Thursday, January 30, 2014

I worked on another new Para Pretender video - This one is my favorite!!

So I like surfing the Clips4Sale website, which is a wonderful porn portal that actually has categories for amputee, cast fetish, orthopedic braces, and yes, wheelchairs.  The cast fetish categories usually had the most activity, which awesome studios like Broken Devilz making really hot, sexy cast fetish clips.  Recently, however, there has been more activity around the amputee and wheelchair channels, and I've been reaching out to the studios to see if they wanted to work with me and turn some of my ideas into fetish videos.  The good news - lately I'm getting responses!  The better news?  The latest video is the best yet!!

I posted news about a few interesting/extreme fetish videos a few weeks ago, from 'Lorry's Passionate Fantasies', and I've gotten good feedback on those.  Today, I'm VERY happy to introduce an all new video, based on my own fantasies, from the VERY sexy 'Sarah's XXX Secrets' studio.  Sarah is very hot and she was kind enough to turn one of my para girl fantasies into a VERY sexy new video....  I think it's my favorite paragirl fetish video ever (and you know I've seen a LOT of them!!)

'Sarah's XXX Secrets - Sexy Para Girl' is both subtle and sexy, realistic and erotic.  Sarah is meeting an old friend, a year after she was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair, and she talks about her sex life, how she has to wear diapers, how her legs are dead, floppy and atrophied.  She's in a crappy hospital wheelchair, but she does say that she's waiting for her 'real' chair to be repaired and she hates the junker.  The way she moves her legs is sublime, they truly seem limp and paralyzed, every movement seems both casual and calculated to tantalize paragirl 'enthusiasts'.  There is a scene where she removes her thick knee-high socks, revealing sexy little peds under them, and she is truly struggling with her floppy feet, every movement a genuine challenge.  She has a wonderful discussion about her diaper, then discussed her numb, paralyzed pussy.  She strips off her diaper, making quite a show of manipulating and maneuvering her floppy legs, and then proceeds to finger herself, explaining how unfeeling it is, talking about how she masturbates in front of a mirror, trying to remember what the sensation used to feel like.  It is wonderful and sexy and very realistic - a para fetish video that hits all the 'key notes' that turn us on!

I am hoping that this video (VERY reasonably priced at only $12.00 US)  is a success and that I can work with Sarah again, because she really 'Gets' fetish - it's clear from her videos that she understands the core of a fetish and puts on a GREAT show.