Monday, March 21, 2016

D-Models - long time Devotee Resource

We all know that devotee resources come and go - great sites that are active for a while, producing great content, that simply vanish, or else stop updating and linger on like zombies.  It happens often - people get tired of it, or get harassed for their interests, or they can't make any money because of piracy, a sad fact of our community.

Some sites, however, have remained, steadily producing quality devotee material for many years, regularly updating with new models and new scenes for your viewing pleasure.  D-Models has been one of these sites, producing high quality images of beautiful disabled models for over a decade!


D-Models produces photo sets of beautiful paraplegic and amputee women in outdoor, indoor, and even bedroom settings.  The quality of their work is very high, with clear, well composed photos, and their models have something for everyone; attractive women with a variety of disabilities.  They also offer at least two new updates a month, an impressive feat lately, and offer beautiful new models often.

In a community where sites cone and go regularly, D-Models has stood the test of time and still produces some of the most excellent photos in the community. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Two to Beam Up - Devotee Star Trek Fan Fiction

Two to Beam Up    by ParaCathy

“Transport initiated”

“Chief there’s a problem; we’ve got a surge in the primary buffer matrix!”  

“Switch to auxiliary!”  

“I can’t, we’re in a cascade failure, we’re losing her!”

“I’ve got a partial lock, but the secondary buffer is corrupt!”

“Dammit…  Can you reconfigure the primary?”  

“If I reconfigure the primary we’ll get an incomplete pattern.”

“Better most of her than none of her…”