Friday, August 8, 2014

I had a Blind Fetish / Foot Fetish video made for Heather!!

So I found a new studio on Clips4Sale that does amputee and disability fetish videos, and loves to take requests... The site is 'Amateur Clips by Sexy Fantasies' by Brittany, a VERY sexy, very sweet blonde who is really open to lots of great fetish fun.  Her amputee videos (linked above) are nice (though she really needs crutches and a wheelchair - she's working on that) and she's got tons of other fetish videos in her store as well.

I contacted her about a para video idea I had, but then had another idea... I'd gotten a few different fetish videos made for myself, but I had never seen one that was specific to Heather's fetishes, so I got an idea for a 'special 'request'.  Brittany was happy to do it and REALLY came through, making a very convincing, very sexy 'blind girl' fetish video with lots of hot foot action too!  Heather lost her MIND when she saw it (and I got SO laid - it really turned her on a LOT!). Brittany really nailed the 'blind stare' and her movements and discussion were spot on - anyone would think she was legitimately newly blind, really!

And her feet - well, I'm not even a foot fetish, and usually I prefer floppy, limp paralyzed feet, but Brittany's feet are so sexy, with nice long toes... really hot stuff!  I'm getting wet just thinking about it!

The blind video is not on Clips4Sale, it's linked here on a new service (I Want Clips), and it's VERY reasonably priced for a custom fetish video ($6 US!!!!) so if you're interested, or just want to support a great, lovely fetish site owner who is VERY devotee friendly and encourage her to do more videos for our community, then I encourage you to buy her vids - on C4S or I Want Clips - and let her know how much you enjoy her work.  Oh, and tell her Cathy sent you :)

Link to the blind fetish video:

You can buy it as a free member (free membership with cool perks like 5% off the first purchase and letting you stream vids before/after you download and more) or as a guest (just like with C4S). If you decide to do the free membership, please put "Sexy Fantasies" in the referral box so Brittany gets credit for that, which means she'll be able to do more and upload more. 

Please support the studios who are making this great, sexy devotee-friendly work, because the more we support them and promote them, the more they'll do for us!!


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