Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A sequel to my favorite para fetish video, and I love it even more!!

Back in April I worked on a para fetish video with the very lovely and sexy Brittany, and even though she doesn't have a wheelchair, I was able to come up with a sexy and hot para scenario about one of my fantasies - waking up paralyzed.  It was a hot 'alternative masturbation' para fetish video, and I hope everyone bought a copy, or will buy a copy now...  because Brittany and I made a sequel!!

Hot Paralyzed Blonde in Diaper pulls on stockings, wets her diaper

This time, it's one week later, and sexy Brittany is getting used to her paralyzed condition.  She wakes up, diapered, and starts manipulating her limp legs to get ready for the day, pulling on stockings.  The way she moves, flops her legs around, and talks about her paralysis is just so hot.. I love every minute of it. 

So after a long, erotic struggle to pull her panty hose up over her limp legs and bulky diaper, she's finally ready to start on her dress... but oh no, she's had an accident and wet her diaper - she can't really help it any more, but she's got to pull off her pantyhose now and change her diaper and start all over again.

If you are into para girl fetish these videos are just so very, very hot!!  Brittany is really sexy and she really gets into it, she understands the fetish and really plays to it.  These videos are inexpensive (under $20 for BOTH) and the more people who buy them, the more videos she will do! And, since I've been talking to her, she is looking into wheelchairs, so if we buy her para fetish videos she'll know that it's worth buying a wheelchair prop and can start doing videos in the chair too!  (and she does great amputee fetish vids too, so if you're into sexy DAK girls in wheelchairs, support her with these videos and she'll get that wheelchair and make some amputee chair vids too!!

Para Fetish Video 1 - 'Waking Up Paralyzed and Masturbating'
Para Fetish Video 2 - 'Putting pantyhose on paralyzed legs and wetting her diaper

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