Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Big News!! New video coming soon - 'The Wannabe', written by ME!!

So as many of my readers know, a few weeks ago I offered my script writing talents to fetish video producers, because I was getting tired of seeing poorly scripted videos that feature silly situations and - my biggest pet peeve - the girls who are 'paralyzed' end of walking at the end.

I'm VERY happy to say that after that article was posted, I DID have a video producer contact me and we worked together on a completely original 'ParaCathy' script called 'The Wannabe'. Not only did we work out a script, the video has now been shot, and is in final editing!! So what is it?

'The Wannabe' is about Jessie, a sexy lifelong para/wheelchair wannabe, who finally meets an equally sexy nurse who shares her interests. The nurse arranges to make Jessie's para dreams come true, but as in many ParaCathy stories, there is an unexpected twist!! Jessie's wheelchair dreams come true, but she also gets a bit more than she bargained for...

The video will be available very soon, ready by next week on and The Medic Brace CLips 4 Sale site. I don't know about pricing yet, but the producer has assured me it wouldn't be overpriced. I'll let you know when it's fully available and all the final details as soon as they're out! I'm SO EXCITED!!!


  1. That's amazing! Congratulations! The start of many, I hope. :)

  2. Now someone needs to make some male-centered videos for me! :P

  3. that's awesome! congratulations. the best part is, if you're involved, i can trust that i won't get any horrible viruses/worms from the video site. (i hope so anyway ... that's what always prevented me from checking them out before). can't wait to see your work :) if it's anything like your stories, i'm sure it'll be fantastic.