Sunday, August 16, 2009

blog - typiong with my toes

i am typing this entirelywith my tose - actually with a pencil griped between them. its hard as hell. heather is going nuts over it though.

Hi all you readers. There really is a Heather - that's me. I've got Cathy's arms bound up again, and I just stole the keyboard and there's not a ot she can do about it, LOL. I did it this morning and I'm making her use her feet for everything - EVERYTHING. And no you can't have a picture - stop asking her that!

Ta Ta!

Heather & Cathy

PS - Cathy is yelling at me as I type this, but I do think a lot of you are pervs. Some of you seem really sweet, but I think a lot of you are total pervs. Don't worry, Cathy is too, believe me. She'll probably delete this once I give her her arms back, but for now... LOL!

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  1. Wow , I am so happy to come across this blog! i am a lesbian also have a girlfriend. I am completly obsessed with paras int he sence of being a wannabe and a devotee so fetishist id say i have become intrested in deaf and blind , but 100% have been obsessed with para since i was a child, my gf isnt into all this but she does try to indulge my fantasys lol , it would be good to have a chat! so if you dont mind you can email me on "" made my day coming across this site lol im 18 and my gf is 21 :) x