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The Curse - Consequences

The Curse - Consequences By ParaCathy

“Cathy! Cathy wake up!  Cathy!” Sarah was practically screaming.

“Sarah what’s - oh shit your eyes!  What happened to your eyes?”

“Cathy, I can’t see, everything is black, I can’t see anything...” Sarah said, her eyes waving around blindly.  

“What happened?” Cathy said, concerned, then a moment later more serious.  “Sarah, did you do it?”

“I just wanted to see.. just wanted to see what happens when you changed.” Sarah said, her white eyes seeming to stare at nothing.  

“Sarah I told you like ten times not to do that... I told you it was a bad idea.” Cathy said with a sigh.  

“Cathy, what if this is permanent?  What if I’m blind forever, what if - “ Sarah started to panic again, her breath coming quickly, bordering on hyperventilating.

“Sarah, honey, calm down...” Cathy said calmly, and Sarah felt Cathys hand -  no, her foot - caressing her cheek.  She started to calm down and felt for Cathy, finding her leg and stroking it.  

“So.... arms?” Sarah said as Cathy caressed her with both feet.  

“Both, about three inches below the shoulder.  This should be an interesting day.” Cathy said with a smirk.  

“What if it’s not just today...” Sarah said, still with a note of fear in her voice.  

“Well...” Cathy said, and Sarah felt her get off the bed.  A moment later something long and slender landed in Sarah’s lap.  “You’ll need to get used to that.”  

Sarah reached out and picked up what she instantly knew was Cathy’s folding white cane, bought from Ebay a month prior.  Cathy had only needed it once in all that time.  

Cathy helped to guide Sarah to the bathroom, and Sarah did her best to help Cathy with the bathroom tasks that she could no longer do as a double arm amputee.  She removed Cathy’s diaper, as Cathy’s previous condition had required one, and then brushed Cathy’s teeth - after nearly poking Cathy in the eye with the toothbrush. Cathy helped Sarah use the toilet - well, find the toilet anyway - and then both women showered together, as had become the custom since Sarah moved in to help Cathy with her unique medical condition.  

“What, you’re not going to try to get lucky?” Cathy said, teasing Sarah.  The last time I was armless you couldn’t keep your hands off me.”

“I’m a little distracted this morning, dear.” said Sarah with a weak smile.  

“It will be fine, Sarah.  Trust me - I’m an expert in these sorts of things.” Cathy said and rubbed her soapy-slick body against Sarah’s, who held her tight and tried not to cry.”  

Cathy helped Sarah pick out clothes, and then Sarah dressed both of them, though Cathy tried to be helpful with her feet.  Sarah ended up with her shirt on backwards.  

“Well at least it’s the weekend” Cathy said once both women were dressed.  I wouldn’t want to head out to work with you in this state.”

I just want to sit on the couch and not move.” Sarah said.  

“Until you need to pee, or get hungry.” Cathy reminded her.  “And then what?”

“Um..” Sarah said, then “Where’s my cane?”

“Right where you left it.  I’ll be in the kitchen trying to make breakfast.” Cathy said with a giggle, then left the room.  

“But I don’t know where I left it, and please don’t try to cook with your feet, I don’t know where the fire extinguisher is...” Sarah called out after her.  

Sarah came into the kitchen ten minutes later, running her white cane along the baseboard and tapping it in front her her to get her bearings.  

“Not bad.” said Cathy, impressed.  “Just watch out for the- “

“Eww, what’s wet?” Sarah asked as she walked barefoot into a puddle.  

“I tried to pour orange juice.” Cathy said, sheepish.  “Oops.”

“You could have cleaned it up, Cath.” Sarah said, feeling across the counters for the paper towels.  

“The towels are to your left, all the way back, and I couldn’t reach them or I would have.  Three inch stumps, remember?

Sarah found the towels and cleaned up the juice spill, Cathy guiding her.  

“So how are we going to do this?” Cathy said.  “I can’t touch anything, and you can’t see anything.”

“Well you need to stop trying to help - we’ve been over this before, it takes years of physical therapy and training to be able to use your feet like hands.  It’s one of the worst parts of this whole situation - you never stay with the same disability long enough to truly adjust to it.”

“Tell me about it.” Cathy said, stroking Sarah’s leg with her foot.

“And there’s no use doing it to try and impress me, I can’t see a thing...” Sarah smiled.  

“Cathy.” Sarah said after breakfast was over.  


“What if... what if this really is permanent?  Punishment for my curiosity...  I won’t be able to help you any more when you’re in your most severe conditions - well, not properly anyway.”

“Nonsense - you’ll be able to do everything you need to take care of me, you’ll just need a little help from me.  As long as we’re not both blind, it should be fine.”

“And if we’re both blind?” Sarah said, caressing Cathy’s arm stump.

“Then we just won’t get out of bed.” Cathy said with a smile.  

“I like that idea very much.” Sarah said with a giggle.

“That’s my girl.” Cathy said.  

“Do we have any dark sunglasses?” Sarah asked as the two women sat together.  

“Dark sunglasses?  I don’t think so - why?”

“I wanted to wear a pair.  Kind of goes with the outfit, don’t you think?”

“Well, it would be more traditional I guess.” Cathy said, patting Sarah’s hand with her foot.  “We’d have to go out to get some thought.  Think you can handle it?”

“A blind girl and an armless girl out on the town?  You think the town can handle it?” Sarah smiled.

Sarah slung her purse over her shoulder and extended her cane and Cathy guided her to the door.  

“Are you sure about this?” Cathy asked.

“Nope. Let’s do it.” Sarah said and felt for the doorknob, opening the door wide.

“This is so weird.” Sarah said as they opened the door to the street and started heading to the drugstore.  “Every step feels like I’m going to fall..”

“Just keep focused, one step at a time.  Move the cane back and forth to sense obstacles.  I won’t let you trip over anything.  There’s a small dip there.” Cathy said, gently guiding her.  

“Thanks, I think I’m getting the hang of it.  It’s scary though.  I can’t imagine what you go through every morning, nt knowing what disability you’ll face.”

“I’d say I’m getting used to it, but that would be a lie.” Cathy said.  “We’re almost there.”

The women had lots of looks as they walked into the brightly lit drugstore.  Cathy headed to the sunglasses display rack and Sarah followed.  

“These seem pretty traditional.” Cathy said.  “Feel for them - third pair down.”

Sarah felt her way to the rack and felt through the sunglasses until she found the pair Cathy had indicated.  She felt them in her hands, trying to ‘see’ them.  

“These seem perfect.” she smiled, then headed to the counter to pay.  Cathy helped her find her debit card and the paid and left the store, Sarah wearing her new dark glasses.  

“You were right - those complete the outfit.” Cathy said.  “Not that you probably want to hear this, but you actually look really hot.”

“Oh really?” Sarah said with a flirtatious smirk. “Maybe we should head home - don’t want to push our luck out here...”

Cathy guided Sarah back to the apartment and directly to the bedroom.  She let Sarah slowly undress her, feeling her way around Cathy’s clothes, her body, her stumps.  Sarah caressed Cathy all over, ‘seeing’ her with her hands, her sensitive fingertips.  

“Mmm yessss.” Cathy said, laying down on the bed and letting Sarah explore every curve of her body.  Sarah finally made it between Cathy’s legs and began to kiss and lick and probe with fingers and tongue.  

“Oh goddddd!” Cathy moaned.  “Oh yesss, oh god Sarah yesss.” Cathy came again and again under Sarah’s sightless touches.  

“That was amazing lover.” Cathy said, breathless as Sarah rolled off.  “Amazing.  Now let me...”

Cathy began to caress Sarah with her feet, massaging and caressing her all over, pinching Sarah’s nipples between her toes.  Sarah moaned and writhed as Cathy used her feet sensually, finally reaching Sarah’s hot wet sex and using her toes to gently massage Sarah’s clit.  Sarah moaned and then screamed with orgasm as Cathy masturbated her with her feet.  

“Use...  Use your stumps.” Sarah breathed, and Cathy shifted position and started rubbing her pussy with a short arm nub.  Sarah screamed again.  

“You like that baby, you like feeling my arm stump between your legs?” Cathy teased as Sarah came again and again.  

“It feels... Oh god it feels so good... I can feel everything... so sensitive.” she moaned and came again.  “Oh god...”  

The next morning, Sarah squinted as the sun streamed into the room, then popped her eyes open - her vision was restored!

“Cathy, Cathy I can see again!” Sarah said, smiling.  

“That’s good, dear, because I’m going to need some help...”  Cathy said, turning her head to look at Sarah.  Sarah pulled off the blankets and saw Cathy’s arms and legs, thin and useless, obviously a quadriplegic.  

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll take good care of you.” Sarah said, and kissed Cathy deeply.  

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