Friday, October 9, 2009

Blog - gahhhhhh!!

Some people in this community are just disgusting. I am AMAZED that grown people feel that behavior like this is acceptable, and I am astonished that other 'devotee content producers' bother to put any content at all out there.

You know what? If you aren't adding anything to the community, if you aren't doing anything but lurk and consume thes stories and videos and images that others create, then you have NO FUCKING RIGHT to demand ANYTHING from those of us who DO contribute. Jackass.

And I was feeling really good today too....


  1. RolstoelliefhebberOctober 9, 2009 at 5:31 PM

    Though I agree, I wonder what this rant is about.

  2. Well...I hope this rant is not about me. I posted last night and really wonder if it may have been driven by me...if so, I apologize sincerely...and will no longer visit or post if you wish.

    I have stories started and financial obligations to image producers on another site.

    I have been stalked myself by devotees as I am an amputee and it is extremely unpleasant. One told me that he wanted to rape was really gross.

  3. This has nothing to do with you Nathan, sorry.
    This rant was due to not one but TWO individuals repeatedly emailng me demanding I write specific things for them and then degrading me when I don't comply, and now one of them is offering me pictures and vids from a popular pay site as 'payment' for my compliance.

  4. That's just goddamn ridiculous. Sorry you have to deal with that, and thanks for all you do here.

  5. Cathy you should not have to put up with that sort of crap. Those 2 individuals are obviously sick and "get off" on doing this sort of thing. I for one know you write great stories and are a great roleplayer and you have my 100% support. Tracey xx

  6. Cathy, that's one of the reasons I don't setup my (already in my name) are brave to do so.

    Why not restrict postings/email to those who will identify themselves via the box "comment as" you have put up already? I was glad to see that, actually, as then you could identify me from a random loser. The disadvantage to that would be, of course, that several anonymous posters made good comments as well and may not want to identify themselves.

    I love the site and your stories are great for all of us as you have a great balance in your text for the sexual and disability views from both sides and all sexualities.

    One of the two individuals sounds like the guy from the Netherlands that was harassing me.

    Good luck...and lets keep this site going...looks like we all love it!