Monday, August 3, 2009

BLOG - Our Vacation

OK, so I've gotten about three dozen emails asking to detail our vacation. I'm not going to go into GREAT detail (I.E. this won't be a porn story) but I can let people know what we did and stuff...

First off, we decided (with the help of the poll I ran here) that I would go in my wheelchair. We had already decided that I would go with a disability, obviously, and Heather was fine with the wheelchair, as she knows that's what I identify with most. We did bring a few extra 'props' of course - don't' leave home without them - but as far as the room and all regular arrangements, I was a wheelchair user. We never said 'paraplegic', just 'wheelchair user'.

So we went to a REALLY nice inn/spa in Vermont, a very GLBT friendly place that's actually owned by a really sweet Lesbian couple. We didn't need to book a 'wheelchair accessible' room because it was all one level and all the rooms were set up so that I had no issues with my wheelchair. The toilet even had grab bars, which was nice, and the whole place was laid out in an easy, casual way that made wheeling very easy. No stairs to speak of, a few little 'drops' that Heather had no trouble helping with.

The Inn was a very private 'romantic getaway' kind of place, and we took advantage of that a LOT. We got daily massages together, I got my first ever 'mud wrap' which was interesting, and Heather got a 'hot stone massage' which was like $100 but she said it was so amazing.

We had really nice dinners every night, a few at the inn and others out in town, me always in my chair naturally. We went out on Friday night to a VERY elegant place about 40 minutes away from the spa, someplace the concierge at the inn told us about, and we dressed up really fancy, Heather in a really sexy red dress and thigh-hi stockings and me in a really pretty charcoal dress and complimenting hose, with no shoes. I think we definitely got looks, that's for sure - though probably more for the way we were holding hands and cuddling than me being in a wheelchair.

I did make a few compromises for the week - the biggest was 'no diapers', as Heather just wasn't into that. I was cool with it, as I was being treated as a wheelchair user the whole week and pampered and treated like a queen... And it was mostly Heather paying for it since it was like a $2500 getaway and there's NO WAY I could pay for that on my shitty salary....

Other things we did that might interest people - on Wednesday morning Heather got me a REALLY nice, high-end amazing practically ORGASMIC pedicure (which she say and watched, and I think had a little mini-orgasm from), and then right afterward we went back to our room, put the 'do not disturb' sign on our door, and Heather bound my arms so I was DAE amputee, and I stayed that way until dinner time. Heather spent the whole time making me do things with my newly pedicured feet, like trying to lift a pen, write my name.... eventually I learned to use my feet to use a vibrator on Heather and she came about a dozen times as I used my feet and toes to play with her. That was really hot, I have to admit - armless is fast becoming my second favorite disability fantasy, and I REALLY want to try hooks at some point - not sure that will ever happen, but I'd like to try it... though I know for 'real life disability' wheelchair is the only thing I'd choose.

So we're back now, after a really lovely time. We're still planning a blindsimming weekend getaway soon, probably by mid-august, just need to get the final plans taken care of, and it can't cost a lot, since we spent a LOT on this last vacation. I'm back to working on some new stories, including the 'New Arrangement' series that people seem to enjoy a lot. I'm going other things too, though, don't worry :)


  1. Wow...that is great..a DAE. I'm a male...darn, hate that! I've had two lesbian girlfriends when I was a kid! I certainly never intruded upon them after I found out as my father is gay (and when I found out they were...the girlfriends's that is.) (I was raised in San Francisco and attended many early GLBT rallies as a kid, including being there for Harvey Milk candlelight Vigil in '77 when I was 7...was on TV many times after that). A gay parent was a big thing "how could we function as normal kids?"

    I'm an SAE amputee, wannabe (DAE), pretender and devotee all in one! Your comment said it was becoming your second favorite....I have a pair of bilateral you're desire may become reality soon. Post on the blog and then i'll get you my email and contact info along with pictures, if you desire (all of mine of facebook show me as an amputee.)

    -Nathan from San Francisco, but lives in Butte, MT.

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