Thursday, May 24, 2012

So it's been six months...

The article in New Mobility, though meaning well and being an exciting thing, was the start of a very shitty timespan for me, unfortunately.  It started with fallout from the article and the various reposts by people like Roger Ebert.  There were death threats (And people wonder why I'm not open with my full identity and don't give out info like my phone number...) my facebook and flickr accounts were deleted due to 'complaints against terms of service', I got flooded - literally flooded - with hate mail.  I still have 176 emails un-opened in my inbox, and those are just the ones that 'might' not be hate mail.  I deleted several hundred more that were obvious.

On top of that, my job issues went from bad to worse - they moved all second and third shift positions to India, and I wasn't eligible for a day shift position (because day shift was already full), so I was laid off.

On the job hunt again, I made a pretty heartbreaking decision - because I didn't have any medical reason or medical proof that I needed a wheelchair for mobility, I decided that I could not search for a new job as a full time wheeler, and so I have 'recovered' and am back to using my chair only at home in private and occasionally out in public. I spent about 4 months unemployed and just got a rather crappy day shift retail job about a month ago.  It pays less than my customer service job and to add insult to injury, I'm on my feet pretty much all day, which just kind of sucks out my soul after a while.

There was a silver lining, however - as crazy as that sounds.  For one - Heather never left my side, she's been awesome, and this has proven that our relationship is stronger than ever.  Second, even though the New Mobility article fallout was overall craptastic, there was also a lot of support and I was even approached by a couple different TV shows related to my wannabe and pretender lifestyle.  I couldn't do those, obviously, but it showed me that there is support and interest in me and my lifestyle, and so there might be more interest in my book...

And speaking of my book, the plans for that are going through a bunch of changes and morphing into something different.  I have started writing more stories about me personally - how I became who I am, more about my thoughts and ideas on this fetish and the D/P/W scene in general, and some in-depth discussion of who I am and why.  I may add fictional erotica stories as well, but honestly I think if I add in a lot of my sexual fantasies and go in depth about my various fetishes, the book will be plenty steamy for people who are looking for that.  If I do that, then I will post some of the new fiction and completed stories I wrote for the original anthology book onto the website.  This includes the completion of 'A New Arrangement', which seems to be a fan favorite.  Ideally I could sell tens of thousands of books and not have to work on this crappy job any more, but I need to finish the book first - I'll get on that.

So that's my story, that's what has occurred in the last 6 months or so - you can probably see why I have been keeping a low profile.  I'll probably still be keeping a lower profile than I used to, and online erotic chatting is likely a thing of the past with my new job, etc... but that was a really bad habit anyway, so I'm probably better off without it, right?

Thanks for the words of support and encouragement, I'll be posting a bit more often now...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I'm on my way....

I'm slowly on my way back to the land of the living... and there is new news on the book front.  Stay tuned, but be patient - I've been through a lot in the last 6 months.

Happy Fantasies,