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Angela and Juliet Vignettes - New Hobbies

Author’s Note:  So this one went a little sideways, but not in a bad way, I think.  So Heather (my wife) has enjoyed reading this series with Juliet and Angela, and after ‘Spa Day’ wondered what happened next.  I admitted that, as it was just a small scene, I hadn’t really planned out anything specific, so we started talking about it.  My first thought was the mouth painting, but Heather brought up Melissa, the caregiver, and what made Angela think to call her - what made her so good with Juliet.  She was the one who thought Melissa might be a devotee, but I didn’t want to go the obvious route… we ‘tossed around a few ideas’ in the living room (that ended up with Heather naked and me wearing five pairs of socks on my feet - she did tell me I could post that) and Melissa’s unusual but somehow strangely sexy fetish was born…      

Angela and Juliet Vignettes - New Hobbies
By ParaCathy


“You do not have to fuss over me!” Juliet said, sitting in her power wheelchair as her wife brushed her hair.

“I don't want Melissa thinking I'm not taking proper care of you.” Angela said, now fussing with Juliet's dress.

“You take amazing care of me and, for the record, you voluntarily paralyzed yourself to help me.” Juliet smiled.

“We can't exactly tell her that.” Angela said, finally giving up on her fussing.  At that moment the doorbell rang.  “Oh god she's early.” Angela fretted.

“Do you need me to answer the door?” Juliet said, putting her chair control tube between her lips.  

“I'll get it, I'll get it.” Angela said, hurrying to the door and hitting the button that swung them open automatically.  

Melissa, a cute, perky rehab nurse and personal attendant the pair had met at the Baxter Center, walked into the house beaming.  

“It's so great to see you both.” She smiled. “I was so excited to get your call. And for a week - this will be great! Just like old times, right Juliet?”

“A week?” Juliet smiled at Angela.  

“I've got a lot to take care of…” Angela said awkwardly.  “Meetings out of the house, things like that.  You know.  I'll get home as early as I can every day though.”

“You will do no such thing.” Scolded Juliet.  “I am adapting well to my situation and I'm in excellent hands, so don't you rush home on my account.”

“And you're paying me the full day rate whether you're here or not, so you might as well get your money's worth.” Melissa said, standing next to Juliet.  

“Well I guess it's two against one then.” Angela said with a grin.  “I'll leave you two alone…  I've got my cell, so if you need-”

“Just go, wife.” Juliet smiled, rolling her eyes, and Angela grabbed her keys and purse and headed out.  

Once Juliet heard the telltale sound of the car driving away she turned to Melissa and smiled.  

“Still into the feet thing?” She asked with a wink.  Melissa blushed.  “Yeah you are. Top rightmost drawer of the long dresser.”

“And you're ok…” Melissa hesitated.

“I've actually been looking forward to it.” Juliet nodded.  

“I brought something for you, too.” Melissa said as she headed to the bedroom. Juliet took her sip and puff tube between her lips and wheeled to the living room, positioning her wheelchair facing the couch.  

Melissa returned a minute later with a number of rolled pairs of socks.  She sat in front of Juliet's wheelchair and gently, almost reverently raised her paralyzed legs, laying Juliet's feet in her lap.

“You're really fine with-?” Melissa questioned, looking at Juliet.  

“Of course I am. I've been intrigued since we did this in rehab, and on the plus side - nobody will walk in on us here.”

“But you're married now…” Melissa hesitated.

“And I'm not going to be fooling around with you - I wouldn't do that to Angela.  If, however, in the course of your duties as my caregiver you happen to… Become aroused.  Well I can't help that, I'm just a helpless quadriplegic girl.” Juliet smiled and winked.  

Melissa breathed deeply and then carefully, slowly, even sensually started slipping a thick white sock onto Juliet's paralyzed foot while Juliet watched.  Melissa caressed the sock onto the foot, then did the same for the other leg, slipping the sock onto Juliet's paralyzed foot, her cheeks getting more flushed the whole time.  She rubbed and caressed Juliet's feet lovingly, then began putting on a second pair of socks over the paralyzed feet.

By the third pair of thick socks, Juliet's feet were looking less and less recognizable and Melissa was breathing heavy and squirming in her seat.  

“Would you like to get undressed?” Juliet asked seductively.  Melissa didn't even ask if Juliet was serious, she just replaced Juliet's now puffy feet into her footrests and slipped her dress, bra, and panties off.  “Very nice.” Juliet said approvingly.

Melissa lifted Juliet's limp legs again and placed her feet between her own now naked thighs.  A fourth  pair of socks went on and as she gently smoothed them onto Juliet's feet, Melissa moaned.  

“Have you ever done this naked?” Juliet asked, watching intently, paralyzed hands in her lap.  Melissa could only shake her head.  “And have you ever… You know? ‘Finished’?” She asked.  Again Melissa shook her head.  “Well I want you to. I'd very much like to see that.” Juliet said, feeling quite excited herself.

Melissa placed Juliet's right foot directly between her legs, touching her sex, as she started slipping the fifth sock onto Juliet's unfeeling left foot. She held and caressed the chubby misshapen foot and Juliet could see she was rocking back and forth so Juliet's useless right foot would press against her very excited sex.  

Melissa lowered Juliet's left foot to replace the right, and then started putting the fifth sock onto Juliet's right foot.  Juliet took her mouth control between her lips and gave it the slightest puff, moving her chair forward three to four inches - and pressing her sock-covered crippled left foot firmly onto Melissa's pussy.  Melissa came with a shriek, back arching as she pressed the sock covered foot against her even more, enjoying several more rocking orgasms.  

“That was hot.” Juliet said after Melissa finished and regained a bit of composure.  

“I’ve never done anything like that before.” Melissa admitted, running her fingers through her hair, a little shudder of orgasmic aftershock going through her as one of Juliet’s feet, still laying limp on the couch between her legs, gently brushed her inner thigh as she shifted.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” Juliet smiled broadly.  “I did too.”  

“Good, because I do not want to get fired.” Melissa said as she lowered Juliet’s legs to her footrests.  “Do you want me to take the socks off?”

“No, if you like them you can leave them on.” Juliet said.  “It makes me feel sexy when you look at me - well, you look at my feet - like that.”   

“Does….” Melissa started, then stopped quickly.  

“What?” Juliet said, looking at her.  

“Does Angela… still look at you that way?” Melissa asked.  

Juliet giggled, a delightful sound that actually made Melissa smile warmly.  

“Oh you have no idea, Melissa…   I might be paralyzed from my neck down, but that is not a problem for us.”

“I am  glad to hear it.  That’s a big problem for a lot of couples post-injury.” Melissa said, finishing getting dressed.  “And I will leave the socks on.  Your feet are so adorable in them….”  

“Will you add another pair?” Juliet asked suddenly.  

“Another?” Melissa asked, surprised.  

“There should be a pink pair in that drawer.  I want pink socks on my pretty paralyzed feet.”

“As you wish, Mrs. Snow.” Melissa smiled, heading to the bedroom and returning with a pair of soft pink socks.   “These are nice.” she sighed.  

“My favorite pair.” Juliet said.  “Please put them on for me.”

“Of course.” Melissa said, sitting in front of Juliet’s wheelchair.  

“Will you need to…?” Juliet said with a sly grin.  

“I might not have a choice at this point…” Melissa admitted as she tenderly lifted Juliet's’ limp feet.  She slipped the pink socks on slowly and pressed them against her cotton panties, moaning.   She rocked her hips gently and then her back arched and she inhaled sharply with another orgasm, then another.   “Mmm.” was all she said as she lowered Juliet’s sock-puffy feet back into her powerchair footrests.   

“That was sexy.” Juliet said, putting her mouth control between her lips and backing up a few feet.  

“Yes, very…” said Melissa, still flushed.  

“You said you had something for me?” Juliet asked, curious.  “What would that be?  Not tap shoes I hope - I already have several pairs.”   

Melissa giggled.  “I’ve never met anyone as comfortable with her disability as you are.  Especially at your level.”

“I have my good days and bad days.” Juliet responded honestly.  

“So your surprise - I need to get it out of the car, and is there a place we can set up that’s out of the way?”  

“Third bedroom.” Juliet said.  “On the left, down the hallway off the kitchen.  We haven’t figured out what to do with it yet, it’s mostly empty.”

“OK, I’ll go get the stuff - it might take a few trips.  Can you wait for me in that room?” Melissa said, finally putting her shoes back on.  

“Sure, I’ll meet you there.” Juliet replied, taking her sip and puff control between her lips and driving through the kitchen, down the hall, and to the third bedroom.  Which was closed.   Angela must have closed it when she closed the door to the second bedroom, where they were currently storing their manual wheelchairs.  Juliet once again realized the severe limitations she had to deal with as a quadriplegic.  It excited her - a little - but it also annoyed her as well.  Would she even want to stay this way for the week Angela had hired Melissa for?  When she first heard that Angela hired a caregiver for a week she was ecstatic, but now, after less than 24 hours… she wasn’t so sure.

Melissa returned a few minutes later with…

“Is that an easel?” Juliet asked, both curious and amazed.  

“It is, yes!” Melissa said excitedly.  “Here, let me get that…” she said, turning the doorknob and opening the door to the room - such a simple exercise that Juliet could not even manage in her current condition.  She wheeled into the sunlit room, starting to feel down, and Melissa set up the easel.  

“We need a few more things.” Melissa said.  

“Like working hands?” Juliet murmured, but Melissa stopped her.  

“Hey - none of that.  Don’t you trust me?” she said, holding Juliet’s hand.  

“Yeah, sorry... “ Juliet said.  “I trust you.  It’s just… the door….” .

“It’s the little things, isn’t it?” Melissa said, and Juliet nodded.  “I’ll be right back.  You’ll like this, I promise.”

Melissa returned shortly afterwards with a large carry case.  She began opening it and there were, as Juliet expected, painting supplies.  What she was not expecting, however, were the unusual brushes.  

“These are mouth brushes - specially designed to be held comfortably in your mouth.”  she said, showing Juliet a selection of the uniquely designed brushes.  “Once we get you set up, you should be able to paint quite easily.”  

“With my mouth?” Juliet said, skeptical.  

“Yes, with your mouth.  You’ll see.”

Melissa finished setting up - the brushes were attached to the edge of the easel within easy reach, and there were small dimples of oil paints in a special stand.  Juliet took a brush in her mouth - it was actually quite comfortable - and helped Melissa position everything properly within her reach.  Finally, Melissa put a long painter's’ cape over Juliet and her wheelchair, to keep her safe from paint drops.  

“Now what?” Juliet asked, looking up at Melissa.

“Well… paint something.” Melissa said.  “Paint what you’re feeling.”

“Paint what I’m feeling…” Juliet said quietly, then reached out and took a brush in her mouth.  She initially moved the bush towards the black paint, thinking of the situation that put her in a wheelchair, the limitations, even as a paraplegic, that she would have to live with for the rest of her life, but then she hesitated.  She thought of Anglea, who not only stayed with her after she became a quadriplegic, not only married her when things seemed to be at their darkest,  but against all odds, when faced with an impossible choice, voluntarily and happily chose to live HER life as a paraplegic, to give Juliet more freedom.  Juliet found that she was crying, tears of joy, and she dipped her brush into the pink paint and began moving her head, painting the wide white canvas before her.  

Quadriplegic Painter Mariam Pare

The brush strokes were short and hesitant at first, tentative experiments with color and shape and feeling, but as Juliet began to feel more confident, so did her brush.  She first explored the limits of what she could do with her mouth, and then instead of accepting them, she built upon those limitations with color and shape and style.  

Juliet had no idea how long she painted, but the emotions just seemed to flow out of her, through the brushes she held between her teeth, through the paints spread out before her, onto the canvas.  Melissa helped her refill paints or clean brushes, but she remained silent, offering no commentary or encouragement, so intense was Juliet’s fixation with her task.  

After what must have been hours, Juliet put down her brush and breathed deep.  

“Wow.” was all Melissa could say.  

“Really?” Juliet asked, her cheeks tearstained and slightly blotched with paint.  

“Really.” Melissa said.  “It’s beautiful.  It’s really powerful.”

“Thank you for helping me with this.” Juliet said, looking at her work.  “I can do better.” she said with a smile.  

“Well then, we’ll work on it more tomorrow.  For today,let’s get you fed and cleaned up ad ready for your wife to get home.”

“I can’t wait to show her.” Juliet beamed as Melissa removed her cape and put the pains away.  

“Give me a few minutes to clean these brushes and I’ll get you fed.” Melissa said, and Juliet wheeled out of what she now thought was her ‘painter's studio’ and headed to the kitchen.  

“Are you ok Juliet?” Melissa asked, feeding her a bite of chicken.  

“Yeah, I’m fine…” she said. “Just daydreaming I guess.”


“About watching you put all those socks on my feet.” Juliet said with a wink.  

“Seriously.” Melissa said, blushing.  

“About painting.  I just feel like it’s one of the first things I could do on my own - well, mostly on my own - since the accident.”  which, she thought quietly, wasn’t a complete lie.  It was the first thing she could do on her own as a quadriplegic… she didn’t have to mention that since she was married she spent most of her time as a paraplegic who could do most things for herself

“A lot of people feel that way after an accident like yours, Juliet - though I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen too many people take to it like you did.”  

“Thanks - that means a lot.”  Juliet said.  “It was hard at first but it just felt…  right.  I connected with it.”  

“I could tell.  Well, let’s get you cleaned up for Angela.”  Melissa washed Juliet’s face and brushed her hair, then slowly took all the extra socks off her feet, leaving just Juliet’s white compression stockings.      

“You ok?” Juliet teased, seeing Melissa’s flushed cheeks.

“Fine, yeah… but I really can’t wait to do that again…  as long as it’s, you know… OK?”

“I look forward to it.  It really was quite nice for me as well.” Juliet smiled mischievously  “And you can do whatever you want with my feet, Melissa.  I’m not using them anymore...”

Angela returned home to Melissa cooking dinner and chatting with Juliet.

“Did everyone have a good day?” she asked, coming in and kissing her wife warmly.  

Melissa and Juliet just nodded and giggled.  

“That wife of yours, Angela…” Melissa said with a smile.  “I’ll see you both tomorrow morning.”

Later that evening, Angela was lowering Juliet onto the bed using the Hoyer Lift, stroking her hair.  

“So, did she do the feet thing, love?” Angela asked.  

“Oh yeah.” Juliet smiled.  “It was actually kind of hot, truth be told.” Juliet replied with a smile.  

“As hot as me?” Angela asked, kissing her passionately.  

“Never, my love.” Juliet said, kissing her back.  “But my feet did love all that attention….”

“Oh really?” said Angela.  “Well then let’s see what your wife can do about that.” as she undressed and climbed into bed, lifting her wife’s soft, paralyzed feet and dragging them sensually up her body…   

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