Thursday, May 21, 2009

Blogging about a personal problem

so, I have this dilemma. Heather and I have a pretty close friend, let's call her 'Michelle'. I've always liked Michelle as a person, We've been friends with her for a couple years, she's one of our closer 'circle of friends' - someone we hang out with at least once or twice a month, usually more, we send her a card on her birthday, etc...
I've never been particularly attracted to Michelle physically, he's a bit more butch than I like, and she's kind of plain looking. I've never fantasized about her, let's put it that way.
On Monday, Michelle broke her leg pretty bad in a horseback riding accident. We went to see her this morning, as she's out of the hospital. She's in good spirits, not in too much pain, and she's in a full,long-leg pink fiberglass cast. Aluminum crutches, the whole thing. Now, suddenly, in my pure devotee/medical fetish brain, she's SO HOT and I find myself staring at her casted leg, her wiggling toes. Fantasizing pretty heavily about her, about making out with her, running my hands up and down her cast, playing with her toes, even making love to her and feeling that rigid, rough fiberglass against my cheek as I eat her...
Of course I'm in a very solid, very awesome long term relationship, and I don't like these feelings. I play online a bit, fantasy play with chat partners, but that's all fantasy, I'm never going to 'hook up' with anyone I chat with online. Michelle lives ten minutes from me, is gay, and we've known each other and partied together for years. I think I've even kissed her, though the details of that particular party are a little fuzzy...
So what the hell do I do? I don't want to upset Heather or make her jealous, but I can't get that pink long leg cast out of my head. I've got to try my best not to think about it or start texting her like some crazy stalker...


  1. You know it isn't worth putting your current relationship on the line. So you have to come up with something else.
    But here's a crazy idea (don't know if it is possible or anything, but I thought I'd share it): get Heather to put on a cast and walk on crutches. That way you will forget Michelle in no time!


  2. Heather has a foot fetish doesn't she? Surely she may have had trouble being attracted to your friend's toes peeking out of the cast.

  3. Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu. Just remember not to taste anything. No big deal to have purely sexual fantasies involving someone from time to time, it shouldn't threaten your deeper connection with whom you're with.