Friday, September 2, 2011

ParaCathy featured in New Mobility!

So here's more big new for me! I was interviewed for an article in New Mobility on pretenders, which was just published yesterday! The author, Allen Rucker, interviewed me over the summer and I think the article came out quite good - I'm happy with it in any case! Check it out, and I hope you enjoy this small look into my mind and my world :) and please - if you're going to leave comments under the article, make sure they are non-confrontational and don't reflect badly on the P/D/W subculture. Thanks!!

Check out the article here!


  1. That's amazing. I first learned about the word devotee from a New Mobility article and it was quite negative, scared the hec out of me. Times have changed!

  2. Maby you talk about this before. Does years of pretending make your legs weak. Atrophe, lack of stregnth?