Friday, December 17, 2010

My Christmas Present - Paraplegic Jackie in Milwaukee Brace

so there was a new video on YouTube that caught my eye recently, a very cute girl (with an adorable Lesbian haircut, I might add) in a heavy Milwaukee brace and using a wheelchair. the youtube clip interested and excited me enough to go to the advertised Clips4Sale website and then beg Heather to let me spend the $20 for the full half hour movie.

Now as many of my long time readers know, the last time I bought a fetish video online, from Premium Pretenders, I was terribly disappointed. It just wasnt' quite as awesome as I would have liked, I really felt kind of ripped off.

I'm VERY pleased to say that this video was completely the opposite - I LOVE it, and it really turned me on. It's not the 'perfect' authentic new para experience I have so often envisioned and fantasized about, but it's really close, and I think the only reason the model sometimes uses her legs (though she uses them in pretty authentically crippled ways, if that makes sense) is that she's asked to do things (like a shower transfer) that no new para in a giant body brace could realistically accomplish without assistance. It was nice to see her struggle through it though.

That's one really nice theme throughout the video that I haven't seen in many other pretender fetish videos - the struggle. This girl is really heavily braced in her full, thighs - to - chin Milwaukee brace, and she's unable to move her head or torso at all and most of the time her legs are useless as well. She struggles to even wheel herself in the hospital rental wheelchair they have her in, and even though I usually don't like those, in this case it adds to the authenticity - in my mind, getting into the fantasy, she's so recently paralyzed that she hasn't even gotten her fancy permanant chair yet, stuggling for every movement and every inch she wheels. It's really nice - at least for someone into that, like I am.

Highlights for me include the very short (too short, really) opening scene that looks like a medical exam, someone pokign her feet with a medical instrument and getting no response - that got me wet immidiately, I just wish there had been a little dialog sayign something like 'I'm afraid the paralysis is complete' or some other dire diagnnosis informing her of her newly crippled condition. There are also some nice bed-to-wheelchair transfers as well as a REALLY sexy 'putting on high heeled shoes' scene that even Heather was pretty hot over.

I guess the only things that would have mde it a full '10' rating would be a diaper (she's very newly para, I think it would be appropriate, and you know me and my diapers...) a little more of that initial 'exam' scene, maybe asking her to wiggle her toes or something, and of course a little less of the scenes that she just couldn't have accomplished as a new, fully braced para. Maybe add in an extra model in a nurses uniform to assist with things like that.

So there you have it - the first para pretender fetish video I've ever bought that I am pretty much completely happy with! I'd give a 9 out of 10 orgasms!!

Final disclaimer - I am not a paid spokesperson for this fetish store/stuido, I DID pay full price for this, this is a completely honest and legitamate review and it 100% my own opinon.
However, if there are any fetish studios who want to give me wannabe/pretender/para fetish videos for free, I openly admit I am a whore and will happily schlock your stuff for you...


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