Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend Quad Play

I don't play quadriplegic very often, because it's actually kind of boring for Heather and it's hard to pretend without a power chair. We did do the extreme quad amputee scene I posted about previously, but that was more of an 'experiment' than a genuine erotic roleplay. I'm more of a para fetishist anyway, so it's not something I'm really into THAT much - but I fantasize about it sometimes. You know me :)

This weekend we were hanging in the house and I mentioned quad fantasy - not as something I was asking to do, just a mention more than anything - and Heather and I started to talk about it a bit. Heather finally said 'Go lay on the bed and wait for me - I have an idea.' - well, I looked at her with a curious and somewhat curious, somewhat nervous look, and she laughed and said it wasn't THAT kind of idea... so I wheeled into the room and did what she asked, just lay on the bed, fully clothed.

Heather came in naked and said I was a quad - it was a roleplay and I couldn't move anything from my neck down, poor thing... yeah, it turned me on. A LOT. So Heather started to slowly undress me, all whiel I was trying to keep from moving anything. I wasn't even sure what to say, so I mostly stayed quiet as she undressed me sensually. She slipped my t-shirt and bra off, moving my arms and body for me, then unbuttoned my skirt and slipped that off, rolling me gently - I was in heaven! She started playing with my feet then, and told me she wished I could feel all the love and attention she was giving them... she played with my feet for a while, maybe twenty minutes? All the while I lay there and just felt so good. Finally she slipped up and pulled my diaper off- she had ignored it until then - and she worked my unmoving legs to pull one of my strap-ons up my thighs and fastened it tightly to me. She gave me head, sucking on the pink rubber cock, and then lubed it up and straddled me, telling me how good it felt, how she wished I could reach up and grab her, but she knew I couldn't... I was so hot and turned on I was buzzing by this point, so totally wet, and the way she was fucking me and the way the harness of the strap-on was rubbing against me, I'm pretty sure before she did, and she came really hard a few times. It was so amazingly hot, a really nice scene that she said she'd be totally into doing it again...


  1. Totally unrelated, but I wanted to share this with you. I'm betting the person who made this sticker had no idea it could be true!

  2. Oh my god that's so funny - I would love to put that on my chair, that's great! I'm sure the creator doesn't realize how true it is!!