Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Blog - So what's going on?

So a lot has happened since my appearance in New Mobility, and not all of it has been great. My Flickr account was closed due to anonymous complaints, I was discussed at length on a number of blogs, including Roger Ebert's facebook page, and I have been contacted by two different TV shows to do features on me....

And Heather is losing her fucking mind.

I don't blame her, by the way - I'm freaked out too. This is a WAY bigger spotlight than either of us are comfortable with. I mean, yes, I use fake names on my website, I haven't published pics of me in many years, but all the details of my life - the crash, using a wheelchair at work because of back issues, etc... It's all real and might be obvious to anyone who knws me even casually in real life.
Before this happened I wouldn't expect anyone outside of pretender/fetishist circles to stumble across my blog, and if someone I knew put the pieces together, well, it would probably be because they're into the fetish and they probably wouldn't post a threat to my 'secret identity', because I'd have something on them, too. Now, though... my MOM likes Roger Ebert. Everyone I know watches TLC (one of the channels wanting to do a piece on me). I would lose my job if my company found out. I'd lose most of my friends and family if this came out. My weird little existence has been pushed way farther into the open that I expected, and we're kind of freaked out by that.

So that's the deal - I'm going to drop off the radar a bit, I need to talk to Heather about the book - because what if I put it up for sale and, again, it gets picked up by other 'normal' media and the spotlight flips on again? I'm OK, I'm safe, but we're both a little more freaked out by all this stuff than we expected...

Sorry all - stay kinky!


  1. sorry :( that's what happens though

    I hope you can realize though how being somewhat public about yourself does help us. The more people have heard of us, the less weird it is. It's still weird etc., but not *as* bad if it is common. Thanks for being so brave about everything. You're a real pillar in the community and you've done a lot for all of us :(

  2. You would lose your job? Really? Yikes.

    You do what ever you need to do to keep yourself safe and comfortable.

    I think it would be awesome for you to lead the way towards a wider knowledge and acceptance of people like us, but you can't do that while being sure that you can stay anonymous.

    There's a good chance your identity will be found out and you've got to go into a wider public knowing that.

    On the plus side, as the other commenter said, the more people know about us the less scary and weird it's going to be.

  3. I'm sorry to hear about it all :(

    I'd hope everything works out for you hon :( Just fly off the radar for a while, and keep things under wraps.

    Stay Lovely Cathy! And stay safe.

  4. I feel for you, losing your anonymity is a really scary thing. I'm just a run-of-the-mill devotee, with nothing more than humiliation facing me if I got "exposed", and that's scary enough...but in your case, you have a lot more at stake (your job, etc.). Best of luck to you and Heather as things go forward.

  5. something to cheer you up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKigODVwaLc&feature=related

    (there are a ton of them)

  6. Hi Paracathy, Sorry to hear about all of the trouble you could be in. It's no fun being "exposed" to a world that doesn't understand different people. But, in reality, the only way you could be "out" as a wheelchair pretender would be if your boss was one himself/herself or was into a similar interest such as amputee pretending or casting and they would understand but those are longshot odds. I'll miss your postings but if you wish to visit my yahoo group "casting adventures" you can post about your wheelchair and or casting/bracing adventures with no fear of being ejected. Just create a new nickname!
    Anyway, good luck and I hope everything works out for you.
    Your fan and friend,

  7. this is why i dont do interviews no matter who asks. Best of luck i hope you can keep your blog i love it.