Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Curse - Monday and Tuesday

“How much money do you have to spend?” Sarah called out from behind Cathy’s laptop.  

“On what?” Cathy called back from the bedroom.  She was having trouble deciding on what to wear with a missing arm and leg.  

“On equipment.  Medical equipment, adaptive devices...  I can’t believe a lifelong devotee doesn’t even have a pair of crutches in her house.” Sarah called back.  

Cathy hopped back into the room, still supporting herself on the wall.  She wore a knee length skirt, t-shirt, and a single tennis shoe.  Her arm stump flopped as she hopped.  “I couldn’t get my bra on - is it noticeable?”

Sarah looked up and smiled flirtatiously.  “I’ll help you get it on.” she said with a purr.  

“Like you helped me get undressed...” Cathy teased.  “We can’t spend another hour like that.. well, not until later anyway.  So what are you doing?  I Can get crutches at the corner drugstore, why are you searching craigslist?”

“You might need crutches today - though unsteady as you are on your foot, I’d still say wheelchair is smarter - but what abotu tomorrow when you’re miggin both legs, or paralyzed again or worse?”

Cathy nodded and sat beside Sarah on the couch.  “You’ve given this a lot more thought than I have,”

“Well, it’s always been my devotee dream to find a sexy disabled partner and have to take care of her, come to her aid...  the devotee equivalent of damsel in distress.  You seem to qualify.”

“Ok, so what have we got - and what’s it going to cost me?”

The women went through the list and then made phone calls, arranging to pick things up throughout the day.

“I’m scared.” Cathy said as Sarah pushed her out the door with the clunker wheelchair.  “About people I know seeing me.”

“You wake up missing limbs randomly and THIS is what scares you?  You’re an interesting cripple.” Sarah teased.  

The pair got to Cathy’s car and Mrs. Arnold, Cathy’s neighbor, walked out to get her mail.  

“Good morning Cathy.” she called out in a friendly manner, staring right at Cathy in her wheelchair, stumps obvious.  “Who’s your friend?”
“Good morning Mrs. Arnold.” Cathy called out, startled.  “Um... this is Sarah, a friend of mine from out of town.  She’ll be staying with me for a while.”  

“Nice to meet you, Sarah.” Mrs. Arnold called out, waving.  

“Likewise, Mrs. Arnold.” Said Sarah with a smile.  Mrs. Arnold headed back into the house as Cathy clumsily slid into the passenger seat of her Honda.  

“She-” Cathy started.

“Didn’t notice a thing out of place..” Sarah continued.  “I kind of suspected, after the way I saw you and you looked ‘normal’ to me, even though I knew you were paraplegic yesterday.  Whatever is happening, it’s only happening to you...”

“Well, I supposed that’s convenient.” Cathy said, confused.  

“It weird, is what it is.  None of this should be possible, but it’s happening, so we’ll just have to go with it.”  

“Thank you for that.” Cathy said, looking at Sarah.  

“For what?”

“The ‘We’ in that sentence.  I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel a lot better having you here, so thanks.”

Sarah drove the pair to the various locations planned out earlier in the day and made a number of equipment purchases.  At some stops, Cathy’s condition made the purchases easier, even cheaper.  At other stops, it was sometimes difficult to explain why a woman in Cathy’s condition needed certain items.  

“OK, last stop.” Sarah said, pulling into a long driveway.  “I hope we have enough room in the car...”

Sarah got out of the car and waved to the older gentleman just coming out of the house as she pulled Cathy’s wheelchair out of the trunk.  She helped Cathy into the clunker chair as the man watched, and pushed her up to talk to him.  

“Hi there, are you John?  I’m Sarah and this is Cathy.  We called earlier.”

“Yes, that me - I see you really do need a chair.  Well, I’ve got what you need, right this way.”

He led the girls to a well maintained garage and sure enough, there were a pair of lightweight wheelchairs, both in nice shape.  Sarah helped Cathy sit in both a couple times, and finally a decision was made.  

“That one is fine, it’s very comfortable.  Thank you.” Cathy said, and Sarah pulled out cash to pay John.  He took the money, then handed fifty back to Sarah with a smile and a nod.  

“Um, we have a problem”  Sarah said after Cathy was back in the car.  “I can’t fit both wheelchairs in the car.  John - would you like this old one?”

“Sure, I’ll take it.” said John.  “Bring it over to the garage here.”

Sarah pushed the empty wheelchair over to the barn, then two minutes later came back bouncing.  

“What got into you?” Cathy asked.  “Excited that I have a proper wheelchair now?”

“Not exactly.  John just pulled me aside - said it was obvious that you needed more than a second hand push chair in your condition, then ranted a little about the state of healthcare.”


“And he has a power wheelchair in the house, it belonged to his daughter - all the chairs did - and he’s willing to give it to you.  He’s delivering it tonight.”

“What?” Cathy said.  “How much?”

“He said he didn’t want anything for it, but I insisted on two hundred.”

“It’s awfully nice of you to insist on giving him two hundred dollars of my money.” teased Cathy.  

“Well, we don’t know what’s going on with you, and your disabilities are totally random, so it’s very possible you’ll need one... we won’t have a van, but it’s a strong start.”

Cathy and Sarah returned home around dinner time and Cathy sat in her new wheelchair and struggled to wheel herself to the door by using her good arm and good foot, but since both amputations were on the same side, it was tricky to keep going in a straight line.  Sarah eventually helped, then made several trips to and from the car, putting the spoils of the day into Cathy’s spare bedroom.

“Well, we should be ready for about half of anything that could possibly happen tomorrow morning.” Sarah said as Cathy examined the various crutches, slings, and other equipment spread out on the bed and leaned against walls. “I’ll install these after dinner.” she held up tub and toilet grab bars.

“Thanks.  You really do know a lot about this stuff.”  

“Life long devotee of disabled women - since age six.” Sarah said.  “And before the internet, there wasn’t much out there, so I ordered a lot of medical equipment catalogs, things like that.  I picked up a few things.”   

“It came later for me - about the same time I realized I was gay, I realized that women in wheelchairs or on crutches did ‘something’ to me.  It was hard to come to terms with.  And now...” she indicated her stump.  “I wonder if this is because of my devotee feelings, the universe ‘getting back’ at me?”

“No - I’ve been way more hardcore into it Cath, and look at me - still as able bodied as ever.  No, this is something different, something personal.  You piss off any Gypsies?”

“Very funny - Gypsies aren’t even real...” Cathy smirks.  

“They’re not?” Sarah asked, pushing Cathy into the dining room.  

“Nah - I read it on the internet.”  Cathy said, giggling.  

“Well then it must be true.” Sarah laughed.  

In the middle of dinner there was a knock on the door.  John had arrived with the power chair, and Cathy made a good show of being eternally grateful, even crying a bit.  She got in the fancy padded chair and saw that the hand control was already adjust for her.   John gave her some quick lessons, and she promised to practice.  Cathy gave John a big one-armed hug and he nearly cried too.  They said thank you again and promised to keep in touch, and Cathy waved to John from her new wheelchair as he drove away.  

“OK, that is the sexiset thing ever.” Sarah said, watching Cathy practice driving it.  

“Yeah, it’s amazing.” Cathy admitted. “And so comfortable!  I feel a little bad though - John seemed nice, and I feel like we kind of -”

“You are a multiple amputee, and tomorrow you could be worse.  You have very real disabilities, who knows why, but we also have no indication that they’re going to stop happening, so for all intents and purposes, we were totally honest with John - you DO need a power wheelchair, and insurance definitely won’t cover it.  We just left some of the more interesting details of the situation out...  Now what do you want to do tonight?”

“Watch ‘Push Girls and masturbate?” Cathy said with a smirk.  

“It’s like we’re twins.” Sarah said, then sat on the couch and patted the seat next to her.  “Make sure you sit here, so you can rub your stump against me while we watch.”

“Are you ever not horny?”

“Sexy, devotee-friendly disabled woman in a wheelchair sitting in front of me.. hmmm, let me see, am I ever not horny...  Is that a trick question?”   

“You want me to rub anything special with my stump?” Caty asked, showing off her smooth round BK stump in a seductive way.”

“We should sit on towels so we don’t ruin your couch.  And what time is Push Girls on?” Sarah sighed, already starting to slip off her top.  

Tuesday - Random Number 38

“Oh boy.” Cathy said as she woke up.  She felt lighter, and also more balanced.  Her arms both ended between elbow and shoulder, and with a wiggle she knew both legs ended mid-thigh.  “I’m going to need a lot more help today, Sarah.”

Sarah rolled over and kissed Cathy’s stumps.  “Let me get coffee on, then I’ll help you get cleaned up.  I’ve already put the shower chair in the bathtub for you.”

“How the hell am I going to get to work today?” Cathy asked as Sarah pulled the sheet off.  

“Mmm, I don’t think I want you to, baby.” Sarah said, eying Cathy the Quadruple Amputee hungrily.  

“There will be plenty of time for that later, and honestly I’m really looking forward to it in this condition, but I HAVE to get to work, and I’m a quadruple amputee!”  She sat up in bed.  “How am I going to use a computer with no hands? Not to mention without a van I can’t get to work in the power wheelchair, and I can’t exactly push the manual one.” she held up her stumps.  

“We’ll... we’ll figure it out.  Is there a bus you can catch to work?”

“I have a car, I’ve never even checked.” Cathy said, feeling frustrated.  “This is really frustrating.”

“We’ll figure it out, and we’ll get you through it. I’ll help you get through it.”  

Cathy leaned over, hugged Sarah with her arm stumps, and kissed her deeply.” Sarah returned the hug and kiss, while also slipping a hand down to caress one of Cathy’s smooth leg stumps. Cathy sighed and smiled, pushing her stump into Sarah’s hand more firmly, confirming she enjoyed to sensation.  

“Let’s get you in your wheelchair.” Sara said.  

“I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of hearing you say that.“ Cathy smiled.


  1. This story has me completely hooked. Each time, I can't wait for the next installment!

    Awesome work, Cathy!