Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blog - more day to day stuff

Well, I guess most people like reading my 'day to day' tales as well as my stories, so I guess I'll try to update a few times a week, assuming I remember and have time.

First - the votes were counted, and by an overwhelming amount, 'paraplegic' won in my 'how should I go on vacation' poll, which means that either you all really like paras, you really like me, or you really dislike Heather and her fetish.
In any case, I will be going on vacation, five days in New Hampshire with Heather, as a para. HOWEVER, I made a compromise with my beloved, because I do love her so much, and we will be spending a long three-day weekend soon at a bed and breakfast in a nearby state (Rhode Island) with me pretending to be newly blind for the entire weekend, just for Heather. I'm very nervous about this, and we still haven't decided if we'll be able to get the blind-eye contacts in the timeframe we have, or if I'll be wearing patches and heavy glasses.

In other news, thanks so much to my pal Gamera for turning me onto an interesting (yet kinda boring) Katawa Shoujo - a Japanese 'dating simulator' that allows you to interact with various disabled girls, including a very cute DAE amputee. I wish there was more to do in it and more choices to make, but it's still very unique and interesting. Oh, and I also need to thank him for introducing me to the world of hardcore anime quad amputee porn, apparently. I've been turned on all WEEK thanks to the pics he sent me, and I've got lots of ideas for stories too!

Work is just work - I'm still in my wheelchair full time, nobody even questions it any more. My family isn't so understanding, I've started using crutches a bit around my mom and my aunt, but that's not too often.

Not sure what else to post - anyone have any questions or anything? I'm willing to be more interactive with people if you like, since comments on these posts go directly to my email....


  1. Hi, I love your blog! Could you talk a little bit about going barefoot in your chair? like how often you do it, do you do it at work, and do you and your girl get turned by you being barefoot in your wheelchair? If so I'd love to hear about it, Thanks.

  2. Could you tell more about this 'Katawa Shoujo'?

    Too bad to hear your family still isn't accepting!

  3. Did you receive an email with a long list of things to include in your fantastic stories ?

  4. well thought i would say hi, i enjoy your stories and blog thanks for sharing ^_^.

    Just wondering what is "katawa shoujo" and what these pic's gamera sent you ? would you be willing to share with me hehe ^_^

    oh and have great time while on vacation

  5. Jeeze people, you can find out about Katawa Shoujo by doing a google search - it's the first link returned. Don't you know how to do a simple web search?

  6. Of course, but it's nicer if Cathy blogs about it. :)

  7. Don't take to heart that most of your readers want to hear about paraplegic stuff. I imagine most of your followers made the decision to keep track of you for those very reasons. You do after all call your first website "the origional home of the wheelchair fetish".

    Ultimately as I'm sure all the other decent regulars would agree, we want you to be happy and do what's best for you. I already knew you'd probably do something for Heather :)

  8. I built a wheelchair you might like on my blog!