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Angela and Juliet Vignettes - Spa Day

Author’s Notes:  While writing the original story ‘The Wedding Vow’ I started on a scene where one of the women essentially ‘tricks’ the other into becoming full quad again so that she would no longer be handicapped - she had gotten sick of the wheelchair, etc…   When I was writing it, however, it just didn’t work right; these partners would never do this to one another, and the whole point of the story and the magic rings was about true love and sacrifice, so I scrapped that.  However, afterwards I came up with a different thought - what if one of the pair actually WANTED to become quadriplegic again, at least temporarily.  I think about this sometimes - as a full quad life must be very difficult, BUT you would have people doing everything for you, you could just sit in your wheelchair and not worry about anything - no work, no errands to the mall, no doing laundry or filling the dishwasher (one of my daily jobs around the house, even in my wheelchair).  So I started having this idea that Angela would be the athletic, active one - she’s going to be the one who buys a handcycle or a racing wheelchair,  she’ll be the one doing adaptive yoga.  Juliet would have a somewhat different way of dealing with stress and anxiety, and that’s where the idea for this vignette came from.

Angela and Juliet Vignettes - Spa Day
By ParaCathy

Juliet wheeled into the study, a nervous look on her face. “We need to talk.” She said to her wife Angela, on a floor mat doing adaptive yoga, her wheelchair nearby.  

“About what love?” Angela said, dragging herself across the mat and working her way into her wheelchair.

“It's about… This.” Juliet said, and both women knew she was talking about their ‘situation’, their paralysis.  “I think I need a change.”

Angela sighed. “I've been thinking the same thing. I mean, life is good, I'm getting pretty good with my wheelchair, building solid upper body strength, but yeah….  Just to go for a jog, or a quick bike ride…  I dream about riding my bike through the canyon.”

“You do?” Juliet asked…  “But-”’

“I know - but how do we choose who gets ‘the legs’?” Angela smirked.  I'll volunteer to - “

“No, I don't think you get it.” Juliet interrupted her wife.  “I want to… I want to go back to completely paralyzed.” She said quietly.

“You do?” Angela said, stunned.  “But why?”

Juliet frowned.  “I'm not unhappy - I'm really not.  Even as a paraplegic my life with you is so perfect.  It's just - I've been feeling a lot of stress, a lot of anxiety, and I just want to…”

“Let someone else take care of you for a while?” Angela completed.  

“Am I awful?” Juliet asked?  

“Of course not love.” Angela said gently, wheeling over to her wife.  “We all deal with stress in different ways, and the last four months have been some of the most stressful of our lives.  If you think a few days as your quadriplegic self will help you, I'm happy to oblige, and I feel like I'm getting the better deal.” She smiled.

“But if I'm completely paralyzed you can't do all those things..” Juliet said, shaking her head.

“I'll call Melissa and have her come over during the day. She’s taken wonderful care of you, and she knows you as a quadriplegic and me as able bodied.”  Angela said, patting her wife's hands. “And at night I'll have you all to myself.” She smiled broadly.

“That… Actually sounds really good.” Juliet smiled, the color returning to her cheeks.  

“It does sound good. Let me set it up with Melissa and as soon as she's confirmed, we’ll swap.” Angela said, wheeling to get her phone.  

“It's all set for tomorrow.” Angela beamed, wheeling into the kitchen where Juliet was making tea.  “She'll be here at ten sharp.”

“Great.” Juliet smiled, but there was a hesitation that Angela picked up on immediately.  

“And…  You want to start right way, don't you?” Angela asked with a smirk.  

“I think I'd sleep better.” Juliet smiled.  

“Well then let's get you ready, my love. I have to admit, I'm looking forward to feeding you.”

“Really?” Juliet asked with a grin.

“Definitely.  It was one of the things I honestly enjoyed. You know… Before.”

“Thank you wife.” Juliet said, leaning in and kissing Angela.  

Angela helped dress Juliet in a comfortable accessible dress and changed her diaper, then put sexy stockings on her legs.

“I have a feeling once we swap, I'm in for an interesting evening.” Smiled Juliet.  

“You must be psychic.” Angela smiled and stroked Juliet's face sensually.  

They helped Juliet get into her power wheelchair and Angela strapped her in, then they joined hands and said the incantation they had learned.  

Angela stood up a minute later, stretching and rubbing her legs.  “Oh this feels good…” She said, then looked at her wife, who she knew was now completely paralyzed from the neck down.  “You ok, lover?” She asked.

Juliet hesitated for a moment, breathed in and out deeply, smiled a deeply satisfied smile and said “Yes, I'm ok. I actually feel wonderful.  Thank you my love.”

Angela caressed Juliet's face again, then leaned down and kissed her deeply. Juliet reciprocated the kiss as best she could and Angela felt Juliet's tongue eagerly probing her lips.  

“Mmmm.  Well that's new.” Angela said, stroking Juliet's hair.   

“I feel like a whole new woman.” Juliet smiled. And I'm hungry.

Angela truly enjoyed feeding her wife - she cooked a nice dinner while Juliet watched from her wheelchair, and then the pair ate and chatted, Angela feeding small bites to Juliet and wiping her mouth, giving her sips of wine. There was a lot of kissing, too, and it seemed like for the first time in weeks the couple truly connected.  

“You seem so happy.” Angela told Juliet, kissing her and running fingers through her hair.

“I am.” Juliet replied.  “I think part of it is knowing it's not permanent, obviously, but I feel like there is more to it.”  

“Well whatever it is, I love it.” Angela said.  

“Would you brush my hair?” Juliet asked.  

“Gladly.” Angela said.  “Let's head to the bedroom.”  

“Let's” Juliet replied warmly.  “Can I get my mouth control?”

“I'll push you, my love.” And Angela put the power chair into attendant control and pushed Juliet to the bedroom.  

Angela undressed slowly in front of Juliet as she sat motionless in her power chair. She then danced seductively to the dresser and retrieved a wide wooden hairbrush. Juliet was already moaning with desire as the brush started pulling through her long hair.

“Mmmmm.” Juliet sighed.  “More.”  

Angela brushed her hair and kissed her.  Soon she was on Juliet's lap, kissing her, letting Juliet kiss her breasts, caressing her face.  

“You're so beautiful, my quadriplegic wife.”  Angela said, kissing her more deeply.  

“Take your handicapped wife to bed” Juliet said breathlessly, nibbling on Angela's nipple.  

Angela was only too ready, repositioning Juliet's wheelchair and then carefully transferring her in the hoyer lift. Juliet's limp body in the sling seemed to enhance the mood rather than subdue it, and the pair kissed passionately as Juliet was gently lowered to the bed.  

“I want you to undress me.” Juliet said, and Angela slowly, seductively obliged, removing her adaptive dress, then her bra, caressing and kneading soft warm breasts that she knew her lover couldn’t feel.  It somehow heightened the excitement for both of them.  Angela got her wife down to stockings and her diaper and stopped.  

“All the way, baby.” Juliet said.  

“Are you sure?” Angela asked, sliding her hands up her wife’s motionless legs.  Juliet nodded.  Angela slid the diaper off and slipped it into the wastebin in one smooth motion, then gently, sensually washed her wife, both women savoring the action.  

“Come here.” Juliet called to Angela, and Angela obliged, moving up the bed to kiss her wife deeply, to run her fingers through Juliet’s hair.  

“Turn around.” Juliet said, laying there motionless, only able to move her head.  

“Like this?” Angela moved around the bed.   

“No, not like that - what can I do with that, I can’t move…” Juliet teased.  “Get over here.  You know what I want…”

“You mean?” Angela said, and Juliet could hear her excitement.  

“Let me take care of my wife.” Juliet said.  

Angela straddled Juliet backwards, gently settling herself over her wife, thighs on either side of Juliet’s face.  She slowly maneuvered herself, listening to her wife’s verbal instructions until she felt Juliet’s tongue slip across her hot clit, making her scream.  Juliet’s tongue worked feverishly between Angela's legs; she wasn't able to move her head much, but what she lacked in ability she more than made up for in enthusiasm.

“Oh god!” Angela cried, writhing as her wife licked her but trying not to move much, knowing Juliet's limitations.   

“I remember this being easier with hands.” Juliet said.  

“You're doing great lover.” Angela panted, loving the sensations coursing through her.  

“And how about me?” Juliet teased. “Just because I can't feel it doesn't mean I won't like it.”

“Anything you say, wife.” And lowered her head, beginning to kiss and lick Juliet's paralyzed sex.  Angela knew Juliet couldn't feel anything, but she could certainly enjoy their lovemaking.   

“I think…” Juliet panted a short time later “I'm done.  Sorry love.” She said.  

“It's fine.” Angela said, move over to kiss her wife.  They kissed passionately and tasted one another on their lips.  

“You didn't finish.” Juliet complained.  “If you're going to have use of everything for a few days I want to make sure you enjoy it.  Don’t we have a wedding present we haven’t tried yet?”

“Oh my god you are frisky!!” Angela said, hopping off the bed.  “If I only get a few days of this before I go back to the chair, I’m not going to try to talk you out of it!” she giggled, heading to the closet to pull out the strap on vibrator.  She put fresh batteries in and then began sliding the harness up Juliet's useless legs. She fastened around her waist securely, the contoured vibrator sticking straight up.  

In the past, experiments with strapons had often been met with giggles, but now, seeing Juliet laying there, staring longingly up at Angela, it was the sexiest thing in the world.  Angela climbed sensually onto the bed and straddled her wife, slipping slowly down onto the vibrator.  She massaged Juliet’s breasts as she slowly slid up and down, the pressure and passion building.  She lifted Juliet’s limp hands and used them to cup her breasts, caress her body sensually as her thighs pumped and her pelvis grinded.  There were no words, the communication between the women went deeper than that, and as Angela found her rhythm Juliet cried out in ecstasy with her.  

Angela lay beside Juliet for a long while, smelling her shampoo and listening to her breathe.  After Juliet had fallen asleep, Angela gently slipped off the strapon and then washed her wife with cleansing wipes and slipped an overnight diaper onto her.  She lay close beside her, feeling her soft skin all up and down her body - something she hadn’t been able to do since… things got weird.  She slept well and, strangely enough, in her dreams she was in her wheelchair.   

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