Monday, February 28, 2011

New Story - It's Candi's Fault....

I have never hid the fact that I pretty much lust over Candi at - she's goregeous, funny, sweet, and knows how to show off her para stuff better than anybody. Her legs are so... OK I should stop before I get myself in trouble here... :)

So Candi recently posted a video clip on Facebook (If you are a wheelchair fetishist and don't follow her on facebook, do so now! I mean it!!) of her in a VERY sexy 'naughty nurse' outfit that made me lightheaded it turned me on so much.

Now I'm obviously into a lot of medical fetish stuff, and you'd think someone like me, into wheelchair and pretender fetish and BIID stuff wouldn't be into the old cliche 'naughty nurse' - If you did think that, you would be so very, very wrong. I have many, many 'naughty nurse' type fantasies, especially a naughty PARA nurse in a wheelchair - dear god I can't imagine anything hotter right at the moment. So Candi, this little flight of fancy is completely your fault....

The Naughty Nurse By ParaCathy

"How are you feeling Cathy?" the nurse said with a smile. "You've had a rough night, but you're OK now... I'm Candi, I'll be your nurse." She was like no nurse Cathy had ever seen before - first of all, she was dead gorgeous, with a bright smiling face, sharp, dazzling eyes, and lush blonde hair spilling out from under her white nurses' cap. Next, she was wearing what could be described more as a fetish costume than a legitamte nurses' uniform. Short, short skirt, tight stretchy top that exposed most of her full breasts, a pink stethescope, and white thigh-high stockings that clung to her legs like a second layer of skin. She wore a very sexy pair of red patent heels that were certainly not meant for standing on all day, which made perfect sense when Cathy finally took in the full picture before her.

Nurse Candi, she saw with delight and no small amout of desire, was in a sleek, sporty wheelchair and her legs were thin, smooth, and some of the most goregeous paralyzed legs Cathy had ever had the pleasure of seeing. She was amazing from head to obviously parayzed toe, and Cathy completely forgot where she was or what she was doing there, immidiately trying to get up and talk to this sexy, flirtatious nurse.

Her body had other plans and reacted with a kick of extreme dizzyness and some nausea, and Cathy's head flopped gracelessly back to the bed.

"Careful now, Cathy." nurse Candi said with a smile and wheeled closer. "So you like wheelchairs, is that what I've read?"

"Well...." Cathy said, mouth dry, unable to take her eyes off of Candi's perfect legs. "I guess you could say I have an... interest in the differently abled..."

"The way I hear it..." Candi said, running her hands up and down her thighs as she sat there "It's more than an interest. I'm willing to bet you're pretty wet night now." she practically whispered. "Or you would be, if..."

Cathy realized with a start that, as focused as she was on Nurse Candi, she barely realized that all sensation stopped at her navel, she couldn't feel anything below her belly button at all.

"Oh my, I'm...."

Candi lifted the light sheet off of Cathy and lifted one limp leg. "Well let's see - I'm here to give you your exam, after all..." Candi said with a smile. She lifted Cathy's left foot in her latex-gloved hands and Cathy felt a deep thrill at the utter lack of sensation, the way it could have been someone else's foot.

"Wiggle your toes for me Cathy." Nurse Candi said, but try as she might, try as hard as she could, Cathy's toes refused to do anything, not even twitch. she shook her head.

"Hmmm." Nurse Candi said. She took out a slim metal instrument tha tlooked similar to a dental hook. "Now tell me when you feel this" the naughty nurse said as she ran the hook across the soles of Cathy's feet.

"Nothing at all." Cathy said with growing excitement, mixed with just a hint of fear and more than a little arousal.

Nurse Candi continued her examination, feeling her way higher and higher up, and the higher she got up Cathy's legs the more excited and aroused Cathy felt. Seeing those gloved hands touching her, manipulating parts of her that she could neither feel nor move, was making Cathy more and more turned on. By the time Nurse Candi got to her now numb sex, Cathy was panting with arousal, her heart beating a hundred times a minute she was so excited.

"Surely you can't be turned on by this.." Nurse Candi said as she stroked Cathy's numb clit. "You can't feel it at all, can you?" she teased, driving Cathy wild, because while she couldn't feel it, that fact was one of the most erotic things she had ever experienced. Cathy moaned as the nurse stroked her, almost playfully.

"So let's get you dressed and rolling." Nurse Candi said once the exam was done, leaving Cathy panting as she wheeled around to get some clothes. Not 'hospital' clothes, though - she pulled out a pair of thigh high stockings, a short skirt and a tight pink t-shirt top. It looked like there was a diaper there as well.

Getting dressed was better than sex for Cathy - seeing Nurse Candi slipping the stockings on her limp, unfeeling legs, pulling the tight skirt over her numb hips, even rolling her around to get the bulky diaper on were fascinating and arousing for Cathy. It was as if she was watching someone else getting dressed, but that someone else was attached to her. It was something Cathy had always dreamed of, but never expected to encounter.

Once Cathy was dressed she sat in the now elevated bed and looked at her paralyzed lower half. "So now what?" she said, looking around the room - the only wheelchair in sight was the one Nurse Candi sat in. "Should I ride in your lap?"

Nurse Candi smiled. "I'll bet you'd like that - maybe later doll." She hit a button and an orderly brought in a beautiful pink sport chair. "I think this is what you were looking for."

The chair was modern and sexy, Cathy was immediately in love and couldn't wait to get into it. The orderly parked it near the bed and Candi made sure it was locked, then pulled out a transfer board.

"You'll be using one of these for a while." she said, and helped Cathy slip the board under her bottom and over to the wheelchair. "I take it you've transferred into a wheelchair before?"

"Maybe a couple times." Cathy said with a blush. "But never..."

"It's going to be a lot different with these now." Candi said and rubbed Cathy's dead legs again. "But I'm sure you'll get the hang of it."

Cathy struggled a bit, but finally, with Nurse Candi's help, she slid into her new wheelchair. Nurse Candi arranged her legs for her, something that nearly made Cathy cum, and then Cathy was in HER wheelchair, completely paralyzed from her stomach down, with a sexy paralyzed nurse, and more turned on than she had ever been.

"So what now?" Cathy asked, sitting in her wheelchair.

"What do you want?" Nurse Candi asked, wheeling to face her.

"A kiss." Cathy replied with a deep blush.

Nurse Candi smiled, wheeled up to Cathy and lifted one paralyzed, stocking-clad leg. She took Cathy's foot in her hands and kissed it, then replaced the limp foot into it's footrest. "How was that?" she asked with a wink. "Did I leave you wanting for more?"

Cathy just nodded as she sat in her chair and stroked her numb and flaccid thighs.

To be continued?


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