Sunday, August 30, 2015

Something new... What we did last night

Heather was tipsy and I may have been a little more than tipsy, drinking red wine and watching some movie on Netfix - I don't even remember what it was; I was focused on Heather playing with my feet as I draped them across her lap.  It was Heather's idea - well, the sex was my idea, it usually is, but the method of the sex was all hers.  I think maybe she thought she was being 'mean', but probably not - I think she just wanted to try to give me what I really wanted - what I always really want - and she did, she really really did.

She helped me into my wheelchair and pushed me to the bedroom, bending down to kiss my neck from behind in the process.  Have you ever had someone do that - kiss your neck from behind?  It will instantly drive you wild! Just that feeling of hot lips against your skin, and the way she brushed against my ear a little.  I was more excited than I realized...

I stripped off my shirt and bra almost before my wheelchair was parked next to the bed.  I locked my wheels and Heather helped me transfer into bed, helping me with my legs- she loves helping me with my legs.  I stripped out of my cotton skirt - the teal one with the white lines in random patterns, it's nice - but when I started with my pantyhose Heather stopped me and smiled, and I knew...  My heart raced and my cheeks felt very warm and I just knew...

So I lay there in our bed, naked from the waist up but wearing pantyhose over a comfortable diaper - my normal daily wear most days.  She loves stockings and pantyhose and I love diapers and wheelchairs, and it all works together pretty well.  Heather was wearing a really nice taupe and turquoise summer dress and literally nothing else, and she teased me as she dropped the soft fabric down her smooth white body and onto the floor, then stepped out of it sensually and walked slowly towards me.  She climbed gently onto the bed and I lay there, just watching, more excited than I've felt in a long time.  

Heather ran her fingers through my hair, she kissed my neck.  I moaned and stroked her breast, my fingertips caressing her nipple and areola...  She nibbled sensually on my ear and just barely whispered 'is my crippled wife horny tonight?' - I shuddered, I literally shuddered with excitement and she smiled and kissed me deeply, hands behind my head, fingers twirled in my hair, and we kissed for so long, our lips connected, tongues entwined.  I felt her breath against me and felt her fingers caressing my hair and my neck and I returned the favor, my hands caressing her lower back, feeling the sexy curve of her waist.  Her breasts were pressed against mine now and she was on top of me and still kissing me and I could barely breathe from the excitement...  and still my legs hadn't moved.

Heather began to caress my breasts, running her long sexy nails over them, teasing my nipples between kisses.  She adjusted her position so I could better reach her, and I started caressing her inner thighs... she really enjoys that.  Well, who doesn't, I guess.   I started moving to her clit but she moved my hand away playfully - she had other ideas and my heart pounded in my chest with anticipation.

She kissed my breasts, my nipples, making sure I was very aroused.  She moved down, kissing and fondling my breasts and that sensitive area below them, and then... nothing.  She stopped right below my breasts, kissed along that line a bit more, her hot lips and tongue pressed against me, and then she went for the home run...

"Pity you can't feel a thing past this line, my pretty cripple...'  she said as she kissed me there, along that line below my breasts that I've fantasized about for more years than I care to admit.  I think I came at that point-  some kind of exquisite mental release as she played into that very specific, very powerful fantasy of my paralyzed, unfeeling lower half...

I breathed heavily and told her that the parts of my that didn't work didn't really matter, there were still plenty of parts of me that did work just fine, and pulled her closer so I could start rubbing her clit.  I worked her up a bit, then we re-positioned again to put her on top of me, facing away.  I started kissing her inner thighs and started oral sex and she shivered, then told me she was going to have fun with my pretty para feet as I took care of her.  She told me how soft and sexy they felt, how smooth they were, ow nice they smelled since I never wore shoes now, that she loved how my toes curled... all the while she never touched them, so it completed the image of her playing with my paralyzed feet, me only hearing about it but never feeling it.

She came a few times - we never keep count, but I knew my sexy wife was very satisfied. She lay there on the sheets, an arm and leg draped over me, her face close to mine, still breathing heavily. She whispered to me 'do you need?' and I shook my head no.  She knew I hadn't had a 'regular' orgasm, she wanted to know if I still needed release, but I was being honest when I said no. What she gave me, that sexual encounter as a para, was as satisfying as any 'normal' orgasm for me - more so, maybe...

I realized some time later that at some point I had actually wet my diaper; a combination of the excitement and the wine I'm sure.  I whispered to Heather that I was going to change - it seemed she was almost asleep - but she stopped me and said she'd take care of it.  This was also somewhat different, because Heather is 'ok' with my diaper fetish but I wouldn't say she's a fan, she doesn't get into the diaper play often.

I lay still and she pulled the pantyhose down, then put them on the dresser and spread my legs for me, pulling open my diaper.  I realized I was breathing heavy and my heartbeat was pounding again as she carefully pulled the wet diaper from me (it was definitely very wet) and rolled it up and put it in the waste basket by the bed.  She pulled out a new diaper - one of my very bulky overnights - and some cleansing wipes, and she began cleaning me, slowly... seductively...  it didn't take long to realize what she was doing.

"You can't feel any of this, can you?" she said sweetly, gently rubbing my now very excited sex. "Cant' even wiggle your toes any more, my pretty cripple."  She continued to 'clean' me in the most erotic ways imaginable.  "Just floppy crippled legs and these diapers, stuck in that wheelchair." - that was the instant of my first orgasm, and it hit me so fast I just screamed.  This was when we dropped the pretense, I think, and she just made me cum a bunch more times...  it's still a bit of a blur, and I know my overnight diaper never even made it on, but that was OK...

Heather said it was OK for me to post about this, but she has editorial control (and she changed a few things to make them sound less 'filthy' as she put it) and she's interested to see what kind of response this gets... Don't disappoint her and maybe I can get back to more regular postings :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A sequel to my favorite para fetish video, and I love it even more!!

Back in April I worked on a para fetish video with the very lovely and sexy Brittany, and even though she doesn't have a wheelchair, I was able to come up with a sexy and hot para scenario about one of my fantasies - waking up paralyzed.  It was a hot 'alternative masturbation' para fetish video, and I hope everyone bought a copy, or will buy a copy now...  because Brittany and I made a sequel!!

Hot Paralyzed Blonde in Diaper pulls on stockings, wets her diaper

This time, it's one week later, and sexy Brittany is getting used to her paralyzed condition.  She wakes up, diapered, and starts manipulating her limp legs to get ready for the day, pulling on stockings.  The way she moves, flops her legs around, and talks about her paralysis is just so hot.. I love every minute of it. 

So after a long, erotic struggle to pull her panty hose up over her limp legs and bulky diaper, she's finally ready to start on her dress... but oh no, she's had an accident and wet her diaper - she can't really help it any more, but she's got to pull off her pantyhose now and change her diaper and start all over again.

If you are into para girl fetish these videos are just so very, very hot!!  Brittany is really sexy and she really gets into it, she understands the fetish and really plays to it.  These videos are inexpensive (under $20 for BOTH) and the more people who buy them, the more videos she will do! And, since I've been talking to her, she is looking into wheelchairs, so if we buy her para fetish videos she'll know that it's worth buying a wheelchair prop and can start doing videos in the chair too!  (and she does great amputee fetish vids too, so if you're into sexy DAK girls in wheelchairs, support her with these videos and she'll get that wheelchair and make some amputee chair vids too!!

Para Fetish Video 1 - 'Waking Up Paralyzed and Masturbating'
Para Fetish Video 2 - 'Putting pantyhose on paralyzed legs and wetting her diaper

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another new para fetish video... And it's my favorite ever!!

So I've been talking to a really cute, really sexy fetish model, Brittany - she was the one who did my blind girl fetish video for Heather. I was talking to her about one of my long time fetishes, waking up paralyzed from the waist down, and she agreed to give it a shot!  Well, here it is, for your purchasing and viewing pleasure!! 

In the video, Brittany wakes up, covered in a blanket, and realizes she can't feel her legs.  She pills off the blanket, drags her paralyzed legs around a bit, then realizes she's also wearing a diaper.  She starts exploring her situation and realizes that even though she's totally numb from the waist down, including her diapered intimates, she's become very sensitive above her injury line, and starts to explore these new sensations.

This was a video made for me, to one of my longest and deepest fantasies, but if you're into para girl fetish, especially 'new para' scenes, I think this is one of the best videos out there.  It's not very expensive either - a great value for a great, very sexy video!  

Brittany is very sexy, and she's very into her work - she does great videos because it's clear she gets into it and really understands... I could not be happier with her work, and she's got tons of sexy videos for a wide variety of interests, including amputees, cast fetish, and lots of others.  She's got two stores (that I know of)

And remember - the more people who support this kind of devotee fetish work, the more studios will want to make them, as well as invest in supplies like crutches, wheelchairs, casts, etc...  so if you're a para girl / paralyzed leg fetishist, you definitely want to check this video out, and again - it's cheap, only $6, so don't go copying it without paying for it, please...