Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wheelchair Sex in Penthouse!!!

So the September 2011 issue of Penthouse features a great article on sex with women in wheelchairs, and it features my crush AJ Bray! It's a well done article with a few sexy 'teaser' pictures, and they talk to a few hot chair girls (Including AJ), discussing sexuality for disabled women, specifically wheelchair-bound women, and how chair chicks are every bit as hot and horny as 'normal' girls (Have to disagree here - they are about a hundred times HOTTER, but that's just me ;) )

The article is good and there are some very hot photo spreads (non-wheelchair, sadly, but hey, I like naked pussy as much as the next lesbian...) so it's TOTALLY worth picking up! You should check it out!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blog - These are a few of my favorite things...

I came across a YouTube video recently, featuring a pretty well known wheelchair model named Simone. It was a simple video - her getting out of bed, putting lotion on her legs, and getting dressed - no nudity, very tastefully done. It was at the same time both completely innocent, and incredibly erotic - at least to me and I'm sure others 'like me' as it were. I've watched it over a dozen times now, just admiring it, admiring the way she moves and handles herself and her soft, obviously useless legs.

Obviously the video was done as a promotion for devotee erotica, and there's nothing wrong with that - I hope she makes a great living doing that, I sure wish I could. But I think it underlines a big difference between erotica made for wheelchair fetishists/devotees and 'normal' porn. People say we're perverts, we're deviants, but I'm not getting off on seeing someone fucked in the ass or getting cum shot all over her face, which is prevalent in even normal 'vanilla' porn. I'm watching a beautiful woman move, watching her express herself. I'm not getting off on 'overcoming adversity' like some MDA poster child, I'm watching someone who moves and lives a bit different from the 'norm', but it's clearly normal for her and she's embracing it, she's living her life and, to me, that's both fascinating and sexy.

I love the video and I just thought I'd share...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Quad Play

I don't play quadriplegic very often, because it's actually kind of boring for Heather and it's hard to pretend without a power chair. We did do the extreme quad amputee scene I posted about previously, but that was more of an 'experiment' than a genuine erotic roleplay. I'm more of a para fetishist anyway, so it's not something I'm really into THAT much - but I fantasize about it sometimes. You know me :)

This weekend we were hanging in the house and I mentioned quad fantasy - not as something I was asking to do, just a mention more than anything - and Heather and I started to talk about it a bit. Heather finally said 'Go lay on the bed and wait for me - I have an idea.' - well, I looked at her with a curious and somewhat curious, somewhat nervous look, and she laughed and said it wasn't THAT kind of idea... so I wheeled into the room and did what she asked, just lay on the bed, fully clothed.

Heather came in naked and said I was a quad - it was a roleplay and I couldn't move anything from my neck down, poor thing... yeah, it turned me on. A LOT. So Heather started to slowly undress me, all whiel I was trying to keep from moving anything. I wasn't even sure what to say, so I mostly stayed quiet as she undressed me sensually. She slipped my t-shirt and bra off, moving my arms and body for me, then unbuttoned my skirt and slipped that off, rolling me gently - I was in heaven! She started playing with my feet then, and told me she wished I could feel all the love and attention she was giving them... she played with my feet for a while, maybe twenty minutes? All the while I lay there and just felt so good. Finally she slipped up and pulled my diaper off- she had ignored it until then - and she worked my unmoving legs to pull one of my strap-ons up my thighs and fastened it tightly to me. She gave me head, sucking on the pink rubber cock, and then lubed it up and straddled me, telling me how good it felt, how she wished I could reach up and grab her, but she knew I couldn't... I was so hot and turned on I was buzzing by this point, so totally wet, and the way she was fucking me and the way the harness of the strap-on was rubbing against me, I'm pretty sure before she did, and she came really hard a few times. It was so amazingly hot, a really nice scene that she said she'd be totally into doing it again...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shoes, Wheelchairs, and Fetishes

So Heather and I have been having an interesting philosophical discussion over the last few days, mostly stemming from the AMAZING new shoes she bought me. Is it sexier to see a woman in a wheelchair barefoot (or wearing stockings and no shoes) or wearing some kind of sexy shoes. Obviously this is personal preference, but we broke it down into three basic 'camps'


Personally, I love either barefoot or stockings/knee socks in a wheelchair. I feel like not wearing shoes somehow enhances the sense of disability. I also love how, on some real paras, the feet are somewhat curled, or flaccid - they just 'look' more disabled, and thats' a huge turn-on for me, personally. Heather likes the 'no shoes' look because it shows off the feet, and she certainly doesn't mind me wheeling around the house barefoot, but it's actually not her preference - which kind of surprised me.

'Normal' shoes

Neither of us are a fan of this. By 'normal' shoes we mean sneakers, flats, loafers, pedal pushers, more 'conservative' shoes. The only exception is Mary Janes, which I like to wear with schoolgirl outfits. (OK boys, picture that in your head for a minute. You're welcome.) Normal conservative shoes just seem 'blah' - both in and out of the wheelchair. Needless to say, we don't own many pairs of these.

'Extreme' shoes and fashion shoes

Here is Heather's preference, but she's a foot fetishist more than a wheelchair fetishist, so this is her preference across the board. By 'extreme' shoes I mean shoes that are so 'outside the norm' that I probably couldn't walk in them if I tried - like ballet heels. Fashion shoes are shoes like Manolo Blahnik and other high end styles that I couldn't afford if I sold a kidney. We've got plenty of knockoffs, though - Heather loves red and pink stiletto heels, peep toes and strappy sandals as well as classic black patent stilettos. I love shoes that tie on somehow, like a strap or silk tie, like the ones HEather just bought me. I like those because I feel like they're tied on so they won't slip off my paralyzed feet :)

So what does everyone else prefer? You prefer barefoot? Sexy shoes? Something else entirely? Let me know - I'd love to hear from you!

Finally - there is a sex podcast that I love to listen to, 'Having Sex, with Katie Morgan', that has been on for a few weeks now. Well I was listening Episode 10, from Wednesday, August 3rd, that was all about fetishes. It was a good episode, interesting and funny and sexy, but then the last question was about disability fetish! This guy is into wheelchairs and crutches and amputee pretending and they have a pretty good discussion about medical fetish in general - I was blown away and really impressed - and really turned on! You can download and listen for free - give it a try!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ok, everybody should vote for AJ!!!

So one of the hottest and most wonderful wheel gals in the universe, AJ Bray, has entered a contest to be Playboy's Miss social - you can vote for her on Facebook, and you definitely SHOULD - she's amazing, in so many ways, and she is HOT! And she is Pansexual and she loves SHOES!! Please click on the link below to vote, and check out the video below to see why (and see just how awesome she is :) ) - Please vote for AJ!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Heather really likes 'The Wannabe'...

So it's been a few days since the amazing fetish video 'Jessie The Wannabe' has hit the virtual shelves and Heather and I watched it end to end this weekend. The short 'review' - I got SO LAID after we watched that. I mean long, hard, intense lesbian fucking that lasted half the night.

I'm not going to do a typical review for the movie, since I wrote it and I don't think that's a fair review, but I can talk about Heather and I watching it. First - Heather didn't even think I could pull it off. She didn't think for a minute that a fetish video production company would pick up a script from me and make it into a movie, so she didn't even read the script beforehand. It's not that she isn't supportive - she is, in her own way - but she still thinks my website is only visited by like twelve perverts - she doesn't actually think I have an audience. That's OK, though - we know the truth, don't we :)

So Heather was already impressed with the fact that I got this done, and she didn't even complain that it was in polish, she was OK with the subtitles (which I wrote, for the most part).

She liked the setup, and she was shocked at the injection scene - she was actually impressed at how they pulled it off. She LOVED the scene after the injection, where the nurse was seeing how much feeling Jackie had left, asking her to move her toes and seeing if she had any feeling in her feet. Heather does love her some feet :). She rolled her eyes at the diaper scene, but she knows my kink and was fine with it.

Once it got to the blindness scene, she kind of freaked - she had no idea it was coming, and she's so interested in blindness, she knew it was in there for her :) - she had her hand down my pants at that point, and she was really hot once the girls got the cafe and was so turned on as she watched poor Jackie feeling her way around to eat her lunch - we were mostly naked before the video ended, and I replayed the video two or three more times as we rolled around on the couch and the floor. She ate me out SO good as Jessie got the injection and became paralyzed, and I was eating her out as Jessie got the blind contacts in and started blindsimming.

I'm still really really happy about this video, and thanks so much to for working on it with me!