Thursday, December 23, 2010

So what's up with the book?

I've had a number of emails this week asking about my book, as they (correctly) assumed that since I was once again becoming active online and posting new fiction to my blog, that I'd reached some kind of 'milestone'. Well, you're right.

Some history to any new readers - A while ago I announced that I would be working on a book of short stories that I hoped to publish and maybe even make a little money doing this 'thing' I love so much (and have done for over 10 years for free). Since then there hasn't been much activity related to the book - or my blog, it seems - so it makes sense that people do ask me what ever happened to that?

Well, I did 'finish' a book in September. At least it was a collection of short stories written by me that I was originally going to send to a vanity press type publisher. But then I read it, end to end, every single word of it, and I hated it.

Oh, I didn't hate the stories - they were really good, some of my best. But they all needed something more - that final polish you'd expect from a book you find in a bookstore. They were fine for posting to my totally free website, but I knew if I wanted people to actually buy it and pay me money, I would need to make it better.

Starting in October I dove back in and have been meticulously editing, spell checking, and re-editing every story, as well as coming up with some new stuff. Along the way, and talking to several friends online, I was coming up with a better plan/strategy around the book as well. Originally I was going to make it a very obviously 'DEVOTEE' book, with a wheelchair girl on the cover and a title like 'Hot Sexy Handicapped Chicks' or something equally tacky. But being so open and obvious might be a detractor for a lot of people who are still very much 'in the closet' as far as their devotee/wannabe/fetish feelings. How can you openly read a book that's so obviously fetish related? So now I'm working with a much more subtle cover and a much more subtle title (Current working title is 'We like it when you stare' but I'm not married to it yet)

I'm also planning for a very 'receipt-friendly' purchase plan, so 'Bob's house of Porn' doesn't show up on credit card receipts. I know there are some times where I would sneak in a video purchase if it didn't show up on the joint bank account as something obviously fetish/dev related. Spending $15 at Amazon is a lot easier to cover up than spending $15 at 'Paragirls Fetish store' you know? It will also be very reasonably priced - I don't believe in the '$100 for 10 minutes' pricing plan that seems so popular (mostly because I have a shitty job and I'm poor). I honestly believe that if I price this book at $15 or less, sure I won't make a ton per copy, but I trust that I'll sell a lot more copies.

So what's in the book? Well, I've got some edited and expanded versions of some of my most popular stories, including the COMPLETE stories for 'A New Arrangement' and 'Keep it in the Family' (you're going to LOVE those! I Do!) as well as a ton of new stories. I've got all my usual categories too - romance, erotic, kinky, para, quad, amputee, brace, diaper, some blindness, casts... it's a good mix and should certainly have something for everyone.

So when is this all happening? With the rate I've been able to work on it, and taking into account the current holiday season, I'm anticipating I'll have my first draft submitted by late January, and then hopefully have it available for sale by the end of February. I know that's still a while, but writing a book you can be proud of takes a LOT of work. Trust me.

so there you have it, that's the current 'State of the Union' for my first ever attempt at publishing. I hope people are really excited for this, I know now that I'm nearing the finish line with a product I really really love, I'm getting really excited! Also I hope that I sell more than three copies, because if I don't sell a bunch of these, I'm going to be really depressed. No pressure or anything....

Anyway, hope you like the new stuff I'm posting, feel free to drop me a line!!


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  1. I'm looking forward to read that book. If these stories are as good as what you have posted here, you can't go wrong. :)