Friday, May 21, 2010

Flash Fiction - First Time for Everything

First Time for Everything By ParaGirl

For Bobbi, because I cant' get this out of my head now....

I don't know why I answered the ad. It's not my thing, never has been - really. If you had told me a year ago - hell, even a month ago - that I would be doing this, I'd have laughed. No - I would have probably yelled at you and maybe even spat some expletives. Tonight though....

I'm a lesbian - always have been. Not some trucker dyke - not that there's anything wrong with them - but a real femme lesbian. Designer skirts and dresses, fancy shoes, long, full hair. And my wheelchair of course. I'm in a wheelchair for pleasure, I have a real fetish for being in a wheelchair and for women in wheelchairs. It's my 'thing' - some girls like boobs or legs or hair. I like wheelchairs. Girls in wheelchairs. I think it's sexy...

So I get to the hotel where we agreed to meet - a nice place with big rooms and a jacuzzi tub - and check in. Becca is already there, room 301. The cute redhead conceirge hands me a key card with a smile and directs me to the elevators. I smile back and wheel up to the wide metal doors and press the button. The doors open and I wheel inside, turning on the spot and pressing the 3 button. The doors slip shut silently and the elevator lurches upwards.

I look in the mirror that lines the elevator wall. I'm wearing a knockout black dress with subtle accents of silver. My bulky diaper is just visible through the soft silky material and my legs are clad in very expensive black stockings and ballet slippers on my feet. The slippers were a request by my Becca - I guess she has a thing for them. I was happy to oblige.

As the doors slid open I looked once more - my shoulder length auburn hair was full and lush, my makeup perfect, my eyes sparkling. I was still hesitant though, still unsure, my motivations clear yet... unclear at the same time.

Room 301 was the first door on the right and I slipped the electronic key card into the door slot and heard the soft click of the lock opening. I pushed the door open easily and wheeled into the large, fancy, well lit suite.

Becca was there, in her wheelchair, smiling at me - she also looked nervous, but excited as well. She looked to my feet immidiately and I saw the color raise in her cheeks. She was wearing a pretty knee length skirt and designer blouse, thigh high stockings, and red patent stilettos - my request to her.

"Hi, I'm Cathy." I said lamely, smiling at her. She was even more beautiful than in the pics she had sent me. Amazing. Her legs were obviously paralyzed for real and I knew they had been for over six years, a bad car accident. Her face was soft and sensual, her eyes big and pretty, staring at me deeply and, if I wasn't mistaken, longingly.

"I'm Becca.." she said with a nervous giggle. "I just wanted to say, I've never done this kind of thing...."

"I know, Becca - neither of us have, it's OK. Want a drink? We should loosen up a bit, I think..."

"Sure." Becca said, smiling again. "You really are pretty."

"Thanks, you're goregeous." I said honestly. "Your pics did you no justice."

"And am I...." she said nervously and spun side to side in her chair.

"Oh yes, your legs are lovely, just perfect." I grinned.

"Oh, and though I usually dont, this is for you." She said and lifted her skirt. I could see the bulky depends diaper poking between her legs. I moaned in spite of myself.

We opened a bottle of wine and chatted a little, but neithe rof us really said much. As the wine warmed me and I kept looking at Becca, at her wheelchair, her legs, I was getting more and more aroused. I could tell Becca was the same - she kept lookign at my feet in their satin ballet slippers - brand new ones, too, they'd never even touched the floor.

Finally I lifted one leg with both hands and made a show of plopping it limply in Becca's lap. She smiled and started playing with my ballet-slipper clad foot, and before either of us knew it, we were kissing each other deeply. Her lips were warm and soft, her hair smelled like strawberries and rain, and her hands roamed all over my body; my breasts, my shoulders, my neck, then lower to my thighs, my diaper. I moaned and my hands began exploring her body as well. Her breasts were exquisite and I soon had them out of the sexy bra she held them captive with. Her nipples were erect and she moaned as I rolled them between my fingers.

"I want you to be my naughty crippled girl." breathed Becca into my ear.

"I am baby, I am..."

"Show me, I want you to crawl to me, drag those limp little legs and crawl to me."

My heart was pounding in my chest as I wheeled to the other side of the room and slipped out of my chair, careful not to use my legs at all. I dragged myself slowly to her, making a good show of my struggle, dragging my 'useless' legs behind me, moaning as I crawled and slipping my dress off as I went. Becca was playign with her nipples and moanign as she watched me drag myself to her. I looked up at her, my eyes pleading, and she got the message instantly.

"Come on cripple, get over here to please me, drag those dead legs and get over here to me." she said with a voice full of lust. I felt my sex blaze hot - I loved the humiliation, being reminded that I was a helpless cripple.... and of course my heart was pounding at what I knew was coming next. I wasn't sure what to expect, I was nervous, but I was curious and very excited....

I reached Becca's wheelchair panting, wanting to rub my sex and relive some of the tension that had already built up, but I knew that wasn't going to be allowed yet. I crawled to Becca's feet and started kissing and licking her shoes. She let me, moaning as I worshipped her limp feet and sexy patent shoes.

"Higher, slut." She said to me and I obeyed instantly, caressing and kissing her soft, paralyzed legs. They felt divine, exquisite, so perfectly crippled, sexy beyond words. I moaned and kissed and caressed and dragged myself up to her knees. I looked at her, waiting for her to react, waiting for the next move. Becca looked a little hesitant, but then pulled off her skirt with a practiced twist, so she sat in stockings and a diaper in her wheelchair. I saw the atrophied line of her thighs, the utter lack of muscle tone I had always fantasized about.

"Take off my diaper, cripple." she said in a commanding but sultry voice. Was there a note of anxiety to it as well, though? I reached up, pulling the tabs at her sides, and opened the puffy white diaper, folding it down against her chair seat.

This is what I had come to see, this is where my fascination had led me. Between Becca's legs was a flaccid penis and trimmed mop of pubic hair. It wasn't as big a shock as it might have been if I hadn't been prepared, but after takign in the rest of Becca's exquisite - and apparently very female - body, it was still a little strange seeing a cock between her legs. She had, as she had told me, the sexiest female body money could buy... mostly.

"Touch it." She said - not a command, more a hesitant request.

I took it in my hands. It was warm, soft, it felt smooth. It was fascinating to me - I had never had much to do with them. It was, asI knew, as limp and crippled as her legs, but that just made it more interesting, more exciting. I rubbed it, stroked it, felt it pulse in my hands. I played with Becca's balls, rolled them in my fingers. I started getting into it. So did Becca.

"Oh god, yes, touch it, please, I want to see you playing with it..." she said. I complied happily, even eagerly, jerking off her limp cock, letting it flop onto the wheelchair seat, fondling her balls. Barely realizing what I was doing, I bent down and took the flacid dick into my mouth, sucking it and rolling it around with my tounge. It never went erect, never even tried to, but I heard Becca saying 'Oh god' softly as I gave her head. It was surreal and yet incredibly erotic and somehow I was really getting into it. I reached up and rubbed her breasts and it seemed perfectly normal and natural, to be playing with a woman's firm, perfect breasts while sucking on her flaccid, paralyzed cock.

"Stop now, slut." she said. I complied. She reached into her backpack and pulled out a black strap on dildo. This was unexpected, yet I found myself excited by it just the same. "Put this on me." she commanded, and I took the dildo in my hands with an excited reverence.

It was hollow inside, and I slipped her limp cock into it and fastened the straps securely around her hips. This was a scene I was much more familiar with - a hot girl with a strap-on cock - but I found that I almost missed the limp paralyzed dick it hid.

"Get onto the bed, cripple." Becca said in a shaky voice. I complied, crawling and dragging myself until I was hanging, legs off the bed, hips against the mattress. I felt her positioning herself and shifting my legs as I gripped the sheets, then felt her lube-soaked fingers enter my anus. Her limp legs came next, one on either side of me, now without the patent stilettos, her feet brushing limply against me, and then the dildo penetrated my ass and she was fucking me, pushing herself back and forwards in her wheelchair, her floppy legs bumping against me in an erotic rhythm as she fucked me and told me what a naughty, worthless crippled girl I was.

I came four or five times I lost count before she stopped. My ass throbbed and my sex was on fire as she wheeled back and removed the strap on, her flaccid dick flopping out, still unmoved by our erotic play. It made me even hotter knowing it never would.

"Get back in your wheelchair, cripple." She told me, eyes hopeful and full of anticipation. I dragged myself unsteadily back to my chair and lifted myself heavily into it. I wheeled back to her. She used her hands to spread her legs and then told me where and how to park. I complied.

She lifted both my feet - still dressed in the new satin ballet slippers - and I made every effort not to move a muscle, not to twitch. She caressed and kissed my feet, then started rubbing her cock with them, jerking of with my feet. I sat and moaned about how sexy it was, how hot it made me, and she kept going, more and more frantic. I wished that my legs were truly dead and limp for her, but the roleplay seemed to be working for her anyway. With a shutter and moan she peed onto my feet, a warm dribble that actually made me cum again in my chair. She dropped my feet and, without being asked, I reached down and started rubbing her cock again, feeling it, rubbing and caressing it, and she moaned more and sighed and smiled.


  1. One of your best stories.

    Thank you!


  2. Thanks for the great story Cath, you are the best. Love Bobbi

  3. Glad you liked it sweety - feel free to send me more 'inspiration'... ;)

  4. Loved it! Wish I was in the chair!

  5. Flash fiction about a crossdresser with 2broken legs in a chair maybe?

  6. Just when I think you can't get any hotter... This is so new and fresh. I'm always amazed and inspired by you.


  7. lovely story! A para crossdresser with a strapon.... exciting! Whis there was some leatherpants and crutches in the story as well. Next time?

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  9. love it more and more each time i read it!!

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