Thursday, May 7, 2009

Story - First Date

First Date By ParaGirl

Sarah was excited- she was going on her first date since the accident
that paralyzed her four years before. His name was John and he was a
computer programmer at the firm where she worked as a secretary,
which is where they met. It had started very quietly, he had asked her a
few weeks ago if he could sit with her in the cafeteria one day. Soon
one day became a week, and he asked for her phone number, which
surprised Sarah both because she was disabled and because he seemed
so shy. He did seem very nice though, so she agreed and they exchanged
phone numbers.
John had called her that night and they talked for over an hour, and
were really hitting it off, when John said he had something to tell her.
Sarah was afraid, because she had really started to like John, and she
had heard Ive got something to tell you too many times since her
accident. It seemed to be slang for Youre nice, for a cripple, but I
want to date a normal girl. Sarah held her breath in preparation for the
I understand speech she had rehearsed so many times when John came
out with something she hadnt hear before. He had said Im a
Sarah had heard about devotees from doctors, friends from rehab, it
was a well-known but little talked about aspect of being disabled,
especially a disabled female. Devotees were people, usually men, who
liked disabled women, or found them sexually more attractive than able-
bodied women.. The idea at once frightened Sarah and peaked her
curiosity. John was shy, clean, professional, and he seemed very nice-
not one of the perverted ogres that usually portrayed Devotees. Sarah
was quiet for a minute, and John asked her if she was OK. She said yes,
she thought so, but she asked if he could give her a day to think about
it, it needed time to sink in. John said fine, and he hoped to talk to her
again soon, but if she didnt call, he would be OK with that.
Sarah thought about John long into the night. On the one hand, he
was what most people she knew considered a pervert, a deviant. On the
other, however, John was kind to her, he was attractive, he was stable,
he had a great job, she knew he didnt drink or do drugs from her
conversations with him, and above all, he found her attractive,
something she hadnt experienced since waking up not being able to feel
the lower half of her body. She was 24 years old, attractive, and really
wanted to go out with John, even if he was a devotee. As Sarah went
to sleep that night, she knew she would call John the next day.
John was thrilled to hear from her and suggested a date that
weekend, to which Sarah agreed, suggesting a movie she wanted to see,
more for the fact of being around alot of people than anything else. No
matter how nice John seemed, he could still turn out to be something
less charming if he had her alone. She hoped her distrust would go
away after she really got to know him, but for now she was playing it

-Getting Ready-
And the weekend had come already. Sarah looked at the clock,
knowing John would be there in just under three hours to pick her up,
plenty of time to get ready to go out. She wheeled herself into her
bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror. She had shoulder-length
blonde hair, and her skin was light. She had big blue eyes and long
eyelashes, and her cheekbones were high and defined- she had always
thought of herself as very pretty- at least until the accident. She was
wearing a T-shirt now, and a pair of shorts. Her legs were thinner than
they had been before the accident, the muscle tone in her legs had all but
disappeared in the four years shes been confined to her wheelchair.
Her bare feet sat limply in the footrest of her wheelchair , as the always
did, her toes curled in slightly. She looked at her paralyzed legs,
thinking they were still attractive, that Johns interest in them wasnt so
strange. Using her hands, she lifted her left leg and crossed it over the
right. She watched her foot just drop there, hanging. It still amazed
her, her new body. She watched her foot, even rolled back and forth a
little, and the foot hung there, moved a little, but she couldnt feel
anything, like it wasnt even hers. She still hadnt gotten used to that
yet, not completely.
Sarah went to her closet and pulled down a nice spring blouse and a
knee-length skirt she liked to wear. She laid them on the bed and
wheeled to her dresser. She pulled out a pretty bra and panties, and a
pair of pantyhose to match the skirt. She put it all on the bed and
wheeled herself into the bathroom. She pulled two thick towels out of
the linen closet and put them on a low table by the shower. She locked
her wheelchair and lifted her crossed left leg, putting her foot on the
floor. She then lifted her right leg and put her right foot on the floor as
well. She then grabbed onto a bar on the wall and hoisted herself up
out of her wheelchair several inches. She used her other hand to slide
the elastic-waist shorts she was wearing down to her ankles along with
her panties. She sat back in the chair and lifted her legs one at a time to
pull the shorts and panties off of her feet. She stripped out of her T-
shirt and bra, so she was totally naked, and threw the laundry in the
nearby hamper. She then grabbed onto the grab bar again and slid
herself out of her wheelchair and into a white plastic chair with small
wheels on all four legs. She positioned her legs properly and grabbed
the two grab-bars in her shower, pulling herself into her accessible
shower stall. Her feet dragged along the floor into the stall. She closed
the door and turned on the water, making it hot enough to steam up the
stall. Sarah then took the shower head, which was removable, and
began to rinse herself off. She soaked her hair, her arms, her breasts,
then her legs, spraying them thoroughly. She replaced the
showerhead into its bracket and grabbed her body wash, lathering up
her lufa and scrubbing herself all over. She put the lufa in her lap and
used her hands to lift her right leg over her left, then she scrubbed it all
over, even under her foot. She lowered it back to the floor and did the
same for her left leg, scrubbing it and washing it fully. She finished and
placed it back on the floor as well, then took up the showerhead again,
spraying herself and rinsing off the soap. She lathered her blonde hair
with shampoo and rinsed it out, then did the same with conditioner. She
rinsed herself off fully and turned off the water. She opened the shower
stall door and pushed herself, in her rolling shower chair, back out into
the bathroom and grabbed a towel. She dried her upper body and
vigorously toweled her hair dry, wrapping the towel around her head,
then took the other towel. The grabbed the towel by opposite corners
and used it to lasso her right foot, lifting it into her lap. She toweled
her leg off from toes to crotch, then lowered it back down. She lifted
her left leg and dried it off, too. She finally folded the towel into a small
square and out it on her wheelchair seat cushion. She transferred back
into her wheelchair naked and wheeled over to the toilet. She had a
feeling she needed to go, and parked the chair right by the toilet. She
grabbed the grab-bars and transferred herself onto the seat. She didnt
even bother fixing her legs, so they just lay there crooked and crossed.
She didnt really care- they didnt hurt, after all. She finished up and
transferred back into her wheelchair, wheeling into her bedroom to
finish getting ready.
Sarah wheeled up to her bed and again locked the wheelchair. There
was nothing worse than not locking your wheelchair and watching it roll
across the room as you transfer out of it. She grabbed the hanging
grab-bar over her bed and lifted herself out of her wheelchair and over
to the bed. Her legs flopped over the edge of the bed and she had to lift
them, one at a time, and lay them out straight in front of her. She first
took her panties and pulled her legs up closer to her by lifting her knees.
She fit the panties on over her feet and pulled them up past her knees.
She let her legs drop back down and laid all the way back, pulling the
panties up to her waist. The next thing she had to do was the one she
hated most; she took a liner- actually an adult diaper- and slid it into her
panties. She was pretty good about going to the bathroom, but she
didnt have very good control , and she would really hate the
embarrassment of having an accident on her date. She sat back up and
took her panty hose. She scrunched up the left leg of her panty hose
and pulled her left foot up to her lap, fitting the tight nylon over her
paralyzed foot. Her toes scrunched up more in panty hose, but thats
what shoes were for. She laid her foot out but still near her lap, and
scrunched up the right leg of her panty hose, pulled her right foot up to
her lap, and pulled the nylon over her right foot. She placed her legs
out straight again and started pulling the nylons up her lifeless legs. She
got them up past her knees and straightened them out up to there, then
pulled them up to her thighs and straightened them more. She again
laid back and pulled the panty hose up to her waist, pulling the
waistband up to just above where she still had feeling. She sat up again
and straightened the panty hose all the way up from her toes, so they
looked allright. Sarah still liked how her legs looked in nylons, and she
hoped John would too. Next she put on her blouse and tucked its tails
into the waistband of her panty hose. It helped her keep the shirt tucked
in right, as well as keeping the panty hose up during transfers and
things. Lastly she took her skirt and spread it out on the bed beside her.
She grabbed onto the hanging grab-bar and lifted her bottom up and
swung it over onto the skirt. She laid back and pulled the skirt up
around her waist. She clipped the waistband and zipped the side up,
completing the project.
Sarah sat back up and slid herself to the edge of the bed. She
grabbed her wheelchair with one arm and her hanging grab-bar with the
other and slid back into her wheelchair. She lifted her left leg off the bed
and placed it into its rest, then lifted her right leg and crossed it over
her left. She unlocked her wheelchair and headed back into the
bathroom. She had a little under an hour left before John arrived.
In the bathroom Sarah pulled her wheelchair up under the lowered
counter and grabbed her brush and blow dryer. She did her hair, then
put on a little makeup, nothing too much, just enough to make her
sparkle as her mom used to say. She sprayed herself with a bit of
Obsession perfume, her favorite. She put a small gold bracelet on,
along with matching earrings and necklace, then she lifted her right
leg pulling her foot into her lap and placed a nice gold anklet on her
ankle. She was finished with a half hour to spare. She crossed her leg
back over its twin and after one final look-over wheeled out of the

-The Date-
John arrived about ten minutes early, knocking on the door just as
Sarah was getting her shoes. She wheeled up to the door and opened it,
her black shoes sitting in her lap. By the look on his face, John was
impressed with something, and Sarah wanted to think it was the total
package, not just her wheelchair.
Please, come in John. Make yourself comfortable, Im almost
ready. Sarah said, wheeling back from the door to allow John in. He
entered and closed the door behind him.
Thanks Sarah. You look really nice, really wonderful tonight.
John replied. He couldnt keep hi eyes off of Sarah, but to her pleasant
surprise, he was looking at HER, not her wheelchair or her legs. Oh, he
stole more than the casual glance at her nylon-clad feet, turned in and
curled as they were, but she could tell he was looking at her mostly.
She felt more at ease already.
I cant wait for this movie, Sarah chatted as John sat on the couch.
It looks really good.
Yes, it does- I figured we could go to the Rialto theater, the screens
are much bigger than at the cineplex.
Oh, well John, I really dont like the Rialto- the only wheelchair
slots in the theater are way in the back, and the sound isnt so great
back there. The cineplex is better for me.
Well, thats OK, but if you wanted to go to the Cineplex, I could.. I
could help you. John was almost frozen with anticipation and fear,
wondering if he had just ended the date before it started.
Um, Sarah said with much hesitation, No, not this time, thanks
John. Id just like to see how this date goes before- well before
anything else.
Oh, thats OK Sarah, it was probably a bit too forward of me, Im
sorry. The Cineplex it is, whenever youre ready. Sarah could tell john
was relived but a little disappointed by her decision, a reaction she could
certainly live with. Part of her was still afraid he might get too
friendly, but the old Sarah was really starting to like John.
Hey, all I have left to do is get my shoes on and we can go. Sarah
commented, lifting the small black shoes for emphasis. If you dont
mind, you could help me put them on.
Sarah watched the range of emotions flare through John, from
amazement and excitement to trepidation and fear, all in a second or so.
Are you sure? he asked, and Sarah nodded yes with as much
nonchalance as she could muster, as if this were just some minor thing.
The truth was, noone had EVER put Sarahs shoes on for her, not even
in the hospital. She wheeled right up to where John was sitting and
watched. John lifted her right foot gently, more gently than even she
ever did. He placed it in the cradle between his two clenched knees and
she handed him her right shoe. He gently lifted her paralyzed foot and
slid the toes of it into the leather shoe. Sarah noticed he was very
careful not to squeeze her foot in or twist it, and he slid her heel into the
shoe and rested it again on his knees while he strapped the thin strap
over the top of her foot. He got it just right, she saw, pulling the strap
just tight enough and placing the fastener through the same hole she
would have. It was so hard for her to get a good fit on shoes, not being
able to feel her feet at all. John placed her foot gently back into its
footrest- he placed it slightly turned in, not straight, and Sarah
wondered if he liked feet to look that way more. It was one of so many
questions she would ask him, if she ever got the courage. He had lifted
her other foot and she handed him her other shoe. He again placed her
paralyzed foot gently into her shoe and strapped it in, so the shoe
wouldnt fall off accidentally. John placed her foot back into its
footrest, again placing the foot pointed inwards, so she looked slightly
pigeon-toed. She figured shed leave them that way, at least for now,
he seemed to like it.
Sarah wheeled out into the parking lot and realized she had no idea
whos car they would be taking to the movie. She didnt even know
what john drove.
If you like, I could drive Sarah. John offered. Im sure you wont
have any trouble getting in and out of my car. Or we can take yours, if
youd like.
Well, what do you drive? Sarah asked, wheeling across the lot.
Thats it right there, the Buick. John pointed to a large dark blue
sedan, a very nice looking car indeed. The doors looked plenty big
enough for her, so she agreed.
John opened the passenger door for her and she wheeled up to it.
She grabbed the doorframe and her chair and slid herself quite easily
the plush seat- this was a really nice car! She pulled one leg into the
car, then her other- John was watching intently as she did it. She then
reached out and pulled the tab on the back of her wheelchair, collapsing
it. She pulled the back wheels off and John put them and the chair itself
into the back seat for her. She fastened her seatbelt and straightened her
legs a little more as John got into the car.
This is a nice car, John. It looks new.
Ive had it for about a month, really. It was just time to get a new
car, and I like this alot. I dont need flashy, just give me comfy.
Sarah got a shiver, realizing that she had said those same words a
number of times. John was really turning out to be something else.
They drove to the theater chatting about work and other small talk.
Sarah rode with her hands on her lap, and John asked about it.
Whenever I ride in a car, Ill usually just keep my hands on my lap,
partly for comfort and partly to make sure my legs are still there. Sarah
replied with a smile. She saw John grab a quick glance at her legs and
continue with small talk. Sarah started thinking he was alot more
nervous about this than she was.
John pulled into the theater parking lot and parked in an area without
many other cars, not as close to the front as he could. Sarah was
confused until she realized- he couldnt use a handicapped spot like she
could, so he was parking in an area open enough so she could transfer
into her chair. He was very good at this. Sarah decided to broach the
subject with him.
John, I know youre a devotee, and please dont take this the wrong
way, but how many disabled women have you dated? I only ask
because youre really very thoughtful, realizing things I might need, that
most able-bodied people wouldnt think of. Parking out here so I can
transfer into my chair, for example.
John sat there for a minute. OK, he said. Confession time. Ive
never dated a disabled woman before. I know about these things
because my mother was paralyzed, when she was a little girl. She was
actually paralyzed from about her chest down, and she needed alot of
help to do anything, because the world wasnt nearly so adaptive for
disabled people back in the 50s. My dad was actually her familys
milkman, she fell out the door one day trying to get the milk and
couldnt get back up. He helped her, and took pity on her at first.
Then, as they got to know each other, he fell in love with her, and she
with him. They were married, which in itself was a scandal, because she
was a cripple in the vernacular of the times, but then she got pregnant,
which was totally taboo! Both their families thought that she would
have a crippled baby- like spinal cord injury was genetic- or that she
would be an unfit mother. Well, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl,
my sister Sue, and then three more kids after her, another girl and two
boys. My parents had the best relationship Ive ever known, which is
why I think Im a devotee, why Im looking for a woman with a
disability. To me, that is what a healthy, loving relationship is. Im
sorry, I was going to save all this, but it seemed a good time.
It took all Sarah could muster to hold back a tear- John was not a
monster or pervert, he was a very sweet guy who genuinely liked her,
and even though alot of his attraction was to her disability, her
wheelchair, there were some truly sweet motives behind it all.
OK, Sarah choked out. Lets go see a movie- John, my chair
please! she said as if she were ordering her butler around. John caught
on immediately and laughed out loud, getting Sarahs chair and putting
together for her. He wheeled it into the proper position and locked it
for her, then watched as she lifted herself out of the car and transferred
into it. She again lifted her legs over and placed them into the
wheelchair, then fixed her skirt and smoothed her nylons some. She
lifted her left leg, as John watched, and crossed it over her left,
straightening her legs a little more before unlocking the wheelchair and
wheeling up to the theater.
John bought the tickets while Sarah went for popcorn. She picked
up a large popcorn and two soft drinks, then had to ask the high-school
dropout at the counter for a tray to carry it on her lap. She met John at
the door to the theater and they went in. Sarah wheeled right for her
usual spot- a nice area up front, not too close to the screen, that was
flanked by regular seats. She parked her chair in the open spot, locking
it, and John took the seat beside her.
You know, before my accident, I never knew what these spaces
were for. Sarah giggled.
What happened to you, your accident? You dont have to tell me if
you dont want to, its OK.
No, actually thats something that I dont mind talking about at all.
It happened four years ago, I was mountain biking with a friend when I
fell off the trail. It was a fifteen foot drop, and I landed on my back. I
remember getting the wind knocked out of me and blacking out, just for
a second. I opened my eyes and saw my leg was broken, it had
slammed against a rock and it just bent the wrong way. I remember
thinking how much that should hurt, my leg broken that bad, and the
real facts just started creeping into my thoughts, then I blacked out. I
woke up a few hours later in the hospital, in a body cast and full leg
cast, but I knew right away. I couldnt feel anything, nothing at all from
my waist down, and I knew Id never walk again. I cried alot for the
first few weeks- I loved mountain biking you see, I had always been
very active, and I knew no matter how independent I became, Id
never ride a bike again. They gave me all the uplifting speeches and
stuff throughout my recovery, but it wasnt until I got out on my own
that I really decided to put it behind me and start living again. I got the
job, got my apartment, and started over, really. When something like
this happens, Sarah indicated her paralyzed legs, her wheelchair. A
person really has to start over again from scratch, learn it all over
John looked at Sarah, and he was looking at her, not at her
wheelchair. I never really realized that, I guess. I mean, my mom got
hurt when she was only five, and back then there wasnt many options
for a girl who couldnt walk. She was just always in a wheelchair, for
just about all of her life.
Theres alot more too it than a pretty set of legs in a wheelchair,
John. Alot more.
I guess so. Said John, then he went quiet, but Sarah knew he
The movie started shortly after that, and during the film Sarah kept
shooting glances over to John. A few times, he was looking at her, too,
in a good way. About half way through the movie, Sarah had the urge
to hold Johns hand. She reached over and took hold of it- he almost
jumped! She held it on the armrest of his chair for a little while, then
moved the hand holding to her own lap. John wasnt sure what to do,
so he sat there, and Sarah saw he was smiling. The movie ended and
they sat there for a few more minutes, just sitting and not talking. Sarah
knew there was something there between them, she could feel it, but she
didnt want to rush into anything.
OK, lets hit the road, John. Sarah unlocked her chair and started
wheeling out before he was even out of his seat. he caught up in a few
strides and walked beside her, not behind like when they entered the
So, where to now? John asked.
First, the ladies room for me. Sarah replied, wheeling in the
direction of the restrooms.
And after that? John asked from behind her.
Ill let you know when Im done here- Oh, and, this could take a
while. Sarah added, suddenly embarrassed.
Thats fine- its worth the wait. John replied with a giggle.
Sarah wheeled into the womens room and- of course- the
handicapped stall was occupied. She waited a minute or two and the
stall door opened- a teen-aged girl walked out and looked
embarrassingly at Sarah, then turned away. Sarah just gave her a look
and wheeled into the stall. She backed her wheelchair in beside the
toilet and locked it, then lifted herself on the grab-bars, sliding over
onto he seat. She lifted herself a little, pulled her skirt up, and wriggled
her panty hose and panties down. She checked her shield- it was
thankfully dry- then finished her business and pulled her panties back up,
then her panty hose. She finished by tucking her blouse back in, then
transferred back into her wheelchair. She lifted her legs and put them
back into the chair, then for effect, she bent over and adjusted her feet,
so they pointed in even more extremely than John had positioned them
earlier. They looked strange that way- she always made sure that her
legs were positioned as naturally as possible, so positioning them so
unnaturally made them look much more handicapped to her. She
figured thats what John liked, thats why he put them that way earlier.
She looked down at them again and wheeled out of the stall and to the
mirror. She saw an older woman look at her and quickly look away-
she was used to it. People didnt like to be reminded of how fragile they
really were, Sarah guessed. She had to admit, before her accident, she
was the same way.
Sarah wheeled out of the ladies room to see John waiting for her.
He smiled as he saw her and he walked over to her. She saw him glance
down at her feet once, then a double take.
So, where to now? John asked, falling in beside her and heading
What did you have in mind? She asked. She wheeled herself
through the large doors with John close behind.
I thought going out for coffee would be nice, actually. He said.
Sounds nice. You drive. She giggled. John was noticeably more
relaxed, and Sarah realized that was because she was more relaxed with
him. They got to the car and realized someone had parked right next to
Johns car, and too close to open the door fully.
Um, John, they are parked a little too close. Sarah sighed.
Dont worry, Ill just pull the car out some, then you can transfer
easier. Just give me a sec.
Actually John, you dont have to do that. Could you just help me
in, like give me a lift. Sarah watched his expression. He had no idea
what to say or do until he blurted out Um, sure.
He opened the passenger side door and Sarah pulled her chair up to
the back of the car- the other car was so close she couldnt wheel in
between them. John walked up nervously to her.
So, how should we do this? Any preference? John asked.
Sarah looked up at him. Well, are you familiar with the cradle
method? You cradle me-
Yes, Ill cradle you under your knees and shoulders to lift you into
the car. Should be a breeze. Sarah raised her arms and John cradled
her, lifting her legs from under her knees. He marveled at how soft her
legs were, how limp they were just hanging there in her arms. He lifted
her gently and carried her the short distance to the car door, then gently
lowered her into the seat.
Perfect- youre good at this John. Sarah said, straightening her
Coming from you, Sarah, that means alot, it really does, thanks.
No, thank you- for a wonderful evening. Now lets go get that
coffee, OK?
John broke down her wheelchair and put it in the back seat, then
drove to the coffee shop. Sarah transferred into her wheelchair and they
went into the coffee shop. John moved a chair away from a small round
table and Sarah pulled her chair up to it. They ordered Latte and just
looked at each other for a minute before John spoke.
Sarah, I just want to say I really like you alot. Its true, I like the
chair, but over tonight Ive found I really like you, as a person. I just
wanted to get that out in the open. You know what I am, and what I
like, so I figured just put it all on the table and see what happens. I
hope thats not a problem for you.
I dont think so John. I mean, when you first told me, yes, I had a
problem, but you are so nice, and the fact that you find me attractive
because of my paralysis seems so minor, theres so much more we can
talk about and have in common. Id like to give it a try, I guess.
John sighed a little, a happy sigh. They continued to chat for a little
while, about little things, until Sarah asked John about his mother.
Well, she was five when it happened, she fell off a roof, broke her
back. Medical treatment was minimal then, and she was paralyzed. She
grew up getting help from her family, and they figured she would always
be a burden. Oh, she might get some small job, but even that was kind
of rare in the 50s. The Doctors actually suggested they put her in an
institution, so she could be with her own kind. Her family refused, so
I guess Im thankful for that. Then one day, she fell out of her chair
getting the milk from the front porch- she was seventeen and had barely
even left the house yet. The milkman, my father, helped her back into
her wheelchair and the rest is history.
Sarah stared. She hadnt even thought what her life would have
been like a mere twenty or thirty years before. So, she couldnt even
get back into her own wheelchair? She asked curiously. It was one of
the first things she was taught in rehab.
Well, remember, lightweight little wheelchairs like yours are a very
modern invention. Mom always used these huge institutional chairs,
with the big footrests and armrests and such- very difficult to manage,
and my mom was always small, not all that strong. She never got much
exercise as a kid, of course.
Of course. Sarah replied. I never think about that, really. So,
your dad helped her alot?
Oh yes, there wasnt anything my father wouldnt do for her. It
took him a little while to get over the pity phase, even he admits that,
but he would help her in and out of her wheelchair, help her in the
bathroom, help bathe her. It was never a chore for him, he loved doing
it. I guess maybe he was a devotee, too, at least after the fact. Now,
ever since I was a little kid, I like to look at disabled women. Crutches,
braces, even blind or deaf women catch my eye, but nothing quite so
much as a wheelchair with a pretty set of legs in it. And your legs are
very nice, I hope you dont mind me saying that.
No, I dont mind. Sarah said, but she could feel herself blushing,
but John didnt say anything. There was alot more to this devotee than
she had even expected.
So, tell me a little more about yourself, Sarah. Ive been gabbing all
night, it seems.
Well, theres not much more to tell. You already know Im going
to night school to get my degree, and after that, Id like a job working
with people, helping people. Not just disabled people, mind you, but
people in general.
Well, thats really nice. John said. Sarah looked at her watch.
Wow, its really late, John, Id better get home before my wheelchair
turns into a pumpkin! They both laughed loudly at that. John paid for
he Lattes and Sarah wheeled out of the shop in front of him, out to his
car. He opened the door for her and she transferred smoothly from her
wheelchair into the seat. John watched her lift her legs, one at a time,
and put them in the car. She straightened her skirt as he put her
wheelchair back into the back seat.
The drive to Sarahs house was uneventful, they chatted a little bit
about current events, both avoiding the topic of a second date. John
pulled up in front of Sarahs apartment complex and parked.
John, could you help me back into my wheelchair? Sarah asked
Uh, sure, of course. John hadnt been prepared for this. Sarah
knew for him this was even better than a good-night kiss. He assembled
her wheelchair expertly, placing it by her open car door, and he bent
down to cradle her. Again he placed his right arm under her shoulders
and his left arm under her knees, lifting her carefully. When he stood
up, Sarah kissed him on the cheek. He almost stumbled he was so
Who, dont drop me John, this night has gone great until now!
Sarah giggled.
What was that for, Sarah? John asked, still stunned.
Did you like it?
Of course! He replied. I just wasnt expecting it. I wasnt
expecting any of this- He indicated the fact that he was still holing her
in his arms.
Well, I just thought- wait, could you put me down first? Sarah
Sure, sorry. John lowered Sarah into her wheelchair, and she fixed
her legs, again pointing her toes inward. John noticed.
Anyway, as I was saying John. Sarah started again, Ive really had
a good time tonight, Ive had a good time with you. Now that Ive
gotten to know you better, I know that you are alot more than a
devotee, and I think you know Im alot more than a paralyzed woman.
Look, what Im saying is, I would like this to be our first date, as in the
first of many. Id like to keep seeing you.
John smiled at her. Great, thats great Sarah. Id like that too. So,
I guess this is goodnight, right?
Yes, John, just goodnight, not good-bye. By the way, you never
told me, what are your parents up to? If theyre dead, Im going to feel
SO bad that I asked that.
Oh no, theyre alive and well. Dad is retired now, and mom, well,
mom is kind of busy with work.
Really? What does she do? Sarah asked.
Oh, my mom is Sandra Weller. John said, seemingly suprized.
The names familiar, what does she do?
John just smiled. Shes in law.
Oh, OK. Well, Ill call you tomorrow, OK? And John, I had
ALOT of fun tonight. Thank you very much. Well do this again
I had fun too, Sarah. Take care, Ill talk to you soon. John got in
his car as Sarah wheeled up the door to her apartment, but he didnt
leave until she was safely inside. She closed the door behind her and got
ready for bed, but something was eating at her, and she couldnt put
her finger on it. As she parked her wheelchair next to her bed and
started to transfer, she inhaled sharply with suprise. The name Sandra
Weller came to her with a picture of a stately gray-haired woman, sitting
in a wheelchair, wearing a black robe. She remembered it form the
news the year before- Sandra Louise Weller, the first disabled woman
ever appointed to the Chicago Supreme Court. Johns mother.
Shes in law. I swear, Im going to smack him. Sarah chuckled to
herself as she lifted her legs into bed and tucked them under the covers.
The End

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  1. I enjoyed this story a lot. Will there be another part? Please do Sarah and John make a sweet couple, and your writting style has a way of really helping the reader experience what the character is going through.

    My two cents worth, you could have Sarah tell about her hospital stay, rehab and her recovery. Also you could do a meet the parents part too.

    Thanks again and please keep writting.