Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another new para fetish video... And it's my favorite ever!!

So I've been talking to a really cute, really sexy fetish model, Brittany - she was the one who did my blind girl fetish video for Heather. I was talking to her about one of my long time fetishes, waking up paralyzed from the waist down, and she agreed to give it a shot!  Well, here it is, for your purchasing and viewing pleasure!! 

In the video, Brittany wakes up, covered in a blanket, and realizes she can't feel her legs.  She pills off the blanket, drags her paralyzed legs around a bit, then realizes she's also wearing a diaper.  She starts exploring her situation and realizes that even though she's totally numb from the waist down, including her diapered intimates, she's become very sensitive above her injury line, and starts to explore these new sensations.

This was a video made for me, to one of my longest and deepest fantasies, but if you're into para girl fetish, especially 'new para' scenes, I think this is one of the best videos out there.  It's not very expensive either - a great value for a great, very sexy video!  

Brittany is very sexy, and she's very into her work - she does great videos because it's clear she gets into it and really understands... I could not be happier with her work, and she's got tons of sexy videos for a wide variety of interests, including amputees, cast fetish, and lots of others.  She's got two stores (that I know of)

And remember - the more people who support this kind of devotee fetish work, the more studios will want to make them, as well as invest in supplies like crutches, wheelchairs, casts, etc...  so if you're a para girl / paralyzed leg fetishist, you definitely want to check this video out, and again - it's cheap, only $6, so don't go copying it without paying for it, please...  

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