Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Curse - Tuesday and Wednesday

The Curse - Tuesday and Wednesday

Cathy sat naked in the shower seat, belted in for safety, as Sarah started the warm water and got undressed.  

“Your bus is at 8:15, it will get you to the office at 8:50, you’ll be fine.” Sarah said.  “And I’ll go with you and make sure you make it there OK.”

“This is crazy, I’m a quadruple amputee, what the hell am I doing going to work?”

“I thought the plan was to not get fired.” Sarah replied, stepping into the shower.  

“I know, but I can’t type, I can’t do much of anything like this - someone at work is going to know..”

“Know what, that five days ago you were perfectly normal and non-disabled?  and what would they say?”

“I know, I know, I just... ooohhh my god that feels nice.”

Sarah was washing Cathy with a warm washcloth, sudsing her up all over, paying special care to her leg stumps.  She rubbed and kneaded them slowly, sensually.

“We’re never going to catch the bus if I keep this up.” Sara said, moving away from Cathy’s stumps and continuing to wash her.  

“True, but we will be revisiting this when I get home... I want to enjoy this one for a while.  I’ve never felt so helpless, and well.. So aroused.  If I survive work today.. you might not survive me tonight.”

Sarah caressed a wet arm stump and kissed Cathy.  ‘I can’t wait.”

Cathy was dressed for work in a short sleeved blouse that accented her below elbow stumps well, and a grey knit skirt that covered her leg stumps without really hiding them.  She had insisted on stockings, and Sarah had found a pair of charcoal knee-hi stockings that now doubled as thigh-highs.  sarah had insisted on a diaper, reminding Cathy that she wouldn’t be around to help her get on and off the toilet, so it was better safe than sorry.  She put another diaper discreetly in Cathy’s work bag, just in case.  

“What if I need to call you?” Cathy asked suddenly as Sarah placed her purse on her lap.  “I can’t use my iphone.”

“You’ve really never looked into this much, have you?” Sarah smiled.  She had cathy press her stump to the phone until the ‘voice command’ dialog came up. Cathy said ‘Call Sarah’ into the phone and Sarah’s cell phone started to ring.  She smiled.  “being a cripple might not be so bad..” she said half heartedly.  

“Just wait for tonight.” replied Sarah, smiling back and stroking Cathy’s hair.  

The trip to the bus stop was uneventful and Cathy and Sarah had no trouble getting on the bus - Cathy even managed to pay the driver, though agreed that if this would be a regular thing, a bus pass would be much easier for her.  Sarah got off the bus with Cathy and kissed her goodbye as Cathy wheeled herself in her power wheelchair through the front entrance of her office building.  Sarah was much more nervous than she had let Cathy know...

“So how was work?” Sara asked as Cathy got off the homecoming bus by herself.  Sarah was waiting for her at the bus stop.  

“It was... Well, it was work.  Not terribly different than it was last week, really.  I had a voice control on my computer and these great little things that I could put on my stumps, sort of like elastic gloves that each had a ‘finger’ that I could use for typing or answering the phone.  And nobody said anything - nobody cared that I was a quadruple amputee.  It was weird but really. completely uneventful.  i guess that it was completely uneventful was the weird part.”

“I’m glad it went well.  I’ve got dinner ready for us.” Sarah smiled, and held Cathy’s left stump while they walked/rolled back to the house.  

“Dinner was really good, Sarah, thank you.  I hope you didn’t mind..”

“Feeding you?  You know I didn’t mind - I can see it all over your face.  That was as much foreplay for you as it was for me.” Sarah said, stroking Cathy’s face, then leaning in to kiss her.  Sarah went to lift Cathy from her wheelchair but Cathy stopped her.  

“No - I want to stay in it for a while... I know you like me in it.  We can experiment.”

Cathy pushes the wheelchair control stick and heads to the bedroom and Sarah follows, her heart beating rapidly.  

“You look so sexy, Cathy.” Sarah said, slowly undressing.  

“I thought you weren’t into amputees?” cathy teased, lifting her skirt with her stumps.  

“I wasn't.” Sarah said, then knelt before Cathy’s wheelchair.  she began to caress and kiss Cathy’s stockings stumps, slowly pulling up her skirt and then removing it.  She helped Cathy slip off her blouse, and then undid her bra, as Cathy was unable to do even that.

“I love needing your help.” Cathy whispered, and Sarah moaned, caressing her stocking-clad stumps.  “I want you” was Sarah could say, and she carried Cathy into bed.  

“Make love to me.” Cathy sighs, unable to do much but feeling everything.  Sarah appears wearing a strap-on and Cathy moans then screams with pleasure as the tool enters her.  Sarah spreads her stumps and rocks Cathy’s abbreviated body as she slowly fucks her.  Cathy reaches out and caresses Sarah’s breasts with her arm stumps and Sarah moans, taking one of the stumps in her mouth as she slides the strap on cock in and out of Cathy, feeling Cathy’s stumps against her thighs making her even more wild.  She starts picking up the pace.  

“Oh god, oh god’ Cathy cries out as she cums several times, the orgasms intense as the hit her in waves, still building.  Sarah moans “I love your stumps.” and Cathy cums even harder, screaming out in ecstasy.

Sarah rolls off of Cathy, kissing her and caressing her stumps and massaging her swollen pussy.  Cathy moans and catches her breath as sarah slips out of her strap on.  

“Now it’s your turn.” Cathy finally says rolling over.  Sarah starts to say something but Cathy stops her.  “you love my stumps’ Cathy whispers, and Sarah closes her eyes as Cathy traces a sensual line down her sweat-slick body with one soft round arm stump.  A stump finds the hot spot between Sarah’s legs and and Sarah instantly cries out in orgasm.  Cathy strokes her, caresses her sex and her thighs with smooth round nubs of flesh, and Sarah moans and gasps with every new sensation.  cathy kisses Sarah’s breasts as she caresses with her stumps, and Sarah is writhing in pleasure on the sheets.  Cathy starts rubbing Sarah’s clit faster with her right arm stump which caressing her inner thighs with her left.  

Sarah’s back arches and she screams out as she orgasms, but Cathy keeps the pressure on, rubbing her clit in little circles as she cums.  The orgasm continues and Sarah keeps crying out, eyes closed in passion and pleasure as Cathy makes love to her.  

Finally, both women sated, they lay in bed together kissing, Cathy caressing Sarah with her arm stumps while Sarah massaged and caressed Cathy’s leg stumps.

“I wish you could stay like this forever.” Sarah whispered.  

“But I’m so helpless like this.  I actually had an accident today in the office... thank you for insisting on wearing a diaper, by the way.”

“i love that you’re so helpless, I love helping you, it’s so sexy and...”

“I understand.  I liked today too, very much.  But I think we both know this thing, whatever it is, doesn’t work that way.  it feels like just as I’m getting used to a condition, it changes, so I can’t really get ‘comfortable’ with my disability.  we’ll just have to see what happens tomorrow... and make the best of it.  I’m just glad you’re here with me.”

“Thanks’ Cathy - I’m glad too.”

The pair fell asleep wrapped in each others arms.  

Wednesday  - Random Number 6

cathy woke up with her alarm and for a moment thought she was back to normal.  It was only after a closer examination that she realized her left hand was missing at the wrist.  

“I probably won’t need much help today, love.” she said to Sarah, caressing a cheek with her wrist stump.  “But maybe after work I’ll get in the wheelchair and let you feed me dinner.”

“Tease.” sarah smiled, and kissed Cathy’s small stump.  “If you don’t need help, I’m sleeping in - all this late night sex is very tiring.” she smiled.  


  1. I love these stories because quad amputees are my absolute favorites

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