Saturday, July 30, 2011

ParaCathy and present - 'The Wannabe'!

It's finally here - 'The Wannabe', a wheelchair fetish movie written by me, ParaCathy, and produced by! The movie is currently for sale on the BracedGirls website.

In this amazing, one of a kind fetish movie, Jackie is a lifelong wheelchair wannabe who has always dreamt of having numb, paralyzed legs, and having to rely on a wheelchair to get around. She makes friends with a nurse who says she can help, and they finally meet at Jackie's apartment with everything they need to make Jackie's dreams come true - but there's a catch; the nurse has her own special interests...
Once prepared, the nurse injects Jackie with a solution that instantly paralyzes her from the waist down. When it's clear that the paralysis is complete, the nurse helps Jackie into a padded diaper and helps Jackie gets into her wheelchair, where she starts to experience her dream fully for the first time!
After Jackie wheels herself around for a while, the nurse reveals her ultimate surprise, and In the final 'ParaCathy' twist , Jackie is wheeled out of her apartment, completely paralyzed but also in full leg braces and now completely blind, courtesy of her nurse. The pair head out in public and go to dinner and a shopping area, with the nurse pushing her blind and crippled patient.
This is truly a ParaCathy story come to life and I'm really happy with the result - I do think this is a must see for anyone who enjoys wheelchair fetish, wanabe stories, or my unique brand of fetish fiction! Don't miss it!

I really think the video came out great, based on my script. Obviously there are a few differences based on translation from English to Polish and back to English, but I even worked with the producer on the subtitles, so the story really comes through and I'm definitely happy with the end result, especially for a first try!

Obviously if this video sells well, it will send a message that people are interested in scripted fetish videos and maybe producers will start making more, either from my scripts or stories (that would be great!) or other stories from the community.

Finally - let me know how you like the movie, if you have any questions, and DEFINITELY comment on this post or even email the producer to let them know that you support this kind of thing! Devotees and Wannabes actually being involved in the creation of these fetish videos can only be a good thing for the community, right?


  1. The video seem well done, well edited, etc. It would have been better however if the wc was a "quickie" one, and not a medical one.

  2. RolstoelliefhebberJuly 30, 2011 at 11:04 AM

    I agree with above. Also the braces are put on wrong, if you ask me: the foot plate is meant to support the foot, so go inside the shoe.

    That said, I really want to see more clips like this!

  3. Here's hoping this is the first of many, many more!

  4. I agree about the wheelchair, and I talked to the producer about this. These videos typically don't make a lot of money, and a good authentic rigid chair, even used, is pretty expensive. So far, the limited profits of these videos doesn't justify buying one prop that might equal the profits from eight or ten releases. One of the things I'm hoping happens with this video is that it will show producers and video makers that, with the right script and the right marketing partners, these can be much more profitable and justify buying some good props and equipment.

    As for the braces - that part was added by the producer (his site IS so I didn't complain) - the original script had Jessie in a skirt and stockings, not jeans and braces. I didn't think it detracted from the narrative. Again - if this is really successful I may get more direct control next time, or another studio might see this and want to work with me in a similar way.

    I really hope everyone likes the video and that it's so successful I get to do lots more!!!

  5. Very good, I was fascinated at how effective the lenses were in making the model look and act like truly blind person. Even the way she holds her head is transformed into a very "real" look.

  6. You're right, anon. Movie and tv show people should totally use this technique when they cast sighted actors for blind roles!

  7. RolstoelliefhebberAugust 3, 2011 at 2:13 PM

    @ParaCathy: it's a circle: clips don't get bought because the props are shitty, but the props won't get better because the clips aren't bought...

    The ParaBabes site did manage to get good looking chairs, though. How did they do that?

  8. @Rolstoelliefhebber - parababes has fantastic chairs AND incredibly sexy models, but they also appear to be out of business or on 'extended break' so I'm not sure that works any better. This producer has gotten back in touch with me, he's very pleased with the result so far and is keeping an eye out for a realistic but affordable chair. My fingers are crossed :)

  9. I completely agree about the chair as well but seems like they would be able to rent a quality chair from a decent prop house rather than having to buy one outright. Would also love to see a short leather skirt or wet look spandex leggings under those braces. The ultimate would be a quad chair with a padded support between the legs. . .

  10. What was injected that induced paralysis? I assume it was temporary?

    Just curious.