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NEW Story - New Arrangement Part 3

New Arrangement Part 3

Michelle awoke to warm sunlight pouring into her large, well appointed bedroom. She assumed the bed was warm and plush, but she really had no idea, as she had no feeling at all from her chin down. She was a quadriplegic, officially having broken her neck in a bad fall, but only she and her husband knew the truth - she had been paralyzed during sex, partly for a huge payout of insurance money, and partly for her husbands fetish for helpless women. In any case, this was her life now - paralyzed from her neck down, unable to move anythign but her head, confined to a power wheelchair. the worst part about it was the fact that, somehow, she was really starting to enjoy it.

Michelle hated to work, hated to do much of anything, which had been where her and Derek had started the conversation that ended in her current condition. Now she didn't have to do a thing - well, technically couldn't do a thing - and as much as it was frightening and frustrating and annoying, it was also comfortable, sensual, even erotic. To see Derek use her limp, unfeeling legs and feet to pleasure himself, to watch him lovingly clean her pussy and put on her diaper. Dress her, feed her. Fuck her. She was loved and cared for and basically worshiped, and all she had to give up was all movement and feeling from her neck down. Overall, Michelle thought to herself, not a bad trade.

She called out to Derek that she was awake and ready for her morning routine, when she saw a very attractive redhead in a white nurses' outfit come into the room, smiling brightly.

"Hi Michelle, I'm Melissa. Derek had to leave for work, something about an early morning conference, but I'll be taking care of you during the daytime."

"Hi Melissa. Derek told me about you, I just wasn't expecting you so soon. It's nice to meet you. I'd get up and shake your hand, but..." Michelle smiled. Melissa smiled back, something 'extra' in her glance that made Michelle a little curious.

Melissa was very professional and very thorough taking care of Michelle's morning routine. Melissa changed her diaper - as Michelle still preferred the diapers, and she knew Derek liked them as well - then dressed her in a very flattering, soft and comfortable dress. Michelle assumed it was comfortable, at least - she had no idea any more - but it was soft slipping over her face, she liked the feel of it.

Next Melissa used the lift to get Michelle into her wheelchair, positioning her limp arms and legs, then strapping her in securely. She used the attendant control to drive Michelle into the large bathroom, and then started brushing Michelle's shoulder length hair. It was this that began getting Michelle worked up, got her feeling aroused, feeling hotter and hotter as the hairbrush slipped though her soft hair. She was trying not to moan, not to react, not wanting to make Melissa feel uncomfortable on her first day, but she couldn't help herself, uttering 'oh god, pull my hair' in what she thought was a near-silent whisper. Melissa continued brushing her hair, but added in some gentle yet meaningful tugs, until finally Michelle couldn't take any more and she moaned with pleasure, closing her eyes and enjoying the sensations she was feeling.

Instead of backing off or running in embarrassed terror, Melissa continued stroking and brushing Michelle's hair, more sensually now, adding in a few gentle tugs with her fingers. Michelle was breathing heavy, moaning with every tug and pull of her hair, until finally...

"Ohhhhh god....." Michelle moaned aloud. Her body was limp, totally still, but there was no question that she had a powerful orgasm from the hair brushing and pulling. Melissa said nothing, but Michelle saw the smile on her face.

"So, was that part of the normal service you offer?" Michelle asked after the bathroom routine was complete. It was obviously not a complaint.

"No, actually... first time." Melissa said quietly. "Never met anyone who was... affected in that way. By hair brushing, I mean."

"It's new to me as well, believe me." Michelle said. "Never thought I'd ever feel aroused again after my accident, but the hair thing... it was unexpected, but not unwelcome. I tried to keep quiet as you were brushing me, but..."

"It's OK, Michelle. At first I thought you were uncomfortable, but once I understood what was happening, I.... I guess I couldn't help myself. I hope I didn't overstep any bounds..."

"If you did, I'm thankful for it." Michelle giggled. "I was sure you'd feel uncomfortable and quit if I had an orgasm every time you brushed my hair."

Melissa laughed warmly. "Nope - if that's the worst I have to put up with here, I'm moving in tomorrow! Besides, orgasms are very healthy, didn't you know that?" she giggled as she made some oatmeal for Michelle's breakfast.

"I'll have to remember that - it's part of my new 'health regimen' I guess... I just wish I could return the favor."

Melissa giggled a little too much at this, and Michelle thought she looked uncomfortable.

"Sorry Melissa - I guess I'm just a little more comfortable with my condition than others are."

"It's not that, Michelle, I'm fine with your disability. I'm more than fine with it, really..." Melissa stroked Michelle's cheek. "I find it very sensual, to be honest. It's part of the reason I took the job. I hope you're OK with that."

Michelle was conflicted for a moment, then smiled. "So kiss me already." she said.

"Are you sure? What about your husband?"

"Believe me - he wont' complain." Michelle said, thinking to herself that it was Derek that put her in this wheelchair, and the only thing keeping him out of jail was her keeping quiet. He couldn't begrudge her a few small 'extracurricular activities' now that she was a cripple - especially since he was still working every day, something he promised her he wouldn't do. She had needs, and being a complete quadriplegic, naturally she needed help with those needs. Melissa kissing her, helping her to have orgasms, well that was little different than masturbation for her now that her body was no longer hers to control.

Melissa didn't wait for a second invitation, and began kissing Michelle deeply and passionately, stroking her hair and her cheeks. Michelle returned the passion as best she could with only her head and lips able to respond, wishing she could do more. By the time Melissa broke contact, however, Michelle saw that her blouse was open and she was using Michelle's limp hand to caress her erect nipples, and she was flushed and breathing heavily.

"You know what Derek likes?" Michelle asked, her breathing also heavy as she was feeling more and more aroused. "He takes my limp little feet and he... " she tried to think of a less crude way of saying it, but Melissa understood immediately

"Jerks off with them?" she said with a giggle.

"Yes - and I'll admit, it's hot!" Michelle said, also with a girlish giggle.

"I'll bet..." Melissa said, placing Michelle's mouth control within her reach. "Want to have some breakfast?"

Michelle took the mouth control between her lips and guided her wheelchair through the living room and into the large kitchen. She noted the sound her her tires as they went from the hardwoods to the tiled kitchen floor, imagining her limp legs and floppy feet wobbling a little as she hit the small but perceptible bump at the transition between the floor types.

Breakfast was nice, with Melissa feeding her orange juice, a waffle, and some fresh fruit. Michelle still wasn't used to being fed, but the way Melissa did it was nice, it felt comfortable, even pleasurable as Melissa wiped her chin or brushed a hair off her forehead. Whenever Derek fed her, there was a lust in his eyes, a deep desire that was burning just below the surface. Michelle liked that, to be sure - but with Melissa it was different. There was a kind of caring there, mixed in with a more sensual desire. If Michelle could have reached out and touched Melissa's cheek, she would have.

Breakfast was done and Michelle guided her wheelchair to the spare bedroom that had been set up as Michelle's physical therapy room. Melissa gently lifted Michelle's paralyzed body, laying it on the exercise mat that was set up.

"Why don't you take off my dress, Melissa. Wouldn't want to get it sweaty." Michelle said "and while you're at it, you can get more comfortable too." Melissa removed Michelle's dress without question, so Michelle was laying there on the mat in her diaper. Unexpectedly, however, Melissa removed her entire uniform as well, so she was naked, her body tan and firm. Her nipples erect.

Melissa began at Michelle's legs, doing all the required physical therapy movements and stretches, but in ways Michelle had never experienced. Each movement, each position was like the most erotic tantra yoga. Michelle watched as her legs and arms were moved and manipulated, her flaccid muscles stretched and lovingly caressed by Melissa. Michelle saw Melissa's strong fingers kneading into the soft tissues of her thighs and she wished she could spread her useless legs and invite Melissa in. She closed her eyes and fantasized that Melissa was making love to her, kissing and licking her unfeeling body, her fingers and tongue exploring every inch of Michelle. Michelle moaned as she fantasized, and as she opened her eyes it was no longer a fantasy. Michelle watched helpless as Melissa caressed her own body with Michelle's limp fingers, her curled feet. She lay there and watched as Melissa moved sensually around her, still doing the physical therapy movements, but now as part of a slow, sensual, erotic ballet that Michelle felt both a part of and detached from at the same time.

"I feel strange." Michelle said, and Melissa knew what she meant by 'strange'. "Tell me what you need, Michelle. I'm here for you..." Melissa said, still rubbing and massaging Michelle's limp body.

"I need...." Michelle didn't say it, but Melissa kissed her on the lips, pressed her nipples to Michelle's lips. Michelle licked and sucked the warm breasts greedily, using all the movement her body had left to offer, teasing and sucking those nipples as Melissa started stroking and pulling her hair. Michelle was breathing heavy, her face flushed, her pulse quickening as the feelings of pleasure filled her. Then Melissa stopped. Michelle looked up at her, questioning.

"I need something from you..." Melissa said, flushed and breathing heavy, her naked skin glistening with a light sheen of sweat. Michelle rolled her eyes down, looking at her quadriplegic body as it lay immobile on the floor mat, then back to Melissa.

"Anything more than laying here horny is going to be a problem, I think." Michelle said with a smile, but her eyes were still looking at her naked nurse with a burning curiosity.

"I'm a submissive." Melissa said with what appeared to be some effort. Michelle didn't understand. "I mean, I'm not good at initiating things like this, Michelle. I need you to..."

"To what?" Michelle asked, still not quite understanding.

"To give me orders. To tell me what to do. To command me." Melissa said, her cheeks getting flushed. "I'm sorry, this is difficult to explain." she said, and Michelle thought she might be losing her nerve. She had an idea and went for it.

"Then stop explaining and start kissing my feet, nurse." Michelle said sharply. The reaction was instant and, for Michelle, unexpected. Melissa dropped to her knees, said 'Of course Mistress.', and began kissing and sucking on Michelle's unfeeling feet.

Michelle tried other commands, telling Melissa to kiss her breasts, suck her fingers, nibble on her breasts. she watched as Melissa seemed almost physically compelled to obey. It was arousing - it was more than arousing - to watch this attractive, naked woman crawling on the floor, kissing and manipulating Michelle's paralyzed body in any way Michelle wished.

"Kiss me, nurse" Michelle said, and immediately felt Melissa's lips pressed to hers. "Pull my hair." Michelle whispered, and Melissa's slender fingers worked their way into Michelle's sensitive scalp, sending sparks through her - at least the parts she could feel, anyway.

Melissa was amazing when she was being commanded and Michelle was getting the hang of it. After a short time, Michelle was screaming with pleasure, her body and mind wracked with 'quadgasms' as Melissa touched and stroked and pulled her hair and kissed and nibbled her lips.

Michelle realized after a time that they were done - she was in a fog, still somewhat dazed from the exercise, and Melissa lay beside her smiling and breathing heavily, staring at Michelle.

"What can I do for you now, dear?" Michelle asked, wanting to return the amazing sexual favor somehow. Melissa's expression softened a bit.

"Mistress, you don't ever need to do anything for me. Caring for you and doing as you wish is all I desire. I just hope I am a good sla-... I mean, that I am a good nurse and caregiver."

"A good what?" Michelle asked, having caught the minor slip in Melissa's comment. "I command you to tell me the truth."

"A good slave, Mistress." Melissa said, her cheeks flushing and her eyes brightening.

"Sit in my wheelchair." Michelle said.

"Yes Mistress." Melissa said, and immediately sat in Michelle's large power wheelchair.

"Drive yourself close to me. Closer. Slowly." Melissa drove the chair slowly and carefully, following Michelle's every word, until the wheelchair was parked exactly where Michelle wanted it.

"Now lower your toes on the footrests. A little more. There. Now I want to make you cum as you sit there, you understand?" Michelle said, now looking up at Melissa's bare feet and toes just above her face.

"Yes Mistress, as it pleases you." Melissa said softly. Michelle could tell she was excited already, even though she had no idea what Michelle was up to.

"And you are to leave your arms on the armrests, is that clear?" said Michelle.

"Yes Mistress." Melissa said, her breathing heavy again, cheeks flushed.

Without another word, Michelle rolled her head and craned her neck enough to pull Melissa's big toe into her mouth. She used her lips and tongue to kiss and suck and nibble on Melissa's toes, and Melissa's reaction was exactly what Michelle had hoped for. As she sucked on Melissa's sensitive toes and licked her feet, Melissa cried out in two, possibly three orgasms. Michelle was pleased that her plan had worked, smiling as Melissa sat in her wheelchair, eyes closed, breathing heavy. Michelle realized that Melissa looked really hot in a wheelchair. Information that would certainly be filed for later use...

Michelle commanded her new 'slave' to change her diaper (as well as kiss her pussy before cleaning it, which seemed to cause another small orgasm), dress her, and put her back in her wheelchair.

"Does Mistress wish her slave to get back into her uniform?" Melissa asked. Michelle thought about it.

"Mistress wishes slave to wear white thigh-high stockings." she said finally.

"As part of slave's uniform?" Melissa asked

"No slave - as your entire uniform." Michelle smiled. Melissa smiled as well, and soon wore a pair of white thigh-high stockings with a seam sliding sensually up the backs.

Michelle glanced her slave up and down approvingly, then took her mouth control between her lips and wheeled herself into Dereks' office, where the computer was. "Slave." she called out, and Melissa was there by her side immediately.

"I want to learn more about this." she said, staring at the computer screen. "What can you show me."

Melissa's eyes glistened. "I can show you everything, Mistress." Melissa said, and powered on the computer, bringing up the web browser. "Everything and more..."

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