Friday, July 20, 2012

The Curse Part 2 - Sunday and Monday

Cathy stretched and grabbed her smart phone off the dresser and sent an email to Sarah, her only female online devotee friend - at least she hoped Sarah was female.  She just sent a simple message - ‘something’s happened, call me.’ and left her number.  Then she waited.  

Her legs were definitely useless.  As Cathy sat there in bed, she touched them, lifted one and let it flop limply to the bed, and touched her sex. It didn’t give her nearly the thrill she expected it too, but her lifelong wheelchair devotee feelings were definitely starting to kick in.  She found herself starting to happily anticipate getting into a wheelchair and wheeling around with useless paralyzed legs.  The phone rang suddenly and made Cathy jump.  

“What’s up Cathy?” Came a female voice on the phone.  “I was shocked to see your email and your phone number - I thought you never gave that out to online friends.”

Cathy tried to calmly explain her situation - the loss of an arm yesterday and today’s paralysis.  

“Is this a joke, Cathy?  Some kind of roleplay?  Because I’m into it, but...”

Cathy thought quick and took a picture of her legs with her phone and sent it to Sarah.  

“Holy shit - those are some amazing legs girl!”  Sarah said once she had seen the image.  “You’re serious, that’s you?”

“That’s me, and I need help.  Can you help?  I don’t know who else to call.”  

“I just put your address into google - it looks like you’re about five hours away.  Can you wait that long?”  

“Do I have a choice?” Cathy asked.  “I don’t think I can even get out of bed, I have no sensation or movement starting below my breasts, no abdominal muscles control, and my arms are definitely not strong enough.. I was barely able to sit up.  I definitely need help.”

“Well I’m on my way - I’ll see you around, um... two, I guess.   Do you need me to bring anything else?”  

“Lunch - I’m already hungry, and I’m not going to make it to the kitchen any time soon...”

A little after 1:30 Cathy’s phone rang again.  It was Sarah.  

“I just pulled up, Cathy.  Is the door unlocked?”

“No, but there’s a key in a little grey fake rock to the left of the door in the flower bed.”

“OK, be right in.” Sarah said.  Cathy heard the door open and Sarah’s voice call out.  

“I’m in here, bedroom at the end of the hall.” Cathy called out.  She was hungry and uncomfortable and just wanted to know what the hell was going on.

Sarah came in pushing a standard hospital style wheelchair and smiled.  

“Well you weren’t kidding. It’s weird though - I look at you like this and it just seems natural, I don’t question it at all, even though you’ve told me this just happened overnight. It’s odd, but I can’t really put my finger on it...” She said as she touched one of Cathy’s crippled legs.  Cathy saw the touch but felt nothing - it was an odd sensation, but not an unpleasant one.  

“No, I wasn’t.  I have no idea what’s going on, but I really want to get out of bed, and I’m starving!”

“Ok, first things’ first - let’s get you cleaned up and into your wheelchair, then I’ve got a big bag of Chilis in the dining room.”

Sara helped Cathy lay down, then took out clean wipes and Cathy cleaned herself thoroughly - with a little help from Sarah, holding her legs for her.  Then Sarah pulled out a package of adult Depends diapers, and Cathy didn’t even protest when Sarah slipped the diaper onto her.  A pair of yoga pants, slipper socks, and a t-shirt completed the mismatched ‘I’m handicapped now’ outfit, and Sarah carefully helped Cathy into the wheelchair, lifting her and settling her into the seat.  

Cathy immediately slumped forward and to the side, her feet flopping off the footrests as she nearly slipped out of the chair.  Sarah caught her and made she she didn’t fall.  

“Hmmm - slippery pants, smooth cheap vinyl seat, and zero abdominal muscle control.  I didn’t think this through.” Sarah said.  She looked around the room and spotted something.  “Can you hold yourself up with your hands, Cathy?”

“Sure, for a minute or two anyway.” Cathy said, a white-knuckle death grip on the wheelchair armrests.  

Sarah pulled a long belt from Cathy’s bathrobe and wrapped it around Cathy, just below her breasts, and around the wheelchair.  “How’s that - too tight?”

“No, it feels OK.”  Cathy let go and she didn’t slide forward.  “Looks like it worked.  Good thinking.”  

“It’s not going to work long term, but at least we can have lunch.” Sarah said, then started pushing Cathy in her wheelchair out to the dining room.  She parked the chair and and then served lunch, which Cathy dove into.  

“Thank you.” Cathy finally said after most of her burger was gone.  “I didn’t know who else to call, and have no idea what’s going on.  You drove five hours for what probably sounded like a crazy person - or a trap.  I don’t know if I would have done the same.”

“Believe me, I almost didn’t come, but there was just something about the sound in your voice, the fear - and then the picture.”

“The picture made you believe me?”

“Well, I figured it was either you or you had access to some really hot stuff and maybe you could get me more....”

“So this still turns you on - like, the devotee side of you?”

“Oh god yes - you have no idea how hard it was for me not to suck on your toes or something while I was helping you out in there.  I’m incredibly turned on - you know how much I love para girls.  But I have to say - you need a better wheelchair...”

“Yeah, tell me about it - where did you get this thing?  Not that i’m not grateful - I love being out of bed finally - but god what a clunker.”  

“It was the best I could do for fifty bucks.  I’m not what you call ‘wealthy’, and between the wheelchair, a few other supplied, gas, and lunch, my bank balance is looking thinner than your legs.”

“I can help with that, no worries.  But first.. as a thank you for all you’ve done... you want to take a crippled girl to bed?”

“Are you serious?” Sarah asked, eyes wide.  

“I’m curious too... I’ve always been turned on by para girls, even fantasized I was one a few times... How often do girls like us get an opportunity like this?”

“You don’t have to ask twice.” said Sarah, and pushed Cathy in her wheelchair back to the bedroom.  She stripped the soiled sheets and re-made the bed before carefully transferring Cathy back into it, then undressing her down to her diaper.  

“We should keep that on.” Cathy said, touching her diaper.  

“We’ll see.” Smiled Sarah, slowly undressing herself and slipping into bed beside Cathy.  

Sarah kissed and caressed Cathy’s legs and feet as Cathy stroked Sarah’s full breasts and ran her fingers through Sarah’s hair.  The women explored Cathy’s paralysis slowly, sensually, not speaking, just touching and observing.  The lovemaking lasted several hours and flowed from soft and sensual to fast and erotic and back again, like waves crashing on beach.

Cathy was sitting on the couch in the living room, having been transferred by Sarah.  Her wheelchair was parked nearby.  Sara came in bearing bags of chinese food and Cathy smiled.  

“Ah, a feast fit for a crippled queen.” Cathy said, and Sara set a tray table up in front of Cathy and served her.  

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this.” Sarah said playfully.  

“I was enjoying it earlier, now... I hate feeling this helpless.  It’s like I can’t do anything.  Having my arm missing, that was awkward, but I could DO things.  This-” she indicated her paralyzed lower half “- I can barely do anything on my own.  I don’t like it.”

“You know as well as I do that with the right wheelchair and physical therapy, a paralyzed woman can live every bit as fun and full a life as anyone else.  We’ll get you a nice sporty chair and start hitting the gym, building up those arm muscles.”

“Did you say ‘we’?  Don’t you have a home and a job to get back to?”

“Well, I’m, um... between employment opportunities currently, and you obviously need help around the house until you get back on your feet - figuratively speaking.  Besides - I’m sure I’m not the only one curious about the big question, the elephant in the room....”

“Yeah - what happens tomorrow... I know, I’ve been trying not to think about it.  If I’m still paralyzed, then maybe I’m insane.  If I’ve somehow got a different disability, maybe the world is insane...”

“So, I’ll stick around, if that’s OK with you.  I Can sleep on the couch.”  

“And leave me alone in that great big bed?  I wouldn’t dream of it.  And yes, you can stay as long as you need to.  Thank you again.”

The pair watched movies until late, then Sarah helped Caty get to bed before climbing in herself.  the pair fell asleep side by side, with Sarah rubbing Cathy’s paralyzed thigh.  

Monday - Random Number 36

Cathy woke feeling like she had to pee, which meant she was no longer paralyzed.  She also realized immediately that her right arm was again gone between the elbow and shoulder.  A quick further check under the covers and she saw her right leg ended in another smooth round stump just below her knee.  

“Well, the world is crazy.” Cathy said out loud, struggling to sit up.  Sarah stirred and woke.  

“What happened?” Sarah said sleepily.  Cathy wiggled her arm stump at her.  

“Right, you’re an amputee.. wait, that’s not... I’m confused.  I’m remembering making love with you paralyzed, but seeing your stumps just seems natural... like you’ve always had them.”

“Really?  Because trust me.. I haven’t.” Cathy said, standing tentatively and balancing.  She hopped one-legged to the bathroom, using a wall as support, and took care of things there before hopping back.  

“OK, I’m not into amputees Cathy, but that was hot...” Sarah said, still in bed and looking aroused.  

“I’m sure it was, but it’s Monday, and I’ve got a problem.”

“What problem? Well, other than the obvious.”

“I have a job I need to get to, and I’m a double amputee.” she said, waving her arm stump and kicking with her leg stump.  

“Call in sick.  I think this qualifies.”

“I probably should.” Cathy sighed.  

“Probably?  What will you do, hop there?”

Cathy sat in the wheelchair and use her remaining arm and leg to move about.  “This works OK.” she said after wheeling about the room.  

“Call in sick, and we’ll get a better handle on this, maybe get you better equipment - a nicer chair and some crutches, at least.”

Cathy thought about it, then made the call. Her boss wasn’t thrilled, but gave Cathy the day.  

“I have to be in tomorrow, though...” Cathy said nervously.  “No matter what.”

“Well then we’ve got some work to do today - where’s your computer, I feel a CragisList shopping spree coming on...  

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  1. I can't wait for the next part! This is the best story I've ever read.