Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blog - Annoyed....

OK, I found a new video on Youtube that has me really hot and bothered. It's a Japanese pretender video, she does a great left arm amputee with cosmetic prosthetic, a leg amputee on crutches, and a REALLY hot para amputee. The video is a sample from the Cast Girls Japan (GipsGips) series and the description says you can get more(likely for purchase) at a Clips4Sale link. The only problem is that the pretender video doesn't seem to be there!! I found it on GipsGips, but I can't read Japanese and have no way of figuring out how to order it or even how much it is.

I really wanted to beg Heather to let me get it, too, and if it was a clips4sale download it would be so easy and convenient, but it's just not there. They would have almost definitely had a sale, too - pretender vids are SO hard to come by, and a combo pretender video is pretty much unheard of! I really wanted it.

And for all you devs who don't give a shit about my woes but just want to see the pretty video, here's the link...

Here you go


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