Friday, December 24, 2010

All I want for Christmas....

OK maybe not ALL I want for Christmas, but a friend recently turned me on to, a wheelchair fetish site that currently only features one girl in one video, but she's REALLY hot, so I don't care. Check out the Youtube sample or go to their website and check out the sample photos - the look, the poses, the scenes are all pretty much spot on for any wheelchair fetishist or devotee (though I know some devotees will not like the fact that she's a pretender.)

I haven't seen the full video, so I have no idea how realistic she is throughout, but her 'leg cross' in the sample vid was hot and well done. She lacks confidence in her wheelchair use and control, but again, I love the 'new para' fantasy. There's no audio on the sample, don't know if I'd be into a whole 40+ minute video with little to no audio. Not sure about that one.

Of course I'll probably never see it, because again I have a problem with the price - at least as far as I understand it. Now $30 for a 42 minute vid DOES seem a good price, I have no problem there - I'd like it $5-$10 cheaper, sure, but that's because I'm poor. My problem is that, from what I can tell, that $30 is just a 7 day rental. You can watch your video - the one that you bought and downloaded to your own computer - for 7 days, then it apparently stops working. At least that's what I understand from reading through the website. If I'm reading something wrong here please point it out and correct me. I'd be thrilled to be wrong in this case.
I totally understand putting some kind of DRM on these videos to keep people from trading them freely - I've been part of the dev community for a long time, I know that paid for and copyrighted material gets traded like pokemon cards in this scene, and that this really hurts the businesses that are trying to provide us great material - thats why I stopped using any of the trading sites or services years ago, and I actually put my money down whenever I can to buy content and support these people. But I don't have a lot of money, and even LESS money that I can spend on fetish content, so I can't waste $30 on a hot video I only get to masturbate to for a week, and I can't go and spend $20 a month for some subscription service to see a few new pics and maybe a 3 minute video each week. Give me a 20-30 vid for $20 and make it quality, give me something I want to see, I'll buy it in a heartbeat. Give me the ability to buy it via PayPal or make the CC receipt something really innocuous and nondescript, and I don't even have to ask Heather for permission, so we ALL win there....
Anyway I guess this turned into more of a rant that I had thought it would, but I hope it made some sense...

Happy Holidays All!!!


  1. Hi ! I just want to show u a link on youtube

    Its some scene from a swedish movie, with a paraplegic ( and very cute ) woman. I couln't find anywhere on the web a place to buy the DVD or download the torrent unless it was in swedish language. I Couldn't find any english version of it, not even with subtitles in english.

    There are 2 other clips on youtube of scene from this movie ( one with spanish subtitles ) too.

    You will love it for sure, and I hope that one of your readers have found somewhere on the web the english version.


  2. $30 for a 7 day rental does seems high to me.

  3. Currently half price, and it's not a rental... they've updated their site to explain that!