Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Video Review - Beality presents Francesca

OK, so I know I said I retired, but this kind of doesn't count, and Heather said it was OK, so here's something new.  I was contacted by a new para/devotee video production called 'Beality' and they have a new video called 'Francesca' that they asked me to review and get the word out on.  Full disclosure -they gave me the video for free, but I promise, if it sucked, I would tell you it sucked.  It doesn't.

This is a 48 minute, high-definition para girl 'art film' - and that's not a bad thing.  The production values are very high, the filming and lighting are stunning, the framing is wonderful; this is just a very high quality para devotee film, completely focused on a very beautiful woman in a wheelchair, but it doesn't beat you over the head with 'devotee'.  It's definitely higher quality than the 'ParaBabes' and 'ParaBeauties' videos, which I previously held as the 'gold standard' for quality.  I imagine you could play this in some fringe art house theaters and get people to come and see it and talk about how it reflects deeper philosophical meanings of life or something - especially the final scene.
I do not know if the model is paraplegic - I assume she is pretender, but at no time in the film do you suspect that; if she is a pretender she's very good at it, very convincing.   Overall there is no 'story', just five different scenes showcasing Francesca in different clothes and a different situation.  There is no dialog at all, so there is no language barrier - I like that, because I'm an American and we don't like learning new languages.  It's a flaw.  I wish I understood German - some of the best devotee material is in German...

As far as the details, the movie starts out in a nice wooded area - this has beautiful lighting.  She's wearing nice looking jeans and low heels, and she wheels around a bit.  She wheels through the park, it looks like it's dusk - very attractive.
Next there is a longer indoor scene where she's working, then getting ready, possibly for a date.  There's one change of clothing, from slacks and a blouse to a nice short dress shat shows off her legs well.  She puts on a very sexy pair of shoes.  There's a nice extended sequence of putting on makeup - again, the lighting is really nice here.
Another scene change, this time she's wearing a sexy short black dress with nice black heels and nice looking stockings.  She wheels over to a table, has some wine, and smokes a cigarette while looking at some paperwork.
Another scene change -  She's in an amazing white dress, very sexy, with nice shoes.  She's in a living room wiht a nice leather sofa, watching a projection TV.  There's a nice leg cross and my favorite transfer - framed from her breasts down, a nice slow transfer onto the couch.  She spends some time positioning her legs on the couch, and she moves them and positions them to maximize how dead they look - it's probably my favorite scene overall.  The camera work is really top notch here - they just know what to focus on to maximize the 'devotee' factor.
The final scene is the most 'art film' scene I've ever watched in a devotee film.  She's in a stunning long silver dress, sitting in a room with the red lether sofa, but the floor is covered with leaves and branches, like it's also outdoors.  She's sitting on the floor, no wheelchair, and she does some nice, slow manipulation of her legs, then reads a book.

Should you buy it?  If you like beautiful women doing things in wheelchairs, this is a really nice video, very enjoyable, with some very sexy sequences.  I think the biggest plus here is the incredibly cinematic quality - this is a producer we want to encourage, because they can only improve the devotee material we have now. I'm very exited to see what they do next!

So if you've got the money, please give this video a chance, and tell the producer, Beality, that we want more like this!  You can let me know how you liked it, too...