Thursday, November 11, 2010

TLC show looking to do a segment on devotees

So I have been contacted by the below person, Michelle, who represents the Learning Channel show 'Strange Sex' - she requested I be part of the segment, but for obvious reasons I cannot. However she asked that if I could point any Devotees in her direction, so here it is - casting call for devotees. I'll let you read how she described the program to me. If you're interested, all her contact info is listed below - be polite and only contact her if you're genuinely interested and can be part of the show. Thanks!! I know I for one really want to see this show!


My name is Michele and I am a casting producer for a medical series on TLC called "Strange Sex." The series, now entering its second season, highlights unusual sexual conditions and lifestyles, with a goal of educating the viewer and shedding light on a little understood, real-life condition or situation. We know that topics we explore might be shared among members of our audience who'd appreciate the subjects being brought to light, and the erasing of any misconceptions or myths.

As we gear up for our new season, we are looking at a number of topics to explore in our episodes, among them, someone who considers themselves a devotee.

Ideally, we are looking for someone who lives in the United States. We'd like to speak about appearing in our program, since our goal is to provide context for the person's story and education to our viewers. We tell the story in a respectful and sensitive manner. We don't even have a narrator for this show -- the stories are told in the words of the people profiled.

I wanted to reach out to you to see if you might be interested in talking about your situation and the devotee community, and to learn more about our program.

Many thanks - I look forward to connecting.

Michele Spinak
Sirens Media
office: 301-920-9860
cell: 301-792-9784
fax: 301-920-9880

I guess it's been a while...

I hadn't realized how long it had been since I posted - sorry about that. I was getting better at it for a while...

So I've been writing more lately, but most of it has been for the book, which is actually looking pretty great, just slow going. Harder to write a novel then I thought... I'm writing some other stories as special requests, too, but they also requested I not post those publicly so for now, no new story here. Sorry about that. I do take requests though, and I especially love writing stories based on pictures, I've had some great success there :)

So instead of a full story I'll tell you about what Heather and I did this past weekend, I think my fans will enjoy the tale ;)

I was in my wheelchair and Heather had bought me a new pair of very sexy stockings. She slowly, sensually pulled them up onto my legs, one at a time -it was so sexy! Then she layed on the living room floor, on her back, and told me to wheel over to her. I parked my wheelchair right at her head and used my hands to lift my limp, useless legs and put my feet right on her face. She loved it, she kissed and licked and caressed my feet as I sat there in my wheelchair, she told me how soft and sexy they felt to her, and kept telling me how limp and crippled they felt, how I'd never feel her touches again...
After a little while I was just so turned on I couldn't help it, I reached into my diaper and started fingering myself - I came so hard as Heather worshipped my feet and told me how crippled I was, it was intense...

Hope you liked it as much as I did ;)