Saturday, July 30, 2011

ParaCathy and present - 'The Wannabe'!

It's finally here - 'The Wannabe', a wheelchair fetish movie written by me, ParaCathy, and produced by! The movie is currently for sale on the BracedGirls website.

In this amazing, one of a kind fetish movie, Jackie is a lifelong wheelchair wannabe who has always dreamt of having numb, paralyzed legs, and having to rely on a wheelchair to get around. She makes friends with a nurse who says she can help, and they finally meet at Jackie's apartment with everything they need to make Jackie's dreams come true - but there's a catch; the nurse has her own special interests...
Once prepared, the nurse injects Jackie with a solution that instantly paralyzes her from the waist down. When it's clear that the paralysis is complete, the nurse helps Jackie into a padded diaper and helps Jackie gets into her wheelchair, where she starts to experience her dream fully for the first time!
After Jackie wheels herself around for a while, the nurse reveals her ultimate surprise, and In the final 'ParaCathy' twist , Jackie is wheeled out of her apartment, completely paralyzed but also in full leg braces and now completely blind, courtesy of her nurse. The pair head out in public and go to dinner and a shopping area, with the nurse pushing her blind and crippled patient.
This is truly a ParaCathy story come to life and I'm really happy with the result - I do think this is a must see for anyone who enjoys wheelchair fetish, wanabe stories, or my unique brand of fetish fiction! Don't miss it!

I really think the video came out great, based on my script. Obviously there are a few differences based on translation from English to Polish and back to English, but I even worked with the producer on the subtitles, so the story really comes through and I'm definitely happy with the end result, especially for a first try!

Obviously if this video sells well, it will send a message that people are interested in scripted fetish videos and maybe producers will start making more, either from my scripts or stories (that would be great!) or other stories from the community.

Finally - let me know how you like the movie, if you have any questions, and DEFINITELY comment on this post or even email the producer to let them know that you support this kind of thing! Devotees and Wannabes actually being involved in the creation of these fetish videos can only be a good thing for the community, right?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big News!! New video coming soon - 'The Wannabe', written by ME!!

So as many of my readers know, a few weeks ago I offered my script writing talents to fetish video producers, because I was getting tired of seeing poorly scripted videos that feature silly situations and - my biggest pet peeve - the girls who are 'paralyzed' end of walking at the end.

I'm VERY happy to say that after that article was posted, I DID have a video producer contact me and we worked together on a completely original 'ParaCathy' script called 'The Wannabe'. Not only did we work out a script, the video has now been shot, and is in final editing!! So what is it?

'The Wannabe' is about Jessie, a sexy lifelong para/wheelchair wannabe, who finally meets an equally sexy nurse who shares her interests. The nurse arranges to make Jessie's para dreams come true, but as in many ParaCathy stories, there is an unexpected twist!! Jessie's wheelchair dreams come true, but she also gets a bit more than she bargained for...

The video will be available very soon, ready by next week on and The Medic Brace CLips 4 Sale site. I don't know about pricing yet, but the producer has assured me it wouldn't be overpriced. I'll let you know when it's fully available and all the final details as soon as they're out! I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Too funny not to share - I broke a sex-bot...

I was on Yahoo and someone named Catherine started to chat with me. Well it was obvious from the second reply that this was a spam/sex bot, so I decided to have a little fun. I think I broke it...

catherinegarfinkle935: hey you, whats up ;)
paracathy: hi there - I'm not sure we've chatted
catherinegarfinkle935: whats up, I found your username on a member directory of social sites.. not sure which one cause it bundles them all together lol
paracathy: spam bot huh?
catherinegarfinkle935: i am bored at home...and this usually leads to bad things ;)
paracathy: and not even a good one... I'm disappointed
paracathy: wow - who writes your dialog?
paracathy: I could write better than that
catherinegarfinkle935: well...i have a fetish for being on camera ;)
paracathy: Of course you do...
paracathy: you don't even know the meaning of the word 'fetish'
catherinegarfinkle935: have you ever used Random Chat? its a free site that lets us chat live kinda like a skype
paracathy: you're barely an amateur compared to me
catherinegarfinkle935: my link is
paracathy: And I'll bet it steals your credit card and gives you viruses too
catherinegarfinkle935: go there and my video will load, just click the "Verify" button on the bottom left...
paracathy: Why does it say Jenny if your name is Catherine?
catherinegarfinkle935: im always either on the phone or online, im an addict lol...i dont normally give my number out but if you meet me in the chat and I get comfortable with you we can talk on the phone
paracathy: Sure we can...
catherinegarfinkle935: my number is phone is dead, so give it a few minutes to charge, and please dont go give that out! hehe...come talk to me over RandomChat
paracathy: Wow, that sounds like a great idea
catherinegarfinkle935: i love the site cause its streams fast in real-time sorta like a skype, fill out your info, its free :) k?
paracathy: Sure it's free
paracathy: is it OK that I'm only 12 years old?
catherinegarfinkle935: i use this site to play on cause i don't want to be recorded!...this site doesn't allow people to record my cam! just click the "Verify" button on the bottom left of the page and we'll be able to have a live chat
paracathy: wow, you'll have live sex chat with a 12 year old? Really?
catherinegarfinkle935: u get in for free thru my cam session invite since I'm a premium member, but u need to verify babe just click the Verify button it takes one sex..sorry "sec" lol ;)
paracathy: wow whoever wrote this dialog should be fired and then shunned by all humanity
catherinegarfinkle935: let me know if you need any help logging in..i'm gonna slip into something nice for you..k? ;)
paracathy: why don't you wear a duck costume and sing the national anthem - that's my fetish, k?
catherinegarfinkle935: im the girl in the main video that loads
paracathy: Sure you are - what color is your hair?
catherinegarfinkle935: k
paracathy: You hair color is 'K'?
catherinegarfinkle935: are u in babe??
paracathy: I'm not sure what that is? Is that a Nice n Easy color?
catherinegarfinkle935: k
paracathy: Ha, that's what she said!
paracathy: So what about the duck costume?
paracathy: If you have that, it's a done deal... you can have my credit card now...
paracathy: Oops. I think I broke it...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Player - By Ruth Madison

I've met this wonderful and talented devotee-related writer, Ruth Madison, and she's written a short story that, though not really like my typical posts here, is a really good story, very well written, and I'm sure some of my fans will enjoy it greatly! she has a couple novels published too, so make sure you check her out!
- Cathy

Hi! I'm Ruth Madison and ParaCathy has kindly agreed to let me share one of my short stories with you! I'm on the flip side of devness and so I write stories about physically disabled men. I know that's not the target audience here, but I thought maybe you all would enjoy something a little different. If you like it, I hope you'll visit my website for more information on my writing. Thanks! I hope you enjoy...

The Player

by Ruth Madison

I have a terrible weakness for redneck country boys in wheelchairs. They look so tough and in control, like they can handle anything. They are totally cool with their hunting and off-roading. I am not their type. I look it at first, but that's only because I worked hard to hide my geeky past. In my heart, I still am, and it always comes out. So in theory I'm looking for a nice, quiet, geeky guy in a wheelchair, but in practice if the bad boys find me, I can't seem to refuse them anything.

That's how it was with Max.

I found him on a dating site for disabled people. I'd had an account there for a few months, gone on a couple of forgettable dates. No one in the entire state of California seemed remotely appealing. So, just for curiosity, I widened my search and saw a picture of the hottest man I had ever seen in my life. In Michigan.

I didn't think I had a chance with him, but I tend to forget what I look like. I still remember myself as slightly pudgy with glasses and a unibrow. In college I discovered tweezers and my body subtly reshaped itself into a stunning hourglass. I could get just about any man I met just by wearing a tight t-shirt. I had silky black hair that reached to the bottom of my butt and warm Hispanic skin. None of that changed the fact that I played computer games every night and steamed through 500 page fantasy novels on the weekends. But Max didn't know that, he only saw the exotically beautiful woman in the profile picture.

When he called I was pleasantly surprised by his voice. His accent was a gentle mid-western drawl. He told me about his nieces and nephews, how he hoped to get married and have a family some day. He told me about his hobby refurnishing old wood furniture and his job at a local bank. For a girl caught in the superficial world of Los Angeles, it sounded hopelessly Norman Rockwell.

Every picture he sent was sexier than the last. Him holding up a huge fish he had just caught, him with a lopsided grin leaning forward over his paralyzed legs on the porch of a house, him at some kind of race car event, holding a beer, with barely-dressed girls on either side. I could almost cum from just looking at them.

For some reason, after that first phone call he didn't ever want to talk on the phone again. It was always instant messaging and webcam with him. He sent me texts at all hours telling me to get online and I found it impossible to say no to him. He would turn on the webcam from his laptop while he got ready for work in the morning and even brought it into the bathroom where I could watch him shower.

You know, you could call, I would type.

Nah, this is better. Why don't you show me a little something?

I have no defense, no explanation for why I did what he told me. When he asked me to, I took off my shirt and my bra, rubbed my large breasts together on the webcam. I didn't think about how this behavior was at odds with his original phone call describing his desire for a wife and a family.

5:00 a.m. and I had a text from him. I'm in the shower, get up. I wanted to ignore him, but he was too beautiful.

When are you coming to see me? he typed.

Oh, I don't know about that...

You know you want to :)

Damn, he was right. Why did he have so much power over me? I felt like I would do almost anything to touch him in real life, to fuck that amazing body. Besides, this couldn't be a real relationship until we met, it would have to happen at some point. I was still thinking he was husband

material, don't ask me why.

I picked a weekend and bought a plane ticket. It was the first time I had ever bought something big like that without telling my parents. I also wouldn't tell them I was going anywhere at all. I planned to tell only my coworkers where I was, so that someone would know where to look in case I vanished.

Max friended me on Facebook and I poured over his profile looking for more clues about his life and trying to imagine myself as part of it. There were so many photos. Some from his sister's wedding (him in a suit, yummy), at the reception with his three year old niece on his lap (oh my God, swoon), hanging out on a beach with his body stretched out on a towel and his empty wheelchair behind him. He looked very young in that picture, all lean and lanky. There was a girl too. She looked plain, but pretty and had a kind face. She was in several of the pictures, but she wasn't his sister. I had a terrible curiosity and I wanted to figure out how the pieces of his life went together, so I asked him about her, but he wouldn't say who she was.

The next week I was hanging out with friends and telling them about my plans to go and meet a handsome new man. I had never met anyone off the Internet before and they were concerned, but I brushed off their fears. “You have to take a look at this guy,” I said. I pulled over one friend's laptop and logged onto Facebook, but I couldn't find Max. “This is weird,” I said. It was like he no longer existed. My friends assured me it was okay, but I felt humiliated.

Did you block me on Facebook? I typed the next time I saw him on IM

Yeah, I did.

And you weren't going to say anything? What for?

I wanted to punish you for being jealous.

Oh. I thought how weird it was to punish me and not tell me. Wouldn't it make more sense to talk about it? To tell me that he thought I was being jealous? How was I supposed to know?

Should I cancel my plans to see you?


Don't ask me why, but I didn't. It was a strange thing for him to do, but I thought we could smooth it all out in person. That was until two weeks before the planned trip, when I was greeted with an unpleasant IM.

I'm not going to be dating for a while. I seem to have gotten someone pregnant.

The bottom dropped out of my world. My stomach felt like it was plummeting. Feel like telling me who she is? Someone new? An ex? Who?


After what I've shown you, I feel like I deserve to know.


Well then, good luck to you I guess, I typed and logged off.

I had a plane ticket bought and paid for on a proofreader's salary. My coworkers said I could probably get it changed to visit my parents. It hit me in the gut that he had talked me into this, that he didn't offer to pay, that he didn't care that he had left me with this ticket on my credit card.

Six months later I was startled by another IM from Max. For a second I couldn't remember whose screen name it was.


Hey, aren't you a dad by now?

That's over, she miscarried. So, if you still want to come out...

I finally snapped out of it. Like a fever breaking, he didn't have the power over me anymore. I knew I would never meet him and that it was best for me that I not.

I don't think so.

It didn't occur to me until years later that the reason he didn't ever want to talk on the phone was that with instant messaging, he could have a whole bunch of girls hooked up to his webcam feed at once. He could have been saying dirty things to any number of others while talking to me.

Life went on. I dated a number of different people. I tried out able-bodied men (talk about awkward! So not worth it). I moved several times and finally settled down in Pennsylvania.

Plenty of bad boy rednecks there, but still hard to find the paralyzed ones. I got a dog and pulled together a little life. I accepted that I might never fall in love or have a lasting relationship, all I could do was hope that there was a God who cared about my love life.

One day I was out shopping with no makeup on and my long hair in a boring braid. I rounded the corner and stopped short at the sight of a young man in a sexy wheelchair. I knew that profile. I knew the shape of that body. It was him. It was Max. I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone. I suddenly felt weak in the knees. I had only ever seen this man through a computer screen, I almost didn't believe he actually existed. Here he was, though, in my world.

Just my luck, he was even more gorgeous in person. Chiseled jaw and dark brown curls.

“Excuse me, Max?”

“Yeah?” he said with total disinterest, not taking his eyes from the shelf.

“I'm sure you don't remember me. I'm Rosie. I know you from the Internet.”

That got his attention. His startling blue eyes leaped up to meet mine and his cocky grin appeared.

I leaned over behind him, put my hands on his rock-hard shoulders, and took in his deep, musky scent. I put my lips right against his ear, knowing how my breath would tickle and whispered, “All I want is a one night stand.”

He turned his head to me, still grinning. “Let's get out of here.”

Back at his place we didn't even get the lights on before I was on him. The door had barely closed as I pushed his legs together and got mine on either side, my knees against his hips on one side and pressed against his wheels on the other.

Suddenly he was inside me, sliding in easily. I rocked my hips against him, one hand on the back of the chair and moaned in pleasure. The other hand was flung behind me like I was riding a

mechanical bull.

When I came it felt like sand being sucked forcefully back into the ocean with a retreating wave. I fell against him, limp, the sweat on my cheek melting with the sweat on his neck.

“I'm like fucking in love with you,” he said.

I felt warmth spread through me until I realized what a great line it was. “Son of a bitch, you're good.”

“You don't believe me?”

I laughed. “Of course I don't believe you!”

I don't know why I could finally see him and appreciate him exactly as he was. I could enjoy him for sex and forget the rest. Perhaps it was just age and maturity. I could see how silly it was that I ever thought this man was relationship material.

We kept meeting up and I think the regular sex kept me relaxed and cheerful, so I was ready when I finally did meet a cute quad guy in the sci-fi section of the Barnes and Noble and ditched Max for good.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Adventures of Destiny Girl, Chapter 2 - the Date

The Adventures of Destiny Girl
Chapter 2 - The Date

Destiny Girl arrived at the hospital just moments after the alarm sounded and found two of Madame Mechanica’s copper-clad henchmen handcuffed to a railing, the police surrounding them, weapons drawn. Destiny Girl liked Madame Mechanica - sure she was a super villain bent on world domination, but she was a WOMAN, and to Destiny Girl that meant something...

“Thank god you’re here, Destiny Girl!” said a tall, lean officer as soon as she arrived.

“What’s the situation Officer Reynolds?” asked Destiny girl, hovering there, scanning the area for other threats.

“These two were caught leaving by a back exit, they planted a bomb somewhere, but we have no idea where, and we have no idea when it will go off.”

“Did you ask them??” she said, looking at him with narrowed eyes. She was going to be late for her date, for THIS?

“Ask them? They’re... “

“They are Madame Mechanica’s mostly mechanical minions... god I wish I hadn’t just said that... Anyway, as long as their memory hasn’t been wiped, the location of the bomb will be right...”

Destiny Girl pulled open a brass and copper panel on the chestplate of one of the minions and revealed a control panel with a small screen and several knobs and switches. She turned the knobs and switches until the screen lit up with a dim glow and she was able to rewind the video feed. The police were amazed when she froze the screen image on a pair of hands placing a device full of tubes and wires under a propane tank in the lower level of the hospital.

“That’s amazing, Desitny Girl - we never knew - “ Destiny Girl cut him off and, in a flash, sped to the basement and ripped the bomb out from under the propane tank. She looked at the digital readout and saw it ticking down - 6, 5, 4...

“Oh crap.” she said, blasting out of the hospital at near super-sonic speeds and throwing the bomb at the last possible moment. The explosion threw her back, dazing her and blowing off one of her boots, which she didn’t notice.

“Are you OK Destiny Girl?” Officer Reynolds said as he ran over to where she hovered.

“I’m fine, officer, just a little closer then I like to be to a thermonic blast.” replied Destiny Girl, shaking her head. She saw several officers looking at her legs (something she was acutely aware of in her ‘normal’ life) and realized her boot had fallen off. She shrugged and picked it up.

“Is everyone OK?” she asked, slipping the boot on in one lightning quick motion.

“Everyone is fine, Destiny girl.” Officer Reynolds said, then awkwardly added “Thanks to you.”

“Just doing my job, officer.” Destiny girl said through partially gritted teeth and a forced smile. She waved to the crowd and sped off.

Danielle looked at the clock as she flew into her apartment. “Six minutes, as long as she’s not …” the doorbell rang. “...early. Crap!”

She looked around and caught a reflection of herself in the hall mirror - her hair looked like... well, her hair looked like she had just been blown up by a thermonic explosion. And she was still in her Destiny Girl costume. Perfect.

“Just a minute!” she called out, then using super speed, she undressed, soaked her hair in the shower, wrapped a soft towel around her head, then another around her body, then sat in her wheelchair. She arranged he limp legs as she wheeled to the door. The whole operation had taken just over thirty seconds.

Sheila’s eyes shot open as Danielle opened the door wearing only a towel, and her cheeks immediately turned pink.

“Well I suddenly feel very overdressed.” she said with a nervous giggle.

“Oh, sorry Sheila - took a little longer than I had planned in the shower.” Danielle said warmly. “It can take a little longer sometimes, I’m sure you understand.” she said as she indicated her paralyzed legs.

“Oh no, I understand, it’s fine, really Danielle. You can get dressed, I’ll wait, unless...”

“Unless I want help?” Danielle said, a little too seductively. ‘Try not to scare her off, Danielle..’ she chided herself.

“No, no, I was going to say if you wanted me to come back later, not...”

“It’s OK, I was just teasing Sheila.”

“Oh, oh ok, sorry...” Sheila said, and she looked genuinely disappointed.

“Don’t worry about it, and don’t be so nervous! It’s just my sense of humor. Maybe you can help me get undressed later.” she said with a wink and wheeled into her bedroom.

“What should I wear?” Danielle called from the bedroom, pulling off the towels and spraying on some perfume. While she could dress herself in the blink of an eye, she knew that would be... suspicious, to say the least. Not to mention, she had a feeling Sheila actually liked the fact that she had difficulty doing things, due to her legs. It was a strange thought, but not an unwelcome one. After all, she lived with her ‘limitations’ by choice, didn’t she...

“Stockings.” came Sheilas reply, the smallest of quivers in her voice as she said it.

“And what else?” Danielle asked.

“Nothing.” came the reply from the living room, more confident this time, playful. Sheila was loosening up. This could be a fun night after all.

“And if I actually came out there wearing nothing but a pair of stockings?” Danielle teased.

“I don’t think we’d ever get to dinner..” came Sheila’s honest reply.

“Well I’m hungry, so this will have to do.” said Danielle a minute later as she wheeled into the living room, wearing stockings and a short teal dress that really didn’t cover much when she was seated. Her lap belt was fastened and Danielle knew that the teal dressed made the lap belt - not to mention her wheelchair - particularly pronounced, which she knew Sheila would appreciate.

“So, you mentioned something about dinner?” Danielle said as Shelia stared at her un-apologetically. “And you can put your tongue back in your mouth. Until later, anyway.”

Sheila snapped out if it, embarrassed. “Sorry, I’ve never..”

“It’s OK, I invited you, I knew what I was getting into. At least I hope I know what I’m getting into. So, dinner?”

“Well, there’s a really good little Italian place right down by -”

“Rigatoni’s, right?” Danielle said, trying not to frown to much.

“What, you don’t like it?” Sheila asked, concerned.

“I’ve never tried it. I can’t get in.” Danielle said. “Too many stairs, it’s that little downstairs dining room.”

Sheila put her hand to her mouth. “I didn’t even think of that, I’m really sorry.”

“It happens all the time, most people don’t think of it. I know I didn’t think of it at all until...”
“Danielle, do you mind of I ask - “

“I was waiting for it.” Danielle said. “I’m a little surprised you didn’t ask earlier, the be honest. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, nothing thrilling. I was fourteen, I was riding my bike, and a tanker truck blew a tire, flipped over. I got hit, I blacked out, I woke up in a hospital room in a back and neck brace and couldn’t feel anything below my stomach. I honestly don’t remember that much.”

Danielle remembered a lot more than she admitted, of course. That lone, unmarked tanker truck was carrying an experimental substance that sprayed out from the ruptured tank and soaked her as she lay in the road, barely conscious. She never found out what it was or where it came from, but after a few weeks in the hospital, coming to terms with waking up a paraplegic, she started to notice things, strange things. And then there was the time she woke up on the ceiling...

“It was just a terrible accident.” she finished, pulling her train of thought back to the present. “And this is the result.” she indicated her legs and wheelchair. “Anything else you wanted to ask?”

“Have you always been gay?” Sheila asked, speaking quickly and obviously embarrassed.

“Well, um...” The question took her by surprise and Danielle thought about it for a minute. “I guess... well, I don’t think I was ‘anything’ until after my accident. Since then, I guess I’m more ‘trisexual’ “

“Tirsexual?” Sheila asked, confused.

“Sure - I’ll try anything once...” Danielle said with a flirtatious wink. “Being a teenager and paralyzed, it’s not like I had many options. Girls were just more.. accepting. Things grew from there. How about you?”

“I still remember the day. Freshman year of high school, I opened a teen magazine, saw a girl dressed in a bra and panties as some kind of advertisement, and realized I found her really sexy. Then I spent the rest of high school trying to make sure nobody ever found out.”

“How’d that work out?” Danielle asked.

“Dated a cheerleader senior year.” Sheila said with a smile. “Parents tried to be cool about it, but thought it was a ‘phase’ I would grow out of.”

Danielle wheeled close. “And the wheelchair thing?”

Sheila blushed a little. “I don’t really know... I can’t tell you the day and date when it started, or what triggered it. I just slowly realized that I was attracted to women in wheelchairs... more attracted than ‘regular’ women, anyway. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

Danielle laughed, a light, lyrical giggle. “Bother me? I’m a paraplegic lesbian, anything that gets me closer to a good night kiss is OK with me.

Sheila leaned down and kissed Danielle on the lips, running her fingers through Danielle’s soft hair. Danielle returned the kiss and caressed Sheila’s cheek. The women remained kissing for what felt like a thousand heartbeats, then Sheila slowly pulled away.

“I didn’t want to wait until the end of the date.” Shelia admitted, her cheeks flushed.

“Neither did I.” Danielle replied, smiling. Now, what did we say about dinner?”

“I think we were talking about ordering pizza and opening a bottle of wine, weren’t we?” Sheila said, sitting in the plush couch. Danielle smiled, then parked her wheelchair and slid onto the couch beside her in a smooth transfer, lifting each limp leg in both hands and sliding it as close to Sheila as she could. Danielle winked and, thought Sheila’s cheeks burned red, she put a hand gently on Danielle’s stocking-clad thigh. Danielle could hear Sheila’s heartbeat quicken. She smiled.

The ultrasonic alert woke Danielle out of a sound sleep - silent alarm triggered at the art museum, shots fired, costumed villains - the usual. Rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, Danielle’s arm brushed against something - Sheila was in bed beside her, snoring gently.

Great. She couldn’t get ONE night off? Not ONE?

Danielle slipped the blankets off silently, then concentrated and rose slowly into the air, trying to disturb the bed as little as possible. She grabbed her Destiny Girl outfit from the secret panel in the ceiling, then headed to the bathroom and, in a lightning fast motion, was dressed and out the bathroom window, streaking towards the art museum, muttering under her breath. It was like the universe had decided she didn’t deserve a normal, healthy relationship for some reason, and it was really frustrating. And she was feeling so good after finally getting laid and -

Destiny Girl stopped dead in midair. Her wheelchair - it was still near the bed, she had flown out of the room. If Sheila woke to find... but she was already hearing the commotion at the museum, she didn’t have time to wait.

She cursed again under her breath and headed to the museum. Hopefully, whatever was going on could be handled quickly... but as she saw the gigantic robotic scorpion that clung vice-like to the side of the building, she feared that wasn’t going to be the case...