Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fetish Fun Compromise - Foot Fetish versus Disability Fetish

As most people know, my girlfriend Heather has a serious foot fetish.  She considers herself a ‘foot worshipper’ actually.  She loves everything about my feet, sexy shoes, stockings... and normally she loves me in my wheelchair.  She says it gives her better access to my pretty feet, and because I almost never walk, she says my feet are extra soft and supple - and thanks to her, always perfectly pedicured.  

Sometimes, though, she needs more than my floppy lifeless ‘paralyzed’ feet.  She wants me to feel them, walk on them, and use them in ‘other ways’ - she gets so creative when it comes to my feet, and I love her for it.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Locked In Lover

This new story is a combination of two influences - the first is the very interesting and erotic concept of braces that I first encountered in the story 'The Exchange' - a story I later re-wrote on the WheelchairFiction yahoo group. The second is that for some reason 'Locked In Syndrome' has been the subject of several discussions and special requests over the last 6 weeks or so. I'm not super familiar with locked in syndrome, but I understand disability fetish, extreme bracing, and wanting to be helpless and taken care of by an attentive lover, so I figured I'd give it a shot...

Locked In Lover  By ParaGirl

“You know I love the wheelchair, Susan, but... “

“But what?  It’s a nice chair, Melissa - full power recline, the whole deal.  I thought you’d love it - you don’t have to do anything while you’re in it.  Just leave everything to me.”  Susan smiled and stroked her girlfriends’ hair.  

Melissa sat in a fancy, obviously expensive power wheelchair, her hands on the handrests, a wide soft chest strap holding her into the chair.  Another strap held her legs in place.  She smiled and sighed.  

“I know I don’t HAVE to do anything while I’m in the chair, but...” she waved her hands about “...I CAN do anything I want, which means it’s not exactly what I want. I love it, I really do, and I’ll use the chair all the time for you, but I’m sorry... it’s not my fetish.  It doesn’t satisfy my inner desires.”  

“I understand - and I’ll try to figure something out, I will.  For now, though, you’ll use the chair and I can take care of you?”

“Of course, Susan - I know how you love caring for me, and I really enjoy it, too.  It is a wonderful wheelchair, you really went all out on it.”

“It was a discontinued showroom model.  Let’s just say I paid less than you think.  Here, let me brush your hair.”  

Susan and Melissa continued like this for several weeks, with Melissa using the power chair daily, living as a quadriplegic and Susan acting as caregiver, nurse, and of course, lover.  The relationship grew, but Susan could always tell there was one thing missing, one desire Melissa needed fulfilled, and she kept searching.  

The answer came by accident - a random post on a random web forum that led down a particularly interesting rabbit hole, finally leading to a phone number and address.  Susan made the call and made arrangements without telling Melissa a thing - she truly wanted this to be a surprise, and most importantly, she wanted to give Melissa exactly the experience she had been fantasizing about since college.  

The morning of the ‘event’, Melissa was totally unaware, even though Susan kept looking nervously at the clock.  She bathed Melissa and dressed her, as if she were a quadriplegic, and then once Melissa was in her wheelchair, Susan went down on her, kissing and licking her clit and fingering her greedily until she came.  Melissa as pleasantly surprised, but Susan had her reasons...  

At the pre-arranged time, Susan gave Melissa a glass of orange juice, placing the straw at Melissa’s lips.  Melissa drank greedily, and soon felt dizzy.  After five minutes, the sedative Susan got from the clinic took full effect, and Melissa was out cold in her wheelchair.  Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door and paramedics arrived.  First they gently removed Melissa from her wheelchair and strapped her to a stretcher, then loaded her and her wheelchair into a large transport ambulance.  Susan got in too, and help Melissa’s hand as they travelled to the clinic, about an hour outside of town.  The sun was bright as they drove, and Susan kept asking herself if she was really doing the right thing, if this was really what Melissa wanted...  

Susan had met Melissa in college, and the pair first became the best of friends before their relationship slowly evolved and they became lovers.  It was after college, in their first tiny apartment, when Susan admitted her deepest secret, her ‘care fetish’ is what she called it.  She had been brushing Melissa’s hair and mentioned how much she liked it, and then admitted that she would love to do even more for Melissa.  When Melissa pressed her to explain, she admitted her sexual feelings towards women who either couldn’t do things for themselves or needed lots of help, mostly women in wheelchairs, like quadriplegics.  It wasn’t a control thing - Melissa just loved ‘taking care of them’ in all kinds of ways.  

Melissa had a confession of her own, one that would lead to the very ambulance ride both women were now taking.  Melissa loved the idea of being taken care of - in fact, she had a desire to be severely disabled.  The feelings had started in her freshman year, when she learned about a condition called ‘locked in syndrome’, where a person couldn’t move anything voluntarily, couldn’t speak, was ‘locked’ in their own body - for some reason, it had captured Melissa’s imagination completely.  She did research on it, watched online videos, and it became both an obsession and a sexual fetish - one that couldn’t be satisfied with expensive wheelchairs or bandage play, sadly.  Try as they might, Susan and Melissa couldn’t find any way of really simulating the condition, and since it wasn’t as simple as spinal cord injury, they couldn’t even plan an ‘accident’ to get Melissa what she wanted.  

Susan hoped that was about to change.  

They arrived at the clinic, a respectable looking medical establishment with a sign that read "Orthopaedic Equipment".  Orderlies moved Melissa, still unconscious on her stretcher, into the clinic, and Susan pushed the wheelchair behind them.  If this worked, Melissa would need the chair, and Susan would have to get used to pushing it.  Susan had a flutter of excitement in her belly as she thought of what was about to happen...

They put Melissa on a table and began working on her - they stripped her, powdered her, and then put on a full body stocking from her chin to her toes.  It was soft and Susan knew it was part of the process.  Next came additional compression stockings on Melissa’s legs, then similar on her arms.  The legs came first - special tan thermoplastic fit to Susan’s dimensions.  The feet were curled a bit, as Susan requested, and seeing the ‘legs’ go on and lock into place gave Susan an incredible thrill.  The knees had joints that only Susan could manipulate, via a small catch behind the knees.  The ankles would never move, they were molded into their current position.  

The arms came next, first hard plastic ‘gloves’ that kept Melissa’s hands in a curled state. The arms locked onto that, rigid at the wrists and with joints similar to the knees.  There would be limited motion, but only for Susan - Melissa would be unable to move anything on her own.  

Finally the body was brought out.  This was the most complex part of the process, and the technicians explained to Susan how it all worked.  There was an indwelling catheter that was inserted into Melissa and that Susan would have to use and clean daily.  There was an anal plug as well, for solid waste, and again, Susan would need to care for this daily.  There was no other opening to her body - she was encased and could not move or feel anything once the bracing was fully secured - she would be fully dependent on Susan.  

Finally, as part of the body bracing, there was a neck and chin brace, and the technicians took special care to move this into position.  This would extend Melissa’ neck slightly and would ‘lock’ Melissa’s head in place and force her mouth shut, so she was unable to speak or move her head at all.  Once the bracing was complete, the only thing she should be able to move was her eyes.  Truly ‘locked in’ to her own body.  The technician then showed Susan how to feed Melissa - a liquid-only diet, since Susan could no longer open her mouth to chew.  Five meals a day, specially formulated shakes and juices, to keep her healthy and keep her from gaining weight, which would be a potential problem in the bracing.  

Th bracing complete, the technicians helped Susan dress her now locked-in lover in a long skirt, socks for her curled feet, and a special adapted blouse to cover her top.  Melissa’ arms looked like cosmetic prosthetics, and Susan really liked the look.  She sat by the bed and held Melissa’s plastic hand and waited for her to wake up.  

Melissa’s eyes fluttered open slowly and were immediately full of confusion, darting around.  She tried to move but couldn’t, and realized she couldn’t even open her mouth.  She started to panic, then her eyes met Susans’ and she began to calm down and breathe. Susan smiled.  

“Missy, honey...  I have some bad news dear.  If you can understand me, blink once.”

Melissa felt a flush rush to her cheeks and she blinked once.  She couldn’t even nod her head, she realized.  

“Missy, you’ve got what the doctors are calling ‘locked in syndrome’... it’s affected your whole body.  Do you understand?”

Another blink.

“I’m going to take care of you now.. I’m going to have to do everything for you.”
Another blink - Melissa was so full of excitement she thought she might burst.  What had Susan done?  She couldn’t tell, all she knew was that should couldn’t move anything at all, not a finger, not a toe.  All she could do was blink.  

“There’s nothing more they can do for you here, Missy.  I’m going to put you in your wheelchair now, and take you home.  Is that OK?”

A blink, and some tears from the corner of her eye.  Susan smiled and brushed the tears away.  

“I’m going to take very good care of you, dear.”

Another blink, and happiness.  

Strapped into her wheelchair, Melissa realized she couldn’t even drive it herself any more - another thrill.  Susan drove using the attendant controls, and seemed ecstatically happy.  They got her and her wheelchair strapped into the transport van and Susan sat facing her, stroking her hands.  They looked plastic, along with what she could see of her arms.  She assumed her legs and torso looked the same, understanding what Susan had done and loving the idea.  She looked around as much as she could, but she was unable to move her head at all, so her whole field of view was only as far as she could move her eyes side to side and up and down.  

They arrived home and Melissa was lowered from the van, Susan pushing her wheelchair up the walk and into the house.  Melissa realized that, since the house was set up for their earlier quadriplegic play, it was arranged for her already.  

“Are you hungry?” Susan said, smiling.  One blink - yes.  Susan wheeled her into the kitchen and then prepared what looked like a chocolate shake.  She put some in a large feeding syringe and slid the plastic feeding tube gently into Melissa’s mouth. The bracing was obviously serious and couldn’t even be removed for feeding.  The protein shake tasted pretty good, and using her eyes Melissa communicated when she wanted more.  The process was slow, but Melissa was so thrilled and excited.  She couldn’t believe it was all happening.  

Susan, too, was beyond excited.  She didn’t know how long she could keep Melissa braced like this - the orthopedic technicians said no more than two months, but Susan wasn’t sure Melissa could make it that long.  She seemed happy so far, but what about in a week or two.  She decided to enjoy it while she could, as much as she could.  

Melissa started blinking to get Susan’s attention.  The feeding was done, and she wanted something else.  It took Susan a number of tries to understand, but she finally got it, and smiled.  She wheeled Melissa into the bedroom and started doing a slow strip tease for her.

“You look so sexy in your wheelchair baby.” she said seductively.  “I love taking care of you, since you can’t take care of yourself at all...” Susan stroked Melissa’s hair and caressed her cheeks.  She was getting so turned on, and it seemed that Melissa was too - her cheeks were flushed and warm.  

Once naked, Susan sat gently on Melissa’s rigid lap and kissed her.  Melissa could only respond with a low moan, but Susan could tell she liked it.  She kissed Melissa and played with her hair and nibbled her ears and told her how beautiful and sexy she was like this.  

Finally, with her eyes and some forced moans, Melissa got Susan to move to the bed and start touching herself as Melissa watched. She still couldn’t move at all, she really was locked in completely, and had never felt so alive and aroused - not that she could do anything about that.  She yearned to reach out and touch her lover, feel her hot, moist sex against her skin, and the yearning only heightened her enjoyment with her situation.  She moaned as she watched Susan masturbate, seeing her able-bodied lover moan with pleasure and excitement.  

Finally, Susan got up and took one of Melissa’s rigid plastic hands - she unlocked the brace mechanism and started to touch herself with Melissa’s hand.  She moaned as the smooth plastic caressed her nipples, and moaned loudly as she manipulated the curled plastic hand lower.  The came almost instantly as Melissa’s unmoving fingers caressed her clit, and she had multiple orgams as Melissa sat there unmoving, panting with desire that she couldn’t fulfil because of her locked in condition.  

Susan, still naked, pushed Melissa to the bathroom and started taking care of her catheter as directed by the technicians.  Both she and Melissa moaned as the stream of pee left Melissa through an inserted tube.  Once finished, Susan brushed Melissa’s hair and transferred her into bed, manipulating all her limbs so she could lay flat, comfortably.  Melissa blinked that she was fine, and smiled broadly.  Susan lay next to her and ran her fingers through Melissa’s silken hair.  

Monday, August 13, 2012

A mostly wheelchair free weekend

So this weekend we tried something very different, for reasons that I don't really need to elaborate on for this narrative. I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday as a 'dbe' amputee - actually I just had both hands bandaged into stumps - and I was not in a wheelchair. I even slept as a dbe, which was an unusual experience in itself.

Heather bandaged me carefully, not too tight, and we unwrapped me a few times to make sure my circulation wasn't cut off. Heather also put nice nude knee-high hose on my arms to give them a nice 'amputee' look I was quite find of.

I did lots with my stumps, but mostly heather wanted to help me, or watch me use my feet. I used my feet for more things this weekend, from writing to typing to feeding myself - well, trying - to more sex acts than penthouse has a category for. ;) overall it was a nice fun experience.

Heather asked me if my arms were really gone would I use prosthetics. I think I would definitely use hooks. I love the way they look and I'll bet they feel amazing.

I'm back in my wheelchair now, diapered and happy and horny thinking about my amputee adventures. I'm sure after what happened this weekend, we'll try it again soon.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Curse - Consequences

The Curse - Consequences By ParaCathy

“Cathy! Cathy wake up!  Cathy!” Sarah was practically screaming.

“Sarah what’s - oh shit your eyes!  What happened to your eyes?”

“Cathy, I can’t see, everything is black, I can’t see anything...” Sarah said, her eyes waving around blindly.  

“What happened?” Cathy said, concerned, then a moment later more serious.  “Sarah, did you do it?”

“I just wanted to see.. just wanted to see what happens when you changed.” Sarah said, her white eyes seeming to stare at nothing.  

“Sarah I told you like ten times not to do that... I told you it was a bad idea.” Cathy said with a sigh.  

“Cathy, what if this is permanent?  What if I’m blind forever, what if - “ Sarah started to panic again, her breath coming quickly, bordering on hyperventilating.

“Sarah, honey, calm down...” Cathy said calmly, and Sarah felt Cathys hand -  no, her foot - caressing her cheek.  She started to calm down and felt for Cathy, finding her leg and stroking it.  

“So.... arms?” Sarah said as Cathy caressed her with both feet.  

“Both, about three inches below the shoulder.  This should be an interesting day.” Cathy said with a smirk.  

“What if it’s not just today...” Sarah said, still with a note of fear in her voice.  

“Well...” Cathy said, and Sarah felt her get off the bed.  A moment later something long and slender landed in Sarah’s lap.  “You’ll need to get used to that.”  

Sarah reached out and picked up what she instantly knew was Cathy’s folding white cane, bought from Ebay a month prior.  Cathy had only needed it once in all that time.  

Cathy helped to guide Sarah to the bathroom, and Sarah did her best to help Cathy with the bathroom tasks that she could no longer do as a double arm amputee.  She removed Cathy’s diaper, as Cathy’s previous condition had required one, and then brushed Cathy’s teeth - after nearly poking Cathy in the eye with the toothbrush. Cathy helped Sarah use the toilet - well, find the toilet anyway - and then both women showered together, as had become the custom since Sarah moved in to help Cathy with her unique medical condition.  

“What, you’re not going to try to get lucky?” Cathy said, teasing Sarah.  The last time I was armless you couldn’t keep your hands off me.”

“I’m a little distracted this morning, dear.” said Sarah with a weak smile.  

“It will be fine, Sarah.  Trust me - I’m an expert in these sorts of things.” Cathy said and rubbed her soapy-slick body against Sarah’s, who held her tight and tried not to cry.”  

Cathy helped Sarah pick out clothes, and then Sarah dressed both of them, though Cathy tried to be helpful with her feet.  Sarah ended up with her shirt on backwards.  

“Well at least it’s the weekend” Cathy said once both women were dressed.  I wouldn’t want to head out to work with you in this state.”

I just want to sit on the couch and not move.” Sarah said.  

“Until you need to pee, or get hungry.” Cathy reminded her.  “And then what?”

“Um..” Sarah said, then “Where’s my cane?”

“Right where you left it.  I’ll be in the kitchen trying to make breakfast.” Cathy said with a giggle, then left the room.  

“But I don’t know where I left it, and please don’t try to cook with your feet, I don’t know where the fire extinguisher is...” Sarah called out after her.  

Sarah came into the kitchen ten minutes later, running her white cane along the baseboard and tapping it in front her her to get her bearings.  

“Not bad.” said Cathy, impressed.  “Just watch out for the- “

“Eww, what’s wet?” Sarah asked as she walked barefoot into a puddle.  

“I tried to pour orange juice.” Cathy said, sheepish.  “Oops.”

“You could have cleaned it up, Cath.” Sarah said, feeling across the counters for the paper towels.  

“The towels are to your left, all the way back, and I couldn’t reach them or I would have.  Three inch stumps, remember?

Sarah found the towels and cleaned up the juice spill, Cathy guiding her.  

“So how are we going to do this?” Cathy said.  “I can’t touch anything, and you can’t see anything.”

“Well you need to stop trying to help - we’ve been over this before, it takes years of physical therapy and training to be able to use your feet like hands.  It’s one of the worst parts of this whole situation - you never stay with the same disability long enough to truly adjust to it.”

“Tell me about it.” Cathy said, stroking Sarah’s leg with her foot.

“And there’s no use doing it to try and impress me, I can’t see a thing...” Sarah smiled.  

“Cathy.” Sarah said after breakfast was over.  


“What if... what if this really is permanent?  Punishment for my curiosity...  I won’t be able to help you any more when you’re in your most severe conditions - well, not properly anyway.”

“Nonsense - you’ll be able to do everything you need to take care of me, you’ll just need a little help from me.  As long as we’re not both blind, it should be fine.”

“And if we’re both blind?” Sarah said, caressing Cathy’s arm stump.

“Then we just won’t get out of bed.” Cathy said with a smile.  

“I like that idea very much.” Sarah said with a giggle.

“That’s my girl.” Cathy said.  

“Do we have any dark sunglasses?” Sarah asked as the two women sat together.  

“Dark sunglasses?  I don’t think so - why?”

“I wanted to wear a pair.  Kind of goes with the outfit, don’t you think?”

“Well, it would be more traditional I guess.” Cathy said, patting Sarah’s hand with her foot.  “We’d have to go out to get some thought.  Think you can handle it?”

“A blind girl and an armless girl out on the town?  You think the town can handle it?” Sarah smiled.

Sarah slung her purse over her shoulder and extended her cane and Cathy guided her to the door.  

“Are you sure about this?” Cathy asked.

“Nope. Let’s do it.” Sarah said and felt for the doorknob, opening the door wide.

“This is so weird.” Sarah said as they opened the door to the street and started heading to the drugstore.  “Every step feels like I’m going to fall..”

“Just keep focused, one step at a time.  Move the cane back and forth to sense obstacles.  I won’t let you trip over anything.  There’s a small dip there.” Cathy said, gently guiding her.  

“Thanks, I think I’m getting the hang of it.  It’s scary though.  I can’t imagine what you go through every morning, nt knowing what disability you’ll face.”

“I’d say I’m getting used to it, but that would be a lie.” Cathy said.  “We’re almost there.”

The women had lots of looks as they walked into the brightly lit drugstore.  Cathy headed to the sunglasses display rack and Sarah followed.  

“These seem pretty traditional.” Cathy said.  “Feel for them - third pair down.”

Sarah felt her way to the rack and felt through the sunglasses until she found the pair Cathy had indicated.  She felt them in her hands, trying to ‘see’ them.  

“These seem perfect.” she smiled, then headed to the counter to pay.  Cathy helped her find her debit card and the paid and left the store, Sarah wearing her new dark glasses.  

“You were right - those complete the outfit.” Cathy said.  “Not that you probably want to hear this, but you actually look really hot.”

“Oh really?” Sarah said with a flirtatious smirk. “Maybe we should head home - don’t want to push our luck out here...”

Cathy guided Sarah back to the apartment and directly to the bedroom.  She let Sarah slowly undress her, feeling her way around Cathy’s clothes, her body, her stumps.  Sarah caressed Cathy all over, ‘seeing’ her with her hands, her sensitive fingertips.  

“Mmm yessss.” Cathy said, laying down on the bed and letting Sarah explore every curve of her body.  Sarah finally made it between Cathy’s legs and began to kiss and lick and probe with fingers and tongue.  

“Oh goddddd!” Cathy moaned.  “Oh yesss, oh god Sarah yesss.” Cathy came again and again under Sarah’s sightless touches.  

“That was amazing lover.” Cathy said, breathless as Sarah rolled off.  “Amazing.  Now let me...”

Cathy began to caress Sarah with her feet, massaging and caressing her all over, pinching Sarah’s nipples between her toes.  Sarah moaned and writhed as Cathy used her feet sensually, finally reaching Sarah’s hot wet sex and using her toes to gently massage Sarah’s clit.  Sarah moaned and then screamed with orgasm as Cathy masturbated her with her feet.  

“Use...  Use your stumps.” Sarah breathed, and Cathy shifted position and started rubbing her pussy with a short arm nub.  Sarah screamed again.  

“You like that baby, you like feeling my arm stump between your legs?” Cathy teased as Sarah came again and again.  

“It feels... Oh god it feels so good... I can feel everything... so sensitive.” she moaned and came again.  “Oh god...”  

The next morning, Sarah squinted as the sun streamed into the room, then popped her eyes open - her vision was restored!

“Cathy, Cathy I can see again!” Sarah said, smiling.  

“That’s good, dear, because I’m going to need some help...”  Cathy said, turning her head to look at Sarah.  Sarah pulled off the blankets and saw Cathy’s arms and legs, thin and useless, obviously a quadriplegic.  

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll take good care of you.” Sarah said, and kissed Cathy deeply.  

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Amy and Laurie

Amy and Laurie
Laurie met Amy online, as it so often happens. Amy was a playful paraplegic who was into meeting interesting people, and Laurie was, as a rule, very interesting. She was a wheelchair pretender and a wheelchair and disability devotee, among many other things. Amy didn't really 'get it' at first, but after a few sessions of Internet chat, the pair found themselves hitting it off, chatting about this and that as they learned about each other - Laurie asking many detailed questions about life as a paraplegic and Amy asking just as many questions about what attracted Laurie to women in wheelchairs and why she was so obsessed with being in a wheelchair herself...
It took six months, and by the end of that time the women were chatting daily and talking on the phone three or four times a week. It was Amy who came up with the idea of meeting in person, of the two women spending a week together, enjoying each other's company. Laurie jumped at the chance of spending time together with a real paraplegic woman - and a sexy one at that - and Amy was excited to be with someone who not only wasn't turned off by her limp legs and unfeeling sex, but on the contrary was incredibly turned on by them, was fascinated by her paralysis like a foot fetishist liked Prada sandals and pedicures. Plane tickets were purchased and as soon as vacation came, Laurie was on an airplane - in her wheelchair, travelling as a paraplegic - headed out to meet Amy and, as they said on the phone with a girlish giggle the night before, 'see what would happen'.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Curse - Tuesday and Wednesday

The Curse - Tuesday and Wednesday

Cathy sat naked in the shower seat, belted in for safety, as Sarah started the warm water and got undressed.  

“Your bus is at 8:15, it will get you to the office at 8:50, you’ll be fine.” Sarah said.  “And I’ll go with you and make sure you make it there OK.”

“This is crazy, I’m a quadruple amputee, what the hell am I doing going to work?”

“I thought the plan was to not get fired.” Sarah replied, stepping into the shower.  

“I know, but I can’t type, I can’t do much of anything like this - someone at work is going to know..”

“Know what, that five days ago you were perfectly normal and non-disabled?  and what would they say?”

“I know, I know, I just... ooohhh my god that feels nice.”

Sarah was washing Cathy with a warm washcloth, sudsing her up all over, paying special care to her leg stumps.  She rubbed and kneaded them slowly, sensually.

“We’re never going to catch the bus if I keep this up.” Sara said, moving away from Cathy’s stumps and continuing to wash her.  

“True, but we will be revisiting this when I get home... I want to enjoy this one for a while.  I’ve never felt so helpless, and well.. So aroused.  If I survive work today.. you might not survive me tonight.”

Sarah caressed a wet arm stump and kissed Cathy.  ‘I can’t wait.”

Cathy was dressed for work in a short sleeved blouse that accented her below elbow stumps well, and a grey knit skirt that covered her leg stumps without really hiding them.  She had insisted on stockings, and Sarah had found a pair of charcoal knee-hi stockings that now doubled as thigh-highs.  sarah had insisted on a diaper, reminding Cathy that she wouldn’t be around to help her get on and off the toilet, so it was better safe than sorry.  She put another diaper discreetly in Cathy’s work bag, just in case.  

“What if I need to call you?” Cathy asked suddenly as Sarah placed her purse on her lap.  “I can’t use my iphone.”

“You’ve really never looked into this much, have you?” Sarah smiled.  She had cathy press her stump to the phone until the ‘voice command’ dialog came up. Cathy said ‘Call Sarah’ into the phone and Sarah’s cell phone started to ring.  She smiled.  “being a cripple might not be so bad..” she said half heartedly.  

“Just wait for tonight.” replied Sarah, smiling back and stroking Cathy’s hair.  

The trip to the bus stop was uneventful and Cathy and Sarah had no trouble getting on the bus - Cathy even managed to pay the driver, though agreed that if this would be a regular thing, a bus pass would be much easier for her.  Sarah got off the bus with Cathy and kissed her goodbye as Cathy wheeled herself in her power wheelchair through the front entrance of her office building.  Sarah was much more nervous than she had let Cathy know...

“So how was work?” Sara asked as Cathy got off the homecoming bus by herself.  Sarah was waiting for her at the bus stop.  

“It was... Well, it was work.  Not terribly different than it was last week, really.  I had a voice control on my computer and these great little things that I could put on my stumps, sort of like elastic gloves that each had a ‘finger’ that I could use for typing or answering the phone.  And nobody said anything - nobody cared that I was a quadruple amputee.  It was weird but really. completely uneventful.  i guess that it was completely uneventful was the weird part.”

“I’m glad it went well.  I’ve got dinner ready for us.” Sarah smiled, and held Cathy’s left stump while they walked/rolled back to the house.  

“Dinner was really good, Sarah, thank you.  I hope you didn’t mind..”

“Feeding you?  You know I didn’t mind - I can see it all over your face.  That was as much foreplay for you as it was for me.” Sarah said, stroking Cathy’s face, then leaning in to kiss her.  Sarah went to lift Cathy from her wheelchair but Cathy stopped her.  

“No - I want to stay in it for a while... I know you like me in it.  We can experiment.”

Cathy pushes the wheelchair control stick and heads to the bedroom and Sarah follows, her heart beating rapidly.  

“You look so sexy, Cathy.” Sarah said, slowly undressing.  

“I thought you weren’t into amputees?” cathy teased, lifting her skirt with her stumps.  

“I wasn't.” Sarah said, then knelt before Cathy’s wheelchair.  she began to caress and kiss Cathy’s stockings stumps, slowly pulling up her skirt and then removing it.  She helped Cathy slip off her blouse, and then undid her bra, as Cathy was unable to do even that.

“I love needing your help.” Cathy whispered, and Sarah moaned, caressing her stocking-clad stumps.  “I want you” was Sarah could say, and she carried Cathy into bed.  

“Make love to me.” Cathy sighs, unable to do much but feeling everything.  Sarah appears wearing a strap-on and Cathy moans then screams with pleasure as the tool enters her.  Sarah spreads her stumps and rocks Cathy’s abbreviated body as she slowly fucks her.  Cathy reaches out and caresses Sarah’s breasts with her arm stumps and Sarah moans, taking one of the stumps in her mouth as she slides the strap on cock in and out of Cathy, feeling Cathy’s stumps against her thighs making her even more wild.  She starts picking up the pace.  

“Oh god, oh god’ Cathy cries out as she cums several times, the orgasms intense as the hit her in waves, still building.  Sarah moans “I love your stumps.” and Cathy cums even harder, screaming out in ecstasy.

Sarah rolls off of Cathy, kissing her and caressing her stumps and massaging her swollen pussy.  Cathy moans and catches her breath as sarah slips out of her strap on.  

“Now it’s your turn.” Cathy finally says rolling over.  Sarah starts to say something but Cathy stops her.  “you love my stumps’ Cathy whispers, and Sarah closes her eyes as Cathy traces a sensual line down her sweat-slick body with one soft round arm stump.  A stump finds the hot spot between Sarah’s legs and and Sarah instantly cries out in orgasm.  Cathy strokes her, caresses her sex and her thighs with smooth round nubs of flesh, and Sarah moans and gasps with every new sensation.  cathy kisses Sarah’s breasts as she caresses with her stumps, and Sarah is writhing in pleasure on the sheets.  Cathy starts rubbing Sarah’s clit faster with her right arm stump which caressing her inner thighs with her left.  

Sarah’s back arches and she screams out as she orgasms, but Cathy keeps the pressure on, rubbing her clit in little circles as she cums.  The orgasm continues and Sarah keeps crying out, eyes closed in passion and pleasure as Cathy makes love to her.  

Finally, both women sated, they lay in bed together kissing, Cathy caressing Sarah with her arm stumps while Sarah massaged and caressed Cathy’s leg stumps.

“I wish you could stay like this forever.” Sarah whispered.  

“But I’m so helpless like this.  I actually had an accident today in the office... thank you for insisting on wearing a diaper, by the way.”

“i love that you’re so helpless, I love helping you, it’s so sexy and...”

“I understand.  I liked today too, very much.  But I think we both know this thing, whatever it is, doesn’t work that way.  it feels like just as I’m getting used to a condition, it changes, so I can’t really get ‘comfortable’ with my disability.  we’ll just have to see what happens tomorrow... and make the best of it.  I’m just glad you’re here with me.”

“Thanks’ Cathy - I’m glad too.”

The pair fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.  

Wednesday  - Random Number 6

cathy woke up with her alarm and for a moment thought she was back to normal.  It was only after a closer examination that she realized her left hand was missing at the wrist.  

“I probably won’t need much help today, love.” she said to Sarah, caressing a cheek with her wrist stump.  “But maybe after work I’ll get in the wheelchair and let you feed me dinner.”

“Tease.” sarah smiled, and kissed Cathy’s small stump.  “If you don’t need help, I’m sleeping in - all this late night sex is very tiring.” she smiled.