Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cathy's Christmas Miracle

The Christmas Wish

“What do you want for Christmas Cathy?”  asked Heather as she poured another glass of Merlot.

“Same as always, dear.” Cathy said, sipping wine while half-watching the TV.

“So complete paralysis then?  I’m not sure Santa is going to bring that honey.” said Heather with a smirk.

“As opposed to your wish for me, you mean - milky white eyes and permanent blindness?” Cathy replied playfully.

“And a pair of Stuart Weitzman originals for each of us - priorities dear.”  Heather said, sitting next to Cathy and playing footise, toes stroking up and down Cathy’s smooth skin.

“Of course - how could I have forgotten.  Well, I guess we’ll just have to settle for whatever Santa brings tonight then - I’m sure whatever I have under the tree will be spectacular.” Cathy said contentedly.  She leaned over and kissed her wife deeply.  They lay against each other and sipped wine until well after midnight, and finally headed to bed.

“Hmmm, to Heather…”  Heather read of the card on the small silver-wrapped package.

“Wait, what?” Cathy asked, looking at the package.  “That’s not from me.”

“Really?  There are a couple more presents under here I don’t recognize too.  Are you pranking me?”

“Nope - not me.  Well what it is?” Cathy said, scooting closer as Heather tore open the wrapping.

“Looks like… weird.  It’s a pair of great sunglasses, but it says ‘For Cathy’ on a little card inside the box.  These are for blindsimming aren’t they?  They’re the perfect ‘blind girl’ glasses - can’t wait to see you wearing them love.”

“And I really did not get them for you - I have no idea where those came from.”  Cathy said more seriously.

“Try them on!” Heather pleaded.

“Not yet - there’s more presents, I want to see them!  Let me open this one!” Cathy opened a larger, gold-wrapped box.

“Sure.” Heather said, looking at the present “But I didn’t get that one for you - I swear.”

“Sure you didn’t honey… oh my god.”  Cathy gasped as she pulled a pair of astonishingly beautiful black and red shoes out of the box.  “Oh Heather, they’re beautiful - and look, they tie on around the ankle, you know how much I love that!”

“I didn’t get - hold on, let me see the bottoms…”  Heather grabbed one of the shoes and gasped.  “Cathy, those are Weitzmann originals.”

“They can’t be - they’d cost…”

“About $1200, give or take.” Heather said, practically drooling.  “There’s no way either of us could have afforded these - where did they come from?”

Cathy and Heather looked at one another, then at the pile of remaining presents, and started opening them with a bit more urgency.  Heather found another pair of Weismann originals, perfectly in her size,  Cathy got earrings from Heather and then a pair of really nice pantyhose that Heather was not familiar with.  Heather opened a new set of wine glasses that Cathy had gotten her, and then…

“ooh - I assume these were not from you, dear?” Cathy said, holding up a pair of really nice pink thermoplastic AFO braces.

“Nope - not me.  What are they for?”  Heather asked.

“They’re leg braces - kind of sexy ones, though I prefer full leg.  They help you walk if your lower legs or ankles don’t work right.”

“They’re cute.” Heather said.  “I like the pink.”

“I like them too - I could wear them in my chair sometimes.  I just wish I knew who they all came from, these weirdly specific gifts.  Nobody knows about our ‘interests’, so its a little weird to get gifts related to them.”

“Maybe it was Santa.” Heather giggled, then put the dark glasses on Cathy to see how they looked.

“Whoa, those are dark!” Cathy said, then a moment later “Hold on… this is more than dark glasses.”

Heather pulled the glasses off and gasped.

“Heather, I can’t see anything… what’s going on?”

“Just stay calm.” said Heather.
“What do you mean stay calm - what’s happening?” Cathy asked, feeling about.  “I cant’ see.”

“I don’t know how to say it... “ Heather said quietly.  “Except that… it looks like I got my Christmas wish.”

“You mean…  “  Cathy said, realization dawning.

“Milky white, yeah.  And a pair of Stuart Weismann originals for each of us.”

“Yeah…”   Cathy said quietly.  “Priorities.   So does that mean I was on the naughty list?  I’m certainly not paralyzed.”

“But you didn’t go blind until…”

“Until you put the glasses on me.  Try the AFO braces, maybe those will do it?”

“Right - here they are.” Heather said, and Cathy heard her rustling around in the wrapping paper.  Cathy felt Heather strapping her lower legs into the pink braces.  “Anything?” she asked.

“No - nothing. My legs feel totally normal.” Cathy said, sounding depressed.  “Well it was a nice thought while it lasted.”

“Hold on.” Heather said, and then more rustling of paper.  “Come with me.” and then Cathy felt Heather’s hand.  She stood up slowly, disoriented, and let Heather lead her out of the living room and down the hall to the bedroom, as she had some many times while blindsimming.

“Get undressed and lay down.” Heather said.

“Honey, I know you’re excited by me being really blind now, but it’s taking me some getting used to, I”m not quite ready for - “

“Not for that.. just get undressed and lay down.  I want to try something.”

“Honey, I just - “

“Trust me love.” said Heather, exasperated.  “Just trust me.”

Cathy stripped out of her pajamas and lay down, the world so completely black it was disorienting.  She felt Heather get on the bed and start to put a diaper on her.

“What are you doing?” Cathy asked.

“Shhh - I’m hoping this works.” said Heather, and kept putting the diaper onto Cathy.  Cathy had to admit, it was kind of a nice sensation.  She lay there and then felt Heather begin to pull some sort of stockings up her legs.  Stockings or possibly…

“Panty hose?” Cathy asked.  “The ones you said you didn’t give me?”

“Those are the ones… and…” Heather said, pulling the pantyhose into place on Cathy.  “And I think I’m glad I put the diaper on you, if that was what I think just happened.”

“Oh my god…  I can’t feel anything…” Cathy gasped.

“How high up?” Heather said, excited.

“Hard to tell… seems about at my navel.” Cathy said, feeling her way around.  “oh my god…. I’m paralyzed!  I’m-”

Heather’s kiss stopped Cathy in mid-exclamation.  Cathy felt for Heather’s face and caressed it blindly, then slid her fingers down to Heather’s breasts and belly.  Heather kissed her and caressed her and then whispered ‘I’m fingering you baby.’, making Cathy moan as she realized she really couldn’t feel it.

The pair made love for hours, exploring Cathy’s new conditions.It became less frightening there with Heather so close, the whispered promises of love and care.  Finally too hungry to stay in bed, Heather helped Cathy into her wheelchair and pushed her to the kitchen, making bagels and coffee as Cathy sat there, contemplating her new situation.

“I wonder if this is for real?” Cathy asked.  “I mean, forever, you know?”

“I have no idea.” Heather said.  “If it awful of me to admit that I hope it is?”

“I don’t know.  I dont’ think so.” Cathy said, exploring her unfeeling legs with her hands.  “I think I like it.  I mean, I know I like it, but I think I like it for real.  Not sure if that makes sense.”

“It does make sense.” Heather said “and it also doesn’t, in some ways.  It still doesn’t seem real.”

“I can assure it, it is dear…” Cathy said, slapping her numb thighs. “The only thing I can’t figure out is - what’s with the braces?  The pink braces - you said they weren’t from you, but they didn’t give me any kind of disability?”

“That’s right - they didn’t… but they aren’t supposed to, are they?”

“What do you mean?” Cathy said.

“You said they are used by people to help them walk, right?  So maybe…”

“Bring them over!” Cathy said excitedly.

Two minutes later, Heather had strapped the pink AFO braces onto Cathy, then fitted a pair of white tennis shoes over them.  “Anything?”

“Help me up.” Cathy said, her voice quivering.

Heather helped her stand shakily.  Cathy’s legs were supporting her, mostly.

“I don’t get it?” Cathy said, struggling to balance.  “Why cripple me completely then un-do it with these?”

“I have a theory.” said Heather, and sat Cathy back down, then removed the braces.

“Wow.” Cathy said, feeling down her legs.  “They’re totally dead again - I can’t feel a thing, just like before.”

“That’s what I thought.  Interesting.” said Heather.

“Are you going to enlighten me?” Cathy asked.

“Yes - give me a minute.” Heather said, smiling.

“I’ll just sit here then.” Cathy said with a chuckle.

“Oh, here we go.” said Heather, returning.  “Let’s get these braces back on.  I think these braces are kind of a shared gift, dear.”

“How so?” asked Cathy, curious.

“Well - our wishes weren’t quite compatible.  You wanted to be paralyzed, and I wanted you blind, so we got that…”

“Clearly.” said Cathy with a curious smile.

“But my fantasy isn’t just you being blind.. it’s -”

“It’s me being blind, with dark glasses, tapping around with a white cane, right?  Which I can’t do as a paraplegic…” Cathy said, understanding dawning.

“But with the braces…” Heather said, helping Cathy to her feet again and putting a forearm crutch in her left hand, and her white cane in her right hand.  Cathy made a shuffling step forward, balancing on her single crutch and feeling her way with the white cane.  Her legs were clearly not cooperating fully, but she was able to move ahead a bit more.

“This is terrifying.” Cathy said, breathing heavy.  Her cane-hand was shaking.

“We’ll get you lots of practice love.” Heather said, breathing heavy.

“Let’s head to the bedroom my love.” Cathy said.  She felt Heather put a warm hand on her shoulder to help guide her, and they both slowly made their way back to the bedroom…

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