Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Story - It's complicated - Part 1

Cathy met Jennifer in the most unusual way, and unknown to both of them at the time, that unusual meeting would define their most unusual relationship.

Cathy had arrived at a local restaurant for a blind date that had been set up by a friend of hers.  She was, as usual, in her wheelchair, and she couldn’t get into the chosen restaurant, because the wheelchair ramp leading to the side entrance had the restaurants’ street food cart parked and chained at the foot of the ramp.  While Cathy was struggling to figure out how to get in to meet her date, Jennifer was just leaving the same restaurant, upset and not looking where she was going - and she accidentally ran into Cathy and knocked her out of her wheelchair. ripping Cathy’s stockings and causing her to skin her elbow as she fell.

While this would seem to be a simply unfortunate, or even tragic first meeting, it was unusual in several ways.  First, Cathy was not, in fact, disabled, and had no need to be in the wheelchair that had caused her so much of the trouble in the first place.  Second, Jennifer was upset because, when she and her date ordered a bottle of wine, the waiter asked to see their ID to verify their age, Jennifer’s ID and photo identified her as Jason - a fact which the waiter and  her date found quite unacceptable.

And so Cathy and Jennifer, after so unfortunate a first meeting, learned that they shared a common bond, a desire to be something other than Nature had intended for them.  Cathy wished to be a paraplegic, a desire stronger than almost any other in her life, something she wished for every day, even though she had two strong and perfectly healthy legs.  And Jennifer was a woman - in heart and mind and soul, she was a woman, she knew it to her core, even though nature had unfortunately decided otherwise for her.

The relationship started out as as a curiosity more than anything else.  Jennifer had never even heard of disability wannabes before, and Cathy had never met anyone who identified as transgender.  After a few weeks, though, as the women got to know each other better, as they learned that not only did they share a desire for ’transformation’, they shared a love of the same music, books, movies, and politics as well.  The curiosity soon led to friendship, and that friendship led to a quiet dinner at Cathy’s condo, a bottle of merlot, and a kiss.

Cathy had the biggest apprehension - she was a long time lesbian, and while it was true that Jennifer was very attractive and exactly Cathy’s ‘type’, Cathy couldn’t not stop thinking about the elephant in the room - or the elephants’ trunk, in any case.  Jennifer had long dark hair, fair skin, beautiful lips, exquisite cheekbones, and great breasts.  She had already had a lot of the ‘work’ done for her transformation, several rounds of preliminary plastic surgery, and she was absolutely stunning, Cathy couldn’t deny that.  There was just that one thing that Cathy wasn’t sure about... she wasn’t sure how she would react if she took Jennifer as a lover and had to deal with something she had sworn off of at age 15, after those sticky, uncomfortable fumblings in the boys locker room after school, when all she could do was close her eyes and imagine it was her biology teacher, Miss Martin, who was caressing her and touching her in those places...

Jennifer was more pragmatic - she was a pre-op transsxual, and while she desparately wanted to be rid of her penis, she did enjoy the sensations it provided her.  Jennifer loved sex, and even in this not-entirely-right body, she felt aroused by Cathy, wheelchair or not.  Her sexy legs, her short red hair, her slender hips, the sweep of her breasts.... Jennifer never had much of a ‘type’, and was pansexual - more by necessity than choice.  Cathy was sweet, kind, brave, sexy, and so very real, the most real person she had ever been with.  She wanted to make love to Cathy very much, but she had been in this situation enough times to know what Cathy’s signals meant.  She didn’t want to push it...

“So... it may be the wine talking...” Cathy said, positioning her wheelchair a bit closer to Jennifer  “or maybe it’s the company, but I’m feeling pretty turned on...”  Cathy put her hand on Jennifer’s stockinged leg.

“I’m feeling really turned on too, Cathy. You’re so sexy in your wheelchair.”  Jennifer knew from experience that playing into Cathy’s personal body image would help - and she was being honest, too; Cathy had a beauty and confidence that radiated from her when she was in her wheelchair that she didn’t really have as a walking person.

“Jen, I’m not sure... “  Cathy’s eyes started to wander, she started to rethink the situation.

“Shhh... “ Jennifer said, and started rubbing Cathy’s thighs.  “Just let me take care of you, and then we’ll see where that leaves us.”  

Jennifer started with Cathy in her wheelchair, with Cathy clumsily stripping out of her dress and Jennifer removing her panities for her.  Cathy was moaning and pulling Jennifer’s hair as she licked Cathy’s sweet, wet sex.  Cathy came twice in her wheelchair, hard, and then they moved to the couch, where Jennifer kept working on Cathy’s clit.

Cathy couldn’t help herself - Jennifer was truly amazing sexually - and in between orgasms she managed to get Jennifer’s dress off.  It was bizarre, seeing this fully erect cock between the legs of her gorgeous female lover, but she was so aroused and totally lost in the moment, it really didn’t matter.  She started caressing it and jerking Jennifer off.  She pulled Jennifer up higher, kissing her deeply and tasting her own sex on Jennifer’s lips as she jerked her off, Jennifer still expertly fingering her pussy as they entwined on the couch.

“No penetration” Cathy whispered, and Jennifer nodded, her eyes rolling up with the pleasure of the hand job.  She cried out and arched her back as she came, moaning loudly as pearls of cum dotted Cathy’s stomach.  Cathy ran a finger through the little pools of jizz and then, ever so lightly, licked it off her finger and smiled.  Jennifer smiled back, panting and running her fingers through Cathy’s sweat-soaked hair.

It was Cathy who found the article.  The two had been together for eight months, and Jennifer had moved into Cathy’s accessible condo after five.  Cathy, always looking for some way to make her paralysis dream come true, had found an article on the internet about a doctor in China who worked with BIID patients, mostly performing amputations.  She showed the article to Jennifer, who at first was terrified, then intrigued.  The place seemed to be a legitimate hospital, and the doctor seemed to be gaining some notoriety, in a good way.  The costs were much lower as well, being in China.  Cathy and Jennifer continued to read up on the doctor, and the hospital, and then sent some emails.  Then made some phone calls.  Then bought some plane tickets.

Gender reassignment surgery in the United States is very expensive, and very hard to get.  It’s a lengthy process, including psychological work, and none of it is covered by insurance.  BIID, while recognized, isn’t even ‘treatable’ in the US - at least not by amputating a limb or causing other permanent injury.   However, Cathy and Jennifer learned that not only were these things possible in China, in the very clinic Cathy had first read about online, but they were much, much less expensive.  So much less expensive that the money Jennifer had already saved up towards her gender reassignment surgery - less than half of the amount needed in the US - would cover both her gender reassignment and Cathy’s BIID ‘treatment’, plus airfare, with enough left over to buy a decent used car, should the mood strike her.  The decision was made, the tickets bought, and seven weeks later the pair were off to China to, as Cathy put it, start ‘Phase 2’ of their lives, in their correct and proper bodies.

The trip to China was uneventful, and they had three days of pre-processing and sightseeing before the day of the surgery.  Both surgeries would be on the same day, in different wings of the hospital.  The women were incredibly nervous, and kissed passionate goodbyes before they went their separate ways.

Cathy’s had always seen herself as an L1 paraplegic - first lumbar vertebra, completely paralyzed from her hips down.  This is how she imagined herself from the first time she realized what her BIID feelings means.  She communicated this in writing and verbally to the doctor - who only spoke Chinese - and the nurse who did speak and understand some broken english.  They finalized the procedure - which was an injection into the spinal cord, very quick and very safe - and then they gave Cathy the anesthesia and she was out.  As she counted down backwards from ten, she wiggled her toes for the last time.

Cathy awoke and knew something wasn’t right.  The loss of sensation was too high, she knew right away.  She wiggled her fingers and moved her arms - those were fine - but her feeling seemed to end just below her breasts, closer to a T-6 or T-7, definitely not an L1.  She rang for the nurse and waited a few minutes before buzzing again.  A nurse who spoke only Chinese came in, and she hastily mimed to Cathy that someone would be with her shortly.  Cathy lay in the bed, eyes closed, getting used to the way her body just seemed end a short way below her breasts.  It wouldn’t be so bad, she admitted to herself.  She’d just need to hit the gym a bit more, build up her arms and shoulders more now that abdominal support was out of the question.  And she had Jennifer to help her - that was her most comforting thought of all.

The english speaking nurse came in after what seemed like twenty minutes - but admittedly could have only been five - and seemed panicked.   Cathy was telling her that the paralysis seemed too high, and was trying to ask about what had happened, but the nurse didn’t seem to be listening.  She seemed like she was trying to communicate something of importance, but was so agitated or excited that her english deteriorated into choppy words that didn’t seem to make sense together.  Cathy clearly heard the word ‘amputate’ and shook her head no, she didn’t come for an amputation, she came for paralysis, but it seemed like it was too high.  The nurse shook her head again, breathed deeply a few times, and told cathy to ‘up shut’, which Cathy took immediately to mean ‘shut up’.  She did so immediately.

Finally, in halting, broken english, the nurse told Cathy that there was a severe complication with Jennifers’ gender reassignment surgery.  She had a severe reaction to the anesthetic, which caused her body to start shutting down.  The counter-drug to bring her out of it had only complicated matters worse somehow, and there were currently a whole team of doctors working feverishly to try and save her life.  The nurse would keep Cathy up to date with all the details.  Cathy felt like she suddenly couldn’t breathe, and not being able to do anything but lay there in bed and wait was the worst thing of all.

It was three days since Cathy was paralyzed.  She was eased into a hospital wheelchair, still feeling dizzy and a little nauseous, both from the procedure and what had happened afterwards.  Her paralysis had settled at T-9 level, after the swelling had gone down and the full assessment could be made.  It was her dream come true, finally, but none it mattered now.  Now, it seemed like the worst mistake she had ever made.

The nurse wheeled her in silence across the hospital, down an elevator, and finally into the intensive care unit.  Jennifer was there still unconscious, tubes and wires connected to her.  The doctors said it was a severe and rare reaction to the anesthesia, coupled with a different, even more severe reaction to the drug meant to counteract the anesthesia reaction.  It sent Jennifer’s body into shutdown, and they had to take extreme measures to save her.  That’s what they called it - extreme measures.  She would make a full recovery, though - the nurse said that it would take a week or more, but she would make a full recovery.

As Cathy looked at her lover, looked at the bandages that tightly wrapped her arm and leg stumps where the doctors had to amputate them, she wondered what the nurse really thought she meant by a ‘full recovery’.  She was a quadruple amputee now, that’s not something she was likely to truly ‘recover’ from, was it?  Would Jennifer even want to see her again after this? After all, it was Cathy’s crazy folly that led to this.  She wasn’t sure if she could forgive herself - how could Jennifer forgive her?

Jennifer’s eyes fluttered open.  Cathy was wheeled closer, so they could see each other.  “I’m sorry.” Cathy started to say, but Jennifer stopped her with a look.

“I don’t blame you if you want to leave me, now that I’m like this.” Jennifer mouthed, then with a new pain in her eyes said “They didn’t...  “ and Cathy knew what she meant.  Even though they removed so much else, the nurse said they weren’t even able to start the gender reassignment surgery, and due to the circumstances, they would never be able to.  Cathy’s eyes teared up.  Jennifer wasn’t going to leave Cathy - she expected Cathy to leave her.

“Don’t be stupid.” Cathy said through tears.  “You know how much I’m into wheelchairs.’

Jennifer smiled back, and then closed her eyes and went back to sleep, a smile still on her lips.

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