Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fetish Fun Compromise - Foot Fetish versus Disability Fetish

As most people know, my girlfriend Heather has a serious foot fetish.  She considers herself a ‘foot worshipper’ actually.  She loves everything about my feet, sexy shoes, stockings... and normally she loves me in my wheelchair.  She says it gives her better access to my pretty feet, and because I almost never walk, she says my feet are extra soft and supple - and thanks to her, always perfectly pedicured.  

Sometimes, though, she needs more than my floppy lifeless ‘paralyzed’ feet.  She wants me to feel them, walk on them, and use them in ‘other ways’ - she gets so creative when it comes to my feet, and I love her for it.  

Well, I still like to feel disabled - yes, I’m a wheelchair fetishist, but I’m into all sorts of disabilities, I always have been.  Wheelchairs are my favorite, but not the only thing I enjoy.  As a fetish compromise, Heather and I have come up with a fun, sexy, kinky way to both get what we want, and I just think it’s amazing.  

We start with me naked on the bed. I bend my arm so my fingers touch my shoulder, and Heather wraps my arm with a four inch ACE bandage.  She doesn’t wrap it too tight, but she makes sure it’s firm and secure, starting at the shoulder and wrapping her way down.  I move my arm around in a few circles to make sure I have good movement and I’m not pinched and it’s not too tight.  She wraps my other arms the same way, so they’re both bound into stumps.  We’ve gotten it figured out so it doesn’t cut of my circulation and it really is comfortable.  

To finish the look, We have white tights that Heather slips on over my stumps - They look really good and they’re much softer and feel a lot nicer than just the ACE bandages.  Great for caressing soft skin.  

Now that I’m a double arm amputee, the real fun starts.  I love Heather dressing me, putting on a short sleeved shirt that shows off my stumps and then putting a skirt on.  She never puts panties on me - something we both like.  We’ll make out a bit, and I’ll start using my feet to caress her, stroke her legs, even caress her face if we’re in the right position.  We don’t get hot and heavy right away - usually.  

Heather loves to give me challenges, like using a pen with my toes and trying to write a shopping list.  She started by telling me that whatever I was able to write on the shopping list, she would buy it for me.  That was a challenge I couldn’t pass up, so I practiced until I would write things like ‘Wheelchair porn’.  Once I could do that she withdrew the offer, but she did think it was cute.  I usually write her love notes with a pen in my toes, too.  She wants me to learn how to paint with my feet - haven’t tried that yet.  

I have not even gotten close to mastering eating with my feet yet, but we still try.  I can hold a fork with my toes, but I can’t get it to my mouth, so Heather has to feed me.  We both like that, actually - she feeds me and I caress and stroke her with my feet. Sometimes as the kitchen table, I’ll get a foot between her legs while she’s feeding me.  It’s naughty, but she doesn’t seem to complain.  

After eating, we have something else I came up with that Heather loves.  I’ll sit on the couch and she’ll get undressed and lay on the floor in front of me, and I’ll give her a long massage with my feet.  I can do it pretty well now - I dig my toes in, roll the balls of my feet up and down her spine, and squeeze her cute buns with my clenched toes.  The massage can go on for a while, and it gets Heather more and more turned on.  It usually ends with Heather on her back and me massaging her breasts and caressing her all over with my feet and toes.  She lays there with her eyes closed and I rub her sensually, tracing little lines across her body with my toes and pinching her nipples, teasing her until she’s writhing.  When she’s had enough I start playing with her clit with my toes.  She usually cums pretty much immediately, and I tease another few orgasms out of her.  It’s amazing and very very sexy.  

I have been trying something new the last few times we’ve played this scene - I did it yesterday, which prompted me to write this today.  Heather gets a vibrator out and lubes it up, and I take it in my feet.  Heather is soaked before I even get it in her, and she usually has to help guide it, but once it’s in her I can slowly slip it in and out, making her absolutely crazy.  I have gotten her to cum at least ten times doing this.  

So how do I get off?  By this time I’m really, really hot and wet (I am right now just writing this) .  heather will lead me to bed and put on one of her strap ons, and get on top of me, driving the dildo deep and fucking me hard while caressing my breasts and kissing and talking about my ‘stumps’.  It’s amazing, laying there not being able to reach up and touch her, or rubbing her breasts with my stumps.  I love looking at my arms and seeing the smooth bound stumps.  

It always ends with Heather kissing my feet and sucking on my toes, caressing them and telling me how sexy they are.  She’s been telling me how pretty my stumps are too - that’s something kind of new, I finally got her doing that.  She felt weird for the longest time, referencing my ‘disability’, but she knows how hot it makes me and she’s a lot better at it now.  

The longest we’ve done this is about eight or nine hours - basically all day on a weekend - and while I don’t love it as much as being in a wheelchair, it’s pretty amazing, certainly my second most favorite fetish scenario.  I would love to play with hooks at some point, too, though they’re really expensive.  Maybe someday I can get afford a set.  

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