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Story - Try it, you might like it

Try it, you might like it By ParaGirl

As the limo pulled up to the curb, Robert could feel the excitement at an almost unbearable level. The car stopped and an attractive woman in a concierge uniform approached the car and opened Robert's door. She held the car door open and Robert stepped out into the noonday sun. He stared up at the huge gray building before him and blinked.
Robert was led up to the building the Limo parked in front of. The doors were very large, probably ten feet tall, and mirrored. As he approached them, they opened silently before him, ushering him into a huge foyer, with marble floors, gold accents, and a fountain in the middle of the room. A manager approached him from a counter across the

"Mister Reynolds, right on time, and welcome to MedFan. First, just as a formality-" and he looked at his briefcase.

"Of course, the reser- um, invitation." he said after a moment, then pulled the envelope out of his briefcase. He handed the paperwork to the man, who glanced over it and then returned his attentions to Robert.

"Yes, Mister Reynolds, welcome to MedFan. I assume I don't have to say that everything you see and experience here will never leave these premises- confidentiality is one of our foremost rules."

"Of course, of course- now, where do I start?" The eagerness in his voice must have come through like a thunderclap, because the manager smiled widely at him.
"Right this way, Mr. Reynolds- let us get you checked in." the manager said with a flourish, then led Robert past the desk and into the most amazing week of his life.
Robert was always different, ever since he was young. He wasn't gay, he liked women very much and had many wonderful relationships with them, but he knew he was different nonetheless. For one, Robert liked to wear women's clothing- he was a crossdresser, but it was more than that- he wanted to be a woman. He knew how clich it sounded, but he had always felt he was the proverbial man trapped in a woman's body, but it really wasn't even that easy- he was a disabled woman trapped in a man's body to boot! It had caused him a lot of problems in his life, a lot of confusion, and by the time he had really figured out what he wanted, it was too late. He wasn't too old, or too poor- he was very wealthy in fact- and that was the problem.

Robert Reynolds was the founder and CEO of RenCorp, a global conglomerate of some 35 companies in 15 different industries. Engineering, software, construction, he dabbled in almost everything, and at 36 years old he was very, very wealthy. He couldn't exactly change his sex and expect to keep his company and his wealth, so he had resigned to keep his desires to himself, cross dress occasionally, and be happy with that. He had almost succeeded at it, too- until he found Dr. William Carson.
"Welcome Mister Reynolds, I am Doctor Carson." The elderly gentleman said as Robert sat in the heavy leather chair. "It takes a special kind of person to make it this far, sir, and you are very special indeed."

"So that's the PC term for `freak' these days?" Robert snipped- he suddenly felt uncomfortable, the realization of his purpose here hitting him completely.

"We don't judge Mr. Reynolds, we simply perform a unique service to a unique clientele. To judge, we would have to bring our own motives to light, as well as yours."
"Yes, I'm sorry Doctor." Robert said, still not totally comfortable, but wanting to hear what the doctor had to say.

"As you know Robert, " The doctor continued "Medical Fantasies Limited, or MedFan, is a combination of deluxe resort and, well, nothing you've ever seen. Our process is completely safe and 100% guaranteed, though not exactly approved by the FDA. It uses several new technologies which we have developed to help a person, such as yourself, live out fantasies of a medical nature, among other things. During your stay, you will have unlimited access to the resort and the technology to alter your experience at will. If you, at any time, have any problems at all, there are attendants at your disposal 24 hours a day. Our highest concern is for our guests. No, shall we get you started?"

"Please Doctor, lead the way." Robert replied- he was once again feeling the excitement he had felt earlier. He was really here, and it looked like it was exactly what had been promised on the phone the month before.
Robert had been researching one of his recent acquirements, a BioEngineering company in New York, when he had come across the first mention of Dr. Carson. He was a researcher who had been fired from the firm for some rather vague reasons, but as Robert looked into it further, the more interested he became. Dr. Carson had been working on advanced medical technologies, and although Robert didn't understand the
specifics, his interest was piqued. He checked through some of his more discreet channels until he came up with a phone number for a company, apparently founded by Dr. Carson under a pseudonym, called MedFan- Medical Fantasies, Ltd. He called the number, curious, and before he knew it he had booked a vacation there, in the middle of New York, and he was very excited to get there.
"Now Robert, this is Linda, she will get you checked in and set up for your fantasy. Remember, we have all the information you gave us when you booked your vacation, but the more detail you give Linda, the better time you will have. Don't feel nervous or apprehensive, Linda does this every day, with many different types of guests. She will take care of you."

"Alright Doctor, and thank you." Robert said, then turned to Linda. Linda was a very attractive young woman, late twenties, with red hair that rolled down her back like a waterfall in autumn. She was dressed in an expensive looking dress, and she had stockings on, specially cut to cover the smooth, rounded stumps that were her legs. She sat in a fancy wheelchair, and she was immediately the most attractive woman Robert had ever seen.

"Hello Robert, please, have a seat." She said in a lilting, feminine voice, indicating a leather chair next to her wheelchair. "I see you staring at my legs, or more properly my stumps. They are available if you'd like to try them."

"You mean-" Robert stammered, catching himself halfway into the chair and standing up again, looking at Linda.

"Yes, actually much of me today is MedFan generated- the stumps, the hair, even my breasts"
Robert was so enraptured by Linda's stumps that he didn't even notice her large, firm breasts. He took in the whole image again before slowly sitting down. "Show me what you can do" was all he said.
Linda turned to the computer before her and pulled up the file on Robert, including his desires for this vacation.

"So, you would like to be a woman, as well as disabled? That's pretty easy- now lets get into specifics" she said in a matter-of-fact tone that immediately put Robert at ease. She obviously had done this many times before, and as an executive he came to respect her professionalism. Over the next half-hour, he told Linda some of his most repressed fantasies, and she entered data into the terminal before her. She then gave him an overview of the system, and while not explaining what would happen to him exactly, she explained how to change settings from his room, among other things. When it was over, Robert got up and Linda wheeled before him, leading him to a table, connected by a single thick cable to a wall of equipment. He laid down and, at Linda's request, closed his eyes.

He heard a hum, and immediately felt as if he was falling. He took a sharp breath in, and then.
Robert opened his eyes and felt different, though he couldn't put a finger on it. He realized he was in his room- he wondered how he had gotten there- laying in a king-sized bed with wonderful sheets, very soft and warm on his back and- he realized that all feeling ended at his bottom. He began to sit up and felt very dizzy, then realized another very new sensation- he had breasts. He threw the sheets back and saw the body- firm, fair-skinned, with large firm breasts and thin, obviously crippled legs. In fact, one of his legs looked about four inches shorter than the other- an added detail he hadn't thought of, but he liked it. He- or rather She now- lifted herself up to a sitting position. She looked at herself again- she was indeed a woman, with a great body from the looks of it, and her legs were certainly crippled, she couldn't feel or move them at all. She looked around the room- it was very big- and saw a wheelchair, a pair of forearm crutches, and a set of metal legbraces- exactly as she had requested. She couldn't believe it! She was a disabled woman! She quickly lifted her limp legs and dropped them over the edge of the bed. She transferred into the wheelchair rather clumsily and placed her now crippled legs into the legrests. She first wheeled into the immense bathroom- it was completely configured for wheelchair living, and looked in the mirror. She had long, black hair and a delicate face, with beautiful rose lips and high cheeks.

"My god, I'm beautiful" she said, gasping as she heard the melodic, feminine voice which came out of her mouth. "I can't believe this!"

She wheeled back into the bedroom and first found a pair of silk stockings- she had always loved silk, and she now wanted to wear it even if she couldn't feel it against her legs. She got some sexy panties and a skirt and blouse, all adapted for a wheelchair user. She wheeled back to the bed and transferred back into it, doing much better this time, then lifted one crippled leg and began to put the stocking onto it. It was more difficult than she thought it would be, her leg of course didn't co-operate at all, but after a few minutes she was able to work the smooth silk up her thin leg to the thigh. She dropped the leg limply and dressed her other leg as well, then worked on sliding the panties on. As soon as the silk reached between her legs- she obviously had all feeling there- she was very excited and felt a shock go through her. She then sat up and put the bra and blouse on- the silky bra felt like fire as it brushed against her nipples. She laid back on the bed and slid her hand under her panties, beginning to massage her vagina, rubbing it slowly at first, then more forcefully. She came very quickly with an orgasm she had never felt in her entire life, and her entire upper body trembled with it, though her paralyzed legs didn't so much as quiver.

As soon as she was done and had caught her breath, she put her blouse on. She was about to put her blouse on, but had a better idea instead. She reached over the edge of the bed and pulled the metal legbraces up. She made sure all the buckles and clasps were undone, then lifted her crippled left leg up and placed it into the brace. She first put her limp foot into the heavy black leather orthopedic shoe, lacing and tying it tightly around her crippled foot and ankle. She then clasped the rest of her limp leg into the contraption, encasing the paralyzed muscles in steadying steel and leather. She locked the knee joint, then lifted the other brace and laid it on the bed. As she expected, this brace had a lift on the shoe, about four inches, and she slid her crippled foot into it and laced it tightly. She got the brace on completely and locked the knee joint on it, as well. She then struggled to get the skirt on, slipping it under herself and fastening the Velcro and button which held it on. She then lifted each braced leg in turn and placed them over the side of the bed, heels of the orthopedic shoes on the carpeted floor. She reached over to grab the forearm crutches and almost lost her balance, but caught it and grabbed the crutches. She put her arms through the cuffs of the crutches and took hold of them, pushing herself off the bed and getting to her feet fairly easily. She took a few tentative swing-through steps and found that she could function quite well on the braces and crutches. She crutched to the door of her room and threw it open, ready to take whatever this place had to offer her. As she opened the door and looked out, of everything she expected, this was certainly well beyond her wildest dreams.

The sun was bright and warm on her face- she realized there were no windows in her room- and before her was a huge open-air courtyard, complete with an Olympic-sized pool, cabanas, at least two bars, and probably two dozen or more people, most with various disabilities, some with no obvious infirmity. As she crutched out into the daylight, a beautiful young woman in a wheelchair wheeled up to her. The young woman's legs appeared to be amputated about five inches below her knees, and she was dressed in a very attractive black bikini that showed her smooth and sensual stumps.

"Hi there, I'm Cathy" the girl said warmly.
"I'm Roberta." Robert replied quickly- she hadn't even thought of a name.
"Beautiful day, isn't it?" Cathy asked, looking at the pool.
"An amazing day indeed, Cathy" Roberta replied.
"Would you like me to show you around?" Cathy asked her.
"Sure, if you wouldn't mind. It's my first day here." Roberta replied, hoping not to sound too eager.
"No, it's fine, I was going for a stroll- or a roll- anyway. Follow along.
"OK. If it's OK to ask, Cathy, what's wrong with your legs?"
"It's OK- aside from being amputated, they're also paralyzed from the hips down. It's pretty great actually- what about you?"

"Oh, I'm paralyzed too." Roberta said, stroking a finger against the cool steel of her legbrace.
"I see- I like the short leg, it looks very crippled" Cathy replied. It suddenly occurred to Roberta that everyone here was here for the same or a similar reason as she was. Cathy obviously wanted to be disabled, with paralyzed and amputated legs, just as Roberta had always wanted to be disabled.

"Thank you, I'm still getting used to it." Roberta replied.
"Oh, don't get too used to it, have fun and try different things, it's great. I've tried so many things since I've been here, I lose count!" Cathy said animatedly.

The pair stopped in the entryway of a large room, like a ballroom, with high ceilings and polished floors, with crystal chandeliers and exquisite woodworking.

"This is the grand room," Cathy explained. "If you want to meet people, there is an event here every night after dinner. A lot of the people around here go when they're looking for a companion for the evening. You should check it out tonight." Cathy said.
Roberta thought she might try it out indeed.

Cathy, in her cute little wheelchair with her cute little stumps, showed Roberta the whole resort. There were saunas, the pool, even a rehabilitation center, but Cathy said the only people who used it were the people who wanted to- no one needed any rehab here, when they had a disability they were already adapted to handle it- another miracle of MedFan. After the tour, Roberta crutched back over to the pool and sat in one of the lounges at the poolside. She decided it might be fun to people watch, and she was right. Almost immediately, Linda appeared in her wheelchair wearing a skimpy white bikini, her leg stumps bare. She parked her wheelchair by the pool and made a hand motion similar to hailing a cab. Instantly an attendant, a man in his late 20s, came to Linda's side and lifted her gently from her wheelchair and placed her into the pool. She sat in a shallow cove in the pool and rubbed her stumps, and leaned back, abbreviated body floating and catching some sun.

Roberta decided that some sun on her legs might feel good, and she began taking the braces off her legs, undoing the straps and shoes and placing the braces on the ground in easy reach. As she got the second brace off, she noticed a man and woman enter the courtyard. The man was in smart shorts and a polo shirt, the woman in a sleeveless sundress that showed the full arm prosthetics that served as both of her arms. The man, who had no obvious disability, held a silver hook as if he was holding her hand as they strolled- and Roberta supposed that was exactly what was going on. The woman was very pretty, with shoulder-length blonde hair, but the arm prosthetics, with their smooth plastic and metal hooks, made her absolutely gorgeous. The couple stopped at on of the bars and the woman ordered to drinks. Roberta looked in amazement as she maneuvered one of her hooks to pick up the wineglass by the stem and toast with her lover. Roberta was beginning to see what Cathy meant by trying different things while she was here. She wanted to go over to the couple and say hello- especially to the woman, but she had taken her legbraces off and was essentially helpless without them. She had a sudden thought and made the cab hail motion with her hand. Instantly, an attendant come out and asked what she would like. She asked if it was possible to get a wheelchair, temporarily, to go and
talk to the people at the bar. The attendant nodded and before Roberta could say another word, he had a standard wheelchair parked by her chair. She asked if he would help her into it, and he said of course, lifting her gently and placing her in the wheelchair, adjusting her crippled legs so that her short leg was over her longer one, enhancing it's crippled appearance- it worked very well, and Roberta liked the effect. Getting into the role, Roberta asked if the attendant wouldn't mind pushing her in the chair, and he obliged happily, wheeling her over to the armless girl and her lover as she sat cripple din the chair. Once she was by the bar she dismissed the attendant and introduced herself to the couple.

"Hello, I'm Roberta, " she said in her melodic voice. " I'm new here, and I just wanted to introduce myself."
The armless girl held out a prosthetic hook, which Roberta shook warmly.
"Hi Roberta, I'm Anna and this is Carl- forgive him if he doesn't say hello- he's deaf and mute. He can read lips, though. We just got here today, too!" As Anna made introductions, Roberta mouthed `Hello' to Carl, and he nodded and smiled at her.
"It's very nice to meet you both" Roberta said. "I was just watching you from across the pool and was amazed by your hooks- they look very sexy on you."
"Thank you Roberta- your legs look very crippled, too." Anna said, looking down at Roberta's thin legs. The comment again struck Roberta with the realization that he- no, She- was a beautiful, crippled woman. The thought once again excited her greatly.
"I saw you over by the pool, Roberta" Anna said, snapping Roberta out of her daydream. "Are those your legbraces?" she asked.

"Yes, I was sunning my legs when I noticed you, so I borrowed this wheelchair to come over and say hello- it's difficult for me to get around without my braces on."
"I'd like to see them on you- I've always been fascinated by braces. I think I'll try them while I'm here- these " she lifted her hook prosthetics "were Carls' Idea, but I really like them now. I just love this place!"

"So do I, Anna, so do I." Roberta said, beginning to wheel herself back over to her braces.
"Oh, let me" Anna insisted, grasping the wheelchair's handles with her chrome hooks and pushing Roberta back over to her lounge chair. Once there, Roberta lifted her crippled legs out of the legrests and transferred smoothly back into the lounge chair, reaching for her braces. She again lifted a crippled leg, this time the sorter one, and put the heavy legbrace back on, lacking and buckling it tightly. Anna sat in the wheelchair and watched closely, her hooks sitting in her lap, her prosthetic arms glaring slightly in the sun.

"Could I do the other one?" Anna asked as Roberta got the last buckles fastened.
"I guess so- but I'll probably have to help" Roberta replied, motioning to the hooks that rested in Anna's' lap.

"OK, but don't help unless I ask for it." she said. Anna grasped the second legbrace with both hooks and lifted it onto Roberta's chair, placing it unevenly beside Roberta's short, crippled leg. Roberta watched Anna gently lift her limp leg with one hook while positioning the brace with the other. It took her three tries, but she got it right. She unlaced the orthopedic shoe completely and pulled the tongue out of it, then lifted Roberta's limp foot with both hooks, slipping the crippled toes into the shoe, then the rest of the foot. She replaced the tongue and then took the tip of a shoelace in one hook. She threaded the shoelace easily with the prosthetic, and within a few minutes the shoe was at least laced up. Manipulating both hooks, Anna was able to attach each strap on Robertas' legbrace, but in the end she needed help to tighten and properly fasten them.

"Thank you Anna, that was really nice." Roberta said, trying not to blurt out how erotic the entire process had been in front of Carl, even if he was deaf.

"No, thank you- I'm definitely getting crippled legs tomorrow, maybe even tonight! Tell me- can you feel anything in your legs?"

"No, I can't feel anything from about my bottom Down, total paralysis."
"I see" Anna replied, thoughtfully. "I think I'll have feeling in my legs- I'd love to feel someone put those braces on and take them off for me."

"That sounds like a good idea." Roberta said. "I'll have to try it out." With that she grabbed her crutches and pushed herself up to a standing position.
"If you don't mind," Anna said, "I think I'll keep this wheelchair for now- I like it."
"Sure, no problem Anna. I hope to see you around."
"I'm sure you will." Anna replied. "Are you going to the ball this evening?"
"I'm not sure, I hadn't thought about it really."
"I was kind of hoping she would be my guest." a voice came from behind Roberta. As she turned on her crutches she saw Linda, flaming red hair and sensual stumps, wheeling towards her, fresh out of the pool. Roberta could see that her bathing suit had gone semi-transparent, and the dark area around her nipples showed though.
"Hello Linda" Roberta and Anna said in unison. Roberta laughed and smiled warmly.
"Hello to both of you. Well Roberta, would you like to accompany me tonight?"
"Yes, I'd love to!" Roberta stammered in reply.
"Great, then meet me there at seven- and wear the blue dress in your closet." Linda said, then smiled at Carl and Anna, turned in her wheelchair, and began wheeling away.
"I'll see you tonight" Roberta called after her, and saw Linda wave a hand in reply.
"Well then," Anna chimed in, "I guess I'll see you tonight." She looked up at Carl and mouthed something to him, and he began pushing her in the wheelchair, Roberta assumed back to their room.
Roberta crutched back to her room and lay on the bed. She took her legbraces off, then slid her stockings off, then her panties, blouse, skirt and bra, until she lie on the bed as she had been when she awoke- naked and crippled. She then pulled a console from the nightstand and began to go through menus, as Linda had showed her earlier at her orientation. When the selections had been made, she initiated the process- again she felt a sense of freefall, and then nothing, then...
Roberta woke up, or rather came to, in the same room, in the same position as she had been. A quick look at the clock indicated only a minute had gone by. At first she didn't think it had worked, but she realized she could feel her legs. She tried to move them- nothing, she couldn't budge them, but she could feel them fine. She sat up, dragging her legs, and saw that they were the same size, both about 6 inches shorter than normal and very thin. She rubbed them all over, and she could feel every touch, but she still couldn't move either leg- perfect. She transferred into her wheelchair- she noticed there were no longer legbraces in the room- and rolloed to the closet. Sure enough, there was a blue sequined dress that was simply exquisite. She removed it from the closet and laid it on the bed, then gathered matching stockings and a satin bra and panties set that was very sexy. She transferred back onto the bed and slid the stockings on over her legs- they felt wonderful, so sensual! She rubbed her legs for a few minutes, just enjoying the feeling, then finished getting dressed. By the time she was finished getting ready, it was quarter to seven and she made her leisurely way to the ballroom.

Roberta was amazed by the people at the ball. It was about two, maybe three women to every man there, and everyone had some sort of disability. Many were in wheelchairs, but there were a number on crutches, some amputees and some on braces. Roberta saw a woman with a white cane- obviously blind- and a man with empty sleeves in his fancy jacket, smoking a cigarette with his toes.

When Linda walked in, Roberta almost didn't recognize her- it was the hair that gave it away. She walked in, somewhat stiffly, in a knockout sleeveless red dress that showed off the prosthetics at her arms, ending in cool silver hooks. She noticed Roberta in her wheelchair and walked over to where she was sitting.

"Hi there date." she said coyly to Roberta. She sat slowly in the chair that was next to Roberta's wheelchair, easing herself into the seat.

"Well you look different Linda" Roberta said. "What happened to those sexy stumps?"
"They're still there" Linda replied, lifting the hem of her dress to show off her prosthetic legs.
"I see" Roberta said, and suddenly felt the urge to hold Linda's' prosthetic hook. She reached out and did it, and Linda smiled and caressed Robertas' cheek with her other hook- it sent an electric charge through Roberta's whole body!

"Come on Roberta, I'd like you to meet some others here, you'll like them" Linda said, standing on her artificial legs and motioning with her artificial arms- it was all very erotic to Roberta.
Roberta wheeled behind Linda as she made her way through the room, saying hi to this person or that. She finally stopped at a table with three women and a man sitting at it. Two of the women were in wheelchairs, one of them a power wheelchair, and Roberta could see an attractive AK stump poking out of the other woman's short hemline and a pair of mahogany crutches on the floor. Roberta was unsure what the man's infirmity was until she noticed him pick up his glass with a silver prosthetic hook.

"Everyone, this is Roberta, she just got here today." Linda said. "Roberta, this is Samantha- " she indicated the attractive blonde in the power wheelchair. Roberta now noticed her arms were smooth stumps that ended between shoulder and elbow. She was fairly sure there were similar amputations on her legs- " and this is Cindy- " here Linda indicated the brunette with the AK stump- `This is Chris- "Linda pointed her hook at the man, who waved with his good hand- he only had one stump apparently- "And this is Ariel, " Linda motioned toward the last woman, a very attractive blonde in a manual wheelchair. The table blocked Roberta's view of Ariel's legs, but as if on cue, Ariel wheeled over to Roberta- her legs looked normal, if not extra-sexy in silk stockings, but Roberta was sure they were paralyzed, if not worse. Ariel said hello in a choppy dialect which made it sound like she was deaf, as well as crippled, and as she turned her head to Linda Roberta saw a hearing aid in her exposed ear. Roberta looked directly at Ariel and said loudly and slowly "It's nice to meet you, you look very nice in your wheelchair."
"Thank you" Ariel spoke in her deaf tone, also signing the thanks with her hands.

"So, Linda " Roberta asked "is there any disability that can't be done here?"
The table suddenly rolled with laughter. Samantha raised her arm stumps, which Roberta saw were covered in nylon- a special bodysuit perhaps? "Theres' nothing that can't be done here, Roberta- any disability, any combination of them, is possible- although some are a lot more fun than others." She ran her stump against Cindy's cheek, and Cindy slid her hand beneath the table, probably massaging Samantha's leg stumps.

It's true Roberta" Linda added in. "Anything you desire is possible, as you've already partially discovered-" She ran a cool hook across Roberta's thigh and Roberta was suddenly very glad her legs could still feel everything. "But there are so many more possibilities." she whispered into Robertas' ear. Roberta was suddenly very aroused, and was already thinking about what she could do to Linda's stumps.

As the night progressed, each of Linda's friends told about some of their best times and favorite disabilities. Samantha was a wheelchair lover- she told Roberta about the combination of paralyzed legs and amputation, as well as how interesting HKAFO braces were as foreplay. Cindy liked amputations, but not prosthetics. One of her favorites was amputating both arms about 2 inches below the shoulder, so there were just little nubs, and doing everything with your feet. Chris said he was more of a devotee, and he just loved watching the disabled ladies in their various states of disability. Ariel, in her deaf speak, said she also enjoyed wheelchairs, but her favorite time had been a quadruple amputee, as well as deaf and blind, but she said you had to have the right partner to really enjoy it fully. Finally Linda added in "I'm a Double Leg amputee, that `s what I like, and that's what I stay as. I like to add things to it, like tonight," She raised her prosthetic hooks, "But I love the feeling of smooth stumps where my legs should be."
At that everyone at the table, including Roberta, nodded in agreement that being disabled was simply the way they wanted to be.

After a little while, Roberta saw Anna and Carl across the room and excused herself from her newfound group, and Linda followed as she wheeled over to the couple. Anna still had arm prosthetics, but her legs were now thin and encased in heavy braces. The braces were apparently very severe, because Roberta could tell from the way Anna wore
her gown that the bracing went all the way up to her chest.

"Hi Roberta- very sexy" Anna said as Roberta wheeled up. "What do you think?" she asked, referring to her new condition. "I'm paralyzed from the chest down as well as the
arm amputations."

"Do you still have feeling?" Linda asked
"Oh yes, and what a feeling it is" Anna replied, running the smooth back of her hook along one braced thigh. "And let me tell you- getting these braces on and off could not be any more fun- especially with Carl doing it! That's why we're late." she grinned.
"Sounds like fun" Roberta said, and Linda whispered in her ear "you have no idea, but you will..."

They chatted for a few more minutes and excused themselves. Roberta began to wheel herself back to their table, but Linda grabbed the chair's handles with her hooks and began pushing her out of the ball room.
"Where are we going?" Roberta asked, knowing exactly what the answer was already.
"Your place sweety." Linda replied, and that was exactly where they ended up.
"Get in bed." Linda told Roberta, and it wasn't a request. Roberta wheeled over to the bed and locked her wheelchair, then unzipped her dress, letting it slip off as she transferred her crippled legs into the bed. Linda walked over and Roberta unzipped her dress for her, letting it slip down to the floor. Now that she was undressed, Roberta could see Linda's prosthetic legs, her smooth vagina, and the harness of straps that held her prosthetic arms on. Roberta reached up and undid one buckle, then another and another until both the arms, and Linda's bra came off and fell to the floor, leaving exposed both her ample breasts and smooth arm stumps, which cam down to just about where her elbows would have been. Linda began to stroke Roberta's cheeks with her smooth stumps, and Roberta worked at the straps on her leg prosthetics. Finally getting them undone, Roberta pulled Linda down onto the bed, her legs falling off onto the floor, revealing her hot stumps. The two women kissed deeply, rubbing exposed breasts together as they embraced, and Roberta could feel Linda's arm stumps stroking against her skin. She felt Linda's soft stumps squirm up on her paralyzed legs, the stumps feeling wonderful against the silk and paralyzed muscle of her legs. Linda began to kiss Roberta's neck, then her shoulders, then her breasts, all the while massaging Roberta all over with her beautiful stumps. When Linda's arm stumps made it between Roberta's legs, she had already cum once and was
building up to a second rush. Linda got turned around, so her pussy and stumps were right at Roberta's face, and as Roberta was going to start pleasuring Linda, she felt her arm stump this time only one, grinding erotically against her vagina with an incredible rythm. It was more than she could bare, and she came stronger and louder than she had ever come before, gripping the sexy leg stumps before her and just coming, letting it take her over, not knowing what was going on around her.

Roberta woke up to Linda massaging her breasts with both hands- Linda once again had hands, so some time between the worlds strongest orgasm and now, Linda had changed herself again.
"Hello lover, how was your nap?" Linda asked.

"It was fine- you've changed again" Roberta replied.
"And so have you love- I hope you like it- I promise to take good care of you."
Roberta realized then that she had changed, and changed a lot. She had no arms, just small two inch shoulder nubs, and no legs, just smooth round stumps that resembled Lindas'. As she tried to sit u a little to get a better look, she realized something more, and it suddently frightened her.
"Yes Roberta, you are paralyzed from the neck down as well, but you can still feel everything, and that's what's important- I promised I'd take care of you."

Linda kept rubbing Roberta's breasts, and it did feel good, it felt very good. She was totally helpless, she knew, but the way Linda was touching her, it was incredible. Linda stopped massaging her and lifted her up- she was really not much more than a torso- and sat her upright, propped up with pilows. She then moved closer and began to rub her stumps against Roberta's leg stumps, then began to massage her arm nubs too- it was amazing! The caresses continued, and Linda began to kiss her, lick her ears, nibble her neck, and she could do nothing, and it was amazing! Evey touch felt like electricity that shot straight to her crotch!
"Oh god it feels so good Linda- I want to make you feel good too, but I'm helples like this!"
"That's OK, you'll return the favor soon- besides, this is as much fun for me as it is for you, believe me."

With that, Roberta felt Linda insert a finger between her legs, moving it in and out in a rythm all it's own. Roberta craned her neck and began kissing Linda as she was finger-fucked, and although her body was useless, the pleasures it experienced were beyond any Roberta had ever imagined. She came agian, even stronger than before, and was barely aware of falling back onto the bed, spent completely.

Updated my settings

I've updated my settings so anyone could comment if they wanted - before I was forcing people to log into the Blogger service. If there's too much negative spam or anything like that I'll change it, but I don't think there will be too much bother.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I thought this would be fun!!

Something fun I wanted to try with this new blog. I'm going on Vacation with Heather, to a nice luxurious spa type bed and breakfast holiday. I would naturally like to go as a para, in my wheelchair. Heather would LOVE it if I would spend the whole 5 days blind. Obviously, I can't change my disability in mid-vacation, so what we decide would be what I lived with for just about a full week.

Now, I live as a wheelchair user currently, obviously. I've bene living full time in my chair for well over a year now. However, the longed period of time I've blind-simmed was about 12 hours, I think? and that was all in the familiarity of my own home. So a week as a blind woman, even with Heather there helping, is a pretty scary proposition. It's also very exciting, because blindsimming is a lot different from pretending in a wheelchair. Being blind is a deep, almost primal experience, and I do fingd it very sensual, especially the way Heather cares for me, and her reaction to me when I'm blind. Wheelchair will always be my #1 love, but a blind vacation could be a very fulfilling and exciting experience.

so what does everyone else think??

It's getting there....

Well, I've got some of my older stories posted now, and hopefulyl this week I'll have one of my new ones posted as well. If I start getting feedback, I think that will drive me to post more. If it seems like I don't have much of an audience I probably won't be as diligent about this.

Other than the blog, I'm still very happily living with Heather. We're planning on going away for a vacation together, and are trying to decide of I'll spend the whole vacation in a wheelchair or blind. It has to be one or the other, and I'm leaning towards blindsimming, actually, because I know what it would mean to Heather. The idea really excites me too - not as much as wheeling around, but I know the sex will be better if I'm 'blind' and tapping around with my white cane. the only thing we need to figure out is 'how' - we blindsim in the house with eye patches and blindfolds, and have done a few subtle things in public, but if I'm spending nearly a week in the same place as a blind woman, we'll need a better plan.

I did find real 'blind eye' contacts that literally make you blind and make your eyes look white and milky. I think Heather just about came when I showed her the link HERE - they look so good and it looks like I'd really be blind while wearing them. the only problem is I dont' wear contacts or glasses, so I'd have to get my eyes checked and then get fitted for contacts even though I don't need them - not sure how to pull that off, actually. We'll figure it out though.

Story - One Night Stand

One Night Stand By Paragirl

Michelle met him at the bar. She had seen him before, a few times - he looked very conservative, but there was something in his eyes... something predatory. She knew she should stay away from him, her gut told her that she should, but for some reason, on this night, when he offered to buy her a drink, she accepted. They chatted for a little while, had a few more drinks, and then before Michelle knew it, she was at his house. It wasn't a huge house, but of decent size and well-appointed. David - his name was David, she had learned - was an executive of some worth, at least that's what he had told her in the bar. One thing that was gnawing at the back of Michelle's mind, however, was their location - David's house was at least a half mile from his nearest neighbor, and he had a long, meandering private drive that put him probably a quarter mile back from the main road. If David turned out to be a bad person, there was very little Michelle could do about it.

David poured them two glasses of wine and they headed for the living room, continuing their talk. Michelle was tipsy, maybe even drunk, but the questions David was asking were curious and a little disconcerting to her. They all seemed to be about being taken care of, being cared for, being independent... Michelle played along - he had such nice eyes, didn't he? She tried to remember something about his eyes, something she had thought before, but the wine and his soft voice put her totally at ease. He kissed her on the couch, nibbled her ear a bit, kissed her neck, and before she knew it he was leading her into his bedroom.

The bedroom was very large, with a side area containing a Jacuzzi and other very nice appointments. Michelle let David undress her slowly as she fumbled with his belt. Soon they were in bed, tangled within each other, the sort of rough lovemaking that comes from too much wine and urgency and uncertainty. David turned Michelle over and took her from behind, she felt him enter her and it was like paradise - he was very skilled, she could tell. He thrust into her deeply, she spread more for him, her back arched and her ass in the air to give him better position, wanting him inside her more deeply...

Michelle bit her lip and began to moan - she could feel the orgasm building as David fucked her, thrusting into her, his hips slapping against her warm ass as he entered her deeply. She felt it build, felt the orgasm working its way to the surface, her moaning getting louder. She was so focused on the sensation, on the pleasure, that she totally missed the feeling of the alcohol swab across her lower back, and as she came to full orgasm, screaming into the pillow, she barely noticed the sensation of the hypodermic needle entering her lower back. When the plunger in the needle was pushed, Michelle screamed in earnest, and then collapsed on the bed. She felt strange, dizzy, and not just from the wine. She had felt a searing heat flash across her back as she came, but now it was gone. She lay there and wondered if David was still in her, then realized that she couldn't feel her pussy. She looked over her shoulder and saw David sitting there, his cock still hard, looking down at her. She tried to roll over, but her lower half wouldn't comply.
"David." Michelle said. "What's going on?"

David smiled, and the predatory look was back in his eyes. He didn't say anything, but Michelle was suddenly very afraid. She tried to move her legs, but she couldn't. Tried to wiggle her toes, but she realized she couldnt even feel her toes. She began to panic, her head spinning - what was going on?

"Let me help you roll over, Michelle." David said softly, and there was a tone in his voice that again put her at ease. She began rolling herself over, and David took her legs and moved them for her - they both looked limp, Michelle started to panic again.

"David, what's going on?" Michelle asked again.

"Dont' worry, Michelle. I'll explain everything in the morning - it will be OK in the morning. For now, I want to keep making love to you..."

"But, David... My legs...." Michelle said. She was confused, but the way David was looking at her, she felt something new stirring within her. She had made love to many men in her life, but she had never felt such desire from any of them as David looked at her now. She nodded to him and lay there, unable to do much else. She watched him as he lifter her feet - It was so strange, watching him handle her feet and legs, like they belonged to someone else. He lifted them and kissed them tenderly, then began to rub his cock and balls with them, stroking himself with her apparently useless feet. The look of ecstasy that flooded his face made Michelle feel amazing, feel wanted and desired. Very soon he came, spurting hot, sticky semen all over her feet. She assumed it was hot and sticky, anyway, from past experience, but this time, she had no idea, she felt nothing but numbness from her navel down.

David was still very erect, and he spread her legs for her and entered her, gently, sensually this time. She watched as he pushed into her, disconnected yet aroused all the same. The pleasure he took slipping his cock into her now numb pussy was obvious, and it thrilled her. He made love to her gently, sensually, and though she could not feel him in her any more, he whispered into her ear how lovely she felt, how lovely she looked to him, how he would care for her. She wasn't sure what he meant, but she had never felt so desired - so loved - in all her life. As she played with his hair, running her fingers through it, his breathing and pace quickened, and he was soon coming into her, moaning loudly and thrusting, his back arched. It was an orgasm that appeared to encompass his entire body, and he yelled out in ecstasy with is final thrusts into Michelle's numb sex. He withdrew from her and rolled over, exhausted, and lay there for a few minutes. Then he sat up, arranged Michelle's legs for her, and then lay beside her, his arm lying across her. He whispered 'Thank you' into her ear and drifted to sleep. Even though Michelle had a thousand things going through her head, she drifted to sleep too.

Michelle awoke alone in bed, her head hurting from the alcohol the night before. She was groggy and went to get out of bed, but something was wrong, her body wasn't following her instructions. Her legs wouldn't... the events of the previous night flooded back into Michelle as a panic, and she threw off the soft sheets to see that her legs were just laying there, limp, and more, she appeared to be wearing an adult diaper. She cried out for David but there was no answer. She worked her way into a sitting position, supporting herself with her arms, and tried to move her legs. Nothing - no movement, no sensation, nothing from her navel down. Using her hands, she pushed her limp legs off the bed, watching them both flop lifeless to the floor. She then forced herself up, trying to stand, but it didn't work - she collapsed to the floor, her legs crumpled and useless beneath her. She began to cry.

David found her halfway to the living room, crawling. She was crying, nearly hysterical. He lifted her in his arms and set her in the sporty wheelchair he had brought home, and then pushed her into the bathroom that adjoined the master bedroom.
"What did you do?" Michelle sobbed as David removed her diaper and lifted her into the shower chair that sat in the tub.

"I made you more beautiful." was his cryptic reply. By now she knew the truth - she was paralyzed, her body dead from the waist down. The diaper was because she could no longer control her bodily functions; she couldnt control her pee, and had already wet herself once. It was embarrassing, but David was taking such good care of her, cleaning her, washing her hair, putting a fresh diaper on her.

"I'm going to be like this forever, aren't I?" Michelle asked him as he lifted her back into her wheelchair, arranging her limp legs. His lack of response was all the reply she needed. She began sobbing again, quietly, as he wheeled her into the kitchen.

He prepared them a lovely brunch, but they didn't really speak. It was only as David got up to clear the dishes that Michelle broke the silence.

"I'll stay. If you'll promise to take care of me, I'll stay with you." she said.
"I'm not sure you understand what you're saying, Michelle. At least not yet." was his only reply.

That night, David helped Michelle into bed and removed her dress, then her diaper. He then sat on the bed and began slipping silk stockings onto Michelle's legs. She couldn't feel anything, of course, but they appeared to be expensive, and David took great care - and great pleasure - in slipping them onto her paralyzed legs.

Once he was done, he again used her limp feet to stoke himself, to masturbate, rubbing his cock and his balls with her lifeless feet. She watched and suddenly found herself becoming aroused. She began touching her nipples, rubbing and caressing her breasts... she slipped one hand down her stomach, towards her pussy, and gasped as she traced the line where her sensation stopped at her navel. She touched her pussy then, feeling it with her fingers as if she were touching another woman's sex, and David saw her do it. "No." was all he said, more of a moan, and she quickly retracted her hand, again focusing on her sensitive breasts, never taking her eyes off his hands and her feet.

He came again, moaning in ecstasy, then thrust into her deeply - she watched his cock thrust into her and longed to be able to feel it, but the pleasure it gave him was obvious. This time, he lifted her legs and spread them wide, getting deeper, fuller penetration. She was fascinated at how her legs stretched and flexed now. They were bent in ways she had never seen them bent, and she suddenly realized that they SHOULDN'T be bent that way, that, even though she couldn't feel any pain, any sensation at all, her legs were being harmed, her muscles were pulling, tearing, her hips were hyper-extended. She grew frightened again, but quickly calmed down, seeing David making such intense love to her. It wasn't like she'd be able to use her legs again, after all - this she knew already, David had confirmed it. David came again, much like the previous night, but Michelle thought it may have lost a little intensity. It was probably just her imagination.

The next morning the damage to her legs was obvious - they were purple in some places, but more noticeable was the fact that they were obviously more limp, more 'floppy' as David bathed and dressed her. David paid lots of attention to them, as always. He left for work and Michelle was alone in the house - he told her he'd be home at lunch, but he didn't show up until after 6pm. By that time, Michelle had explored all parts of the house she was able to - there was a locked door and a room that took two steps to get into - and she had peed her diaper and decided to change it herself. It took her close to an hour to do it, but she was finally able to change her diaper and wash herself at least somewhat.

When David got home he apologized to her and helped clean her again and put a fresh diaper on. He told her he had good news, that most days he would be able to work from home now, so that he would be able to better care for her. Michelle was thankful for that, because being alone and crippled made her feel very vulnerable.
Several weeks had gone by, and Michelle and David had fallen into a pattern. He would work from home in the room up the stairs, and she would watch TV, sometimes cook him lunch (though the kitchen wasnt adapted for wheelchair use, so that was usually very difficult for her), and they would make love every night. Michelle watched David's interest wane, however, as the weeks dragged by. Finally, one night, as he rubbed himself with her crippled feet, he wasn't even getting erect.
"What's wrong?" Michelle asked, concerned and frightened.

"Can't... it's just not working, Michelle." he said, embarrassed. "I need..."

"Whatever it is you need, David, you can have it." Michelle said, looking at him with both fear and honesty in her eyes. She knew now where his tastes lay, his true passions, and she accepted it.

David began to turn her over, but she protested. "I want to see it." she said, and he knew she meant it.

He must have been preparing for it already, because everything he needed was in the bedroom already, discretely tucked away. He lay her down in bed and put soft white socks on her feet, then placed a metal box on the bed. He placed her foot in the box and pulled a lever gently - the sounds from the box were horrifying, the breaking of bones and the tearing of sinews, but Michelle felt nothing at all, she watched as if it were a television show. When her foot was removed from the device, it was unrecognizable - completely deformed, every bone obviously broken. There was no blood - David was always careful for that - but her foot was totally destroyed. She stared at it, laying there limp and deformed, as she heard the bones breaking in her second foot. David put the device away and then kissed her feet - or what was left of them. He was again erect, extremely aroused, and seeing him begin to use her newly crippled feet to pleasure himself, to bring himself to orgasm, was enough to justify David's need. After he came explosively all over her deformed feet, Michelle asked him to move her foot to her mouth. She kissed her own crippled foot and licked his cum off of what used to be her toes and instep. He moaned to watch her do it, and dropped her leg limply on the bed, then entered her and began to fuck her vigorously. Again she felt his desire, his lust for her crippled form. How much more would he require? How much could she stand?

The next morning David added a new part to the morning routine - he wrapped both her crippled feet in elastic bandage, deforming them even more than they were the night before. She actually felt a thrill as she watched him wrap them - her feet no longer even resembled feet, and it was obvious she would never again wear shoes. He lay her deformed feet on her wheelchair footrests and continued with her daily routine.

Once David was working, Michelle lifted one of her legs with her hands and began feeling her foot - it was shattered inside, every bone broken - but the way David had wrapped it, it would heal in this twisted, deformed position. Her toes were curled under, her instep curled at a very unnatural angle. Every bone below her ankle was broken and re-shaped by David. She again kissed her foot, not even sure why, and again wondered how much farther David would go, but this time, the thought was met with some anticipation.

Michelle's feet had healed very deformed, as she had anticipated, and he had started to show his typical loss of interest a few weeks later. This time, before he had lost all interest, Michelle whispered to him during one of their lovemaking sessions 'I want more'. He came as soon as she said it, and he was prepared the following day.

This time it was both legs, as Michelle had expected and secretly hoped. This time was more violent - there was no box this time - but Michelle lay there as David broke her legs each in several places. Her shins were snapped, her ankles, both knees shattered. He didn't break her thighs, as he feared internal bleeding, but it didn't matter - her legs had never looked so crippled. This night, he turned her over, on her stomach, and though she obviously couldn't feel a thing, Michelle could tell that he was taking her anally, so he could better play with the mess that was once her long, beautiful legs.

The next morning was very different - David casted her legs, setting the bones all wrong, so they would stay deformed. Her ankles were turned in on themselves, her shins casted at slight yet noticeable angles. Here knees were simply bandaged with elastic bandages, as her feet had been. David also had to help her more; with the casts on she wasn't as able to do things for herself as well, transferring to and from her wheelchair became nearly impossible. For the five weeks the casts were on, David was extremely attentive to Michelle's needs, but she could tell he would only return to his usual in bed once her casts came off.

It was five weeks to the day when David took Michelle into the bathroom and removed her casts. Her legs were withered now, and very deformed. With the addition of her turned ankles, her feet now resembled nothing previously seen on a human body, they were that deformed. But David was ecstatic, incredibly aroused. He washed her gently but thoroughly, her first serious bath in five weeks, and then dried her off with several fluffy towels and set her in her wheelchair. He pushed her into the bedroom and undressed himself, so they were both naked, then wheeled her up, facing the bed. He then sat in front of her and lifted her legs into his lap, then dressed them in soft silk stockings. The opaque stockings enhanced the incredibly crippled condition of Michelle's legs, making them look even thinner and more twisted, deformed - however, once the stockings were on, she could see the beauty in them as well.

Once her stockings were on, David took her feet in his hands and again began his ritual of masturbation. This time, Michelle was so aroused they began again playing with her breasts, then without thinking began playing with her numb pussy again. David noticed and told her to stop, but Michelle was lost in her ecstasies and didn't notice. David pulled her out of her wheelchair and threw her to the bed, flat on her stomach. He entered her anus, as he had been doing lately, and began to fuck her roughly, saying something about crippled little girls are supposed to listen to their daddies. As he was about to cum, David took hold of Michelle's head, grabbing her by the side of the head and the chin. Michelle realized what was going to happen just moments before she felt the pop, and then she blacked out.

Michelle awoke to nothing. No sound, no feeling, no light. She feared that David had blinded her, but then noticed a crack of light from the closed window - it was just still dark out, the room was unlit. She felt something hard, uncomfortable at her chin, and knew David must have put her in a hard collar after he broke her neck. She tried to focus on her body, on what the extent of her new condition was; there was nothing at all below her neck, not even a tickle. She lay there, still and silent, for hours, until the sun started to lighten the room. See couldn't look around, couldn't move her head at all thanks to the hard collar, and she wondered if she could move her head even after it was off. She realized she was frightened.
It must have been later in the morning when she heard David. She heard him come in, and heard a different noise as well - she knew what it must have been immediately, and she was suddenly glad. David opened the bedroom door and she heard him come in, heard him maneuvering something next to the bed. Suddenly his caring face was in her frame of vision, smiling gently.

"How are you feeling, Michelle?" he asked genuinely.
"I'm not." she said softly. "You broke my neck."
"I know, I'm sorry." he said to her, looking away.
"No you're not, David. I see you looking at me now, my body totally useless. This is what you wanted all along; I see it in your eyes."
David wouldn't look at her.
"Make love to me, David. So I can watch it, experience it."
He propped her up gently on the bed, careful of her neck, and spread her legs. Michelle stopped him.
"Come close to me. I want to kiss you." she said in her new, soft voice.
David came close, kissed her on the lips sweetly.
"I want to feel you inside me again, David." she pleaded.
"You can't, Michelle." he said with some hint of desire in his voice. "Never again."
"I can, David. You know how."

David looked down at her crippled body and then got on the bed next to her, kneeling, placing his hard cock at her lips. She began to kiss and lick his cock, and he moved her head for her, gently, guiding her, moaning out loud as she licked and sucked his manhood. He came suddenly, much faster than he did usually, and Michelle tasted the hot cum as it shot into her mouth. She drank him down greedily, and he was on her before the taste even left her lips, his hard cock driving into her pussy as she watched unmoving. Her body now reacted differently to his lovemaking, and he seemed to be fucking her harder to accentuate the way her arms and legs bounced - no, flopped - around the mattress as he drove her. He lifted one of her hands and began sucking her fingers as she watched, and soon he was coming into her as strong as hard as he had ever done. He rolled off of her limp body exhausted and began stroking her hair gently.

"You'll need to care for me completely now, David." Michelle said after a short while.
"I know, Michelle." he said quietly. "I've been waiting for this day. You know that, I know."
"I know, David."
"Are you scared?" he asked her - it was the first time he had ever asked her about her part in all this, how she felt about it.
"As long as you don't leave me, I'll be OK, David." she said, and then added as an afterthought "This isn't the end, is it?"
David's lack of reply was all she needed as confirmation.

David helped her into the very nice power wheelchair he had bought for her. It was a mouth control that Michelle would need to get used to if she was on her own, but David liked to push her when he was with her. David brought her into the bathroom and lifted her gently, being careful with her neck, and sat her in the newly-added shower chair - it was slightly reclined and she could be belted into it. He washed her gently all over, then dried her where she sat. He then moved her into her power chair again and put her diaper on before belting her into the chair. He positioned her legs for her, then placed her arms on her lap, so her fingers rested across her bulky diaper.

He didnt' dress her much for the first month or so - she mostly sat in her power chair in her diaper, sometimes in booties on her deformed feet. David made love to her more gently as her neck healed, and after they were done making love, he would put a plug in her anus. She didn't know what he was doing at first, or why, but he showed her in the mirror how it slid into her anus tightly and her diaper kept it in. He said he didn't want her to get infections or sores from messing in her diaper, so the plug would keep her from going to the toilet until he could help her do it. Each morning, he would remove the plug when she was on her shower chair, and she would mess in the tub and he would clean her up, and then re-insert the plug when she was done. It was embarrassing at first, but then it became a comfort, and she wanted to have mirrors added so that she could always watch what he was doing to her.

The neck brace finally came off, and as Michelle feared, she had very little control of her neck. David re-adjusted the head support of her wheelchair, but she still couldn't turn her head much - maybe a few degrees on either side. Still, as soon as the neck brace came off, she wanted to try.

"David, come closer." she asked him as he was readying her for bed. He was already naked, as he loved making her ready for bed while he was undressed, so her body would rub against him in different ways.

David came close, then closer once he realized what she wanted. "Don't help me." she said quietly, and strained her neck to turn her head enough to kiss his cock. She fumbled for it, his hard manhood just millimeters out of her reach - she stuck out her tongue to touch it, she licked it lightly and he moaned, then moved himself closer, close enough for her to pull his manhood into her mouth. She sucked it and licked it and played with his hard cock like it was the mouth control of her wheelchair. He moaned and his hips started to buck as the pleasure got to him, but she was able to stay with him, keep sucking him. He thrust into her mouth and she gagged, his cock penetrating too deep, and she lost hold of him. He came on her face, on her numb breasts, spilling himself all over her crippled body. She lay there motionless, helpless, tears in her eyes.

David looked at her and understood why she was crying immediately. He made love to her several times that night, kissing her deeply and passionately, over and over again, until they both fell asleep.

Michelle woke groggy, with a very sore throat. David gave her a shot and she fell back to sleep.

It had been about three weeks. Michelle had been in and out of consciousness for the first week, then slowly regained her strength, starting off on liquids, then soft foods. Her throat no longer bothered her much, it was still a little scratchy sometimes, and it felt strange, but she didn't mind. She didn't know how he had done it - and would never be able to ask - but her tongue had been removed at the root. She would be silent, mute the rest of her crippled life. David had started to communicate with her in different ways, asking her to blink her eyes for yes and no, for example. He also had started touching her face a lot more, to add to their communication. He had started another new habit she truly enjoyed - he began reading to her as she sat in her wheelchair. He would usually read classics, like Dickens, but sometimes, before they went to bed, he would read erotic stories to get them both aroused.

Michelle loved to start David off with oral sex now, her mouth gaining strength and talent, and her neck muscles - what was left of them - actually beginning to strengthen, so that she could maneuver better. She could take him into her mouth fully now, swallow him up to his balls and massage his whole shaft with her tongue. She could make him cum into her in minutes now, and she loved having that kind of power over him, especially as powerless as she was in everything else.

One day, after David put her into bed, he pulled out the metal box again. Michelle was surprised, as he had shown no signs of losing interest again. She didn't question, just watched as he placed her left hand into a soft white sock, then into the device and wrenched the lever slowly. She heard her bones break again, could almost see her fingers snapping one by one. David pulled her now-mangled hand out of the box and performed the same ritual on her second hand, placing it in the soft white sock and placing it in the device, slowly pulling the lever, the familiar sound of breaking bones. Again, Michelle's hand was removed deformed, mangled. David, still not saying anything, then bound Michelle's crushed hands in elastic bandage as she had done her feet, ensuring that they would forever be deformed.

It was several days later, as David was feeding Michelle dinner, that he spoke of it. He said seeing her hands sitting there in her lap, looking so perfect, like there was nothing wrong - it didn't look right on the rest of her crippled body. She blinked to him that she understood, and it was the last they spoke of it. Once the bandages finally came off, she understood even more - they looked so crippled, so useless, they were perfect for her. David would play with them more, too - like her feet, he would play with her crippled hands, jerk himself off with them, sometimes even make her play with her own pussy with them, which excited her tremendously to watch. She still loved giving him head, and had begun using a series of blinks and grunts to get his attention and let him know what she wanted. He, in turn, found many new ways of pleasing himself with her crippled body - she was so utterly crippled now he could find all manner of ways to use her, and she loved each one in turn.

Michelle found that each new perversity excited her more and more. He would dress her up as a schoolgirl, or a prostitute, making sure her clothing accentuated her crippled frame. He would pull a large mirror up to the foot of the bed and make her watch as he inserted her anus plug, and then added a plug for her vagina, and he would make her lie there naked as he worked, so all she could see was her plugged bodily orifices. The plug in her vagina got slowly larger as the weeks passed, and Michelle began to feel an excitement again, as she believed she knew what would be coming. Their morning rituals became more perverse as well - David would remove Michelle's anus plug and she would have diarrhea all over the tub, but he wouldn't clean it right away, instead telling her she was a helpless cripple, berating her for not being able to use the toilet like a normal woman. Again, at first when he did this she was confused and shocked, but then she began to enjoy it, even expect it. Their love talk shifted from how lovely she was, how beautiful she was in her wheelchair, to how crippled she was, how she would never walk again, never stand; never feel anything below her neck. David's pet names for her shifted from 'my beloved' and 'darling' to 'crippled whore', and Michelle enjoyed it very much.

David now only made love to her anally or orally, if he penetrated her, loving the way her crippled ass or her tongue felt - but he had so many other ways of pleasuring himself with her crippled body. Her pussy had been widened by the ever-growing plugs he inserted daily, and of course with no working muscles, there was nothing she would ever be able to do about it - she would never be able to please him again that way, at least not in the traditional sense, but she didn't think he would have a problem with that - she believed she new what he had planned for that particular hole anyway.

Michelle grunted to get David's attention, and when he turned to look at her, she blinked that she wanted to please him. David nodded and undressed himself, then lifted Michelle into bed in a half-reclined position. He removed her diaper and her vaginal plug this time, and lifted her left leg and crippled foot, caressing it and kissing the mangled club. He then brought it back on itself, her muscles and ligaments long since torn or atrophied, and begin rubbing her pussy with the club foot. As Michelle had thought, he was able to insert the crippled club foot into her vagina - it was tight, but she watched it slip in a full four inches. Michelle moaned with pleasure as she watched it, instantly aroused seeing how deformed and perverse her body had become. David moved his cock to her lips, and she began to suck him off strongly, playing with his shaft with her talented tongue, feeling him inside her mouth. Michelle wanted him to cum, wanted to drink him in, and she looked up at him with her big, expressive eyes. He had a camera pointing down at her now - something he had done a few times before. She sucked him off, feeling him getting ready to cum, and as he began to moan and buck, as his hot semen shot into her tongueless mouth and throat, she looked up at him to see the expression on his face. He snapped the picture then, but it was different than before, wrong, it burned. She stopped sucking him, he kept coming onto her face, and she blinked several times - the flash had been very strong, very bright, and it made her eyes burn. She kept blinking, and the dots that she was seeing dissipated, but they dissipated into darkness. The last thing Michelle ever saw was her captor and lover succumbing to her ecstasy.

Communication became more challenging; because of her blindness Michelle couldn't see if David was looking at her, so he would usually touch her face when he was watching. She could still blink her responses, but her eyes were now milky white and unseeing. She could no longer see what David was doing to her, but he described it in great detail, which made her aroused just the same. David touched her face often, letting her know he was nearby, that he was with her. He continued to read to her as well, which Michelle loved more than ever now - he could transport her to worlds and times that she could at least see in her mind's eye if not ever in real life. Also, his erotic reading was all regarding her - he would tell her in great detail all of the things he wanted to do to his crippled little sex object. She could still hear what he did to her, the sounds her body made as he had his way with it. She sometimes imagined what he was doing to her just by the sounds. She heard snapping and breaking sounds again every once in a while, and she wished she could see what her body looked like after David broke her like that. She was sure her arms were now deformed to match her hands and legs. David still took her anally almost every night, and he often came on her face, to show her how turned on she still made him. She loved the hot salty taste of him, and she finally was able to communicate to him, after much trial and error, that she wanted to again taste his cum off her feet. She heard him then, knew he was jerking off with her feet, knew he was coming hot and wet all over her crippled feet, but when he brought her foot up to her lips, it was different - it felt much different. She licked and kissed all she could reach - it was round and smooth and soft, not like her crippled feet at all. She blinked and grunted to David and he admitted that, shortly after she went blind, he had amputated both her feet somewhat above the ankle. She sighed and David lay her back down and lay next to her, touching her face and hair, caressing her where she could feel, and probably having his way with all the parts of her she couldn't feel. She smiled and groaned in pleasure, not even knowing if David was doing something to pleasure her, but his returned sigh let her know he was there with her and still enjoying her beautiful, mangled, crippled body.

Story - Keep it in the Family

Keep It In the Family By ParaGirl

The elastic bandage felt warm and secure against Missy's ankle. She wrapped it around, firmly enclosing her foot, then her ankle in one of the ACE wraps she bought at the drugstore. She kew she was alone in the house, but it still felt wrong, there was something naughty about it. She finished with the first bandage and looked at her ankle - the beige textured bandage surrounding her smooth white skin. She rubbed it, wiggled her toes a little, then decided to keep going with the next bandage. Again she wrapped, and she saw her ankle, her foot, how lower leg becoming transformed. It made her hot, that's why it felt so naughty - she didn't understand why, but just seeing her ankle wrapped like that made her feel aroused. She added the third and final bandage, so that her whole lower leg, from just below her knee all the way to her toes was encased in the firm bandage, and she could barely flex her ankle - that realization made her even more aroused, feeling how the bandaged immobilized her foot.
She put a flat tennis shoe onto her left foot, but left her bandaged right foot exposed, so she could look at it. She stood up and balanced on her left foot, careful not to allow her 'injured' foot to touch the floor. As she took her first 'hop' forward, she felt so alive and aroused and, well, she felt like she had never really felt before in all of her 18 years. She hopped around her room a little, always careful not to let her right foot touch the floor, and then decided to be brave and venture out into the rest of the house. She hopped to the bathroom and used the toilet, then brushed her teeth, then hopped to the kitchen to get a soda. She sat on the couch and turned on the TV, then brought her legs up onto the couch and set her right foot and leg on a soft set of pillows, to keep her 'injury' elevated. She sat there, on the couch, with her heavily bandaged foot up on pillows, and began to rub herself through her panties, which quickly became soaked. She slid her panties aside and began to rub herself more urgently, and as she sat there staring at her bandaged foot and ankle, she came with a force she had never experienced in all her masturbation fantasies. She had tears of joy and satisfaction streaming down her face as she hopped carefully back to her bedroom, where she removed the bandages almost reverently and put them in an empty tampon box in her dresser - a place no one there would dare look, she was sure. She put herself back together and was sitting watching TV when her mom got home with dinner.
Missy was excited - she didn't remember the last time she had felt this much anticipation. She slipped into the empty house with the large cardboard box under her arm. Her head was swimming - how would she hide them? What if her mom found them? None of that mattered right now. she hurried to her bedroom and put on a cute blue skirt and a nice tight top, and then pulled on her left stocking, smoothing it up her leg, and then put on a nice flat black patent shoe with a good stable sole. Next, she removed the three rolls of elastic bandage from the tampon box in her drawer and began her ritual, wrapping her right foot carefully, overlapping the bandage, starting at her toes and working her way up, to just below her knee, then back down, with extra layers around her ankle. With all three bandages she repeated the process, until her leg was wrapped firmly from her toes to her knee. This time, she took the stocking matching the one on her left leg and began pulling it up over her right, taking special care of her 'injured' ankle. She got her stocking on and then opened the box she had placed at the foot of her bed; two aluminum underarm crutches, disassembled and wrapped in plastic.
She removed the tags and plastic from the crutches and then put the crutch legs into their fitted tubes, then carefully stood. She knew that the underarm pads must be about two inches below her armpits, she stood carefully and adjusted them to the correct height. Missy put the crutches under her arms for the first time, took a breath, and carefully placed the rubber-stoppered feet about a foot in front of her. She then pushed up on the hand-grabs with her arms and swung herself through the uprights, landing firmly on her 'good' left foot, her bandaged left foot held carefully up off the floor. Missy felt a rush of exhilaration and made a few practice runs across her bedroom floor, then opened the door and crutched around the empty house, getting herself a drink, even loading the dishwasher, all while on the crutches, or at least with the crutches nearby and her bandaged foot off the floor, bearing no weight.
She looked at the clock and realized that she had been playing longer than she had realized - he mother would be home soon, within a half hour most likely. She hurried back to her bedroom and slid the crutches into the back of her closet - it wasn't the best place, but it was good for the short-term. She hopped across the room and sat on her bed, then touched herself - something she had tried to refrain from doing so far. It was like an electric shock went through her sex, and before she realized it, she was laying in bed, her ankle up on pillows, and she was cuming so hard and strong that she cried out, then quickly hoped her mother hadn't gotten home from work yet. Desire fulfilled, she removed her stocking and then unwrapped her ankle, re-rolling the bandages and returning them to their place in her drawer. She realized she didn't have time to change, but worried she'd look too 'formal', arousing suspicion, she slipped off her other stocking, put her flats back on, and went to wash up. Her mom came in as Missy left the bathroom, and she said hello and went to watch more TV. Her mom was non the wiser, and she smirked to herself.
After a few outings on her new crutches, Missy wanted to try something a little new. She came home from work with shopping bags from three different drugstores, all containing the same thing - wide elastic bandages, a dozen in total. She got to her bedroom, checked the time, and then stripped to her underwear. She got her crutches out, plus her original three bandages, then began opening the new bandage packages. these dozen wraps had cost her a half a week's pay, but she knew it would be money well spent, it would be worth it.
She began at her ankle, as she always did, but she kept feeding the bandages up, higher up her leg, past her knee, up her thigh, almost to her panties. As the warm pressure of the bandage reached higher, so too did her arousal - for the first time, she wondered if she would be able to contain her sexual needs until the bandaging was at least complete. She pressed on, wrapping and re-wrapping, adding extra layers onto her knee and ankle, so they were as restricted as she could make them. It took her almost 30 minutes, but the end result was more than she could have ever expected - her leg was bandaged in a straight position from her toes to her crotch, and she could only flex her knee a few degrees - it was help more or less straight, as she had hoped. She took her chosen outfit from where it was folded at the head of the bed - a short skirt and tight cotton blouse, plus a single white sock. She pulled on the blouse, then the single sock onto her 'good' foot, then stood up and pulled the skirt on and straightened it. She looked down - her bandaged leg looked amazing, and she really could barely use it. Missy was lightheaded with excitement as she pulled her crutches under her arms and began taking tentative test steps with her new configuration.
Walking like this was more difficult, because she had to be extra mindful of her heavy and stiff right leg, and had to keep it out in front of her as she walked to avoid touching the ground with it. Her first trip was to the bathroom, where she encountered her first issue - how to use the toilet when she could barely use or move her leg? She dropped her panties to the floor and raised her skirt, and carefully lowered herself onto the set, using only her left leg and one crutch for support. he made it fine and as she peed, she felt a certain sense of personal accomplishment - she felt extremely accomplished having completed this normally mundane task in her current 'condition'.
Missy washed her hands (still somewhat tricky on crutches) and then proceeded to do other chores around the house - she straightened up the living room, then loaded the dishwasher; to do this now, she grouped all the dirty dishes onto the counter over the washer, then loaded it from a seated position with her leg elevated, as she figured out she couldn't really band down to load the lower trays effectively. This was very exciting to Missy, actually having to adapt her normal routine to account for her 'handicap'. She finished the dishes and wanted to do more, but again it was close to the time her mother would be getting home, and her current situation would be time consuming to get out of, now with a total of 15 bandages covering her entire leg.
She crutched to the bedroom and hid the crutches, then began removing the bandages, one by one. It was more time consuming than she had initially anticipated, and the time grew closer and closer for her mother to return home. She was an adult, and she could do what she wanted, but she felt embarrassed at the idea of her mother catching her like this. Bu the last bandages, she was no longer rolling them neatly as she unwrapped, then; she was just unwinding them and tossing them aside, so that should her mother come home, they would at least be off and could be hidden under her sheets. As the clock ticked closer, Missy felt both nervous and excited - what if her mother had come home from work early, seen her on her crutches, her bandaged leg? The idea both terrified and excited her, something about the forbidden being more enticing...
She got her bandages off and changed into a pair of jeans, forgot about the socks, and managed to get all the bandaged re-rolled and hidden before her mother came home, but she must have still looked flushed, as her mother asked her what she had been doing. She absently said she was dancing in her room, and that seemed to satisfy mom for now.
A few days later, Missy was thrilled to see a note on the counter as she returned home - "I'll be home late tonight, dear- help yourself to dinner". She had a number of hours of playtime, more than she had ever had at once. She just needed to figure out how to do it 'right'. The idea came as she was pulling the bandages out, and she smiled at the thought of it.
Again, she stripped to her underwear, and began bandaging, starting at her red-painted toes. This time, though, after she reached the top of her thigh, she stopped. She took a metal 'L' shaped shelf bracket out of her closet - from when she used to have her collectible shelves up - and she wrapped it in a soft cotton sock. She fixed it against her leg, behind her knee, and began wrapping, making sure the brace stayed in place until there was an entire roll of wide elastic bandage holding it there firmly. From that point, she finished wrapping her entire leg top to bottom, with all 15 rolls of bandage. When she was finished, her leg was completely immobile - her knee in a fixed 90 degree position. She tried standing and it felt incredible - her leg was, for the first time, utterly useless - even if she wanted to, she could not walk without crutches in this condition.
She dressed carefully - first the dark pantyhose that she worked to get on over her affected leg, then the knee length red skirt, then the tight quarter-sleeve t-shirt. She put a flat mary-jane shoe on her left foot, and for extra affect this time, put a soft black sock on over her right 'injured' foot. She loved the look of it, and decided to stay this way as long as she possibly could.
First was the bathroom - she had worn panty-hose on purpose, she knew they would be more difficult to maneuver in, and she was right. Trying to balance on her good leg and crutches, keep her bandaged leg out of trouble (not as easy as she had thought) and pull down her pantyhose and then her panties took over 5 minutes, and when she finally felt her bladder go, there was a rush of accomplishment, pride that she had managed to do it in her 'condition'. she finished, wiped, and then went through the equally challenging process of standing up, balancing, pulling up her panties then her pantyhose, then straightening her skirt and crutching over to the sink to wash her hands. Finally done, she crutched into the living room and began cleaning.
Chores in this condition, unable to use her right leg at all, it just hanging there immobile, became an even bigger challenge. When her leg was bandaged out straight, no matter how 'good' she was, she knew she used it for balance, for support on occasion - with it locked in this flexed position, she didn't have that option at all, and it took her over a half hour just to straighten out the living room, fold the throws, arrange the pillows, put away the DVDs she had purposely left out the night before. Finally, everything was in order, but she had two glasses - one her mothers, one her own from the previous night - that needed to get into the dish washer. Missy thought about it, felt her balance on her good leg, and decided to try to get them both to the kitchen at the same time. She dropped one crutch onto the couch, then picked up the glasses in her right hand, and with her left crutch, slowly, clumsily made her way into the kitchen using an alternating one-crutch and one-leg hopping motion. She finally got the glasses into the kitchen and onto the counter, then decided to do the kitchen with just the one crutch. She loaded the dishwasher as she had learned how earlier, by placing all the dirty dishes on the counter above the washer and then sitting down to load the washer trays. Once loaded, Missy stood up and hop-crutched around the kitchen fixing herself some dinner - she made fries in the oven and a nice chicken cutlet sandwich, and when it was al ready, she brought her plate to the kitchen table and set her place, still on one crutch, then returned to the kitchen to get her drink. She realized immediately she had overfilled the glass, and as she clumsily made her way to the table, she spilled a portion of the glass in sloshing splatters across the kitchen floor. She wondered silently to herself if she could manage mopping like this.
Dinner, while simple, was one of the most satisfying meals of her life - she couldn't understand, couldn't explain why, but making a simple sandwich and fries with one leg useless and immobile made her joyously happy and satisfied. She finished with her dinner and cleaned up after herself completely, putting the dinner dishes in the washer before starting it, wiping down the counters and stove - the she looked at the dark soda spots on the kitchen floor, from where she had spilled. She decided to try it.
Missy first stopped in the living room to grab her second crutch, as one-crutching was getting tiring. She then crutched her way to the hall closet where the cleaning supplies were, and pulled out the swiffer wet-mop. She had to bend down almost to the limit of her balance to get one of the disposable heads for the swiffer, and then while balancing on her crutches, she affixed it onto the cleaning head. She was able to awkwardly hold the handle of the swiffer as she crutched, though she almost dropped it once. Once she got to the kitchen, she spread out her crutches to a wider, more forward stance, and leaned her armpits onto them for support as she passed the wet mop across the floor. It took much longer than usual, as she had to re-position herself every few swipes, but after 20 minutes she had done a very good job of cleaning the kitchen floor. She tossed the swiffer head away in the trash and returned the cleaning unit to the closet, then retired to the living room for some TV watching.
Missy lowered herself onto the couch and spun herself so her legs were up on it, then placed several pillows so her right leg was properly and comfortably supported. She grabbed the TV remote and started watching TV, but she couldn't take her eyes off her bandaged leg - the way it was so much thicker than her 'good' leg, the way she couldn't move it, the way the bandages looked through the soft stocking... She found herself slipping her fingers under her pantyhose, finding elastic waist of her cotton panties, and tracing soft lines with her fingernails, making herself squirm. She slipped her pantyhose down to her thighs, then her panties, and switched between touching her sex and rubbing her bandaged leg, lost in the extacy of it. It wasn't long before she came, multiple orgasms making her moan as she rubbed her clit with her fingers. She lay back for a few minutes, needing to compose herself before she tried crutching again. Finally, with her mother coming home in just a half hour, she made her way back to her bedroom, collapsed on her bed, and then slowly removed her bandages and the makeshift knee brace. She had everything away and hidden and was back on the couch watching TV when her mom came home from work. Missy offered her a smile and a hello, and went back to her reality TV show, only barely hearing her mom's compliment on how clean the kitchen was, so lost was she in her imaginary world.
Missy got home the next day and was surprised to see her mom's car in the driveway. She was crestfallen, because with her mother home there would be no playtime today, but she wasn't concerned - her mom had worked a late night the day before, maybe this was comp time. She became a little concerned, however, when she saw her mom on the couch with two glasses of soda in front of her. Her mom asked her to come sit down, that she wanted to talk about something. There was no anger or concern on her mother's face - in fact, she looked very calm and even caring, but because of her current secret 'hobby', Missy overly sensitive to such a change in routine. She sat down beside her mother and smiled, thanking her for the drink and asking what was up.
"Well, I wanted to talk to you, dear, and this may be awkward, but I don't want it to be - there's nothing wrong, and I'm not angry or anything like that. In fact, I feel a little embarrassed right now knowing what I do, but this was all for your own good, OK?"
Missy nodded - she had no idea what was coming next, but she was worried.
"Well, it all started a few weeks ago - I noticed what I initially thought was a rash on your leg, and I was a little concerned, but when it was gone the next day, I didn't think anything of it. Then a few nights later, I noticed it again - like a bumpy reddish rash..."
Suddenly, out of confusion, Missy's mind clicked on the answer - wearing an ACE wrap for an hour or two would leave a pattern like that, wouldn't it...
"Then, the day you came out of your room flushed and winded - you seemed very fishy, almost defensive. Then I saw the 'rash' again, and realized how much more cleaning and straightening up around the house you had been doing - I grew concerned, but I was confused, also. You have to understand, Missy - I was worried for your health..."
"I'm fine mom, there's nothing wrong with.... what do you mean, you were worried? Mom, what did you..."
Missy's mother pressed 'play' on the VCR and there was Missy, in black and white, crutching around the house, cleaning the living room...
"Mom!" Missy was embarrassed, totally mortified.
"Missy, you have to understand, I had no idea - how could I? I was worried it was drugs, or alcohol, or a boyfriend you were cleaning up after. And there were the strange marks on your legs - how was I supposed to know?"
"So, how did you - you know? Get the footage...?"
"The clock above the TV - it's a mini camera, used for monitoring babysitters and such."
Above the TV - Suddenly, Missy had a terrifying revelation...
"Mom, how much did you....?"
"I turned it off just as you sat down after dinner - I had seen enough to know what was going on, and didn't want to...."
Missy was relieved.
"Well, now what? You going to get me therapy or something?" Missy asked, now thoroughly embarrassed, not even able to look at her mother.
"Well, I'm going to get you help, but not exactly like you think... just know that I have no problems with you pretending as you do - especially if it means you'll keep cleaning the house like you've been doing!"
"Mom - I, I don't understand. You aren't freaked?"
Missy's mother smiled and put her hand on her daughters.
"To be honest, it makes me a little nostalgic dear."
Missy stared at her, totally confused. "Mom?" was all she could say as he mother pulled out an old, 1970s era photograph and handed it to her daughter. The image Missy was confronted with was her mother, standing in front of a full length mirror holding the camera, standing on wooden underarm crutches, wearing a mini-skirt, with one leg apparently bandaged up in a folded position, so it appeared that her mother was an amputee. The smile on her mothers face was one that Missy recognized instantly - the same bliss she herself felt every time she got on her own crutches. She had no idea what to say, but looked at her mother, looked again at the picture, and just started laughing, then both women hugged and sat on the couch and began talking about their apparently mutual hobby....

Chapter 2

"So, I want to check out your crutches" Missy's mom, Carol, said, startling Missy.
"they look nice - I want to try them." she repeated.
"Really?" Missy asked again, suddenly embarrassed all over again.
"You don't need to be embarrassed Missy, really - I understand."
"I know, it's just going to take a little getting used to. I'll get them."
Missy left and returned with her crutches, cheeks still turning pink as she handed them to her mother. Carol took them and measured them up, then lengthened them by one click, so they were properly fitted. She put them under her arms and took a few test swings. Missy could see the look of contentment on her face as she reminisced.
"Mom..." Missy said, bringing Carol back to the now. "So, how long did you... "
"For years, Missy. Though I was less into bandages and braces and more into playing amputee, to be honest. There was just something about getting around, doing things with a missing limb..."
"Really? I never thought of that..." Missy said, watching her mother crutch about the room, apparently remembering old times. "So, why did you stop?"
"Honestly, because of you, more or less - though not in a bad way. I pretended up until about my sixth month pregnant with you, and by that time you were definitely showing and I was having balance issues, so I stopped, for fear of falling, and afterwards I tried a few times, but just never really got back into it - being a single mother was difficult enough, trying to carry a baby or change diapers on crutches or with one arm just became too much, and by the time you were old enough where that wasn't a concern, explaining why I suddenly had one leg to my 3 year old daughter became the concern, so I just dropped it."
"Did you miss it?"
"Yes, I missed it terribly for a while, but moved on with my life, as we so often must do. But today, seeing you, on that video, it brought me back so many things, Missy. I could tell, by that look on your face, you have the same experience I do, the same, shall we say, enthusiasm. You enjoy it a lot, don't you?"
"Yes - I can't explain it, and I guess with you I thankfully don't have to, but it's just this amazing feeling, you know?"
"I do have one question, Missy." Carol said, turning on the crutches and facing Missy.
"Yes?" asked Missy, now almost totally comfortable seeing her mom on her aluminum crutches.
"Why do you clean? I mean, I used to play around, do my makeup, play all sorts of dress-up - but why do you clean the house?"
Missy laughed. "Well, I guess when I first used the crutches, I wanted to try to se how I could do normal, everyday things while using them - that expanded the more 'disabled' I became, and it became a rush for me to be able to accomplish everyday things I usually take for granted while in my various 'conditions'. Cleaning and straightening up the house just became one of those challenges I wanted to meet."
"I can understand that - so what was that contraption you had on your leg, anyway? It looked like a cast..."
"It's just a bunch of ACE bandages and a corner-bracket for a 'brace', keeping my leg flexed like that. That was the first time I had tried it, and I like it a lot."
"That's very ingenious, actually. And it also brings me to my next discussion - since you seem to be more confident talking about this now."
"What's that?" Missy asked.
"Well, two things. First - you can pretend whatever you like around the house, even when I'm home - in fact, if it means you'll keep cleaning and maybe doing a few extra chores I assign to you, you can stay in whatever condition you desire, as long as it's not harmful or dangerous of course."
"OK - it's a deal, mom. What was the second thing?"
"Well, the second thing is that I want to make sure you'll be OK if I do the same - pretend I have differing 'conditions' around the house sometimes."
"Well, if you're OK with me doing it, I'm sure I'll be OK with you doing it - it might take a little getting used to, but I think it will be fine. I'll let you know if it's getting too weird, OK?"
"OK, it's a deal." Carol said, starting to crutch away.
"One condition, mom." Missy chimed in.
"What's that?" Carol asked, curious.
"You get your own toys - those are my crutches." she smiled. Carol smiled back and gave Missy back her crutches.
"No problem - maybe I'll even pick some things up for you, too." Carol replied.
The next day, Missy got home at the usual time and decided on a straight-leg configuration, putting the bandages on and this time adding some extra bracing in the form of two rolled magazines over the first wrap and under all the rest. She wrapped her ankle heavily, too, so her leg was more or less totally immobile from the hip down, except her toes, which she wiggled excitedly. She then dressed in a modest knee-length skirt and t-shirt, then dressed her 'good' leg in a white sock and mary-jane shoe. She used the bathroom and brushed her hair, then straightened up the living room (which they had both left extra messy, just for this), and finally went to the fridge to see what 'extra chores' her mom had left for her. There was just one, but it made Missy smile, as her mom had chosen a difficult one - well, difficult in her current 'condition' - she had to take the laundry basket form her mom's room, take it to the laundry room in the basement, put in a batch, then take the sheets out of the dryer and make both her and her mother's beds. Under normal circumstances, something she could do in under 20 minutes - in her current condition, she wondered if she would be able to get it done in the hour before her mother got home.
Missy crutched to her mothers' bedroom and saw that there was, indeed, a laundry basket, about half full of laundry. She smiled - her mom didn't want to make it too tough for her the first time, which she appreciated. She tried to figure out how to get the basket to the basement door - she tried to carry it using only one crutch, but she couldn't manage it. She finally just decided to push it along with one crutch, slowly sliding it across the floor until she reached the door to the basement. She opened the door and leaned the crutches against the wall outside the door - she had a plan for doing the laundry and didn't think she'd need them for this part. She lowered herself to the floor, sitting on the top step of the basement stairs, and took the basket of laundry in her lap. Slowly, step by step, she lowered herself down, never letting her 'injured' leg hit the stairs. At the bottom, she got up on her good foot and hopped, basket in hand, the 10 feet to the washer. She loaded the washer and started it, then went to the dryer, pulling out the sheets and putting them in the now empty basket. She then hopped back to the stairs, sat herself down, and again made the slow trek up the stairs, basket held in her lap. She made it up the stairs, put the basket on the floor, and regained her crutches. She pushed the basket to her mother's bedroom and then proceeded to strip her mom's bed, tossing the dirty laundry aside for later.
Making the beds wasn't as difficult as she had first thought - it wasn't too difficult from the normal way, she just did it on one leg (getting more better balanced without the crutches for short periods), and as her mom came in, she was just finishing making her own bed. She called out to her mother, but Carol just said 'give me a minute' and slipped into her bedroom, closing the door before Missy could even see her. Missy shrugged and finished making her bed, then crutched into the kitchen and took out the dinner plates, one-crutching to the table in several trips to set the table. Soon, she heard her mom's door open, and heard the unmistakable 'thump-thump' of someone walking on crutches - she just wasn't completely ready for what she saw when her mother walked - or rather crutched - into the kitchen. She was in her work clothes still - a nice brown knit skirt and matching blouse and sweater combo, plus a beige stocking or tights on her right leg, followed by a flat shoe in black - but she was on very nice aluminum forearm crutches, and was missing her left leg entirely - Missy could see the round shape of the 'stump' through the knit skirt, and if she didn't know the woman standing before her she would immediately assume the woman was a long-time amputee, so realistic was the illusion.
"Mom!" Missy said.
"Yes - what do you think?" Carol asked, suddenly seeming hesitant, almost embarrassed.
"It's amazing - totally convincing! I'd swear you were an amputee."
"And - how do you feel about that?" Carol asked, looking at her daughter for any sign of trepidation, any issues she might be having seeing her like this.
"I like it, actually. Well, at least I'm not freaked out by it - no, I like it because I like how happy you looked as you crutched in here, I can say that much. I love your crutches, they're very beautiful. I just - I can't believe I'm saying this, but I just find this so cool."
Carol was immediately relaxed. "Good, I'm glad. So how did you do with your chores?"
"I got them finished - the laundry room was the hardest part, but I think you knew that."
"Yes, and I'm glad you were able to get it all done - how did it feel?"
"Amazing - I have such a sense of accomplishment now, it's wonderful. Do you want help with dinner? It seems you might need it.." she said, indicating Carol's crutches and single leg.
"Actually, I wanted to give it a try on my own - it's been a while, but I used to be pretty good at it. You can hang out and watch, if you like." Carol said.
"OK, sure." missy said. She pulled up 2 chairs, one to sit in, and the other to rest her leg on.
"Hold on." Carol said, crutched out of the room, and crutched back in holding one of the smaller blue pillows from the couch. "Lift." she said, indicating Missy's leg. Missy obliged, and Carol put the pillow under her heel and lower leg. "There, need to keep that elevated." she said with a grin, and Missy smiled widely. "Oh mom." she said.
It didn't take long for Carol to get back into her old habits - her movement on the forearm crutches and her single leg was fluid, and by the time she had dinner cooking on the stove, the crutches seemed nothing more than an extension of her body - she could balance very well on her single leg, and it amazed Missy to watch her 'stump' wiggle about as she balanced. Finally, dinner was ready, and Missy did help her mother bring things to the table and serve. Missy sat and kept her leg on the other chair and pillow, 'elevated' as her mother directed her, and she watched her mom sit so gracefully it was as if she had been doing this her whole life.
"So, isn't it uncomfortable, to sit like that?" Missy finally asked.
"Not at all, as long as you've prepared properly - it took me a while to find the right way to do it so I don't lose circulation or cramp up, and so it's comfortable when I sit."
"It's amazing - very convincing." Missy said again.
"Thank you. So, for you, what is it, the immobilization? Your leg looks very solid, rigid."
"I guess it's something like that, sure." she said, wiggling her toes again. "There's just something about the way it feels, and the fact that I can't flex it - I just like it."
"Are you planning on doing more?" Carol asked,
"More what?"
"Maybe your other leg? Something like that?"
"Well, I hadn't thought of it, really. I suppose I could try - but I'd need a lot more bandages. At least 10 more - I don't have the money right now."
"Well, we'll see what we can do then, won't we?" Carol said.
After dinner was finished, both women cleared the table and Missy did the dishes as Carol crutched about the house. The pair watched TV, Missy with her 'injury' elevated on pillows and Carol just sitting there, occasionally rubbing her 'stump' or tapping her single foot. By the time Missy picked up her crutches and stood up to head to bed, there was no awkwardness at all between them - just an unspoken understanding, and a very interesting new mother-daughter bond.
Missy got home the next day to find a package on the counter with a tag bearing the inscription 'From mom, enjoy'. within the bag was a full dozen wide ACE bandages and two other items in unmarked plastic wrapping. Missy excitedly brought the bag into her bedroom and was excited and thrilled to see what the other items were! She immediately stripped down and began her ritual, first with her normal right leg, immobilizing it with the magazines and bandages, and then with the new bandages, she began immobilizing the second leg in the same way, with two more magazines used for extra splinting at the knees. As soon as both legs were immobilized, Missy began trying to put on a pair of dark blue tights. She bent and stretched and finally was able to get the tights onto both her bandaged legs, and worked at pulling them up at least to her thighs. She then took the two new items and undid their velcro straps, then placed the first on on her right foot - they were cast boots, with nice padded soles, and fit onto her bandaged feet perfectly, the straps tightening snugly around her puffy bandaged ankles. Once the boots were secure, she carefully stood up and pulled her tights the rest of the way up, then, keeping her balance by holding onto the bed, she straightened them out and put on a nice white blouse and a blue plaid jumper that complimented the tights nicely. The dark blue color was chosen for a reason, because it showed the light beige cast boots off dramatically, so there was no mistaking what she was wearing, or why.
She finished dressing and began practicing on her crutches - with both legs immobilized, this was considerably more demanding, and after a few minutes of practice, Missy was able to lift herself on the crutches and, using her hips, swing her legs out about a foot in front of her. In this manner, she could move at a slow but steady rate around the house, but she prayed her mother hadn't left her any basement chores to do - she knew that, until she became more familiar with this condition, stairs were not going to be something she could readily handle.
Her chores list had three listings - the first two chores, the last, a directive from mom. The chores were simple enough - put away the clean dishes and water the plants. Missy was able to balance herself against the counter to empty the dishwasher, though putting some of the dishes away was a little tricky due to height or other access issues. Watering the plants consisted of filling a small indoor watering can from the sink, then crutching across to the main living room window area (where the plants were) and watering each of them in turn. The crutching across the room holding a watering can ended up being the tricky part, and so Missy had to improvise - she couldn't one-crutch like this yet, it was too difficult to move her legs, so she had to use both crutches. To get to the plants, Missy took a shoelace out of the kitchen drawer and tied it to the handle of the watering can in a large loop. She then filled the can halfway, and hung it from her neck - because it was only half full, splashing was minimal, but she had to make the trip twice to get all the plants fed. She left the watering can by the sink and looked at the note again, at the third item - "When I get home, assuming you are in the condition I expect you'll be in, I want you on the couch with your legs elevated." Nothing more than that, but with the amount of effort it took to do basically anything like this, Missy didn't complain - she took a bunch of pillows from the chair and sofa, made a pile to support both her back and her legs, and then carefully sat, lifted her immobile legs onto the pillows provided, and set her crutches down. She flicked on the TV and looked at the clock. 45 minutes before her mother got home. She was curious... was the tape still in the VCR? She pressed play - the black and white image of herself crutching around the living room filled the screen. She shut it off, guilty. She pressed 'play' again, watching herself, leg immobile and bent. She looked so awkward. She was moving pillows, to prop up her leg... she was sitting... she was changing channels... She was...
Missy found herself sitting on the couch, both legs immobile and propped up, watching herself on the TV, and her TV-Self was starting to touch herself, starting to rub her bandaged leg, staring to masturbate. Missy looked at her newly immobilized legs, she could see the texture of the bandages under the tights she wore, and what was more important, she could feel what they did to her legs, she knew that, at this moment, her legs did not work, and that excited her. She began rubbing herself through her tights and panties, then just her panties, and as her TV-self was working up to an amazing orgasm, her living-room self was rubbing her clit firmly, slipping a pinky into her vagina, and watching her legs just sit there, unable to do anything more than curl her toes. She came with force, moaning and trying not to cry out too loud as she came not once, but three times.
She lay there for a time, she didn't really know how long, and finally pulled her panties and tights back up and turned off the tape, rewinding it to the beginning. She was watching TV when her mom came in, said 'just a minute, Missy' and took off into her bedroom. Missy barely had time to blurt out a 'thanks mom' as she buzzed by. A minute later, the doorbell rang, and Missy froze.
"Honey, can you get that?" Carol called out from the bedroom.
"What? Are you serious?" Missy replied. The bell rang again.
"Yes honey, please get the door - don't worry about it." her mom replied. Missy was confused, but the third ring of the doorbell fixed her determination. She swung her legs off the couch and grabbed her crutches, then pushed her way to standing. As the bell rang again, she called out "I'm coming!" loudly and crutched her way to the door. She swung it open and was greeted by an annoyed pizza delivery person - annoyed until he saw her on crutches, saw her obviously disabled legs. He apologized sheepishly and held out the pizza to her, saying it was already paid for by credit card. She looked at the large pizza box and the appetizer box on top of it, and looked at her crutches and legs. "Could you, um - would you mind bringing it in for me? I'd appreciate it." she said sweetly. The embarrassed delivery man obliged, taking the pizza in and putting it on the table as Missy directed. As he was about to leave, Missy hear her mom's voice.
"Hold on, don't let him leave!" she called out. "Not without his tip."
Carol rounded the corner wearing a beautiful black pinstriped pantsuit, with one sleeve completely empty and pinned up in a neat fold. Missy had to suppress a gasp as her normally right-handed mother pulled several bills out of her pocket with her left - and only - hand, and handed them to the delivery boy without missing a step. The delivery guy said thank you and hurried away, not even turning to look back as he pulled out of the driveway.
"Mother, are you out of your mind? Seriously - what if that was someone we know?"
"That would have been difficult to explain, wouldn't it?" Carol grinned.
"Yeah, you could say that. That's why you wanted me on the couch, with my legs elevated - so I'd have to know what it's like to scramble to get the door in this condition?"
"You got it. Consider it a fun little test."
Missy smiled. "And what's up with the arm - no leg today?"
"Not today - actually, let me get my crutches, I wanted you to use them in this situation - I think you'll find them more useful.
Carol got her forearm crutches and handed them to Missy, who swapped them out with her underarm crutches. Her mom instructed her on how to position them, put pressure, lift herself, swing with the hips. After 15 minutes, Missy definitely liked the forearm styled crutches better, at least in this case with both legs immobile. the two sat at the table to have dinner, and Missy marveled at how her mother was able to manage eating pizza and mozzarella sticks with just her single hand - for the pizza, she had a way of folding the slice lengthwise, as to make a rigid support to keep the whole slice from flopping down when she lifted it. In all honesty, Carol probably ate more neatly with her one hand than Missy was able to manage with both arms functioning. Just another amazing feat of her amazing mother.
"So, Missy." Carol said as they finished dinner and she cleaned up (she insisted upon it, letting Missy watch her single-handed dexterity), "you have some time off available from work, don't you?"
"Yes, almost two full weeks - why?"
"Can you take three days off next week - Monday through Wednesday?"
"I'm sure I could - that's right after restock, so I wouldn't even be missed. Why do you ask?" Missy asked.
"I have arranged for something for you, but I have to confirm by tomorrow - so you can definitely take the time off?"
"Yes, it won't be a problem - what is it you've arranged?"
"It's a surprise..." Carol said with a smile, and left it at that.

Chapter 3

Missy got home a little early, her head buzzing with ideas of what was going to happen over the extended weekend her mom had planned. Her time off was approved, so it was just a matter of waiting until Friday to find out her surprise, and she couldnt wait. She had gotten plenty of surprises over the previous several weeks, and had not only grown comfortable with sharing her hobby with her mother, she had actually begun looking forward to their time together as disabled it was as if they both had this deep new connection they shared, and it had made them closer than ever.
Missy was trying to decide how she wanted to spend the evening when something caught her eye, giving her an idea. It was her mothers low-heeled leather boots, a nice pair of dressy boots Missy has always liked. She pulled them on, and they fit pretty well maybe a half-size too loose, but nothing she couldn't manage. She smiled, took one boot into her bedroom, and prepared for the evening.
First, as usual, she undressed down to her underwear. She then took out three wide bandages, her crutches, and the outfit she planned on wearing, and got on the bed. She folded her right leg under her and began wrapping it, as her mom did when playing amputee. She wrapped it firmly, then secured it and stood up - it felt strange, but comfortable - it might not be as good as her mom did, but she thought she could manage the night with it. Next, she took a pair of charcoal grey tights and began pulling them up her good leg, then over her new 'stump'. Once the tights were on over it, Missy was amazed at how realistic it looked. Next, she put on a black knit skirt that came down to just below her knees, and then a charcoal grey knit top to match. She put a sock on her left foot, to make the boot fit a little better, and then slid the boot on. She grabbed her crutches and stood up - it was comfortable, and she took a few test steps to get used to the idea of being an 'amputee'. She liked it - maybe not as much as having her legs rigid and immobile in front of her, but she could do this for the evening and enjoy it.
Next Missy went into the bathroom and did her hair, brushing it all to her right side, making a side ponytail and putting a black ribbon in it. The stood on her crutches and looked at herself in the mirror - she liked the way she looked, it made her smile.
She crutched into her mothers' room for the second part of her plan, going through her mother's closet until she found the clothes she was looking for. She set it all out and placed the remaining boot next to the bed, then crutched to the kitchen to check her chores list.
The list had her straightening out the living room and cleaning the bathroom - great. Missy liked the cleaning while she was in her various states of disability, but the bathroom - that didn't sound like fun. Under the bathroom chore, however, there was a note from mom - 'make sure you check in the closet'. OK, noted. Probably new scouring pads to clean the toilet or something. Missy cleaned up in the living room and decided to try to pass the vacuum across the area rug, something she hadn't attempted yet. She was able to pull the vacuum cleaner out easily enough, and then just balanced on one crutch and ran the cleaner over the rug back and forth, similar to how she had mopped the kitchen before. Because the rug wasn't huge, she was able to vacuum the whole thing by only shifting positions three times. She put the vacuum away, thrilled that she was able to do it so easily, and then resigned herself to cleaning the bathroom as her final chore. She crutched into the bathroom and began straightening the counter half heartedly, then remembered her mom's note - check the closet. Curious, she crutched over to the bathroom closet and opened it - her eyes opened wide. Inside, hanging where the mop used to hang, was a specially adapted cleaning tool, as far as Missy could tell. The top part looked like one of her mother's forearm crutches - she put her arm through the ring and grasped it by the cross piece, but instead of a crutch bottom, it had a football-shaped cleaning head. Missy smiled and took the tool down, leaned her right crutch against the wall, and put a cleaning pad on the tool, ran it under warm water in the tub, and began cleaning. It was so much easier to clean this way, and it gave Missy a thrill to realize that it was so much easier because she was using an adaptive tool to help her clean as an 'amputee' - her mom really did understand, and had probably gotten this tool as much for her own use as for Missy's.
Missy finished her chores and watched a little TV, and then about 15 minutes before her mom was supposed to come home, she turned off the TV, wrote a note on the phone pad and crutched into her mom's room, put the note on top of the folded clothes there, and went into her room, shut the door, and waited for her mom to come home.
Mom came home right on time and, as expected, rushed right into her room. Missy crutched out of her room and into the living room and waited for her mom to come out, hoping her surprise would go over well. Her mom came out after about 15 minutes, a big smile on her face, dressed as Missy had hoped - she wore black tights over her right leg and stump, wore her boot, a charcoal grey knit skirt in a similar style to Missy's black one, and a black knit top exactly like Missy's grey one - they were wearing nearly identical outfits, with the same colors, but reversed, and both were amputees - Missy her right leg, Carol her left.
"Oh sweetie, this is so cute." Carol said as she crutched into the living room to meet her 'twin'. "But there's something not quite right - our crutches don't match."
"Well, I figured we could live with that." Missy said -just the fact they were both on crutches was fine for Missy, she didnt care that her mom had her sleek forearm crutches, while Missy used her underarm ones.
"Well, we could - but we don't have to. Go into my room." Carol said. Missy crutched into her moms' room, unsure of exactly why, when she saw them - a pair of beautiful forearm crutches just like her mothers', laying across the bed. She quickly put her underarm crutches aside and grabbed the forearm crutches - already adjusted to her height, as she's expected. She crutched out of her moms' room beaming a smile from ear to ear.
"I'm glad you like them, sweetie." her mom told her when she came into the living room.
"I LOVE them, thank you so much! How did you know?"
"Know what, that you were planning on playing 'twins'? I had no idea - these were actually part of your weekend surprise, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to give them to you now, so we could truly match."
"They're wonderful, and so comfortable to use, especially like this." Missy indicated her 'stump'.
"Well, it looks like I can teach you a couple things about being an amputee, too, dear." her mom said.
"Like what? Time for a lesson from the master?" Missy said, excited.
"Yes, and lesson one - dressing your stump. You're dangling over there..." Carol said. Missy looked down, and the bottom, 'empty' half of her right stocking was dangling out from under her skirt - it must have come undone.
"OK, sit." her mom said, and Missy sat on the couch, her mother say in the chair across from her. Missy still marveled at how graceful her mom moved when she was like this. "Now, let's see." her mom pulled her skirt up over her stump, so it was plainly visible, and it was smooth - no lines, no dangling stocking ends, no wrinkles. Again, it looked perfect, like this woman had been an amputee for years and knew all the tricks.
"That looks great, mom." Missy said, and pulled up her own skirt, revealing her own 'stump' which did not look nearly as well dressed.
"First, pull your tights off your stump." Carol said, and she did the same. It took Missy a minute longer, but she got her stump out of the tights. "next, pull the stocking leg inside-out, like this." Carol said, showing Missy how to turn the leg inside-out, about half way. "Finally, keeping a grasp of the toes there, keep the folded portion there behind your stump, like this." Again demonstrating the process with her own stump. "and now pull it up over your stump, pull it tight and smooth it, then give the toes a tug behind you - that will tighten the whole thing up." Missy watched her mom demonstrate and pull the tights back over her folded stump leg, then smooth and straighten until it looked just as perfect as it had before. Missy tried and was able to do almost as good a job, and after her mom helped her smooth out a few curls and wrinkles, she had a well dressed right stump that looked totally realistic.
"Thanks a lot, mom - it looks great. Oh, and thanks for that tool in the bathroom - it's very handy!" said Missy
"I saw it in the medical supply shop when I was buying those for you and figured we'd both be able to use it. I'm glad you like it."
The pair had dinner and watched TV together, and Missy brushed and did her mother's hair while they chatted, giving her a side pony tail on her left, again to match yet be opposite of Missy's ponytail. The two woman laughed and chatted well into the night, both crutching off to bed later than usual, and both very happy.
Missy nearly bounded home from work on Friday, she was so excited to get her surprise. As she half-expected, her mom was already home when she pulled in, but as she entered the house, her mom was sitting at the table drinking a cup of coffee - and had no apparent disabilities at all.
"No, no disabilities for either of us just yet, we're going out." Carol said, getting up and grabbing her keys. Missy, too excited to complain, followed her out to the car. they drove into town and Carol pulled into a local clinic and parked. Missy followed her in without asking any questions, and both women went into the office. "We have an appointment with Dr. Fields" Carol told the receptionist, and then she and Missy sat down and waited to be called.
After twenty minutes, Missy and Carol were called and walked into the back of the clinic, into one of the treatment rooms. The nurse told Missy to get undressed down to her underwear, and that the doctor would be in soon.
Missy's heart was racing as she undressed, folding her skirt and blouse and placing them on a chair, then sitting on the cold exam table. Her mom was just looking at her, and finally the silence was broken.
"Mom, what the hell is going on?" Missy asked, even her normal tone explosively loud in the quiet office.
"What's going on, Missy." said an attractive female doctor as she walked through the door "is that you have broken both your legs, according to your mother, and will need to be casted."
"Meghan, how are you?" carol asked, standing up and hugging the doctor. "Missy, this is Meghan Fields, an old friend of mine, form my 'early days'. 'doctor' fields now - congratulations, by the way.
"So, you knew my mom when she...?" Missy asked the doctor.
"Oh yes - your mom gave me my first pair of crutches, actually. Honestly, she's probably the reason I followed the path into the medical profession."
"And so you're going to.."
"Put casts on your legs, yes - I assume you'll be OK with that?" Meghan said.
"Oh yes - very OK with it." Missy smiled.
"OK, good. I'm going to put full leg fiberglass casts on you - they'll dry quickly, and you'll be able to walk on them with special cast boots. Well, you'll need support, as well - crutches, at least.
Meghan began by putting soft stockings on Missy's legs, all the way up to her crotch. Then she wrapped both legs up and down with soft wrapping, which she explained were to help the casts be more comfortable on her. Then she began wrapping her legs with the fiberglass bandages, starting at her feet, using extra wrapping at the ankle and knee. Missy was fascinated to see the casts go on, see her legs transformed like this. The process too almost an hour, and Missy had to sit still for another 30 minutes to make sure the casts were set and dry. Her mom helped her get dressed, putting her skirt back on for her, then, to be sure they weren't damaged, Meghan brought in a wheelchair with leg supports and she and Carol helped Missy into the wheelchair, lifting her casted legs and placing them on the padded rests. Her mom pushed her in the wheelchair out to the car, right through the waiting room where several people still sat and waited to be seen. Missy could feel their eyes following her - or rather, her casted legs - as she was wheeled through the room. She had never felt so good - and to be honest, doubted she had ever felt so aroused in her entire life, sitting in this wheelchair, her legs immobile and casted. Though she absolutely loved what her mom had done for her here, she suddenly couldn't wait to be alone for a while. Her mom helped her into the back seat of the car, so she could manage her legs, and then did something Missy wasn't expecting - she folded the wheelchair and put it in the trunk. Missy didn't say anything, but
"How about dinner, sweetie?" Carol asked Missy as they drove.
"You mean - at a restaurant?" Missy asked, shaken out of her erotic, casted daydreams.
"Sure at a restaurant - I'm sure we can find one that will accommodate your wheelchair."
Missy felt lightheaded hearing that, and decided to just go along with whatever her mother was planning. They pulled into a quiet Italian restaurant and Carol verified that could, in fact, accommodate Missy's wheelchair. Carol pulled it from the trunk and set it up, then helped Missy into it, again lifting her casted legs onto the leg pads the wheelchair was equipped with.
They entered the restaurant and were seated, the waiter removed the chair at the end of the table and Carol pushed her wheelchair into the slot, and Missy fiddled with the locks until she figured out how to lock the wheels. The wheelchair felt comfortable under her, and she wiggled her toes and tried to move her legs, which she found to be much more immobile then when she used the bandaging.
"I have to admit, I envy you right now." carol said.
"Why is that, mom?" Missy asked.
"You sitting there, legs crippled, wheelchair bound - I've never actually been in a wheelchair, in all my pretending." she replied.
"Really? Well, we'll have to remedy that - maybe when we get home?" Missy said, already having ideas.
"Tomorrow, dear - you need to keep off your legs tonight, keep them elevated. I'll help you out tonight, if that's OK."
"Sure mom - as long as at some point, I get to help you."
"OK, it's a deal."
They ordered their meal and had an hours-long conversation, the connection between them had grown beyond mother and daughter, and had blossomed into a very close friendship.
Once they reached home, Carol again helped Missy into her wheelchair and helped her up the single step into the house. Once in the house, Missy began wheeling herself about, enjoying the wheelchair and the ease at which she could move about. Still... she wanted a little time alone, a fact which her mother seemed to understand.
"Missy, why don't you go into your bedroom and change into something a little more comfortable, and try out using your crutches."
"Sure mom, I'll be out in a few." she replied, thankful for the opportunity. She wheeled into her bedroom and shut the door - she didn't bother to lock it, as she knew her mom wouldn't come in right now, and she parked her wheelchair next to her bed. She was going to transfer into bed, but the feel of the wheelchair was... nice. She looked at her casted legs and lifted her skirt, touching her casts, then touching her panties - the feeling was amazing, so sensual, almost electric. She began rubbing herself - both her casts and her sex - and the feelings were incredible. She was breathing heavily and fingering herself deeply when she came so strong, even though she tried her best, she knew she made at least some audible moaning or crying sounds as she exploded in orgasm. She listened, but her mom didn't say anything - either she didn't hear, or she was giving her daughter some privacy.
Missy crutched her way slowly into the living room, dressed in only a long nightshirt and her casts, using her forearm crutches. She had put her cast boots on her feet, but being unable to mover her legs at all except for her hips made walking very difficult. she shifted each leg forward with a flip of her hip, so her walk was almost a waddle, but it was slow going.
"Oh honey, there's a better way to do that - here, let me show you." Carol said ash she saw her daughter struggling on her crutches. She went to her bedroom and came back with her crutches, and demonstrated for Missy. "See, with rigid legs like that, you can do what's called a 'swing-through' gait. Watch mommy."
Carol straightened both her legs, as if they were rigid like Missy's, and then placed both crutches in front of her, lifted her legs at the same time, and swung them through the uprights, bringing them down just after the crutches. She repeated the process, and could swing-walk quite effectively - but she also wasn't in full leg casts. Missy tried it, putting the crutches out in front of her a little over a foot, and lifted, swinging forward with both legs - she didn't swing through as gracefully as her mom, but it was a more efficient gait, so she kept trying it. Eventually, she got the hang of it and was moving back and forth across the living room with ease.
"Very good honey." Carol said, watching her daughter's progress on the crutches. After a few trips around the living room and kitchen, Missy stood still with a look of concern on her face. "What's wrong honey?" carol asked.
"well - something I hadn't thought about.... I have to go..."
"Go? Oh, GO - that's OK dear, go ahead, call me if you need any help, but I'm sure you'll be able to manage. Just take it slow."
Missy crutched to the bathroom, where she was greeted by quite a surprise. "Mom" she called out over her shoulder. "I don't know when you did this, but you are officially the coolest mom ever."
"I'm glad you approve, dear."
What missy was looking at was a set of assistive grab-bars around the toilet and tub, so she could transfer easier in her casts. They must have been installed earlier that day, which meant mom must have started her vacation a little early.
Missy crutched up to the toilet, leaned her crutches against the wall, and grabbed the hand rails. She slowly turned herself around, so she was facing the right direction, and then balanced on her casted legs, keeping hold with one hand, and raised her nightshirt with a free hand, then slipped her panties down a bit clumsily. Once that was done, she simply lowered herself onto the toilet seat and did her business. Getting up was almost as easy, pulling herself up to standing using the grab bars, then pulling her panties up, straightening her nightshirt, and getting her crutches back under her. She swung back into the living room and sat on the couch, and her mom immediately put pillows under her legs to help her keep them elevated, as the doctor ordered. Missy had a grin ear to ear. "Thanks so much mom." she said, as carol sat back down.
"You're very welcomed, honey." Carol replied, smiling in her own way.
Missy began to get up to go to bed, and found she was having trouble swinging her legs over the edge of the couch. She struggled for a second, then had a thought.
"Mom, could you help me with my legs?" she asked innocently. Carol got right up and helped Missy to a standing position, and Missy said good night and headed back to her bedroom. Before she left the living room, though, she told her mother not to forget to come tuck her in. She had an idea in her head, and wanted to make sure Carol returned to her room before going to bed.
Missy got ready for bed, then readied her idea, and then got into bed and pulled the sheets over her. As expected, her mom came in a short time later and kissed her goodnight. Before she left, Missy called out.
"Mom - you can take that into your room tonight." she said, indicating the wheelchair.
"No honey, that's OK..." she replied, not even looking at the chair.
"No, really mom - I want you to. Look at the seat..."
Carol looked at the seat - there were six rolls of wide elastic bandage. She smiled, kissed her daughter on the cheek, and pushed the wheelchair and it's cargo out of the room.
Missy slept much better than she had imagined - rolling over wasn't really an option, but that was OK, she was able to get very comfortable on her back. Her only problem was in the middle of the night, she had to go to the bathroom again - she woke up and for an instant forgot her situation - she tried to hop out of bed before she realized that, at least for this weekend, there would be no hopping... She grabbed her crutches and went through the time-consuming process of getting up to standing, crutching slowly to the bathroom, using the grab bars to get down and up, etc... It took so long that by the time she got her panties clumsily down over her casts, she had nearly lost it and peed. She'd have to remember that, as it was a little too close of a close call. She crutched back to bed and slept soundly until the next morning, when she was awoken by - something...
She awoke in bed and thought she had heard a yell or scream. She listened in the quiet of the house, hearing nothing but the hum of her alarm clock - it was after 8:30am, she had slept later than she anticipated. She was about to toss it off as imagination, but then she heard it again, this time accompanied with a moaning. She got up onto her crutches, planning to investigate, when she realized what it was. Embarrassed, she returned to her bed and began to pull out clothes for the day that would suit her particular condition, and still be good looking. she decided on a knee-length navy blue skirt and a nice quarter-sleeved shirt, then pulled out a pair or navy blue tights, just to experiment with.
She removed her nightshirt while sitting, then wriggled out of her panties. She slid on a fresh pair, then decided to try the tights. She was flexible enough to bend down and touch her toes, but actually getting the tights over her casted feet proved to me more of a challenge. She finally managed it, and began slowly pulling the tights up her casted legs, until she could stand by the bed and pull them all the way up over her. She lay back down and put the cast shoes back on, fastening them securely, then put her shirt on. Finally, she stood up and pulled her skirt on, fastening it around her hips and waist, fixing it so it showed off as much of her casted legs as she could. Finally ready, she opened the door to her bedroom and crutched down the hall to the living room, unsure if her mother was 'finished' yet - she was nowhere to be seen, so Missy sat on the couch and watched some TV. A half hour later, she heard her mother's door open, and the distinct lack of footsteps or crutch falls indicated to Missy that her idea had worked.
Carol rolled into the living room, and Missy was again amazed - her mother was transformed. Her hair was gorgeous, her makeup tastefully elegant. she wore a casual burgundy sweater and matching skirt, and under the skirt... Carol was a gorgeous double leg amputee, both 'stumps' wrapped in black tights, and there was no indication as far as Missy could see that her mother had ever had legs, so convincing was the illusion. the leg rests for Missy's casts had been removed, so the wheelchair was devoid of any reference to legs or feet.
"Wow, mom."
Carol wheeled in front of Missy and spun the wheelchair in a slow 360, modeling the new her. "You like?"
"It's amazing - you look great, mom." Missy repeated.
"You look cute too - I like the tights over the casts, it's a nice look."
"Thanks. So, you like the wheelchair, I take it."
"More than you know, sweetie. I'm not sure you'll be getting it back this weekend."
"That's fine - you look great in it, and I kind of like the crutches with the casts anyway. So you want breakfast?"
"Sure - you mind cooking? I might have issues reaching the counter like this..."
"I figured - I'll make waffles, you can set the table, OK mom?"
"sounds like a plan then" Carol said, and wheeled into the kitchen. She pulled dishes out of the dishwasher to set the table with, as she couldn't reach the upper cabinet from her wheelchair, and Missy had to help her with the glasses.
"You're like a pro in that thing, mom." Missy said, getting out the syrup and butter as her mother wheeled around the kitchen getting juice and milk poured.
"I can't tell you how amazing it feels to be in this wheelchair - it's like something I've always dreamed of, but never experienced. It's better than I had dreamed it." Carol said, watching her daughter balance on casted legs and forearm crutches as she prepared breakfast.
After breakfast, Missy and her mom were helping each other straightening up, chatting about what to do for the day in their conditions. They couldn't really go anywhere, as neither of them could drive in their current conditions, and Carol didn't want to stop being an amputee just yet. During the conversation, Carol excused herself and wheeled hurriedly to the bathroom. After a little while, she came back, but was wearing a different skirt.
"What happened?" Missy asked.
"Took longer to use the toilet like this than I imagined, that's all." she said, embarrassed.
"Same thing almost happened to me last night, actually." Missy said, recounting the issues making it to the toilet on time.
"I have an idea, then." Carol said, and wheeled to the den to make a phone call. "It will be all set in about an hour, don't worry about it dear." carol said, and wheeled to her bedroom to start getting laundry together. Missy watched more TV, and in a little over an hour, the doorbell rang. Missy didn't even hesitate - she crutched over to the door and opened it - there was a delivery person from the local grocery there, with two paper bags. Missy signed and the delivery man put the bags down just inside the door and left. Carol wheeled in and grabbed the bags, then took them into the bathroom and locked the door. Ten minutes later, she returned, looking much the same as when she had entered.
"Well?" Missy asked.
"Well? Well, I'm not going to worry about missing the toilet like this any more."
"Mom?" Missy asked, curious, then stopped. "You didn't..."
"It's comfortable, really - I barely know I'm wearing it. You might want to at least use one when you sleep."
"It's better than wetting your bed, I'm pretty sure dear." Carol said, and wheeled into the kitchen again to grab a drink. Missy watched her go, and she really could not tell her mom was wearing a diaper. Intrigued, she crutched into the bathroom to see for herself.
The package was by the toilet, as mom had said, and they really weren't like the diapers she expected. She lowered he tights and panties, slipped the undergarment on, and then pulled the tights and panties back up. Immediately, she was aroused - the padded protective garment pressed against her in just the right ways. She took her crutches and began crutching out of the bathroom, and the diaper rubbed against her, ever so slightly, to continue her arousal more and more. Without saying a word, she returned to her bedroom and locked the door, and got up on the bed and, without even pulling tights, panties, or diaper down, slipped her fingers between her legs and rubbed herself to a quick, hot climax. She re-arranged herself, crutched back into the living room, and started watching TV again.
Missy and her mom ordered out for dinner, and spent hours talking about the things Carol used to do when she was Missy's age, and Missy just got used to seeing her mother as a double amputee there in the living room. Carol transferred smoothly from couch to wheelchair and back, and just looked so elegant. It made Missy smile.
Finally, the pair headed off to bed. Missy undressed, but left her diaper on, just in case, and put on another long nightshirt. She laid in bed and drifted off to sleep, and dreamt of her mother with no legs and smiling...
She woke up, like the night before, having to use the bathroom. She started to get up, but then made an odd decision - she just peed in her diaper. IT felt good, that release, somehow made her feel more truly disabled. She drifted back to sleep without even changing herself, and slept until the next morning.
Missy was crutching to the bathroom when her mother wheeled out - again a DAK amputee.
"they work well, don't they?" Carol asked her daughter.
"Yeah, they do." Missy smiled and crutched past her mother's wheelchair to use the bathroom.
"Mom" Missy called from the bathroom.
"Yes honey?" Carol replied, rolling to the door.
"How do I take a shower?"
"Oh, I'll have to help - I got something from Dr. Fields. You get undressed, I'll get them."
"OK, mom." missy felt a little weird about having her mom help her bathe, but she didn't see much of a choice. She got undressed and used the grab bars to get into the dry tub. Carol came back with two plastic packages containing something pink. She opened them, and there were latex rubber cast coverings, so she could take a bath of sorts without getting her casts wet. Her mom removed her cast shoes and began pulling the tight, stretchy rubber material up over her casts. she then gave her a washcloth and sponge and soap and a basin of warm water, and let Missy wash herself with a surprisingly refreshing sponge bath. After that, Mom washed her hair for her, and helped her out of the tub to get dried off. Finally, Missy put a new diaper on and crutched back to her room to get dressed for the day.

To Be continued