Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 5th of July

Heather is still sleeping, though probably not for long. I think we're going shoe shopping today, which is very exciting.

Last night we went to a wonderful 4th of July party at Heather's uncles' house, including fireworks and a little too much beer for me... felt very silly by the end of the night. Luckily Heather was driving. Went swimming for like, an hour - that was wonderful, it felt so nice. The water was cool, because of all the recent rain, but it was still nice.

Other than swimming I was, of course, in my wheelchair. After we go home, though, Heather needed a little 'something special' and so she bound my arms into my above elbow 'stumps' then did something different - blindfolded me. She didn't want me to walk, though - she just wanted me to fumble around blindly with my feet, trying to find her and play with her breasts, her pussy - it was really erotic, and she said it was one of the sexiest things she'd ever experienced, combining her serious foot fetish with her interest in blindness. I certainly didn't mind it!

I've got two new stories in the works- I'm hoping to have at least one done this week, but I'm not sure I can focus that much on it. I'll try...

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  1. Exciting, looking forward to your upcoming stories