Monday, February 28, 2011

New Story - It's Candi's Fault....

I have never hid the fact that I pretty much lust over Candi at - she's goregeous, funny, sweet, and knows how to show off her para stuff better than anybody. Her legs are so... OK I should stop before I get myself in trouble here... :)

So Candi recently posted a video clip on Facebook (If you are a wheelchair fetishist and don't follow her on facebook, do so now! I mean it!!) of her in a VERY sexy 'naughty nurse' outfit that made me lightheaded it turned me on so much.

Now I'm obviously into a lot of medical fetish stuff, and you'd think someone like me, into wheelchair and pretender fetish and BIID stuff wouldn't be into the old cliche 'naughty nurse' - If you did think that, you would be so very, very wrong. I have many, many 'naughty nurse' type fantasies, especially a naughty PARA nurse in a wheelchair - dear god I can't imagine anything hotter right at the moment. So Candi, this little flight of fancy is completely your fault....

The Naughty Nurse By ParaCathy

"How are you feeling Cathy?" the nurse said with a smile. "You've had a rough night, but you're OK now... I'm Candi, I'll be your nurse." She was like no nurse Cathy had ever seen before - first of all, she was dead gorgeous, with a bright smiling face, sharp, dazzling eyes, and lush blonde hair spilling out from under her white nurses' cap. Next, she was wearing what could be described more as a fetish costume than a legitamte nurses' uniform. Short, short skirt, tight stretchy top that exposed most of her full breasts, a pink stethescope, and white thigh-high stockings that clung to her legs like a second layer of skin. She wore a very sexy pair of red patent heels that were certainly not meant for standing on all day, which made perfect sense when Cathy finally took in the full picture before her.

Nurse Candi, she saw with delight and no small amout of desire, was in a sleek, sporty wheelchair and her legs were thin, smooth, and some of the most goregeous paralyzed legs Cathy had ever had the pleasure of seeing. She was amazing from head to obviously parayzed toe, and Cathy completely forgot where she was or what she was doing there, immidiately trying to get up and talk to this sexy, flirtatious nurse.

Her body had other plans and reacted with a kick of extreme dizzyness and some nausea, and Cathy's head flopped gracelessly back to the bed.

"Careful now, Cathy." nurse Candi said with a smile and wheeled closer. "So you like wheelchairs, is that what I've read?"

"Well...." Cathy said, mouth dry, unable to take her eyes off of Candi's perfect legs. "I guess you could say I have an... interest in the differently abled..."

"The way I hear it..." Candi said, running her hands up and down her thighs as she sat there "It's more than an interest. I'm willing to bet you're pretty wet night now." she practically whispered. "Or you would be, if..."

Cathy realized with a start that, as focused as she was on Nurse Candi, she barely realized that all sensation stopped at her navel, she couldn't feel anything below her belly button at all.

"Oh my, I'm...."

Candi lifted the light sheet off of Cathy and lifted one limp leg. "Well let's see - I'm here to give you your exam, after all..." Candi said with a smile. She lifted Cathy's left foot in her latex-gloved hands and Cathy felt a deep thrill at the utter lack of sensation, the way it could have been someone else's foot.

"Wiggle your toes for me Cathy." Nurse Candi said, but try as she might, try as hard as she could, Cathy's toes refused to do anything, not even twitch. she shook her head.

"Hmmm." Nurse Candi said. She took out a slim metal instrument tha tlooked similar to a dental hook. "Now tell me when you feel this" the naughty nurse said as she ran the hook across the soles of Cathy's feet.

"Nothing at all." Cathy said with growing excitement, mixed with just a hint of fear and more than a little arousal.

Nurse Candi continued her examination, feeling her way higher and higher up, and the higher she got up Cathy's legs the more excited and aroused Cathy felt. Seeing those gloved hands touching her, manipulating parts of her that she could neither feel nor move, was making Cathy more and more turned on. By the time Nurse Candi got to her now numb sex, Cathy was panting with arousal, her heart beating a hundred times a minute she was so excited.

"Surely you can't be turned on by this.." Nurse Candi said as she stroked Cathy's numb clit. "You can't feel it at all, can you?" she teased, driving Cathy wild, because while she couldn't feel it, that fact was one of the most erotic things she had ever experienced. Cathy moaned as the nurse stroked her, almost playfully.

"So let's get you dressed and rolling." Nurse Candi said once the exam was done, leaving Cathy panting as she wheeled around to get some clothes. Not 'hospital' clothes, though - she pulled out a pair of thigh high stockings, a short skirt and a tight pink t-shirt top. It looked like there was a diaper there as well.

Getting dressed was better than sex for Cathy - seeing Nurse Candi slipping the stockings on her limp, unfeeling legs, pulling the tight skirt over her numb hips, even rolling her around to get the bulky diaper on were fascinating and arousing for Cathy. It was as if she was watching someone else getting dressed, but that someone else was attached to her. It was something Cathy had always dreamed of, but never expected to encounter.

Once Cathy was dressed she sat in the now elevated bed and looked at her paralyzed lower half. "So now what?" she said, looking around the room - the only wheelchair in sight was the one Nurse Candi sat in. "Should I ride in your lap?"

Nurse Candi smiled. "I'll bet you'd like that - maybe later doll." She hit a button and an orderly brought in a beautiful pink sport chair. "I think this is what you were looking for."

The chair was modern and sexy, Cathy was immediately in love and couldn't wait to get into it. The orderly parked it near the bed and Candi made sure it was locked, then pulled out a transfer board.

"You'll be using one of these for a while." she said, and helped Cathy slip the board under her bottom and over to the wheelchair. "I take it you've transferred into a wheelchair before?"

"Maybe a couple times." Cathy said with a blush. "But never..."

"It's going to be a lot different with these now." Candi said and rubbed Cathy's dead legs again. "But I'm sure you'll get the hang of it."

Cathy struggled a bit, but finally, with Nurse Candi's help, she slid into her new wheelchair. Nurse Candi arranged her legs for her, something that nearly made Cathy cum, and then Cathy was in HER wheelchair, completely paralyzed from her stomach down, with a sexy paralyzed nurse, and more turned on than she had ever been.

"So what now?" Cathy asked, sitting in her wheelchair.

"What do you want?" Nurse Candi asked, wheeling to face her.

"A kiss." Cathy replied with a deep blush.

Nurse Candi smiled, wheeled up to Cathy and lifted one paralyzed, stocking-clad leg. She took Cathy's foot in her hands and kissed it, then replaced the limp foot into it's footrest. "How was that?" she asked with a wink. "Did I leave you wanting for more?"

Cathy just nodded as she sat in her chair and stroked her numb and flaccid thighs.

To be continued?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Look Ma, No Hands

This story is a commission of sorts - a friend online (one of my 'fantasy roleplay' friends) was into this scene/concept, but we couldn't give it enough time to play it out, so I told her I'd write up a quick story around it. It's not my usual thing, it's extreme and kinky and involves consensual incest, but it's new and different and I hope some people like it.

Look Ma, No Hands By ParaGirl

The infection spread rapidly and Amber spiked a high fever that had everyone worried about serious complications. The doctors were able to identify it, but Amber proves to be allergic to the typical remedies, so they lost precious time trying to find something that would work on that particular strain. In the end they found a combination of drugs that killed off the virus and brought Amber back from the brink of death, but she had been sick for two weeks, had been gripped by extreme fever for almost half that. It was inevitable that there would be some long term effects of the illness.

Amber's mother, Grace, watcher her daughter sleeping quietly. It was their first night back, fresh out of rehab. Amber looked peaceful in her sleep, Grace couldn't see the pain and loss that was so common on the eighteen year old's face since she regained consciousness. It wasn't a surprise, her daughter had lost so much in so little time....

Amber started to wake, a low moan escaping her as she started trying to roll over. Her inability to roll successfully woke her up with a start and she cried out. Grace hurried into the room to help.

"It's OK honey, I'll help you get up. Let's remember your morning routine dear, just like rehab." she said, stroking Amber's hair. Amber looked up, eyes already puffy with tears, and nodded.

Grace helped Amber sit up. It was here that she saw the real results of her daughter's illness, as her arms flopped lifeless at her sides. They were paralyzed completely, as was her right foot, a result of nerve damage from the infection. She could still walk if she wore a rigid AFO brace on her right leg, but her arms were completely dead, she'd never use them again.

"I'm up mom, I'm OK." she said with a sigh. "And it feels like I'm.... starting."

"Starting?" Grace asked, then understood immediately, realizing Amber was talking about her period. "Oh don't worry, we'll take care of that dear."

Grace helped Amber into her wheelchair and wheeled her into the bathroom. They had gotten the morning routine down pretty well in rehab, but this was the first time doing it in their own bathroom. Grace helped Amber to the toilet, then helped her clean herself - Amber hated this part, but it was likely she'd never be able to do it herself in her condition. Once she was done, Grace then took a tampon and slid it into her daughter gently. Amber wouldn't even look, and her eyes were tearing up again. She bit her lip a little.

When the bathroom routine was complete Grace wheeled Amber to her room and start dressing her, taking out the clothes that Amber asked for.

"Mom" Amber said quietly. "I had a dream last night."

"A dream? Like you were healthy again?" Grace said, feeling like she knew what was about to happen.

"No, not really like I was healthy again, it was more... " Amber blushed deeply. "It was more erotic. I don't remember many details, but I woke up feeling, well... horny." she said. "That's why I woke up so upset - I can't do... THAT any more."

Now it was Grace's time to blush fiercely. This wasn't something she had anticipated at all. "Well honey, it's.... you could.... Oh god honey I don't know what to say..." she said, feeling a bit awkward. She knew her daughter was sexually active before her illness, but currently had no partner and, in her condition, wasn't likely to find one in the short term anyway.

"Sorry Mom, I shouldn't have brought it up." she said, looking more embarrassed.

"No it's OK honey, I'm glad you feel like you can share things like that with me. I completely understand." Grace took a deep breath. "Are you still, you know..."

Amber wouldn't answer but she nodded her head a couple times. Grace say beside her on the bed and stroked her hair.

"Close you eyes and think of that dream again honey." she whispered to Amber, then caressed her daughter's smooth skin.

It was hard at first, this was wrong in so many ways, but her daughter needed her, her poor crippled daughter needed her mother, and this wasn't that much more personal than wiping her bottom or putting in her tampon. She gently caressed her daughter, rubbign her inner thighs, then her clit. It was already wet and reacted to her touch instantly, Amber moaned softly.

Grace rubbed more, little circles with just a bit of pressure. It was how she liked it, she imagined it would work for her daughter. She was right - after a few minutes Amber was writing under her touch and moaning, her hips started bucking. Finally, Amber began to shake as the orgasm built, and to Grace's surprise, Amber came with several shouts and a loud cry of 'Oh Melissa...' before collapsing to the bed, spent. Grace left the room for a few minutes and washed her hands, giving her daughter a bit of privacy.

Grace was sitting at the kitchen table with a plate of breakfast ready when Amber walked in. She had a slight limp due to her paralyzed foot and brace, and her arms swung limp and useless as she walked. She had a smile on her lips, though, and Grace was happy. They hadn't talked about it 'after', but Grace could see a change in her daughter, a change for the better.

"She who's Melissa?" Grace asked as she forked some scrambled egg into Amber's mouth. Amber blushed but didn't react otherwise.

"She was in rehab." Amber finally asked after a sip of juice. "She was across the hall from me. We spent... a lot of time together."

"Oh, I see. Was she...?" Grace started.

"Well she wasn't there for the fun of it." Amber answered. "She was in a car wreck, broken back." she said. "Paralyzed from her stomach down."

"Oh, and you two..." Grace was curious now, about so many things.

"It didn't start that way - she had been there for a few weeks when I moved in. At first she thought I was a quad, because of my arms, but then saw me walking. She was confused, to say the least. She introduced herself, we discussed our situations, and wejoked that between us we'd make a whole woman - she was the arms and I was the legs. I don't know when it got... sexual. It just happened one night, after we'd both had a rough day of rehab, we needed contact, needed companionship, needed someone who understands, and... "

"It OK, I understand honey." said Grace, and she really did. "Are you two going to... keep in touch?"

"I hadn't thought about it." said Amber, but Grace knew that was a lie. She started to have an idea, and later that dat found herself making a call to the rehab center, asking to be connected to Melissa's room...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Buyer Beware - CGJ VIP Asian Foot & Cast Fetish and Clips4Sale

I just got a long angry email from a reader, with some forwarded emails from Clips4Sale customer support, so it looks legit. He wanted me to post this because of a really bad experience he had buying fetish material, and he knows I HATE that...

He saw one of the Haicaster youtube videos advertising a decent looking pretender fetish video - he even sent me the link:

The clip is called Miwako Pretender and features a pretty Asian girl pretending to be an arm amputee, leg amputee, and para. Looks nice, actually - I've seen it before but oddly enough I never saw it listed in the clips store for purchase.

So if you look at the clip, it clearly sends you to to buy a longer clip. Now at the top of THAT page you get a video called 'Miwako Disabled Pretender' that is for sale, and there are a few similar scenes from the youtube video. However, according to my reader, these videos are TOTALLY different.

According to the email I got, the purchased video contains more than 60% cast fetish material (LLC and LAC) and very little 'pretender' material - in fact, there is NO arm amputee and only a few brief scenes of the leg amputee, plus a little bit more para footage.

Needless to say he contacted Clips4Sale customer support (I have these emails, he forwarded them to me) and while they weren't rude or anything, they simply didn't care. As far as they were concerned he got what he paid for. Definitely not a 'customer is always right' situation here. Basically they said they were not responsible for any misrepresentation from videos posted to youtube, which might be technically correct, but doesn't it raise a few ethical questions?

He said he contacted the stuido as well and never heard back from them - I don't have any emails or anything related to that but he seems straight up, I have no reason to doubt him, and they ARE a Japanese studio, so maybe they can't even understand what he's asking...

In any case - though I've had some decent luck with Clips4Sale personally, specifically buying brace pretender stuff, this sounds like false advertising, either intentional or accidental. To link from a movie trailer to a site where you can buy a movie with the same (or similar) name that is NOT the same movie and doesn't contain the same scenes or content just seems sleazy.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE that studios are starting to make more and more of our particular fetish related material available, but they can't keep trying to scam us or pass of crappy material as premium content. It just annoys me to no end!

So in short, I guess I'll just say buyer definitely needs to beware when purchasing anything from Clips4Sale or CGJ and triple-check you're getting the movie you actually think you're buying, because if you don't they apparently do not care.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday fetish fun...

So Heather had big plans for me yesterday... She was in the mood for some blind girl action, so after lunch she put some eye patches and dark glasses on me, making me totally blind, and then dressed me. She loves dressing me in what she calls 'blind girl' outfits, which are usually mismatched, as if I got dressed with no idea about color or style. It really turns her on for some reason she was never able to explain - kind of like me getting wet seeing paralyzed feet turned in on a wheelchair foot rest.

Heather wanted something a little more yesterday, though - she was also in a serious foot fetish mood, so she bandaged both of my hands into 'stumps' so I couldn't use them. She figured out a way to attach the white cane, which she said looked great - I'll have to take her word for that. It did force me to use my feet for a lot of things though - I pretended to read braille for her using my toes, which from the sounds of it had her masturbating as she watched me.

The 'Big Finale' was making me use a dildo on her with my feet. I've done that before - again, she's a foot fetishist - but this is the first time I've done it while blind and without hands. It was tricky, but really hot. I gripped the dildo between my feet and she helped me guide it in, since I was blind, and I used my feet and legs to fuck her. Like I said, it was so hot.

Her final present to me was getting me up on all fours and fucking me with her strap on. While she was fucking me she snapped my back with an elastic, which hurt and surprised the hell out of me, and she told me she had snapped my back and paralyzed me, and we played out a whole 'blind arm amputee new paraplegic' fantasy that made me cum about eight times. She finished fucking me and put a big diaper on me, telling me what she was doing every step of the way and telling me I was a helpless cripple, which is one of my biggest turn-ons. She unbandaged my hands for me afterwards but left me blind and in my wheelchair until bed time. Overall, very hot afternoon and evening for me :)

Just thought I'd share ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Flash Fiction - The Morning After

God you were so sexy that night. I saw you there, in the club, and it wasn't some deep romantic wave that swept me, it was lust - I felt you in my sex. You wanted me too, I knew it as soon as our eyes met. You smiled at me, and it wasn't friendly, it was pure seduction. I had no question that I was going to end up in your bed, it was just obvious, and I wanted it.

The drinks were a mere formality - to get closer and make sure that the feelings, the desires, were really there and not just some byproduct of the thumping music and strobing lights. Our legs touched under the table and we both jumped a little from the electric charge of that momentary contact. My panties were soaked, and by the way you shifted in your chair I knew yours were too.

I had gotten to the club via the subway and you had a car in the lot. I followed you to it, drinking in the way you walked, the way your hips swayed, the way your auburn hair bounced. You opened the door for me and a giggled, I remember that - I thought it was sweet and almost out of place, we were almost feral with lust by this point.

I guess we were paying so much attention to ourselves and our lust that we weren't paying attention to how many martinis we had, or how fast you were driving. I heard crunching metal, heard grinding and screaming, I felt the car lurch and roll, I felt my back break, heard the pop, legs going dead instantly, then black...

I wheel into your room. I don't know how long it's been, don't know anything but this moment. My legs are dead, completely paralyzed, but I don't care. I need to find you, to see you, to know. You look at me as I wheel in and my questions are answered - the look is still there. The lust is still there. I feel it in my sex, even though I'll never feel my sex again, and I wheel up close. You reache out with your right arm and I can see the bandaged stump of your left, where you lost it just below her shoulder as the car rolled onto it. I see the heavy casts on both on both of your legs. I want you more than ever. You whisper to me 'soon'. I wheel back to my room.

I wheel into the club. The same club where it all started. I'm in a stunning black dress with red shoes that I know I shouldn't have forced onto my dead feet, but the effect is amazing. I wheel in and see you - right where I saw you the first time. You're sitting there wearing a blue dress with sleeves that don't cover your stump, the skirt short enough to give everyone a good look at the leather and steel braces that encase your legs. Fearless. Flawless. Your long auburn hair shimmers in the alternating lights of the dance floor. I wheel over and sit across from you. You smile, and it's still there, the desire, the lust, it burns between us like a bonfire. We both order sodas. You take my hand. We don't say anything.