Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cathy's Christmas Miracle

The Christmas Wish

“What do you want for Christmas Cathy?”  asked Heather as she poured another glass of Merlot.

“Same as always, dear.” Cathy said, sipping wine while half-watching the TV.

“So complete paralysis then?  I’m not sure Santa is going to bring that honey.” said Heather with a smirk.

“As opposed to your wish for me, you mean - milky white eyes and permanent blindness?” Cathy replied playfully.

“And a pair of Stuart Weitzman originals for each of us - priorities dear.”  Heather said, sitting next to Cathy and playing footise, toes stroking up and down Cathy’s smooth skin.

“Of course - how could I have forgotten.  Well, I guess we’ll just have to settle for whatever Santa brings tonight then - I’m sure whatever I have under the tree will be spectacular.” Cathy said contentedly.  She leaned over and kissed her wife deeply.  They lay against each other and sipped wine until well after midnight, and finally headed to bed.

“Hmmm, to Heather…”  Heather read of the card on the small silver-wrapped package.

“Wait, what?” Cathy asked, looking at the package.  “That’s not from me.”

“Really?  There are a couple more presents under here I don’t recognize too.  Are you pranking me?”

“Nope - not me.  Well what it is?” Cathy said, scooting closer as Heather tore open the wrapping.

“Looks like… weird.  It’s a pair of great sunglasses, but it says ‘For Cathy’ on a little card inside the box.  These are for blindsimming aren’t they?  They’re the perfect ‘blind girl’ glasses - can’t wait to see you wearing them love.”