there has been more activity around the amputee and wheelchair channels, and I've been reaching out to the studios to see if they wanted to work with me and turn some of my ideas into fetish videos.  The good news - lately I'm getting responses!  The better news?  The latest video is the best yet!!

I posted news about a few interesting/extreme fetish videos a few weeks ago, from 'Lorry's Passionate Fantasies', and I've gotten good feedback on those.  Today, I'm VERY happy to introduce an all new video, based on my own fantasies, from the VERY sexy 'Sarah's XXX Secrets' studio.  Sarah is very hot and she was kind enough to turn one of my para girl fantasies into a VERY sexy new video....  I think it's my favorite paragirl fetish video ever (and you know I've seen a LOT of them!!)

'Sarah's XXX Secrets - Sexy Para Girl' is both subtle and sexy, realistic and erotic.  Sarah is meeting an old friend, a year after she was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, and she talks about her sex life, how she has to wear diapers, how her legs are dead, floppy and atrophied.  She's in a crappy hospital wheelchair, but she does say that she's waiting for her 'real' chair to be repaired and she hates the junker.  The way she moves her legs is sublime, they truly seem limp and paralyzed, every movement seems both casual and calculated to tantalize paragirl 'enthusiasts'.  There is a scene where she removes her thick knee-high socks, revealing sexy little peds under them, and she is truly struggling with her floppy feet, every movement a genuine challenge.  She has a wonderful discussion about her diaper, then discussed her numb, paralyzed pussy.  She strips off her diaper, making quite a show of manipulating and maneuvering her floppy legs, and then proceeds to finger herself, explaining how unfeeling it is, talking about how she masturbates in front of a mirror, trying to remember what the sensation used to feel like.  It is wonderful and sexy and very realistic - a para fetish video that hits all the 'key notes' that turn us on!

I am hoping that this video (VERY reasonably priced at only $12.00 US)  is a success and that I can work with Sarah again, because she really 'Gets' fetish - it's clear from her videos that she understands the core of a fetish and puts on a GREAT show.