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Story - My Fantasy (Parts 1 & 2)

My Fantasy By ParaGirl

Part 1

I have a fantasy I'd like to share. It has to do with

being handicapped, being crippled and confined to a wheelchair.

You see, I'm not like other girls. All my life, just about,

I've wanted to be confined to a wheelchair. It just seems so

natural to me, all I want is to be crippled, helplessly so, so

I'm totally reliant on a wheelchair, and this is one of my

fantasies on how it would happen...

"You were very lucky, Cathy" the doctor says in his

doctorly voice. "above the waist, nothing but a couple of

scrapes, a bruise..."

"And below the waist?" I ask him. I already know that I

can't feel my legs at all, but they're so encased in blankets

and swathing I can't SEE them. My heart is beating a mile a


The doctor looks grim. "Below the waist is a different

story, Cathy. First, you have a broken back, spinal cord

severed at the L-2 vertebrate. You probably already realize you

have no feeling from the waist down...

My heart skips a beat. Paralyzed! I can't believe it's

finally true, but there seems to be something more the doctor is

holding back.

"Also Cathy, both your legs were crushed very badly in the

crash. We had to amputate both, about 4" below the knee. I'm

afraid between the paralysis and the amputations, well, the odds

of you walking are not good."

I almost faint at the news. I have images of me, in a

wheelchair for the rest of my life, both paralyzed and an

amputee, hopelessly crippled. I feel lightheaded, giddy to

think such a thing could happen, and I'm so happy!! I can't

wait to get out of the hospital and start my new life!

Six months pass by. I get over my injuries quickly and

move into a new apartment, one more suited for my new condition.

It's a nice place, all the comforts of home, plus it's

completely converted for my use. I look in the mirror at

myself. My hair is longer now, past my shoulders. I'm wearing

a tight blouse and a small mini-skirt, sitting in my wheelchair.

I look at my stumps, hanging there over the edge of my

wheelchair, nothing more than soft little mounds of flesh,

covered with silky nylons, not that I can feel the silkiness.

With all the doctors tried, I still have no feeling at all in

what's left of my legs. I've adapted to my new crippled

condition surprisingly well, according to my physical therapist.

If he only knew how well!

A typical day at home. As I lay in bed I hear the door

open. It's Jessica, my personal assistant. She helps me to do

the things a girl in my condition has trouble with. She's going

through school to be a physical therapist, and this is like on

the job training. She comes into my room, happy to see me as

always, and asks how I slept. Fine, as usual I tell her. I

boost myself up into a sitting position and Jessica sits in my

wheelchair, by the bed. She lifts my stumps and hangs them over

the edge of the bed, so I'm facing her. She starts off by

massaging my crippled legs, kneading them. I cant feel them,

but just watching her rub and knead the pale, soft flesh of

what's left of my legs is very stimulating, especially since I

can't feel a thing. After all these months, being a cripple

still excites me! She finishes the massage and help me dress.

I choose white knee-socks, which of course are thigh-hi's for

me, and a pair of red and white short-shorts, along with a white

blouse. I always try to look my best.

First come the thigh-hi's. Jessica lifts my left leg and

begins smoothing the tight sock over my stump. She pulls it all

the way up, almost to my crotch, not that I can feel it of

course. then does the same with the other. She then puts a

diaper on me, because not everything about being a complete

cripple is perfect, I have limited bladder control due to the

paralysis. She puts my panties on over my diaper and then lifts

both my stubbies to get the legs of my shorts over them. The

shorts are small and tight, the way I like them, and it takes

Jessica a minute to get them all the way on. I put on my own

blouse and bra. I could do it all, of course, and often do, but

I get an extra thrill when someone helps me to do it.

Jessica lifts me into my wheelchair and I lift my left

stump over my right, demurely crossing my crippled legs. I

think it's so sexy to watch my stumps just sway and flop there

helplessly, I love to feel like a cripple. I love for people

to have to help me do things, love the way my paralyzed stumps

attract attention. I love the way my legs drag behind me when I

butt-scoot across the floor. I love it all, I love my body now,

in it's helpless condition.

I know it sounds odd, to actually LIKE being a cripple, to

enjoy being paralyzed from the waist down AND have both my legs

amputated just below the knee, but it's not bad at all, really.

I like getting around in my wheelchair, I like being in it, I

always have. I thing I'm better this way, sexier as a crippled


The next day is the pool, for both fun and exercise with

Jessica. We get to the pool and Jessica slides off my shorts,

revealing a small bikini bottom. I take off my t-shirt to

revael a skimpy bikini top. I drop down out of my wheelchair

and butt-scoot over to the poolside, dragging my stumps behind

me as I scoot on my hands. Jessica is already in the water, and

she gently lifts my legs over the edge of the pool. My stumps

dip in the water, but I can't feel them, of course. Due to my

condition, I can't really swim, so I hold onto Jessica and lower

myself into the water. I feel the chill of the water as soon as

it hits my bellybutton, and I giggle. I look down into the

water to see my stumps just floating around limply. Jessica

puts me on a float and I paddle around the pool in the sun.

Part 2

My Fantasy 2 By ParaGirl

I sat there in my wheelchair and looked down at my legs.

Firm thighs, and dangling over the edge of my wheelchair just

those two short stumps just below the knee. I lift my right

stump and place it over my left, crossing what's left of my

crippled legs. I can't feel them, because of the accident, I'm

an L-2 paraplegic as well as an amputee, so I'm totally

crippled below the waist. I straighten my short mini-skirt a

little and make sure my nylons are on OK, then head out on the


I was so happy when I first learned how badly hurt my legs

were from the accident. I'd always wanted to be a cripple, ever

since I was a little girl. I first tried crutches, hopping

around, maybe taping up an ankle, until I discovered

wheelchairs. From the very first moment I sat in one, I knew I

wanted to be confined to a wheelchair. I bought my own,

practiced in it, even going to neighboring towns and going out

in it, but it was never enough. I always dreamed of really

needing one, until one day, when I was 20, almost two years ago

now, the accident came out of nowhere, complete freak, or maybe

fate. I woke up in the hospital to the news that not only was I

paralyzed from the waist down, but both my poor legs had been

amputated just below the knee. This was it, completely

crippled, wheelchair bound for life. The doctors said that

between the paralysis and the amputations, I'd never walk again,

ever. I wanted to thank them when they told me!

The adjustment was strange at first, but exciting too. I

got used to my condition very quickly. For a while I had a

personal assistant, but I didn't really need her, so I let her

go. Now I get around just fine, and I like to dress up very

sexy, to show off my new and improved crippled legs. I have a

nice sleek wheelchair and a car with converted hand controls, so

I can drive it. I get into the car by boosting myself from my

wheelchair and sliding into the seat, then dragging my little

legs and hanging them over the edge of the seat. I make quite a

sight, that's for sure. As for clothes, well that's Lynne's

department, a new friend of mine, and that's where I'm going


Lynne was a fashion designer before her accident. We met

in rehab and became very close friends. Lynne was run over by a

hit-and run driver. She lost one of her hands, and both legs

were badly crushed. She can walk a little, with braces and

special crutches, but she prefers a wheelchair, like I do. She

likes to design provocative clothes for people like us now, and

I'm going there to try on some new designs today.

"Cathy, you're here!!" Lynne shouts when I enter her

apartment/studio. She's in a sunflower mini-dress that doesn't

cover any of the metal braces encasing both her legs, and I can

see the opaque printed stockings covering her legs, leading into

the open-toed tie-up shoes her braces are attached to. She's in

her wheelchair and powering it towards me, waving her hook at

me. It looks like it has some sort of cloth waving in it.

"Oh Cathy, you're going to love what I made you!" she

squeals. As she gets closer I can still see how bad her legs

must have been crushed. Her toes point in and her legs both

hang at an awkward angle that is somewhat sexy. She pulls up

beside my wheelchair and gives me what she'd been working on.

"I made it from an old pair of running pants, try them on"

She says . What I'm holding is a pair of very stretchy red

spandex pants with the legs sewn up about four inches below the

knees, made just for my legs. I'd definitely need help getting

them on, but It would be worth it by the looks of the pants.

"They look great!" I tell her. "I can't wait to try them


"Here, let me help you then." Lynne helps me out of my

skirt and stockings, so I'm sitting in my wheelchair naked from

the waist down., my stumps hanging loosely over the edge of my

chair. Lynne wheels herself in front of me and lift my left

stump. I can see, though certainly not feel, Lynne's fingers

caress the end of my stump.

"Sometimes I wish my legs had been amputated too, Cathy,

then I wouldn't have to deal with these braces, or legs that

don't work. Your stumps are so sexy, just smooth and round and

hanging there like that."

I blushed, as I usually do when Lynne complements my

stumps. I watched as she stretched the legs of the pants

around my legs, smoothing them and pulling the up. I boosted up

in my wheelchair with my arms so she could pull them all the way

up. She smoothed them one last time, and I saw my crippled legs

trapped in the shiny, skin-tight red spandex, the ends sewed so

precisely that the ended exactly where my legs did, so that

there was just a smooth round end on them, my paralyzed stumps

filling them perfectly. I loved it, but they didn't go at all

with my shirt, which I told Lynne, of course.

"Don't worry, there's more to the outfit than that, just

wait a sec, OK."

I watched Lynne lock her wheelchair in place and lift one

leg, then the other and lock them out straight. She put her

feet back on the ground, or at least her heels, and reached for

her crutches, some aluminum forearm types. On was specially

modified, so that she could use it with her prosthesis with her

missing hand. She placed them slightly behind her and pushed,

getting to her feet in one easy motion. She walked, swinging

her braced legs through the crutches, and went ouver to another

large cabinet. Inside hung all manner of specialized clothes,

shirts, pants, skirts, all made to show off, rather than hide

our handicaps. I saw one outfit I knew Lynne was very fond of.

It consisted of black tights, over which she put her legbraces

on, a tight pair of white short-shorts and a black-and-white

stretch top with very short sleeves. She always wore it with

her hook prosthesis and her legbraces, so that all of her

attributes could be easily visible.

She took some other clothes out and crutched over to me,

sitting back in her wheelchair to help me put on the rest of the

outfit. I stripped my shirt and bra off and Lynne fitted me

with a black corset with a built in bustier. It was so sexy! I

watched as she lifted my spandex-clad stumps and put black

'socks' on over the ends of them, making a very hot little

accent. The last peices were red-trimmed black gloves that came

up to my elbows. I was going to break hearts tonight! I rolled

over to Lynne's large mirror and looked at myself. The black

corset and gloves really made my light skin and dark hair scream

for attention, and down from there, I stared at the skin-tight

spandex covering my thighs, tapering down to stumps, which were

in turn covered with the little black 'socks', a very sexy

outfit indeed. I was just getting ready to ask Lynne what else

she had been up to when something in the mirror behind me caught

my eye. I turned to see Lynne on her crutches, holding up the

most amazing thing I'd ever seen. It was a black leather body

suit apparently, very black and very shiny, and as I looked at

it I realized that the legs were sewn shut, about four inches

below the knee.

"You'll need a bit of help getting into this one too, but I

think you'll like the finished product." Lynne smiled and I was

sure she was right...

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