Monday, August 13, 2012

A mostly wheelchair free weekend

So this weekend we tried something very different, for reasons that I don't really need to elaborate on for this narrative. I spent the majority of Saturday and Sunday as a 'dbe' amputee - actually I just had both hands bandaged into stumps - and I was not in a wheelchair. I even slept as a dbe, which was an unusual experience in itself.

Heather bandaged me carefully, not too tight, and we unwrapped me a few times to make sure my circulation wasn't cut off. Heather also put nice nude knee-high hose on my arms to give them a nice 'amputee' look I was quite find of.

I did lots with my stumps, but mostly heather wanted to help me, or watch me use my feet. I used my feet for more things this weekend, from writing to typing to feeding myself - well, trying - to more sex acts than penthouse has a category for. ;) overall it was a nice fun experience.

Heather asked me if my arms were really gone would I use prosthetics. I think I would definitely use hooks. I love the way they look and I'll bet they feel amazing.

I'm back in my wheelchair now, diapered and happy and horny thinking about my amputee adventures. I'm sure after what happened this weekend, we'll try it again soon.

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