Monday, June 1, 2009

The Results of the poll

As many people know, I put up a poll to decide how I should go on vacation, as a para or as a blind woman. The results, not surprisingly, were MASSIVELY in favor of going as a para, so that's what we're doing. HOWEVER, I still wanted to do something special for Heather, so we're sneaking away for a long Fourth of July weekend with me blindsimming the whole time, and we're both really looking forward to that.

So do people want me to post normal 'day in the life' type blog stuff here too? Or just stick with the stories?


  1. Definately post the day in the life stuff, it gives the fiction a much more personal dimension.

  2. Both your fiction and your real life, both are interesting.

  3. I love your real life, day-in-the-life, stuff, and stories of your real experiences before your girlfriend and since. More of that would be great.