Monday, October 12, 2009

BLOG - how far would you go?

So, I've been thinking a lot, both in the course of writing more stories and while talking to people at work and online. One of the clinchers was watching a new promo for 'Extreme Wife' with Dawn Porter, a new BBC show exploring marriage customs and traditions around the world.

And of course I put my own spin on it... because that's how I roll ;)

So, how far would a person - I'm thinking woman, specifically, but it could be anyone - how far would a person go to have guaranteed security and safety and wealth? Like Michelle in my 'New Arrangement' story, what would you be willing to give up to be 'happy' and secure in your situation? If you could absolutely guarantee your partner would never cheat on you, never leave you for the rest of your life, would you give up your legs? Paralyzed or amputation? If you could be rich beyond your wildest dreams, would you give up your vision? You arms?

It's not as far-fetched as it might sound with the devotee/wannabe slant on it. Women compromise every day to stay safe and secure in their marriage. Women put up with physical and mental abuse for years and never leave because their husband provides for them, puts a roof over their heads, is a 'good provider' even if he's a bastard. Women in Russia and other places in the world are willing to uproot their whole lives and cultures to get married to Western men they have only met online; the 'Russian Bride' business is still booming, and has even had a devotee element added with some services offering things like amputee Russian brides. There are loads more examples, too, but you get my point.

So we know that women around the world will do lots, put up with lots, to stay married, to stay in that relationship that takes care of their needs, and none of those examples are a guarantee. A Russian bride can be sent back home, and abusive relationships never, ever end well. So if you had a choice, if you could get an iron-clad guarantee that you would be supported, taken care of, treated well, even pampered, and all it would cost was your legs, or your hands, or your eyes... would you?

Of course there's Happiness - something very important here. Could you truly be 'happy' if you became disabled for the sake of security? And if not, then would it be worth it? I think it's easier to be happy in our lives if we have guaranteed emotional and financial security, though, right? I'm pretty sure between 'able bodied and worried about the rent money' and 'paraplegic but wealthy and cared for the erst of my life' the latter woman will be the happier in 90% of cases studied...

Granted I'm not the best person to ask the question of, considering my particular fetishes, but I'm really curious. Would a guarantee of financial and emotional stability, in the form of a good, decent, honest, caring partner/spouse, be worth becoming permanently disabled? And is there a 'scale' there? Like, a comfortable middle-class life with yearly vacations and frequent dinners out might be worth paralysis or a leg amputation, but filthy rich and basking on the yacht might be worth the 'Boxing Helena' treatment?


  1. i'm first?

    basically: yes.. to me it would be worth.

    there are disabilities (like amputation, paraplegia, tetraplegia) i can live with, if i get a financial and emotional stability guaranteed. for the rest of my life.
    but i'd rather choose the 'worried about getting the rent money in time' before blindness or deafness. (because these are just things i really fear. losing my hearing or vision would be terrible for me.)

  2. Thanks for your response! I think I'm mostly in the same boat as you, but I find your exceptions interesting. I do enough blind sim with Heather to know that being blind sucks, but long term it's something I could live with if I had the support. I think that being deaf, not to sound crude, is kinda boring. I think being deaf is way less a challenge/ordeal than paraplegia or amputation. That's just me anyway.
    The point is, though, like I said and you've agreed, there are things we'd be willing to give up for a guarantee of stability. It's an interesting concept.
    Are you female or male? I'm just curious about the demographics of my resposes. Thanks for responding.

  3. I hate it when I hit both touchpad keys on my laptop...that deletes everything!

    I have talked about this very thing with my wife. She would go to DHD, but not hemicorporectomy or quadriplegia and she would have to have her arms.

    For a male, the question would be "what would you give up to get a six figure income to take care of your family?" For me, I'd go DAE (I'm SAE already) for just the benefits available to me via the taxpayers...but I'd still work...then I'd be happy and only use it as a fallback if others did not feel I could work. For the six figure income, I'd go to DAK as well...perhaps DHD...but my home is definitely not wheelchair friendly. I do not think I could go to hemicorporectomy or quadriplegia but possibly DHD with some "revisions" on my genital area. I could probably deal with a clitoris sized dick with one ball and the micro-penis tucked into my pelvis (to make the testosterone that I would need to remain male.)

    I don't mean to be offensive in the above. Those are my feelings and reactions to the question that was asked.


  4. Sorry for posting wife is the primary breadwinner here...something I have, sometimes, been depressed about. So I am opposite the above as she provides for me and the family...and I only provide "ancillary income" for her when I can.

    She is very understanding and understands (barely) my proclivities towards this stuff.


  5. i'm the anonymous from above:

    i'm female and from the european continent..;)

  6. Firstly I would like to start by saying that im a female from the southern hemisphere. Like yourself I have a girlfriend who has a fetish paraplegic women. I would do anything to make her happy and ensure that our finances were all sorted. At the moment, I do pretend for her but we need a new wheelchair. I love dressing up for her, and she loves it when I ask her help me the bathroom with my stockings.

    If I was paralysed i would like it to be a higher level but incomplete, so i could still feel some of her touch on my body. I would not go as far as tetraplegia as there is no way I could live without the full use of my hands.

    Right now I bring in the majority of the money, but I'm pretty sure if I was disabled we would both stop working and just enjoy each other.

    Even if I was disabled I would still be very very happy.

    By the way, we both LOVE your stories, so please please please keep posting :):)

  7. Hello, i am a huge fan of paracathy, her page was the first i see wen i realise i am a devotee.

    A years ago, i am in love and thinking to marry with my fiance, and i decide to tell her about my atraction for the disabled women she freak out, and we keep toguether, time later she ask me a lot about my atraction and i try to explain her.

    So short history, she lookfor in the interner about this world and tell me she was ok to do something with her body... in this moment i fell terrible about that, she love me so much, she decide to change his body only for me.

    I can let her do that, and we break up, we still friends, but i never let her hurt her self.

    Since then i only go out with disabled women, my actual girlfriend is a right leg amputee and she knows i am a devotee.

    If you love her, never hurt her.

    Thanks Cathy

    GDL Mexico

  8. I am not sure about this question.
    I am a Hemicorporectomy person. Meaning EVERYTHING from L3 down has been removed. Before that I was a T5 incomplete. I got with my SO while being a T5. I had been that way since age 2 and had 3 kids and felt the pleasure of getting them and pain of having them. My SO and I did not get together because of my disablity I felt it was in spite of that fact.
    I did find out there were people who liked disabled people but now that I am an amputee I see even more people messaging me than when I was just a T5. Even though then I modeled for GimpsGoneWild. I still did not have as many people writing me.
    This morning someone sent me a FB message saying my photos are on an Amputee Fetish site. I have to say just for security I would not have had this operation. I done it to save my life.

    I have no problem with Devotee people, I just can't understand why a person would change their body to get or keep a another person, or why they pretend.

  9. noticed i posted without a name. sorry new to this. Also if you would like to see my journal as i went through the operation. it is at hemicorporectomy dot org. also on you tube is a tv news report . if you search angel mechanicvile. As i said I have no problem with devotee , It is just taking some getting use to understanding , why some find me more of interest without the parts i felt a girl would need to be thought of in that way. I do have a question, is it sexual for those who are devotte? I am just trying to understand.

  10. This is such a fascinating question to me because what we're talking about here is my greatest fantasy: to become as disabled as possible and give myself to someone who can do whatever they please with me as long as I always have my basic needs taken care of. I would go to any length at all for that, the farther the better. DSD-DHD-deaf-blind or even locked-in too, anyone who could make me that way and see to my needs could have me.

  11. wow Gotham, I can't imagine going as far as you say you would.

    I'd definitely agree to paraplegic (complete or incomplete), DAK or DHD. Oddly I'd have to think more about DBK or SAK.
    I could probably be persuaded to go SAE if the motivating factors were right but it's not what I'd want.
    Basically most things that affect my legs but not my arms and are essentially symmetrical would be fine with me.

    I'm Female in Europe

  12. Oh I would do it in a heartbeat! But I'll take whatever level of disability I can get.